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We're Happy with Clay, and What Else Matters!

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Since I’ve been surfing a lot of recipes lately.....doesn’t mean I’m cooking, I have a pet peeve that actually becoming a main peeve. There is this magic button the www in all its infinite wisdom has seen fit to produce.  It’s called “jump to recipe”!  Just wanted to see the recipe to see if it’s something I might like, save it and never make it!  You lost me when I have to scroll and scroll and scroll.

Do you think cabin fever has set in yet?

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New Adam Carolla podcast, with special guest Clay!

https://www.listennotes.com/podcasts/adam-carolla-show/part-1-clay-aiken-and-the-sumy6aP0obK/amp/?__twitter_impression=true (this is part 1; there is a link for part 2, but I don't think Clay's mentioned or interviewed in it)


Adam opens today’s podcast talking about his notion of the ‘fear gear’. The guys also listen to an audiobook clip about why Adam thinks Clay Aiken should run for President. He also talks about mounting a window after having hernia surgery, and the guys watch the opening credits for 1979’s ‘Hart to Hart’. Clay Aiken then joins the line, and Adam talks to him about his motor, his family, and the experience of raising an 11-year-old. They also discuss why Clay chooses to not be upset by slurs, how Coronavirus has impacted his touring life, and his career as a public speaker.


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Just checking in here...how is everyone?

We had a "bad" meeting at work yesterday -- the college is calling on us to use our vacation time over the summer in order to save money.  That is, if we have vacation time.  Fortunately, I do.  If not, it would be the "f" word: furlough.  This could be very tough for many of our staff.

And since my DH doesn't have a job, I'm the sole source of income.  We do have investments, but still....

The one good thing about my college -- if they do furlough you, you keep your insurance.  You have to pay for it later, but having insurance is a godsend.

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OK here in NC. I'll feel better if and when cases start declining a little. TV puts me to sleep, although I enjoyed the 2020 graduation program. My granddaughter graduates this year. Haven't seen her since early March. Her school has a graduation of sorts planned. If we didn't have her dog for me to walk twice a day I'm not sure I would see anyone. As it is I see the bikers, runners and other dog walkers from a distance. The pool isn't opening so I walk her around the grounds there once in a while.  Health wise we are doing well. I am beginning to feel that this is all I will have for the rest of my life. Started a garden and otherwise just cooking and cleaning.

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Fear -- {{{{{{{hugs}}}}

I truly believe this is NOT ALL you will have for the rest of your life.  While I am getting sick of the phrase "the new normal" -- it's our chance to make exactly that.  You will find other things to do, maybe even a new passion.  At the same time...who knows, you may like the simple life of doing very little.  

I really liked President Obama's statement from the other night, encouraging this year's high school graduates.  They are going to be the ones that can help build our new community in the world.  While I'm sad that graduates didn't have a chance to walk...it's just a ceremony.  I went to a virtual high school graduation party over the weekend...and the graduate was like "Eh.  I just want to get to college."  

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Well, I am not ready to give up my passion of cycling and skiing.  One by one my bike tours are being cancelled this summer.  Plus my skiing came to abrupt stop in March.  I am going to be 68 soon and know I do not have that many years left to be able to do both.  It is like I am losing my time to do things I enjoy.  Part of these activity are social.  My DH and I have been going out on our own when the weather has been nice but it is not the same as riding with friends. I do not want to pick a new passion.  I am a very active person and these have been taken away from me plus my gym I was going to.  I do not want a  "new norm".  I did not listen to Obama speech.  I am not a fan of his and did not want to listen(Just like many of you do not like Pres. Trump).  We make our choices who we listen to.  I am not trying to be political just stating an opinion.  Almost all of my friends are the opposite political side than I am so we have all agree not to talk about it. I do feel bad for my grandchildren, I just feel that their education and even being with friends are hurting them.  Their mother has been great with doing their work but she can only do so much.  Right now our Governor does not even know if she can open up schools in the fall.  There are a lot of poor areas around us.  Many of those kids have no computers or internet at home and were going to the library to do work then they closed the libraries.  Some of them will be so far behind because their parents do not or can not help them at all. My hospital is hurting because of our Governor not allowing elective procedures.  Some of these would not even be in the areas where inpatient room are.  They say they can test people before any procedure so people feel safe.  We are testing all inpatients.  Our census is down 60%.  Our covid 19 patients are half of what they were two weeks ago. All the major hospitals in Detroit have laid off 8,000 people.  We have to get some things moving. Ok I am off my soap box.  Just frustrated. 

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I still haven't listened to LAST week's yet!  I usually enjoy them, and don't mind when they get rather spirited, but when it gets nasty, I'm not a fan.  The thing is -- I feel like I'm like Clay in the fact that I think we do need to listen to all sides, even if we don't agree with them.  I hear the frustration from people, and empathize with it.

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