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#34: So, how about that Clay Aiken?


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  1. 1. What should be the next thread title for FCA?

    • You mean, it?s not all dressing up and dancing at FCA?
    • But I swear I tulibu dibu douchou Clay!
    • Tulibu dibu douchou
    • Until he starts singing with it though, it's a non-issue for me.
    • I guess I'll stay a Clay fan as imperfect as he is just because I'm imperfect too and he sings so good.
    • IF IF IF IF IF
    • IF IF IF IF IF uh
    • Clay is not just marching to a different drummer, he has a whole new fabulous marching band!
    • I'd still be a fan of anything else he may sprinkle his magic on.

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Hi jazzgirl! :F_05BL17blowkiss:

Uh-oh! Stop the party!


Forgot to bring out the Cheez Doodles!


OK, resume partying!

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Cheese Doodles - one of the 5 food groups.

Is it time for the new thread yet???


Here's another pretty for you. Remember the first time we heard Suspicious Minds????? :Thud:

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Does anyone here know how to make a Singapore Sling?!

It's the only drink I really la-ove and they are so hard to find!

Does this help?

Yum! Yes! And thank you !

I'm printin' that puppy off, laminating it and stickin' it in my purse!

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I think I'm going to have to get some therapists in here to work on these addictions... cute boy, apparantly liquor and now jonsing for thread changes.

Ok save your work ladies..I'm going to have a new thread in the next few minutes.

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All this talk of libations here, reminds me of Elaine Stritch's "The Ladies Who Lunch" in Company. I keep hearing "I'll drink to that". If anyone wants a good drinking song, here it is:


Thanks! The entire show's also available on a Blu-ray disc... why couldn't they do that for all shows?!! (Nice to see you, jazzgirl!)

Cheez doodles?!! oooooh, my favorite! Thanks annabear! :squeeze:

Is it page 80 yet???

Iseemee, :perfect10:

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