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Tidbits about Clay

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Your wish is my command YSRN...of course now we have to go back and find them all... I'm not posting entire meet and greets just the parts with new info. This is just an archive but anyone can add the posts here..

more meet and greet stuff

They couldnt hug him tightly cause he was bruised and sore, they didnt say why..its nothing serious, but thats why people are told not to hug him tight(poor baby)

HE DOESNT LIKE TOUCH..its not the words or anything, he just doesnt like the song..he doesnt really like shine, but he doesnt like touch at all...he likes the rest on MOAM

Side of the bed he sleeps on is the left(right if you are looking at the bed)

he is NOT a harry potter fan, thinks its so boring he cant get through it.

does he know sign language? he knows enough to get through a conversation with someone that was deaf

He's mainly irish. scottish, dutch and icelandic.

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I asked him "what can you tell us about the new album?" he said "well, there's not a lot to tell as of yet." I said "new stuff?" He said yes, if he get's his way. He said he'd fight for it, and to be prepared that IF there is a fight involved, it could take a long time -- like 2 years. But, he did say the label is pleased with the new producer and that might help keep Clive at bay.

Someone asked about resurrecting BFM. Clay said no, and that it really wasn't his favorite song. He said he did want to do uptempo stuff though and said I promise we'll get some uptempo stuff that's really good and even better. He then stopped talking rather abruptly and got this look on his face. He pulls his iPhone out of his pocket and I thought maybe it had rung (vibrated). But, what he did was look up something and then he says something to the effect of "I can let you listen to something." Then he says "no, I can't, you won't be able to hear it." Then he says "we'll we'll try" or something like that. Anyway, he leans in to the table in the middle of us (he's on his knees or something and puts his arm across the table and holds out his phone.) He says, "lean in." Like one giant amoeba, we all do an EF Hutton and lean on each other listening to this song on his phone. It wasn't him, I would assume it was a demo someone sent to him. It was uptempo. I couldn't hear it very well. Couldn't really get any words for a title. So, when we were done I asked what the title of it was. He said "I'm not telling!" Then my friend asked who the new producer was? He said, not telling. She said how about his inititals. Clay said No!

Someone asked about how long he would be with RCA (ballsy question!). He said something like "as long as they'll want me" (truly don't remember his words.) Then he paused a bit. Then went on to elaborate. He said words to the effect of "Listen, every label has problems. No matter where you go. I work with nice people there for the most part." (please, please, please remember I'm paraphrasing!) Here's the statement I love. He said. "It's better to have a known devel than an unknown devil" or something like that.

Someone asked if he'd like to do movies? He said yeah, if someone would ask him. We all thought he'd be great in a Disney flick. My friend asked how the symphonies respond when they see the set list? He said it really varried. Each symphony only gets to see the music for the first time the afternoon of the show. They learn it in about 2 1/2 hours. Some are really snooty. Most of the snooty ones are the orchestras that play together all the time. The ones that bring in various members from different places are usually a little bit more fun. In contrast, however, was Rochester. It was a real symphony but he said they were the most fun so far. He said they had a bunch of fun with them in the rehearsal and they were really great! He said having done shows with orchestras now for 3 tours, they can usually get a feel for which ones are fun and which are not when they walk in.

I asked about merchandise. Told him we wanted more! He said it was hard because having a lot of mdse on the tours make it a LOT more work for them. Said then they needed more trucks, personnel, etc. Said symphony tours much easier for them in that regard too. Said Philly cleaned them out of mdse and they had to make an emergency call for more stuff. Got 35 boxes that day of new stuff and have NO IDEA where to go with it to take it to the next venue. (guess space is at a premium with 9 of them packed in that bus!) My friends who are going to the show tonight (fri.) piped up and said they'd take it LOL. Clay laughed, and then said the funny thing is that when they were talking about what to do with it all, he had said "I'm sure the fans would take it. Then he said NO!"

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no album questions tonight..which is ok, dont want him to feel bombarded hehe.

Does he like crunchy or smooth peanut butter: he likes both, but not if the peanuts in crunchy are rubbery(I suggested that question to my friend!!:) I knew that the masses would like to know that

he likes ketchup, mustard and mayo on his hotdogs

and then talked to some girls from NYC about living in the big city...

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We talked about his new producer and how they met in London and hit it off right away. He had met several other producers, but none seemed to be the right fit until he and Jaymes met this one. Hired him right away. Clay didn't give the timing of the CD.

We talked about why a DVD is very difficult. He said if he made a DVD he would have to get rights to every song. He can sing anything he wants on stage.

And he said he would not be in Texas for the Christmas tour.

He's going to be on a charity show of Smarter than Fifth Grader with proceeds donated to BAF. Not sure of date yet. He thinks he will be embarrassed on national TV

I asked what actor or actress whould he like to be in a movie with. Meryl Streep and he likes Ashley Judd.

2.would you like to do a duet with Paul Mccartney.no

3. would you like to tour overseas.yes

I said to him, "Hey, I use to thump my kids in the mouth for talking back." To which he replied, "Well, I'd have a sore mouth if I was around you very long because I talk back a lot."

He is not a Beatles fan nor an Elvis fan.....

He really wants to do an international tour and hopes that will happen once the new cd is released and shipped over there....he knows he has lots of fans in Southeast Asia....

If he were in a movie he would want Ashley Judd as his co-star though he did say that if you want to win awards you should really have someone like Meryl Streep co-star with you....

They have thought about a PBS special but are going to wait until he has a more complete repertoire of original music...

He said that it was sorta funny but every girl he dated when they broke up the very next guy she dated she married...lol.....
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He asked if anyone had any questions, so I spoke up and asked him if the song, "Back for More" might be resurrected at some time in the future either on a CD or in concert. He said "probably not." He said"the song doesn't really do it for me." I said "ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Didn't you see us all in the audience with our arms in the air singing along with that song?" He laughed and said that he just doesn't feel the song fits with the direction the CD may go in I guess. I then asked if we were to assume that the next CD would be all original material. He said if he had ANYTHING to do with it, it certainly would be. You could see how strongly he felt about this and he did say that he feels he may have to fight for it, but he said he was prepared to "stick to his guns" and do it. He said it may end up taking a long time, but he wants to do it. I could just tell how badly he really wants this. He said he really dislikes the "politics" that go on with this type of thing. He does feel that his new producer is on the same page as he is and hopes all goes well. He still couldn't tell us a name for him yet. As far as releasing singles, he said that he really has no say at all as to what is picked. He said he can offer his opinion, but usually it doesn't work that way. He told us that his pick for a single would have been "Lonely No More" or "These Open Arms". He also said that "These Open Arms" is his favorite song to sing right now along with the TV theme medley. When asked what song he's tired of singing, he said "1000 Days" and he said that he NEVER gets tired of singing "Invisible"! He mentioned that the most difficult song for him to sing is "This is the Night."

How are the dogs doing? (He told us about Raleigh being an offspring of the dog in "Something About Mary." Durham is from another breeder in CA and Clay said he is "dumb." He also mentioned how Raleigh knew right away that he was leaving on tour and whimpered that she was going to be left home with his female dogsitter.

What happened to your Volvos? (my question because I have one and enjoy it so much) Clay gave his white one to his mom but still has the silver convertible out in LA. Now he likes Audis, too.

When will you be on Fifth Grader? Clay said it is being taped in August during "Celebrity Week" but he doesn't know when it will Air.

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Meet and Greet report from Beagle3

Tan pants that he had cut off at the knee-ragged

Purple Fifty2thirty shirt, lots of stubble, can't remember hair.

one girl asked him if he would like to do more work with Steven Curtis Chapman and he joked that SCC won't return his phone calls. SCC had written a song based on a sentence that Brett had said to Faye after he got back from Iraq, it is amazing and it may be on SCC's next CD. (October) -doesn't fit on Clay's CD.

Clay said he puts one out ever year and it takes me five years.

Asked if he would do a Christian CD and he said he would like to do it someday but label would not support it.

Asked about Kimmel and they each have a poster of each other over each other's bed. Kimmel is going to be doing something for BAF at the end of the year.

Asked him if BAF galas would be in Raleigh, he said No, they will look at other cities. Talked to him about the 100 camps goal. Yes, but look how much money we raised at Raleigh Gala when all I had to do is whore myself out.

Asked if fans could help with label, he said good question....No, just buy it even if is crap.

He said that things are going very well right now, they are on the same page with the CD.

He kept BFM in the JBT because fans liked it.

He answered questions about his leg and arm hair but swore them to secrecy.

She said it is what people are speculating about. He turned to Mary and said "do you have all their real names, screen names and addresses?"

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From Lylekira at CV:

Speaking of BB4CA, someone over there put together a list of all the little tidbits we've "learned" from the Meet and Greets with Clay. Remember these are from from M&G's and are subject to the Aiken Fog so sprinkle with a dash of salt. However, its a cool list, and I had missed some of these things.

1. The reason that he doesn't sing "Touch" is that he simply doesn't like the song.

2. Clay really doesn't care for the song "Shine" either.

3. Raleigh loves to travel and even whined when Clay left her to go on the Evening with Clay Aiken 2007 Tour".

4. Clay doesn't like for fans to contact his Mother about things that upset them and asked that if there is something you don't like to contact him.

5. Clay will stay with RCA as long as they will have him.

6. Clay isn't a Harry Potter fan.

7. Clay let us know that the new CD might take longer than we have ever had to wait.

8. He was not that fond of "A Thousand Days".

9. Clay had a more positive inclination toward "Tears Run Dry".

10. We also learned that he likes creamy and crunchy peanut butter- as long as the peanuts are crunchy, not rubbery.

11. He likes ketchup, mustard, and mayo on his hot dogs.

12. He sleeps on the left side of the bed, right side if you are looking at it.

13. He gave his white Volvo to mom.

14. He kept his silver Volvo convertible in LA.

15. He also likes Audi cars.

16. Has loud frogs in his pond; and can imitate their sounds.

17. Jamie doesn't like frogs.

18. Durham is "dumb".

19. Durham and Raleigh from different breeders.

20. Raleigh is from the same bloodline as the dog on "Something about Mary".

21. "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?" tapes sometime in August.

22. He and Jamie went to his college friend's wedding.

23. He previewed possible new upbeat song for new CD in Canandaigua. Wouldn't tell us the the name of it or give us the initials.

24. Jaymes is allowed to call him "Clayton".

25. He wants an educational-type talk show; would like maybe Diane Sawyer & Larry King as guests.

26. RCA is happy w/new producer choice for new CD.

27. Clay willing to fight for what he wants on the new CD.

28. Regarding changing labels ..."better the devil you know than the devil you don't"...all labels have their problems.

29. He likes most people he works w/@ RCA.

30. He did not read our "Songs We Dare You To Sing" thread so he did not get the ideas from us.

31. He said he wasn't really into or wasn't feeling "Back For More" so he won't be recording it.

32. "These Open Arms" is his current favorite to sing and he never gets tired of singing Invisible.

33. He likes when people stand up! When asked what to do if the person behind you tells you to sit down? He said to tell them to be quiet.

34. In an effort to make these meet and greets special he tells some things that he asked the winners not to share on the boards.

35. "This Is The Night" is a hard song to sing.

36. He has no contol over what singles are put out from the album....he can only give his opinion.

37. If he could have picked a single from ATDW he would have chose Lonely No More or These Open Arms.

38. Clay gives great hugs.

39. Clay looks you in the eyes when he talks to you.

40. Clay was told by the label to do a covers CD or wait three years. So he chose the covers CD rather than the long wait.

41. Clay was asked about a PBS special and said they contemplated one but want to wait until he has more original material.

42. TBAF will expand into adult programs as Mike Bubel ages & matures.

43. Doesn't plan to do country songs; pop can crossover into country, but not vice versa.

44. Imitated Arnold Schartzenegger;

45. Has done more than just meet Arnold Schartzenegger in Canada (apparently sang at a private governatorial event 1-2 years ago).

46. Re: secrets told for M&G's only: Clay said, "This is my serious face...if it gets out, I will know who tells and there will be no more meet and greets for anyone!" (snarky)

47. Appreciates his fans; doesn't take for granted.

48. Was asked if he'd like to work more with Steven Curtis Chapman and joked that SCC won't call him back or return his calls.

He said "we do talk to each other...in fact...he hasn't called me back! I left him a message before I went to Afghanistan and he still hasn't called me back!" he turned to Jamie and Mary and acted mad and said "He hasn't called me back!!" I said "Maybe he needs your new iphone number!" Clay said "it's the same!" I said, "well there goes that excuse!"

49. RE: SCC, We did work on a song awhile back. Brett said something to my mom and I was talking to Steven about it and he wrote a song. It was called "What I'm fighting for" It was a great song and I wanted to put it on the album, but then it didn’t really fit on the album since we changed direction with it. I think Steven is going to use it, now. (October)

50. Asked if he would do a Christian CD and he said he would like to do it someday but label would not support it.

51. He was asked if he and Jimmy Kimmel are good friends and he said yes that they each have a poster of the other over their beds... (snark ????)

52. Clay said he does not like "Back for More"! He thinks it is "cheesy" and oly sang it because the audience wanted it.

53. When asked if BAF galas would be in Raleigh, he said No, they will look at other cities. Talked to him about the 100 camps goal. Yes, but look how much money we raised at Raleigh Gala when all I had to do is @#%$ myself out.

54. When asked if fans could help with label, he said good question....No, just buy it even if it is crap.

55. He said that things are going very well right now, they are on the same page with the CD.

56. He told us in the M&G (Sterling Heights) that he does NOTHING to warm up before a show. Doesn't gargle with olive oil, doesn't do "mi mi mi mi" - just prays.

57. Clay was asked if he and Kimmel were as close as Kimmel says. Clay said, “we do talk to each other on the phone. He is really funny. Have you ever seen his show? He's just really funny!"

58. There was a question about if Clay had something to do with Kimmel getting something in north Carolina...Clay said "I actually had NOTHING to do with that, but it's nice for him to give me credit anyway!"

59. Clay was told that Kimmel says Clay is his "go to" guy! And Clay made a funny face (like he was thinking about that statement) and said "do I really want to be Kimmel's go to guy?" and laughed.

60. He said that the label was being very supportive and working well with him on what all to put on the next album. Said they seemed to be on the same page.

61. Columbus to be last night we will hear "A Thousand Days". He's falling asleep during it, it is so boring

62. "A Thousand Days" is hard on his voice and drags on and on. (don't know if Clay said that or not.)

63. He read the Columbus review with regards to "Lover All Alone". He's mostly thinking about dinner and food. Someone asked him he was a "Lover All Alone", he gave a very political answer. He just tried to write things that worked.

64. Clay said that he had no idea when the new albun would be out but he could assure us it will be all new material, no covers.

65. He does eat all the recipes that are in his book. Someone said they did not like the spaggetti recipe and he said " I am telling my mama cause it is her recipe"

66. Clay was telling us about putting in something different in place of "A Thousand Days" and he said "knock on wood" and he knocked on my head.

67. Questions were asked about the new CD and he said it would be a very long time. Given Clay's definition of "soon", I hate to even think about "a very long time",

68. Someone asked what were his favorite venues to play, he took alot of time to think, I noticed that that his cheek was twitching when he was thinking. He finally stated that he likes auditoriums best because then people were close to the stage and he likes to have his audience close.

69. He talked about the upcoming Christmas tour and how he thought it was scheduled mostly in the midwest. No Canada stops - he didn't even think there was a raleigh stop this Christmas.

70. He mentioned they had sent a male producer some music and if he comes back with the right kinda sound that Clay's looking for, then it will be a done deal and will be announced sometime when the tour was over.

71. He talked alot about missing his dogs and how the two of them were plenty. He stated he missed Raleigh - he wouldn't name who was allergic on the bus but stated it wasn't Jesse and not to believe the boards.

72. Someone asked him if he was happy and he said of course he was happy, why wouldn't he be?

I think we could add a few too:

73. Clay has grown less fond of MOAM or doesn't like it as much as he used to.

74. Jerome used to work for rappers and had to wear a bullet proof vest. Very happy working for Clay. Its like a vacation, and he's gonna stay with Clay for a long long time.

I've xxxx'ed out #40, as someone who was there specifically stated that he did not say this.

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I posted this in the Newark thread as well....move it wherever you think best...

...from butterflyshine at the OFC

worlds longest recap ever...scroll alert....

Ok, here it is my meet n greet recap.

I asked and was allowed to attend a meet n greet on Saturday, therefore the number of fans at Saturday’s meet n greet was 7.

Jerome came and got us and led us to the green room , how close it was to the proximity of the stage, I have no idea, but Clay came up the stairs right in front of the door. It had a few side chairs and then some stackable wire plastic chairs and surprise it was a green room. Jerome gave us the 3 rules: 1. autograph per person; 2. no hugging Clay too tightly; 3. behave as though we were at a church social and our parents were there.

He told us he used to do a whole litany of don’ts, but one time someone grabbed Clay inappropriately and her defense was “you didn’t say you couldn’t touch him there”

We asked about the bus line and he said that the bus was parked outside, and that there would be buses, as long as it could be done in a safe manner.

We told him how much we all enjoyed the new meet n greet format and he was happy to hear that. Supposedly there have been some that don’t like it, but he positive have far outweighed the negative.

We asked how he liked the Idol: the Musical and he said it was interesting. Did he think it was funny, he said he was still laughing. I asked at Clay or at the play? He said both and that it was very interesting.

He said make sure you have questions for Clay, it makes the meet n greet much more enjoyable, myself and one other pulled out our typed sheets and he was like good, I have no worries, I will be back shortly.

So, the group of 7 talked amongst ourselves; until Jamie came in, and she is such a sweetie and a cutie. She said it had been quite a day. I asked, anything you care to share, and she said: “Do y’all have any striped socks?” We all laughed and asked if this meant a sockless Clay, and lo and behold Clay came up the stairs and into the room. He was wearing a white shirt and khakis cargo shorts, stubble, hair every which way and his brown sandal/flip flops

Clay came in and greeted us. He noticed that we were a large group. I said that’s b/c I was added. He asked why and several said b/c she is special. Clay asked why I was special. I asked if wanted me to answer, he said no, they can. And my friend Dee, said I know b/c she is a and he finished the sentence…You’re a moderator, I said yes, and he thanked me for doing that for them (Yes, royal we was in attendance :wink: (he sat across from us, we were kind of in a line against the wall)

He was yawning. I asked if we were keeping him up. He said that he hadn’t been sleeping well since arriving in NY, and that he hadn’t fallen asleep until 6:00 am that morning that he had a really bad headache. He then stated that he was going to nap between and 8 & 10 that night. I teased him that could work, we could then all say we slept with Clay…giggles from the 5 other women in the meet n greet…not sure Rob enjoyed that remark…yes, a Claydawg was in the house. He pretended to consider that for a moment asking if we thought it would work, I said probably for about 10 minutes, he said nah, if I am going to asleep it is going to be for more than 10 mins.

He then asked us to introduce ourselves, which we did. He said he recognized and remember two of the people. One of them was Marge from the bus at Englewood, NJ last December. Marge related that she had been able to come on the bus after answering the question: what is the 4th most populous country in the world? The answer is Indonesia. Marge knew this b/c her husband is from Indonesia.

Teacher Clay kicks in and asks if we know what the 3rd country is ….there were some guesses, I said India, and was told no. One of the other fans said Asia, upon which Clay quickly pointed out that is a continent and not a country. He then told us: China, India, USA, Indonesia and Brazil. I said you have been to several of the countries; Clay said I have been to all of the countries and then quickly retracted that b/c he realized that he hadn’t been to China.

We then spent several minutes trying to get Marge to answer what part of Indonesia her husband was from, Marge was a bit confused and was telling us how her husband’s family first immigrated to a Dutch City and then later to Washington state and after prodding by all she said her husband was from Jakarta. Clay was very sweet and snarky and said “well, that took thirty minutes. He then opened the floor to questions, I am trying to do these in order, but I think they are bit mixed up, if someone else gives a different order, they are most likely right.

Q: What is in the water bottle on the stage?

A: It is a secret, only Mary knows and it changes each night. They always take the label off the bottle.

The fan that asked the question said well it taste awful. Apparently a friend of hers took a bottle after the concert; Mary who was in the room, laughed and said “security”. Clay said it probably had a lot of spit in it.

Q: who has creative control over his concerts?

A: He does. He comes up the concept and in the case of JBT and JNT 2 and then handed them off to Amy Tinkham who took the ideas and ran with it. Clay is not involved for awhile there then is a lull, and the he snarked he comes in at the end and changes everything.

Asked if it is possible to tour between albums?

He said it is really difficult b/c he is not on TV and the like and is not as visible. He said last year’s xmas concert sold really well b/c he was TV and had the controversy with Kelly Ripa.. Clay then joked that he was going to have create another controversy like putting his foot on someone’s armrest or slapping his hand across someone’s mouth. Lots of laughter. He mentioned that this summer concert series while doing well, wasn’t doing as well as the Xmas tour, and he attributed that to his lack of visibility.

Not sure about the question, but the answer was quite fascinating.

Clay then started talking about if he had his way, and he thought it was too late, but if could, he would re-release AIW with MCWL with added or additional production. He said it probably wouldn’t happen, but that is what he would like to do. He then looked at Mary and said that they should bring it up this evening. (He didn’t say so then, but I got the impression that the label was going to be in attendance)

Q: Since becoming a celebrity who is your favorite interviewer?

A: Print media would be Alison Glock. Alison is very through and spent considerable time with him for his Elle interview. He referenced Kelly’s recent article with Alison and mentioned that he had been contacted by Alison. He said was impressed with Alison and that is why he asked her to contribute to LTS.

His favorite TV interviewer would be Diane Sawyer. Someone mentioned Jimmy and he said Jimmy was hysterical and that he really enjoyed working with Jimmy, but that Jimmy doesn’t really interview. Someone mentioned Kelly Ripa and that got a snort and a look.

Q: Favorite celebrity moment?

A: Clay had to think about that and he said that two things stood out. AI Finale b/c they keep playing it and playing it. (not sure if he was saying his finale or the AI5 finale, but I thought he was referencing the AI5 finale)

He also mentioned the World Series, I got the impression that this might not be his favorite thing, but it was a big deal. I mentioned that he looked so cold that night, he didn’t have an specific recollection. But others mentioned it as well. I also asked/suggested that he might have been nervous; this was met with a resounding NO.

It was now my turn to ask one of my several questions.

I asked if RCA has any control over when he blogs, what he blogs, etc.

A: Why in the world would you ask that question?

A: Because it has come up a couple of times on the board

A: Well, let me put it this way. The world abounds with a lot of conspiracy theories. In actuality, there are very few conspiracies in this world, so no.

I then followed up with: Does RCA have anything to do with the fanclub?

A: He said yes, they do with Clayaiken.com. He said with respect to clayonline.com the better question would be: “Do they even know it exist?”

Q: I said that is what I thought and then pointed out that they do put on his CD, and he said that is b/c I tell them to. I said well some thought that RCA might have control, and he said well, now you have six people to back you up

Q: Would he ever consider doing Broadway?

A: He said he would consider, but that he would have to be much older. He said he couldn’t imagine doing 8 shows a week. That he likes variety and that he likes to mix up his shows. He couldn’t imagine saying and singing the same things, from the same spot on the stage night after night.

Q: What advice would give an aspiring teacher?

A: What grade does NJ stop for elementary?

A: various answers some stop at 8th, some at 5th and some at 6th

A: He would advise against teaching the grades that have mandated state tests. You get stuck teaching the test. He said he wouldn’t have wanted to teach 3rd or 5th grade in Raleigh. He would also advise against teaching the top grade of the elementary, whether it be 5, 6th or 8th b/c by then the kids start copping an attitude.

Q: Would he go back to teaching?

A: Doesn’t think he could at this point, doubts that the kids would listen to him, plus he would have take pictures with all the kid’s mamas

Q: When he is in Raleigh, is he comfortable going out in public?

A: Yes, he doesn’t go to the store to much, but he will. He likes to go out to eat with a group of friends to certain restaurants, which he won’t say b/c he still wants to go there. If does go out, he usually drags someone with him.

Q: You sang Listen so well, and you knew all the words, do you know all the songs ? (this was my question, and I was quite excited to have a bit of a scoop, but alas he announced this at the concert last night )

A. He chooses the songs for the girls. So he picks what he likes and what he wants to hear. Jaymes does say that he has knack for lyrics, and that after one listen of a demo he can usually do a reasonable facsimile of the lyrics. He said that b/c he and Quiana grew up singing live, that has a lot to do with it. He says b/c even now he sings a lot of his stuff live, he has learned to wing it and go with it, to make it work…if he has to sing the 2nd verse twice, that is what he does. He said Quiana really sang the bulk of it and that he just joined her. We assured him it was absolutely beautiful.

Q: What did he think of Idol: the Musical?

A: It was quite flattering and the same time it made him uncomfortable. He gave the actors props and said they were talented.

Q: Will he ever put out 5230 shirts?

A: No, he won’t and if the fans start replicating them, then they would stop wearing them.

Q: He appears to be more comfortable with the fans?

A: Snark…I am heavily medicated….

Then he continued to say, if the fans don’t freak then he is fine. But when the fans freak, that freaks him out. He still doesn’t get the attraction.

Q: In general terms does he know if the sound of the new album will be more like MOAM or more like ATDW or a combo?

A: It is too early to say. He doesn’t have the songs picked, so he couldn’t really say….the sound is developed toward the end of the album process

Not sure if he said at this point in the conversation, but he said hopefully it will be all originals and then he said it will be all originals.

He also mentioned that with regard to song writing, if it happens, it happens.

Ok, I think that is fairly comprehensive. He was adorable and funny and snarky.

A cute thing, I was last to get my picture taken. He said oh, you’re tall. And we got our picture taken. After he said something to the effect: Dear lord please tell me you have heels on. I said yes, and then he asked how tall are you? I said 5’9, he then said you were taller than me in the photo. I said no, I couldn’t be, my heels weren’t that high. He said no, you were a tad taller. I said well, let’s take the photo again, I didn’t want to be taller. Jamie said no, it was nice picture b/c we were so evenly matched. Now, I don’t think I was taller, even with my shoes on I should have been about 5’ll ...i guess the proof will be in the picture…

...and to a few comments to her recap, she responded with this...

I forgot to say, in my attempt to be as accurate as possible, i don't think i conveyed my excitement over meeting Clay. You can ask my concert buddies,and they will tell you that i was a nervous wreck.

Clay oozes charm and charisma and intelligence. He just blew me away with his ability to make one feel at ease. The thoughfullness of his answers, the ability to include all, i am speechless and can't adequately express the beauty of this man.

Did he know i was moderator, I think he knew that one us of would be attending, and he did seem to have some recognition of who i was.

Cap, I think that in the context of my question about comparing and contrasting between MOAM and ATDW, that his answer was that he wouldn't be able to compare until it was done, not that he doesn't have any idea of the sound, but at the present he doesn't have specifics of the sound.

as for my memory, yes some have accused me of having an exceptional memory, i think it helped that I came out and talked some fans, and then called CG, and sat with my concert buddies retelling the story and making some notes.

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from ClaySiempre at the OFC, with permission

Canandaigua M&G

I attended the Canandaigua show with my mother, my Aunt and my best friend. We arrived at the venue at about 5:30. I had bought a parking pass and the preferred parking lot was on one side of the venue and the box office was on the other side. I did not know this because even though I’m local to this venue I never used the box office. The e-mail said to pick up the M&G pass after 3:00 and then wait by the box office at 5:45 and someone would take us to the M&G area.

Being I was on the wrong side I wanted to cross through but they wouldn’t let me. Someone who seemed to be in charge of security for the venue said she would walk over and get my pass for me. She radioed back to one of the other venue staff a little while later and said that there were no M&G passes at the box office but that she would look into it. By this time it started to rain and several people including someone else who was there for a M&G crowded together under this small sheltered section of the walkway.

Finally around 6:15 or so they opened the venue and we hurried to the covered area and saw Jerome and a group of people down by a door that entered into the backstage area of the venue. My mother walked down and told Jerome that I was there for a M&G. He said he had just sent someone looking for me. In the meantime a venue security person was walking towards me pointing and saying, “I think I’m looking for you.” In order to get down to this door we would have to go out in the rain again and down a walkway. I use a wheelchair and I’m very small so a few of the security guys decided they would just carry me. Which was very kind of them but embarrassing. I felt like a queen on a throne….but not really!!! Thank goodness the venue wasn’t filling up yet so there was only a small amount of people watching.

When we got down to the door Jerome and venue security had us follow them inside to an elevator, only to find out that elevator didn’t go to the basement, which is where the M&G was to be held. Luckily the elevator on the other side did so we walked across the back of the stage to the other elevator. When we got downstairs we went into a curtained off area. There were two couches, a coffee table and a few other fold up chairs. I wheeled over to the one couch and parked at the end.

Jerome told us what the rules were…no touching unless touched etc. That we would have our pictures taken with their camera and we could have one thing autographed. He told us to spell the name for Clay so we wouldn’t get our items messed up. He did mention something about bruising and I think what he was trying to say is not to grab or squeeze Clay too hard. That if he hugged us to be gentle. I don’t know if Clay has been recently bruised by a fan but it makes me sad to think that Jerome even has to tell people to be gentle. He told us Clay would not open any gifts until later but if we wanted to tell him about a unique item or what we were giving him we could if there was time. At this point I put a little bag on the table with a gift in it from my niece. When he left to bring Clay in to see us it was around 6:30. I had never thought about the fact that I didn’t actually receive a M&G pass. After the fact when I got home I figured there really wasn’t a “physical” item that they were giving out. I found out later that there actually was a sticker with a picture of Clay on a tractor. I really would have loved to get one. I guess things were hectic that day for all involved.

I narrowly escaped another embarrassment when my cell phone rang while we were waiting. Thank goodness Clay wasn’t in the room. My ring tone is not Clay but another favorite singer of mine. My cousin called me to see how the Syracuse show was because she knew I went the night before. She had no idea that I won a M&G at Canandaigua. I didn’t tell many people about it. I wanted to wait until it actually happened. So I quickly answered and told her I couldn’t talk because I was waiting to meet Clay and hung up and turned the phone off. A minute later he walked into the room. Close call!

He looked around and said Hey! And some other greeting which I don’t really remember. I think he asked if we were having a good day and commented about the rain. He sat down in a chair that Jerome had set up for him between the two couches so I ended up being quite close to him. Jamie sat down in a chair that was sort of beside him but a little bit behind him. He didn’t ask us any questions as far as our names or where we were from and he didn’t shake hands. He did ask why we weren’t wearing the color which was green. He was wearing a green hoodie with his logo on it and matching shorts. I played dumb and said I didn’t get the message. Honestly, I had been told a few hours before the show by a friend who read it but I had decided what I was wearing to the concert a few days prior to it and not even Clay Aiken tells me what to wear. LOL. He asked if I read the boards. I commented that I did but hadn’t been online much because my computer was not working properly which was the truth, and he looked at me as if horrified and said something like, “How can you survive?” I really can’t say if anyone was wearing the color. I don’t think most of us did. A few people had on items, such as a bracelet that was green. Others said they were on the road and didn't get the message or like me didn't want to change what they planned on wearing. He then asked what the next color should be. Orange was considered but it was decided that it would be blue.

I hadn’t read any recaps since the first M&G. I didn’t really know exactly what was going to happen. Clay said that the show was an early show….starting at 7:30 and indicated that we were going to be rushed because he didn’t have as much time. He told us we could start to ask him questions right away. So the “press conference” began. That’s what it felt like to me. That’s not a complaint but more of an observation. I had no prepared questions so I just sat back for the most part and watched him interact with everyone and listened. It was fun to do that and fine by me. It seemed that most of the questions were asked by the same two or three people. I probably don’t remember all the questions or in what order they were asked but I’ll write about the ones that I do remember. These are not exact quotes but as close as I can remember with some side comments by me.

How long before the next CD? He said it could be a few years.

What is the name of the producer? Not ready to announce.

Can you at least give the initials? No.

Will he be staying with RCA? Yes, if they still want him. He said that he liked a lot of the people he worked with at the label and that all labels are basically the same. They all have their good points and bad points. Then he made the comment about the devil you know rather than one you don’t.

Will the CD be original material and more up-tempo songs?

He mentioned the “mandate” of the covers CD and said he would fight for original material this time. That he would hold out to get what he wants on this CD. The last CD he gave in and compromised but he doesn’t plan on doing it again. He doesn’t want covers again. I was glad to really hear this with my own two ears…coming directly from him. You read so much speculation about all of this but this time he made it very clear.

Someone asked if BFM would be on the next CD and he said no, that he didn't really like it. He preferred Tears Run Dry.

If I remember correctly the conversation lead to him trying to let us listen to a track he would like to record. I’m sure anyone reading this has heard about us huddling around his iPhone trying to hear the song. All I can say about it is it seemed more up-tempo than most of the songs on ATDW and sort of had a rock feel to it. It had me intrigued but I couldn’t really hear it well enough to comment on it further.

What are his feelings about clack and the person asking said that she felt it was good advertising. What did he think?

He said he didn’t mind but it is not “advertising“ There was disagreement during the discussion but he wouldn’t agree that it was advertising. He said that if people weren’t already interested they wouldn’t be looking for it and only fans know where to find it. He stood his ground and said no….he doesn’t consider it as a tool for promotion.

He said he doesn’t mind people taking pictures as long as there are no flashes and he doesn’t mind the video either but if a venue/orchestra asks that there be no videotaping then the rules will be upheld. He has no say in the matter. Again don’t quote me on any of this but I felt that he was saying that his security (Jerome) will help to enforce it in certain cases. He said, the fact is, it is illegal but he doesn’t mind if the venue doesn’t mind. AND if Jerome at any time feels that someone is being inappropriate or inconsiderate while videotaping, even when it is allowed, it’s Jerome’s call. He can make anyone stop. For example, he talked about if someone is standing and blocking other people’s view just to get video….that it is not right. But other than that he doesn’t care either way. I was glad to hear him say that because I have a had a few shows that were unpleasant because of clack gatherers blocking my view. Not that I haven’t enjoyed some clack myself but I go to the shows to see Clay…not someone standing in front of me when the majority of people are seated. All for the sake of clack. Clay tried to give people a clue early in the JBT tour but obviously some people didn’t take the hint and probably never will.

What happened to the hair on his arms?

I had no idea about any of this so I have to say I was a bit shocked by the question. I hadn’t noticed. I hadn’t looked at pictures and I guess I’m not that observant of a person because as close as I was to him it wasn’t even on my radar. I looked after the question was asked and I realized that he didn’t have any hair on his forearms. I went into a haze at that point because I was thinking to myself...I could never ask him a question like that. LOL. But I will say this. There is no big secret. The secret is basically that there is no secret. A few days ago, I saw a thread on a message board that had been discussing this “mystery” prior to the night of this M&G and basically it was figured out. So for those that were upset about some supposed secret, the fans figured it out without Clay telling us at the M&G anyway. I don’t know if Clay didn’t realize it was being discussed so that’s why he said it was a secret. I do not think it is right to have fans feel like they are being left out of something when there is nothing to hide. It would be one thing if he told us something very personal that no one was discussing or speculating about… or for example if he told us something private about a friend or family member or a member of his crew and asked us not to repeat it. Then of course it should be honored. But IMO, the arm hair thing is silly and so obvious that it can’t be considered inside info or a secret.

Would he blog more quotes?

Probably not. He thought it was a good idea but got lazy and he had thought that he could always have someone go in and type quotes in that he chose if he didn't have time, but didn't follow through with it.

Would he do a movie and if he has been approached to do movies?

I believe he said he hadn’t been offered a role but if he was offered a role that he liked he would consider it. Someone mentioned Disney movies and he said he would love to do something like Beauty & The Beast but unfortunately Disney isn’t making those type of films anymore...they are cartoons without the music.

What was it like to work with symphonies?

He enjoys it. Some are easier to work with than others. The Rochester Symphony was a fun group. Symphony musicians are very stoic so it can be difficult when they first show them the sheet music for this tour. But he enjoys the sound of a symphony very much and will continue to work with them.

Why not more tour merchandise?

Doesn’t like to have to have a lot of people working for him. If he sold a lot of stuff he would have to have more people and trucks to carry all the merchandise. He likes to keep it simple. This is when he commented on running out of shirts and that they ordered several boxes but didn’t know how they were going to get them to the next venue. They might not fit on the bus. Then he joked about having the fans transport them. People right away said they would and he said no.

At some point Jamie stood up and said he needed to start signing things so we passed our items to her and she in turn passed them to Clay. He would ask who it was he was making out the autograph too and in between was answering questions. I had him sign my copy of LTS. It was a toss up between that and the All is Well EP which are my two favorite things he has done. But I figured the book would have the autograph inside and it would be protected. I didn’t have an extra copy of All is Well and I would have wanted it framed. While he was signing my book I asked him if he had read A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. He said yes he had and he felt it was better than his first book.

After he finished signing they started taking pictures. It went really fast. Mary called out the names and Jamie was taking the pictures. My name, Tammy, was the second one to be called BUT there were two Tammy’s. And we both started to move forward and Clay said, “Which one?” Mary said my last name and I think Clay asked how I wanted to pose. Well, I said something totally stupid like...this is going to be interesting. The reason being is I use a wheelchair and Clay is so tall I knew the only way it would work is if he got down beside me. I figured he would but didn’t want to say...Get down here Clay. So I just turned around beside him and he got down on his knee. I subconsciously but gently put my arm around in front of him and rested my hand on his upper arm and I think he did the same to me and FLASH the picture was done. I thought I blinked and asked. Jamie was looking at it and said, “Oh, that’s cute.” Clay asked her again if I blinked and she said no so I moved away. The pictures went very quickly and he thanked us all and said goodbye and left. We were escorted back to the elevator and out the door by venue staff members.

Overall I REALLY enjoyed the M&G. It started out a bit hectic and I was a bit nervous because of the rain and not knowing if I was going to be late, not to mention being carried and my phone ringing. But once Clay entered the room and sat down I became calm and relaxed. When I tell friends and family about it they comment that it sounds like I was quiet or being shy because I’m usually not. I think I was a little overwhelmed not knowing what to expect but for the most part I decided to be an observer. Clay seemed a bit tentative when he first came in. He didn’t shake hands or anything so I figured maybe we should take his lead and not be too aggressive. It was a very calm group which was nice. I mentioned before that it felt like a press conference. The reason for that is because of all the questions and some of them being very direct, it just felt more formal than people sitting around having a casual conversation. I tried to think of a few questions while it was happening but didn’t want to ask him anything that he might think was nosy or inappropriate. I do realize it was very informal compared to most M&G’s and I really appreciate that and wish I would have had the brains to tell him that before it was over.

Besides actually sitting in the room with him I had another very exciting moment during the concert. My niece who is 12 is staying with my family and I for the summer. Her family is in the process of a move so it is easier for her to be here during the transition. I had planned on taking her to a few of the shows I was attending such as Chautauqua and New Hampshire. I had made plans with other family members and friends to go to the two other shows I was attending...Syracuse and Canandaigua. When I found out I won a M&G and read the rules I knew she was going to be a bit upset. The main rule being you must be over 12 and the other being no guests with the winner. She was happy for me but disappointed she couldn’t meet Clay too and said it wasn’t fair. She wanted to write to him and tell him. I told her she could write to him and I would give him the letter but she couldn’t complain because the rules were the rules and she wasn’t a member of the fan club so it was fair. So she wrote him a letter and wanted to give him something.

She had a $2.00 toy called a Spaghetti Ball that she had been playing with. I joked and said that Clay might like that and what do you give a guy who has everything anyway. So we went to the drugstore and picked up another one for him. We put it in a gift bag along with her letter and I left it on the table at the M&G.

At the beginning of the second half of the show he walked out tossing the ball to Angela and Quiana and said...play with it. My niece wrote in the letter that it would be a fun toy for them to toss around on the bus. Quiana put it in her pocket but I was really pleased to see him with it for a few seconds. I’m sure he had read her note and I thought that was a very kind gesture for him to do. It’s just too bad she wasn’t with me at that show. I never thought he would actually bring it on stage. I don’t even know if he knew which fan left it for him. I know her letter mentioned she was going to a few shows with her Aunt Tammy but as I said there were two Tammys in the M&G and my niece wrote about herself not me. I am really grateful to him for doing that and I found a video of it to show her and she was very excited. When I told her that night that he brought it out on stage she said her stomach was fluttering. I don't think she slept very much that night. SOOOOO cute. She definitely has a Clay crush after our concerts.

One last note about her. We waited in the line to shake his hand in New Hampshire. After it was over she said, “This is going to sound weird but I can still feel his hand on mine.” AWE!

Clay will probably never read this but I want to thank him for the M&G, playing with my nieces gift on stage and everything he does for the fans and most of all for being a good guy and an awesome entertainer.

Thank you Clay for sharing yourself and your voice with us. (((HUGS)))

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SOmeone supposed it might be that you need to remove body haor before being sprayed with tanning liquid.

I think he needs to learn about the jergens glow. No shaving with that and it is good for your skin and your don't have to do anything besides use moisturizer.

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Just the 'tidbits' from wandacleo's CV Pala M&G recap:

Someone asked what she'd have to do to get him to play scrabble with her online (just reporting here) and he said there was nothing she could do because he hated scrabble, at which point there was some discussion as to him having said he liked it (I don't think so)and his asking Jamie and Mary if he liked scrabble and they agreed that he didn't. He said that Kelly liked scrabble but he would never play with her.

Someone else thought he recognized her because she had been at a M&G before and he was like "You think I recognize you???" Then ensued a discussion about how he can't remember things and someone said that he said he had a good memory and he said the person lied and then someone said he said it and he saidf he lied.

THAT out of the way:

I asked if there was a chance that "Lover All Alone" would be on his next CD and he said that Jaymes really wanted that to happen and that he didn't think it was possible, but apparently it is so there's a chance that will happen.

I asked if he was pleased with the reorganization at the TBAF and if that was going well and he said that he's not really active in the managing of it and missed the last board meeting but that he trusts his uncle and his mother trusts him.

Someone asked if the songs he recorded for the CD that didn't come out would be released and he said that only 3 had had the final mixing: "A Thousand Days", BFM, and JY and that we had "A Thousand Days", but the others couldn't be leaked or released because it wouldn't be fair to the songwriters who couldn't then market them as originals.

Someone asked him how much control he has over touring and he said basically none, but sometimes they might give him a choice of a venue or two, but he really has no say. He also talked about how someone rented a theater and wanted to back a show but that tour companies want to work with promoters that they know and tend to use the same ones. He said he thought the furthest East he was going was PA, and I said he was going to CT, but that was news to him and he said not to believe everything you hear, but he sounded pleased at the possibility. He said he thought the furthest West he would be was Omaha, NB. (HOWEVER, we do have the November 6 show in the West so all is not lost).

One lovely woman (who doesn't post) had won a M&G and instead of a question thanked him for what he does with TBAF and said that she has a 19-year old autistic grandson. He asked her a little about that and she said that her grandson was doing very well, thanks to her daughter, and (I'm so sorry I can't remember his exact words) he said something to the effect that her daughter was able to do that thanks to HER. It was quite touching and thoughtful even though it was a quick statement. I noticed it.

Someone asked him why he had his teeth done (again, just reporting) and he said, "I was bored!" and sort of threw up his hands, but then said that his front teeth went in and he didn't like them. (What could he say?)

Someone asked if he would work with David Foster and he said that he couldn't because he worked for Warners and Clay worked for RCA and didn't want to leave his label (out of his own mouth) but that he could record a song that DF wrote but DF couldn't produce for him.

Someone asked if he planned to write songs for the next CD and said something like, "Don't you guys talk to each other???" He said that he gets the same question at every M&G and has no plans and if it happens, it happens.

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From J4Clay, originally posted at the CB and copied over to CV here:

I also told him that I had heard he wouldn’t be doing a tour over the summer because he didn’t have an album out yet. He said he could possibly have the album out by then, but possibly not also. I asked him about doing a jukebox tour or something like that. Apparently they are working on some other things possibly for the summer and trying to work out all the details. Don’t know what they are, but I got the idea that maybe whatever he is working on would take the place of a tour. Only time will tell though.

It's a long report, and most has been reported already, but I don't recall anyone mentioning the possibility of an album by summer.

From a meet-and-greet report via cellstream tonight:

OMG..................M & G report:

he came in WET from the shower. looked like a waif off the street. 5230 shirt with ragged shorts. he asked everyone's name. he was comfortable, easy to be with. mary, jamie & jerome in room

CD coming out in early 2008 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

his part takes a week or two. it is the preproduction and the post production. artwork. takes the most time. if he had to, he could recrod the whole thing in a week.

she is sorry to ramble

he will not be summer touring unless he gets that CD out.

she is shook up !! he is like talking to your relative in your living room.

lots of men in the audience. 10 orchestra members on the stage. he will not come to FLA for xmas. quite a few more dates that will come out, not ready to announce them yet.

he was extremely chatty.

Christmas in the Heartland...they said NJ was hardly heartland. she told him he needed to learn georgraphy before he goes on Fifth Grader. He said...go ahead, just ask me anything !!

funny, wonderful, warm, welcoming, kind person

Hee...hair dripping wet!!!!!

Not coming to FL for Christmas but there are more dates that will be announced...just not ready to do so yet.

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