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The Dream come true


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This is a script for a Ficticious talk show that I wrote in 2005 and I am glad to show you my work! Remember this is pure fiction! It is just something I wish would happened like this! If you want to know how that chick's name is pronounced it's mah-cah-la.

The Shirley Smith Show.Episode: #1,245 The Claymate Show.

(Music Starts. Camera Zooms over towards the host, a middle aged woman named Shirley Smith. The Audience claps as they see Shirley coming out to the stage. Shirley then walks toward a 54 inch flat screen television. The audience stops clapping)

Shirley Smith: Welcome to the Shirley Smith Show, today we make dreams come true, as two girls meet their "Idol" Clay Aiken and the Shirley Smith Show is there to help! ( A heart transition,then the images of two girls doing home work, with "The Way" playing in the background. One is 16 year old Shannon and the other is 14 year old Makalah, both are black females)

Shirley's Voice: These two girls are winners of the drawing contest, their names are Makalah and Shannon Dixon and they are big fans of singer Clay Aiken!

Shannon: (smiling and giggling) I love Clay Aiken, he is a sweetie. And when the finals were on, I called in 205 times, Makalah voted 239 times but he lost we were sad.( the camera is a angle facing Shannon, then camera pans to Shannon's shrine full of clay photos. She points to photos and and magazine posters.)

Shannon's voice: My Clay shrine is my haven. I am a big fan because of his love of children.

(the camera cuts to to Makalah's room. She has a 28 posters in her pink room along with 121 pictures from a magazine. Then the camera cuts Makalah on her bed.)

Makalah: I am a huge fan of Clay. In fact, I was on a local radio station for a fanatic fan contest when I painted Clay all over my body for tickets for the 2004 independent tour in Atlanta. (shows a picture of Makalah with Clay painted all over her body) I could not was the paint off for 2 days. But I did not win the tickets.

(camera switches to a seane with black woman reading a news paper with her husband Nathan, an proud black man. The woman Jan is sipping her coffee)

Shirley's voice: The girl's parents Jan and Nathan are not big fans of Clay, But do say that their daughters love the man so much that offered to risk their own health to show their dedication to Clay Aiken.

Jan: (giggling an sitting on a couch with Nathan) The same radio station that Makalah painted herself for also had months earlier a contest to see who could eat the most ice cream for meet and greets passes to the "American Idol" tour that was here. The girls wanted to go to do this. The thing is both are lactose intolerant and that would hurt the both of them. But I would not allow it. Both girls were angry at me for days!

Nathan: Our girls are true clay fans in the world of Claymates. Shannon and Makalah are Obsessive Clay fans. They both have Clay wardrobe (camera cuts to a clip of Shannon and Makalah modeling their Clay clothes.Nathan's voice is still overheard ) that have Clay's name on them.

Shirley's Voice: Besides Clay, both girls wish for a very special makeover too.

Shannon: I want a makeover!

Makalah: Me too! Because we wear old clothes on dress out day and we were made fun off.

Shannon: (holds Makalah's hair) Makalah has very curly hair in Afro and it's hard to comb . She really wants straight hair.

Makalah: (nods yes) Yeah, I really do! Because it is so heavy and stuff and I get headaches that hurt because of the hair.

Shannon: I have braids (camera briefly shows Shannon's braids) that are 9 months old. And if mom and dad can afford private school, they can afford to get me a new head full of braids or better, a new hairstyle!

Makalah: We need a makeover!

Shannon: Yeah!

Shirley's Voice: Little did they know that we have a big surprise for them and we will be along the journey when we come back.

Announcer: Coming up next on the show, the sisters go to the hairstylist and later a huge surprise for the school and the girls when we come back.

(commercial break)


NOTE: well if it does seem over the top, these are teen girls (like me!) and some of them are like that.

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Good job soulsista! You have a really vivid imagination, and I can tell you worked hard on the spelling and grammar too. Thanks for sharing that with us. Two years later do you still have the same dreams, or have they changed in any way?

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Good job soulsista! You have a really vivid imagination, and I can tell you worked hard on the spelling and grammar too. Thanks for sharing that with us. Two years later do you still have the same dreams, or have they changed in any way?

No the have not changed in anyway, I do still have those dreams of meeting clay, I really do not need a makeover though.

All i hope is that I can protray clay in a good way because I love him soo much and i really do not want to make him in a way that's bad.

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Shirley: (on screen, standing near the 54" screen while the audience claps for 4 seconds) Welcome back! Before our commercial break, we introduced you to Clay fans Shannon and Makalah, two teen girls who wanted to meet Clay Aiken and get a makeover. And we are granting their wish. today on the Shirley Smith Show.

Shirley's Voice: (shows the two sisters going to a local beauty parlor Where their Aunt Vannetta Dixon works and is a fellow claymate) They are driven to a local beauty parlor where their aunt Vannetta Dixon works, the reason that they cannot get their hair done because, because Vannetta is a really costly stylist and there's no family discount.

Shannon: Oh My god! I will be free on these braids! (flips her hair and her extensions comes out!) See! These are to old for me! (she holds the extension that came out) I would be glad to be rid of them!

Makalah: I would love to have some of this cut to the shoulders. (Aunt Vanetta comes towards the girls)

Vanetta: Hello girls! I have not seen ya'll since thanksgiving! Ya'll want you hair done I would give you hairstyles.( both girls hug Vanetta)

Makalah: I'm getting my hair done today! Today! (Makalah as taken to another room. While Shannon is taken to a stylist chair in another room where the aunt takes down her hair. Another Hairstylist does Makalah hair in the main room)

Vannetta: (taking down the braids) You finally get a new style!

Shirley's voice: (shows the sisters setting their hair done) We will get back to the makeover after this, But first we are at the gifted school where the students will get a surprise. (shows the front of the school) Clay Aiken will sing at their school where the girls attend ( shows a crowd of students.)

Student#1: I love Clay Aiken!

Student#2: He is the best singer ever!

Student#1: (shows photos of Clay) He is so hot!

Student#3: That's right!

(camera turns to the principal named Caroline Lynn in her office )

Shirley's voice: This is Caroline the school principal of the gifted private school.

Caroline: This is a proud moment for our student body today in which some are huge fans of Clay!

Shirley's Voice: Caroline is such a big fan of Clay, she allowed her Claymate students to dress out today in clay clothes with his name on them.

Caroline: Yes I love Clay (giggling) He is so cute. (cuts back to makeover)

Shirley's Voice: Meanwhile, back at the solon, Shannon will unveil her look right now. ( Shannon is hiding behind the curtain in shadow waiting for the signal to come out)

Vanetta: Makalah here is your sisters new hairstyle! (Shannon comes from the curtains to her new longer sleeker hair style which was down to the middle of her back.)

Makalah: (squeals) Oh my god! Shannon . (Shannon stares at the pink shower cap on her head.)

Shannon: Why is there a show cap on your head?

Makalah: Cause they're not done yet. Anyway your hairstyle is so cool. I love those extensions because they are nice colors for you, Jet black and brown highlights.

Shannon: I can't wait wait to see your new hairstyle!

Makalah: I can't wait either.

Announcer: Coming up next, Makalah reveal her new makeover to Shannon, then they get new clothes and a surprise when we return after this.

(comerical break)

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Shirley's Voice: (clips recap) When we left from commercial break, Shannon revealed her new look to her sister Makalah. Now Makalah will reveal her new look to Shannon. ( Makalah comes out of the curtain and shows her new hairstyle, an short bob to her chin)

Shannon: Oh my god! You look stunning and cute. I love your new hairstyle! I love your short and stunning hairstyle!

Makalah: I do, too! (looks into a mirror)

Shirley's Voice: (shows a footage of a woman walking into the salon) The producer of my show, Inez Hart then gives the news they've been waiting for!

Inez: You know surprise #1 out of 3 is the some new clothes for one year!

Shannon & Makalah: (screams)

Inez: Now we have to go to the clothing store to get you some new clothes!

Shirley's Voice: (shows the outside of the store) The sisters are taken to a clothing store, called "Teen Trendz" the hottest teen clothing store in town , where the teens get the latest fashion here!

Inez: ( Jumps out of the car along with the sisters and walks into the store.) Here is the store, now go get all the clothes you want, and we will pay for it!

Shannon: (runs to a dress) Oh my god! I want this dress so badly!

Inez: (smiles as she takes out the credit card) You will get that dress!

Shannon: Thanks Miss Hart! (jumps up and down) I will be the most stylish girl on dress out day!

Makalah: That dress looks so good on you! (she looks at the dress in wonder)

Shannon: Yeah, we want to wear these offits!

Inez: Here is the stylist Susan. She will dress up for the surprise later today.( the girls follow Susan behind the dressing room. the camera Fast forwards to the reveal) I would love love to see ya'll in your new offits.

(Makalah walks out, Makalah wearing a pink and magenta polo with red hearts and Black wide leg slacks on the on the leg on the pants and a pair of white sneakers with pink stripes.)

Makalah: Oh My god! I look so cute with this offit.

( shows a before pic of her wearing a Extra large shirt and a Acid washed baggy jeans with black sandals.)

Inez: I like your new look! It is very appropriate for a 14 year old like you! Now let's see Shannon! Shannon come on out!

(Shannon walks out wearing a floral pink, light blue, light green lettce top and a short knee leanth blue denim skirt and a pair of Black 1 inch heels. Show before pic with Shannon wearing a pink 80's jumpsuit and black shoes)

Makalah: Oh my god! I love your new offits!

Inez: Now here is a super surprise, you will driven to McDonald's to meet a very special someone.

Shannon: Who is it?

Inez: I cannot tell you that until we get there!

Makalah: Is it Ashanti? Because it would nice!

Inez: I can't tell you!

Makalah: Clay Aiken, isn't it?

Inez: I can't discuss it, you just have to wait til we get there, okay!

(the camera then cuts to a local McDonald's and then to the girls entering the restaurant)

Inez: Here we are at McDonald's and you can go on in.

Makalah: (opens door) What should we do or who is in there.

Inez: ( pulls blindfold from her pink Gucci purse) here, put these on!

Shannon: Why? (puts on blindfold)

Inez: Cause I want you to be surprised when you see the person.

Shannon; Oh, okay!

(The camera then cuts to a hallway where clay is hiding. he then comes out)

Man: Hello, girls.

Inez: Now you can remove the blindfolds.

Shannon: (removes blindfold and Jumps up and down after seeing Clay.) Oh, My God! Clay Aiken! (screams)

Makalah: (removes blindfold and screams) He is my number 1 idol! (shaking) I love you so much!

(clay walks over to the sisters and hugs them)

Clay: You are my biggest fans, right!

Makalah: Yeah!

(Shannon gets out her "measure of a man poster" and Makalah gets out Her CD and Recent magazine with clay on the cover. Then the camera segues into a bunch of montages of clay signing the autographs )

Shannon's Voice: It was so nice to meet Clay! He is our favorite singer in the world. (Cuts to clay sitting on a table with the sisters)

Clay: How long did you root for me?

Makalah: A very long time, because we love you so much and you are the nicest person in the world!

Clay: (reaches over to hug Makalah ) Ya'll sure are huge fans of mine!

Shirley's Voice: What the girls don't know is Clay is going perform at their school today!(cuts to students in the gym waiting to see Clay perform)

Announcer: Coming up next, Clay Aiken performs at the girls school with almost a roomful of fans and the girls reveal their new look to mom and dad!

(commercial break)

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Well I might as well post the rest of it. Since I didn't want to leave this Incomplete any longer. And I still have this fantasy and hope that this will happen one day. (Mostly the meeting Clay part, not the music part) If you want an update on this story, It's in another form with changed names and stuff, since I wanted it to go a bit mainstream. I just replaced Clay's name with another person's.

Shirley's Voice:( clips recap) The girls have meet Clay Aiken ad got their makeovers, now the guys have arrived at the school for the final surprise. (Camera cuts to a shot of the school and then cuts to Shannon and Makalah standing behind a curtain in the gym)

Shannon: (peaking though the curtain) Oh my god Clay's going to say our name! (squeals)

Shirley's Voice: (camera at Jan and Nathan) The sister parents Jan and Nathan have been waiting to see what their daughters look like.

Jan: I can't wait to see what my little angels look like.

Nathan: Yes, I cannot wait either! I want to see what they look like!

(camera turns to Clay Aiken as he calls out the sisters' name)

Clay: ( The crowd cheers after Clay walks on stage and speaks into the microphone) Here are two pretty young ladies Shannon and Makalah Dixon (crowd gets very loud as the sisters walk out the curtain.

Jan's Voice: Oh, my god! They are so pretty!

Nathan: They are our girls! Our beautiful young ladies!

(cuts to three minutes later)

Clay: (crowd still screams) Now I am dedicating this song to the Dixon Family! (the camera shows Shannon and Makalah in their seats jumping up and down yelling "Clay" on the top of their lungs. Clay sings I Will Carry You" Students yell "Clay" on top of their lungs with ear spitting screams)

Shannon: I love you, Clay! (screams, then Clay winks at her) Oh my god! Did anyone see clay wink at me? (squeals) Oh my god! he winked at me!

Makalah's Voice: (shows Shannon Cheering) It was nice and a great experience to meet clay and hear him sing at my school. It was good! (both girls appear on camera standing next to Clay)

Shannon & Makalah: Thank you, Shirley Smith!

Makalah: I brought his albums and to be able to meet clay in person is great beyond belief! Thanks!

(transitions to Shirley in the studio)

Shirley: That is a big honor! But that's not all, tune in tomorrow and we will have more surprises for the sisters, Thanks for watching!

(credits roll)


The Shirley Smith. Episode: #1,246

The Claymate Show, Part 2

(music starts, Camera zooms over to the entrance. The audience claps as they saw the host, Shirley stands out next to a 54" big screen television)

Shirley Smith: Welcome to part 2 of claymate dreams. On yesterday's show the sisters yesterday had their dreams come true with a makeover and a once in a lifetime meeting with their idol Clay Aiken. On today's episode we have a lot more surprises, just watch. ( The camera shows Shannon with a mike in her hand and little sister Makalah dancing at the private school music class) Shannon and Makalah from yesterday show, you know are claymates, but did you know that they are aspiring singers too! Today we are going to the school where the girls attend and announced that they will be singing with Clay on his tour. (camera cuts to Inez as she enters the school office of Caroline Mosley-Lynn)

Inez:I'm in the office of the school to talk to the principal. ( Cuts to Caroline on the announcement room)

Caroline: Shannon and Makalah Dixon, report to the office right now!

(camera cuts to the sisters in uniform a white button down t-shirt and red plaid skirts with a concerned look)

Shannon: Are we in trouble?

Makalah: (turns to see Inez) Inez, what are you doing, here?

Inez: I have another surprise for you girls. You are going to meet Clay Aiken again!

Shannon:( small scream) That's neat!

Inez:( signals "come on") Come on let's go to the limo! (cuts to sisters going inside a limo)

Shirley's Voice: (Makalah and Shannon cheers nervously) The girls are taken to a Auditorium in Atlanta for them to perform back-up with Clay and learn and singing lessons from Nancy James and when we come back we will see the progress.

Announcer: Coming up next, on the Shirley Smith show, Shannon and Makalah gets singing lessons from Nancy James after this.

(Commercial Break)

Shirley's Voice: (clips recap) Welcome back to my show, If you missed it, Shannon and Makalah's dream came true once again to spend more time with Clay Aiken and sing for him at his concert tonight. (camera cuts to the outside of the voice and dance studio) Shannon and Makalah head to the Nancy James voice and to rehearse their voice .

(a woman named Nancy James who is in her mid 30s is walking toward the sisters to greet them)

Nancy:( shakes hand) Hello, girls welcome to my school!

Shannon:( shakes Nancy's hand) Nice to meet you Nancy! (cuts to Nancy teaching the girls)

Nancy: Do, Re , Mi , Fa, La, So..

Shannon's Voice: (Shannon sings as voice-over plays) I like the music lessons cause I can learn to sing much better! And to make it big one day in music!

Nancy: (girls stop singing) Good work girls! Very good work! How long have ya'll been singing?

Shannon: I've been doing it for 8 years while Makalah was doing it for 3 years so she is starting out!

Nancy: (she and the girls sit on the floor) Tell me about a little about your family!

Makalah: My dad is a businessman at a local bank and my mom is a accountant, we make average grades at school and we both love Clay Aiken solo much!

Nancy: Now back to the lessons! (sings) Me, me, me, me, me, me!

Shannon and Makalah: (sings) Me, me, me, me, me, me!

Shirley's Voice: The girls are getting ready to sing for clay. And Special surprise is awaiting the girls when we come back after this!

Announcer: Coming up Next, Shannon and Makalah Go to a dance studio for a surprise in a dance studio.

(commercial break)

Shirley's Voice:( cuts to Co Co's Dance Studio) Both girls there went to Coco's dance studios. (camera cuts to girls entering the studio a woman in her late 20's enters from the changing room)

Coco: Hello,My name is Coco Labelle and I am your new dance teacher! (walks Shannon and Makalah to dressing room) come on we have to get dressed! (shows Clay Aiken behind the Dressing room waving at the cameras)

Shirley's Voice: Meanwhile, Behind the dressing room door Clay is going to surprise the girls with a full day with Clay!

Coco: (Leads them to the dressing room) walk in here!

Shannon: Who is there?

Makalah: (sees Clay when she Flips the light switch!) Oh, my god it's Clay! (She then squeals softly)

Clay: (walks toward them) Hello Girls! I know you're singing back-up along with my other back- up singers. But that was a lie, You are going to open up the concert at my tour here! So get dressed and head down to the Arena!

Makalah: Okay, Clay!

(camera cuts ten minutes later as the come out the dressing room in their offits. Shannon in a Yellow tank to with "Baby Phat" and Black mini short and white sneakers. Makalah is in a red and white striped tee, a dark denim knee leanth skirt and white sandals.)

Clay: You look good! Now let's head to the arena , guys!

Shirley's Voice: (cuts to the venue in the backstage area) The Claymates head to the venue where they will spend 35 minites with their guy! (the 3 are shown sitting in a room backstage)

Shannon: Clay, I really want to know what kind of guy clay you are?

Clay: I am a lovable guy.

Shannon: I know that!

Clay: So you're a singer, what type of music do you sing ?

Shannon: R&B mostly! (Clay turns to Makalah)

Clay: What type of music do you sing?

Makalah: Pop music, we even record demos for our school!

Clay: Do you have it with you?

Makalah: (take out a pink I-pod from her purse) yes I have it in my I-pod (gives it to Clay) Listen!

Clay: (Takes earphones off after 5 seconds) You have a great voice!

Makalah: Thank you so much!

Clay: You're welcome! (camera then cuts to a photo op with Shannon posing in front of a camera)

Shirley's Voice: Now the first 15 minutes was about chatting with Clay. Next 20 minutes he is going to take some photos and gives them a special song for the girls. (cuts to a man taking a pic with Makalah and Clay then sings a cut of " No more sad songs" to the girls.)

Shirley's Voice: The girls are going to rehearse their songs with Clay. We will see the girls rehearse and perform when we come back.

Announcer: Coming up next, Shannon and Makalah rehearse and perform for clay as they make their big debut on the tour. Plus Shannon and Makalah return to their home for a big surprise.


Shirley's Voice: (Camera is a the stage where the sisters are performing) Welcome back! Shannon and Makalah are rehearsing as a opening act for Clay's newest tour. (camera is at stage where Shannon and makalah are rehearsing)

Shannon: I am going to sing "Invisible" Clay as tribute to you!

Clay: Okay! I hope you sing it good, but I know you will because your voices are good.

Shannon:( sings) If I was invisible if I can just watch you in your room, if I was invincible if I can just tell you where I stand. I will be the smartest girl. If I was invisible!

Clay: (sitting in a chair, clapping) That was good! Did you ever thought of auditioning for "American Idol" one of these seasons?

Shannon: Maybe, probably next year!

Clay: What about you Makalah?

Makalah: I will sing " I will Carry you!"

Clay: Okay.

Makalah:( sings) When your world breaks down, and the voices tell you turn around. When your dreams give out, I will carry you, carry you. When the stars go blind, and the darkness starts to flood your eyes. when you're fallen behind, I will carry you.

Clay:( claps) That was good! How old are you!

Makalah: 13 years old.

Clay: You have a great voice!

Makalah: Thanks clay! You are so sweet!

Clay: You're welcome!

Makalah: Clay, you are a awesome singer! I love your voice I am so glad you are singing! It is a honor to open this tour with you.

Shirley's Voice: (camera cut to shots of the hometown of the sisters home and in the home's living room where Jan is sitting on a couch.) Back in town, the sisters have another surprise, the mom, Jan is expecting.

Jan: (smiles) We got the news yesterday that I was three months pregnant. The girls do not know that!

(cuts to Inez walking towards the stage to deliver a message that the mom was expecting.)

Shirley's voice: Our messenger Inez hart is going to tell the sisters that Jan is having a new baby.

Inez: Shannon, Makalah I have some news. Your mom is pregnant! She's does not know the sex yet but you will have another sibling in another 6 months.

Shannon: Oh my god! I did not notice!

Inez: It's time to perform in about a few hours, sisters!

(camera cuts to 3 hours later when a blond woman in her early twenties named Naomi introduces the two girls.)

Naomi: Ladies and Gentlemen, two lucky fans are going to open the show, please welcome Shannon and Makalah Dixon!

(Audience cheers as the sisters walk out. Shannon is wearing a pink evening gown with her hear pin in a bun. Makalah is a silver evening gown )

Shannon: (sings a song called "For the love of you" music begin for the song) Drifting on a memory, ain't no place I rather be, than with you. Yeah, well soft and long, yeah!

Makalah: Day will make a way for night...

Makalah's Voice:( the girls are still singing while audience applaud) It was a honor to sing for Clay and get to open his show too!

(cuts to end of song)

Shannon and Makalah: you know that I'm living 4 the love of you, you know that I'm giving for the love of you! Cause I'm living the love.. of you!!(song ends audience claps and cheers for the girls)

(cuts to backstage)

Shannon: (panting) that was tiring! I would be nice to see clay sing! I only have a few minutes to make our clay sign.

Makalah: (in a different shot) I love the experience, and I want to thank ya'll for that opportunity. (cuts to the girls in front row seats that were given to them by Inez. The girls are shown With their "I love Clay" signs that the girls were given by Inez. The girls scream as shots of clay play. The camera then cuts to clay singing solitaire and Shannon and makalah cry.)

Clay: (sings) solitarie's the only game in town, where every road takes him, takes him down...

Makalah: (sobbing) It was nice hearing clay in concert, It was nice hearing him sing solitaire, that song makes me cry!

Shirley's Voice: (Shows girls getting into the limo and the limo drives away.) The girls have a heck of a lot of memories to take home tonight! The girls are heading home to sleep for the next day. And when we come back, you thought the surprises are over, but they're not, after this!

Announcers: Coming up next, the Claymates have one last surprise we have to offer! And a special person makes a visit to the girls' home. After the break.


Shirley's Voice: (Shows the sisters exiting the limo in the rain at their home) Welcome back! The sister have returned home in a down pour of rain. Wanting to get some rest and sleep.

(camera cuts to the inside of the home to see the girls enter)

Shannon: Mom! (runs to her) we had the most fantastic time in the ATL! We got to sing in front of clay and we even got to open his concert to!

Jan: That's great! I would love to hear more about it! I hope you enjoyed yourself there!

Makalah: It was great! People were cheering for us and clay said we were good singers and ....

Shirley's voice: (shows the girls going upstairs to their rooms to go to sleep.) The girls go to their rooms to fall asleep and rest up for tomorrow. Jan and Nathan will get a call from Inez that about one last surprise for the girls.

Inez:( camera is split screen between the home where the phone is ringing and Inez with a cell phone in a car. Nathan is picking up the phone after coming home from work.) Hello, This is Inez Hart of the Shirley smith show and we are here to let you know that the show is paying all four years of collage for your girls and the new one you are having is covered too.

Nathan: Thank you so much Inez, we really appreciate the gift of love from the show! (hangs up the phone and the split screen of Inez goes away.) I better tell Jan! Jan will you come out!

Jan: What is it Nathan?

Nathan: The girls got a $50,000 scholarship! Each for collage and even the new baby has one!

Jan: That's great!! I I would love to thank Shirley for this!! Let me tell the girls!(runs upstairs)

Shirley's Voice: As the mother tells the girls that their collage is paid for, a record producer and Lipstix records David Dames (show a man in his late 20s entering the walkway with a umbrella in his hand knocking on the door) He is going to give them a $300,000 recording deal to the record label.

David: (on camera) I heard them at the concert in Atlanta and they sing like angels. So we are helping the sisters get a singing career with my label, if they sell well I will try to get a deal on the next album to sing with Clay Aiken on all the tracks and who knows, they will probably tour with him too!

(shows David enter the house)

David: I have something to tell your girls!

Jan: (yells) Shannon, Makalah come down stairs I have something to tell you!

(camera shows one clip of Shannon waking up and another clip of Makalah waking up)

Shannon: (cuts to the girls entering the living room) What is it mom?

Makalah: Yeah, what do you want to tell us?

Jan: The first thing I want to tell you that Inez called us and told that you girls have scholarships for any collage in the nation, even the new baby's collage is paid for!

Makalah: Oh my god! I want to thank the show so much for that!

Shannon: Me too! They have officially made all my dreams came true within' 2 days!

Jan: Here is something else! This man standing next to me has something to tell you.

Shannon; What does he want to tell us?

David: (the girls face David) I am here to offer a $300,000 recording contract to my label for you girls to record a album!

Shannon & Makalah: (screams)

Makalah: Oh my god!

David: There's more! If the album is a success, we will try to contact a special record company to let Clay tour with you and sing on your next album.

Shannon: That would be the greatest thing ever! I love you so much!

David: The deal starts after school's over! So we won't interrupt your education.

Makalah: (on camera with Shannon) Thank you Shirley! we love you so much!

Shannon: You rock Shirley! Thanks for everything! You have made our wishes come true!!

Shannon & Makalah: Bye Bye Shirley! We love you! (segment ends, Shirley appears on stage on her love seat)

Shirley: Last time we heard! The girls are finishing school for the chance to record their album. We really will not know the release date until the album is finished! And from the girls voices the album will sell really well. And that is the end of the Part 2 Claymate dreams episode. Tomorrow we will interview survivors of a very bad tornado! Bye everybody in America! (Shirley gets up from he seats then credits roll.)

(Fades to black after copyright date appears)

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