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# 67: Everywhere He Goes, The People Love Him!


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@ChrisRey4NC: Rolled up on the @ClayForNC tour bus. I am proud of the race Clay is running in our district. #VoteNovember4 http://t.co/Pe2vyJk5zp

@ClayForNC: Found a sample ballot on my table at the Lee County Dem Party breakfast. Early voting starts Thursday! #nc02 #ncpol http://t.co/FpLB0z35Wl

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Clay tweets

@ClayForNC: On the bus to #Fayetteville. Waving at the cars as they honk when we drive by. #ncpol #nc02 http://t.co/s3zrFhRTmj

@ClayForNC: On the air with WNCA at the Ramseur Fall Festival. #ncpol #nc02 http://t.co/ObO9I7VSpq

@ClayForNC: Meeting folks young and old at the fall festival in Ramseur. #ncpol #nc02 @ Ramseur, North Carolina http://t.co/oln0axuVak

Email from Fay

I just got back from a trip out of town and I was really saddened to hear that a young man was arrested for stealing my son's political signs in Sanford, NC. Then today, I found out that even more signs have been removed, this time from locations that I placed myself. The campaign staff and volunteers worked incredibly hard to get these signs up all around the district, but I hate that this was done in vain because someone from the other party is removing them. The fact that this is illegal is not stopping these people. Are these the type of folks that should be in Washington?

Shame on either party if they think juvenile actions is the way to win. Shame on either party if they are so scared that they feel the need to pull up signs that their challenger has worked tirelessly to create. Put your facts out there and run on your merits. You may win, you may lose, but at least you will have a clean conscience and will embody what it truly means to be a representative of the people.

I'm now trying to raise the money to replace these signs that the other side stole. It will cost $5000 to have new signs printed and shipped in time for us to get them put out and at polling stations by Election Day. I need your help.

Can you make a contribution to help replace the stolen signs?

The other side is resorting to dirty tactics with just 2 weeks until the election, we need your help more than ever.

Faye Parker

just the mom

Paid for by Clay Aiken for North Carolina

Clay for North Carolina

PO Box 3809

Cary NC 27519-3809 United States

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Catching up fro this morning. I'll go back later and catch up from last night in a bit...


Unidentified source.

Faye added these dates to her Facebook page:

today at 4, Downtown Cary Fall Festival

3:30 pm Oct 19th Apex Town Hall, 53 Hunter Street

Oct. 20th 5:30 pm Moore County, Russell's restaurant

Oct. 21, Asheboro Farmer's Market, 134 S. Church St. 9:30 AM

Oct. 21 Cane Creek Sustainable Farm, 7009 Bass Mountain Rd, Snow Camp, 11 AM

Oct. 21, 7PM Town Hall at 1329 Rays Bridge Road, Whispering Pines, NC

Oct 22, NC State Fair 10:30 AM

Oct 22, Town Hall 600 S. Magnolia Ave. Dunn, NC at 6:30 PM

Oct. 23, Ribbon Cutting for NC Zoo, 4401 Zoo Pkw, Asheboro, NC 10:15 AM

Oct. 23 7 PM Town Hall, 300 Ruth St., Spring Lake, NC and at 9PM the Dogwood festival

Oct 25, Randleman Nascar Da7 144 W. Academy St. Randleman, NC 10 AM

Oct. 25, Cary's Great Pumpkin Carve, corner of Academy and Kildare Farm 4PM

Oct. 26, Town Hall, 300 Maiden Ln, Fayetteville NC 2PM

Oct. 27 Town Hall 507 MN. Steele St, Sanford, NC Lee Cty, 7PM

Oct. 29, Town Hall < 3411 Golfview Rd, Hope Mills, NC 7PM,

Oct. 30 Town Hall, 301 Drama Rd, Snow Camp, NC 27349

There are other events but these seem to be the ones open to public.

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MJD @dunnX3

selfies with cLaY AiKeN (his idea), God bless North Carolina ✌️ @ Town of Cary, NC





Democratic Women of Lee County, North Carolina

6 hrs · Edited ·

Lee County Democratic Party Unity Breakfast.

Saturday, October 18, 2014, at First Calvary Baptist Church, Fields Drive, Sanford, North Carolina, — with Ophelia Livingston, Tamara Brogan, Clay Aiken and Lynda F. Turbeville.

Mucho discussions on CV regarding what's under Clay's arm in the bus picture. Hence, this latest tweet:

Tucker Middleton ‏@TuckerMiddleton 21s22 seconds ago

It's an umbrella, ladies. ��

Also, this:

Nick Leisey ‏@NickLeisey 34s35 seconds ago

It's an umbrella, ladies smile.gif

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Clay Aiken

]Clay Aiken

By J.D. Walker


Editor’s note: In the race for the District 2, U.S. House of Representatives seat, incumbent Rep. Renee Ellmers, R-NC, is competing with Democrat Clay Aiken. District 2 includes all or parts of Alamance, Chatham, Cumberland, Harnett, Lee, Moore, Randolph and Wake counties. Aiken is a newcomer but this is Ellmers’ third run for office.

RALEIGH — Democrat Clay Aiken is running an uphill battle to defeat incumbent Republican Rep. Renee Ellmers for the District 2 U.S. House of Representatives seat in the 2014 election.

A recent poll had had him eight points behind Ellmers.

Aiken said he has been on the campaign trail listening to people and people are telling him they are frustrated. He said people tell him their leaders in Washington don’t listen anymore. They don’t listen to the people back home who sent them there, and they don’t listen to the thoughts and views of the people across the aisle. And because of that, they’re not getting anything done.

“I’m running for Congress to listen to the needs of the people here at home and then represent their interests to the best of my ability as a member of Congress,” Aiken said. “We have a lot of politicians in Washington, but we have very few public servants. I want to go to Washington to serve. People are ready for that type of leadership. And that’s why our campaign is gaining support every day and why we’re going to be successful on Nov. 4.”

Aiken said one of his top priorities will be to serve the military and veteran population in the state. He said he wants to address veteran homelessness and protect benefits for military spouses and children. Aiken said Impact Aid funding for schools in counties like Harnett that have major problems with school overcrowding should be increased because of the underfunding of the school systems on post.

“Fort Bragg has been put on the chopping block in too many defense budgets. And the sequester and government shutdown not only hurt our military readiness, but also cut programs and benefits for our families on post,” he said. “Washington needs to stop playing politics at the expense of those who sacrificed their lives to protect this country.”

Aiken said government ignored the threat of the Islamic State for too long. He agrees with the decision for airstrikes to support the Iraqi and Syrian ground forces as they push back against ISIS in the region.

“We’ve also got to compel the surrounding nations to commit their own ground forces to protect the areas currently being threatened by ISIS fighters, and the U.S. strategy should continue to be to provide air support for those forces combating ISIS,” he said.

Aiken said, as long as ISIS doesn’t present an imminent threat to U.S. soil however, the U.S. should not be putting additional boots on the ground.

On the economy, Aiken said he believes bringing jobs to the community starts with an educated workforce. He said local community colleges are doing an incredible job of partnering with area businesses to put students into programs and apprenticeships that will immediately lead to well-paying jobs after they graduate.

Aiken said the problem isn’t that there aren’t enough available jobs. The problem is that the workforce is not trained for the jobs that are out there.

“By developing and maintaining a strong, well-funded community college system in our area, we will recruit businesses because we are providing them with an environment where they can find the employees with the skills they need,” Aiken said. ” As a member of Congress, I will be sure that business leaders around the country hear from me when they are deciding where to locate and grow their businesses.”

* * *

Address (including websites, facebook, contacts, etc): Email, info@clayaiken.com; phone, (919) 297-8466; website, clayaiken.com; Facebook: www.facebook.com/clayfornc; Twitter: www.twitter.com/clayfornc; Instagram: instagram.com/clayfornc.

Age: 35.

Occupation: Self employed.

Relevant work or job experiences: Co-founder, The National Inclusion Project; ambassador for education programs, UNICEF; board of directors, Theatre Raleigh; former educator, Brentwood Elementary, Wake County Public Schools; former counselor, A.E. Finley YMCA of Raleigh.

For comparison, here's a link to Renee Ellmers' page: http://courier-tribune.com/news/rene-ellmers

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Darrick Williams

1 hr ·

We met Clay Aiken today. Nice guy. I'm going to research his politics a bit, but from just talking to him and asking questions, so far he's got my vote. — with Prassedes Ciappolino-williams


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My church uses lay people as assisting ministers, and today was a day that I volunteered. One of the jobs is to lead the responsive prayer. Here is one section I had to read today:

Lord of the nations, help us to put aside malice. Teach us to fight for justice, to liberate the oppressed, and to advocate for those who have no voice. Hear us, O God.

I suppose it would have been bad if I had included "like Clay Aiken in the North Carolina Second Congressional District" to the end that.

But I certainly thought it.

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Shallow note! He looks good.

@dakota2424: Interview with @ClayAiken @ClayForNC #Fayetteville Observer: http://t.co/jua0Xy6uNv via @YouTube #nc02 #ncpol #Congress #NorthCarolina @dccc

Article about Ellmers


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