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  1. It bears repeating!! Who sang the original of this. This is a Celine Dion song. My brother the conservative Christian loves this one too. The only thing we have in common. *g*
  2. Five minutes to next song! And I just changed my cellphone ringtone to this today.... Still kills me thinking about all his "oh, baby that's a fact" and then his cracking up afterwards. The screams that would get!
  3. BWAH! Where's the high find?!?!?! Oh yeah, live version. I actually really like the way he hits the glory note better in the live version...with letting the background singers hit the notes first before the key change.
  4. After the regularly scheduled programming, OK? Personally, I'll be playing WAYDNYE long after the chat tonight is over...*g*
  5. But remember the excitement when the record came out over this song, and the glory note? And I was one who didn't like the glory note on the record...hee. I much prefer the live versions of this...and the playful ways he would do "oh baby that's a fact..."
  6. Deeper, yes. Slower, no. I think the tempo on this one works on record better, honestly. But lower it a half key and I'm happy! Don’t Save It All For Christmas Day Sorry gang, we'll only get to listen to this one twice...it's a long song!
  7. Ooooo, I like that idea. Deep voice Clay is super sexy!
  8. Sorry, OK!?!?!? I know it's before Thanksgiving, but after turkey day is all the Christmas concerts, alright? No one would want to do the party at that time.... He slowed this one way down in concert. I think I like the peppier version of the record. Not quite as jazzy, though. And I agree with everyone else -- Nat's version is number 1 still. But Clay gives it a good shot. Have I mentioned that I love his voice throughout this album?!?!?
  9. But, but, but...what about WAYDNYE?!?!?! THAT's a closer. More on that later. *g* The Christmas Song
  10. So are you listening to 10 minutes of silence now couchie? Five minutes to next song! Why are the two shortest songs on the album also the two weakest tracks?
  11. ITA... This is the weakest track on the album, IMO. The chorus is just.too.much. Clay does a fine job, but I'm just not crazy about the whole thing. No wonder he didn't sing this one live. Wish it could have been the Disney version instead!
  12. It does seem strange to me that this song, which seems to mean so much to him, is the one that he really keeps messing up live. I guess he needs better mnemonics. *g* Joy to the World plugs ears in preparation of first note
  13. Ah yes....his song...even if this is the one that the random lyric generator keeps kicking in! Five minutes to next song! And back to that glory note for a second...yeah, he didn't always hit it square. But you could tell he always FELT it. Remember the pounding of the thigh? GUH.
  14. I played this album for my conservative Christian brother when it first came out 2 years ago. He absolutely loves MDYK. Thinks its the best version ever. Then he tried to borrow the album from me and burn a copy. Grrrrrr. Fortunately, I've bought enough. I love the last two notes of this song. Sublime.
  15. Oh yes...that is sublime. Love it! That's a vocal technique I LOVE from him, he does that often. Mary, Did You Know
  16. Yep!! I so agree. He loves this stuff. I'm sure he sat at home every Xmas season watching every Xmas special that came on. Like I always said..the man was born 20 years too late. Agree totally with the bolded parts in both quotes. You can tell he simply loves the Christmas season. That's why I think we'll ALWAYS get a Christmas tour of some type from him for the next few years. And while he can rock, he sings the classics so well. Love the recorded version of this. I have an extreme fondness for the trumpet solo, and think Clay's arrangement sounds so retro cool. God, I love it. Really? Man, I don't agree with this. I think his vocal touch is incredibly light on record (which I love), and think he started to oversing it last year. Probably competing with the show-off dancers. Five minutes to next song!
  17. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  18. You guys are right -- I'm spoiled by the concert versions, especially at the ending. I guess live he felt it need a WOW dramatic ending. So when I go back to the original recording from Clay...but I still love it.
  19. My guess is that S'Von and Clay really collaborated on the arrangements live. I also wonder how much Jesse Vargas (first year musician conductor) had to do with this. Five minutes to next song!
  20. Me too! It deserves to seel for years to come! Don't know of any other Christmas appearances, I'm guessing there will be radio stuff tied with the Christmas concerts though.... This medley is simply gorgeous. I love the connection of the two with "Angels We Have Heard on High." It's so dramatic, this entire thing. Love it. I'm speechless on this one.
  21. Hark the Herald Angels Sing/O Come All Ye Faithful
  22. Five minutes to next song! That strummy thing at the beginning sounds like a zither. Wonder if it's an autoharp? I love my computer speakers. They make this album sound soooooo good!
  23. Join us at the listening party! We're on Silent Night at the moment. Oooo, pretty pictures! More on them later!