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  1. No, not pathetic, considering that a few people are having a hard time naming one. I just entered...I could name 9 practically off the top of my head. 2 more I'm not sure of, and 4 I had to leave blank. :00000462: I also love this one -- :club0: Everybody have fun tonight...everybody Wang Chung tonight.
  2. I'm not particularly creative...but I like to quote Clay whenever possible. Therefore, I'd like to suggest: Open your minds and be prepared for something different!!!!!
  3. Heh...I just checked weather.com for the average temperatures of Raleigh, NC. Average low temp in January: 30 Average low temp in February: 32 Average high temp in January: 49 Average high temp in February: 53 So, I see that the averages for Raleigh would be between 40 and 45 degrees (estimated) in Raleigh. Zagreb wasn't much colder. He must have really gotten used to the LA temps. *g* I think the block party is a cool idea...but I think I may just watch more than anything else. I hate to say it, but the cynical side in me thinks a little like KAndre...waiting for the trolls to hit. I hope everyone plays nice and shares their toys like good Clay Aiken fans (however you describe a "good Clay Aiken fan"). Also, I don't know if this is supposed to be a mood cheerer idea because certain people are trying to keep things light before a storm, any storm, hits...but I'm trying not to worry about that either. couchie, ITA on the blog...I think I was a bit worried about him personally too. I love him so much though.
  4. His "let's talk about something that REALLY happened" is simply perfect. This one line, which I missed the first time (and he must have added later) kept a smile on my face for the rest of the day. He sounds like he was doing his own version of "The Amazing Race." But Clay, Clay, Clay -- always know what you are eating first. This blog, with its "to be continued" suggestion, should be a hoot. Can't wait to hear his medical stories. The pictures are too cute. I'm happy he's happy.
  5. I always found it rather ironic that the name for this insurance is a snake name. Heh. Good luck playbiller...and you too couchie! I wanna go to couchie's house on Saturday! WAH!!! Maybe if I hopped into my car now, I could get there by Saturday afternoon. Maybe. But then my husband would put out a missing persons report, and that wouldn't be good. Clay...miss you. Love you. Keep working hard on that CD. I will love it.
  6. Promosquad -- you can do that for as little or as long as you want. I spent 20 minutes on it the other day, doing both song ratings and Fametracker. I've noticed with these guys though that they are offering a chance at nice prizes if you rate, say, 500 Fametracker names in a month (in that 20 minutes, I think I did over a hundred), and extra points for rating songs (I think I did 5 songs in that 20 minutes). Rate the Music -- I signed up with two different email addresses -- one that rates Hot AC songs, and one for top 40. Once a week or so, they send me an email saying there's a new survey up. The surveys themselves take between 10 and 15 minutes. Also, they will send out "special music" projects, which are test releases of songs from new albums. For example, I've already heard bits and pieces of Kim Locke's new album. I'm hoping that they do the same for Clay's stuff soon. Album news -- I think it will be this week, but I'm betting on tomorrow. Or a blog tonight, and the press release tomorrow. I want to hear some news!
  7. I never did join PromoSquad originally -- but joined late last year. I enjoy doing the fametracker thing, and yesterday I discovered I could do FameTracker and rating songs at the same time. Multitasking is my friend. Are you all members of Rate the Music too? I'm hoping that we'll get samples of Clay's music through that in a few weeks. Are there other services I should be subscribing?
  8. I had an incredibly long day today...up at 5:30 a.m., on the road for over 2 hours, meetings the entire day, then 2 more hours on the road. Come home, go for my workout with my husband, shower, eat dinner, and catch up. I'm tired as hell. I also don't have the brain power left to try and guess dates and such for the publicity. Maybe later. But...I do have to do this: *big squishy hugs to luckiest1 and cindilu2* Topic: Clay Aiken is cute. Puppy dog cute. And then he does something that makes me think he's all man, and then I'm done.
  9. I got the bucket hat, I got the bucket hat, I got the bucket hat... *Snoopy happy dance of joy* I also bought ANOTHER Clay Aiken tshirt. You can never have too many, right? I think this will make number 10. It's a sickness, I tell ya. I'm going to be away from my computer all day tomorrow due to a meeting. This will be when news arrives, I just know it. *g*
  10. Sheesh, picking favorites already in the name of Taylor...but who is Lord? *I know, I know, really bad joke...* Clay content: I wonder if Clay's watching AI this year. Hee.
  11. Happy birthday bottlecap! May you have a wonderful day with lots of cake and clack! Other than that...nuthin'. But that Clay guy sure is cute.
  12. Here's what I don't get about the angst about the new album: let's say it is Barry Manilow Redux entirely on the album. AND -- it's something that Clay will put on a public face and say "it's wonderful" when he really hates the fact that he had to do this. Worst case scenario for many of the fans. But in the end, only one thing matters -- sales. If the sales are there (and I really believe they will), he'll get a chance for ANOTHER album. He'll have learned a lesson in dealing with record companies, and then he'll try again with ANOTHER album. If the album ISN'T what I've speculated above...he'll still get ANOTHER album. The feeling of doom and gloom I get is the fact that some want him to be the biggest rock star in the world RIGHT THIS SECOND. As much as it has been 3 years since MoAM, he's really still fairly new in the business. To create a career in the business, he's got to go through a learning process, and he'll get there. I know he will. Another thing that I've read on a blog or two -- that Clay, being 27 years old, "doesn't have a very long window in order to record that rock album and get the kids his age." I call BS on that...and I also call it reverse age discrimination. That's putting Clay in a box as much as putting all Clay fans into the middle-aged housewife box. I don't see why Clay can't put out a rocking album when he's 35 or 40 years old. I suppose the fear is the AI/karaoke/crooner stigma if he does ballads now, but again, I just don't worry about that. Maybe I'm a pessimist in that regard, but he's always going to have that. Always. He could record the Rolling Stones and he'd still be called a crooner, IMO. YMMV. skatejoy, I'm neither a Bublehead or a Claymate...but I'm a fan of both too. Sad I missed Buble on DWTS. Gosh I feel like I do my best writing early in the morning after only 1 cup of coffee. Go me!
  13. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! He blogged...I'm soooooo happy. Love songs. Not too crazy about them...heh. Seriously, I think this is a wonderful theme, and I will be incredibly happy with it. I love him. Thanks Clay. You'll always be my valentine -- just don't tell the husband. Happy Valentine's Day FCA!!!!!
  14. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Dear, you're sane if you're here hanging out with us. I don't know whether to give more cosmopolitans to Kandre and bottlecap or cut them off. They're both way fun, though.
  15. Aw man, you're no fun. Hey, wait a minute...I post on fanboards. Are you implying that I'm crazy? Seriously, I think this would be good to use fans...the catfights alone would make it wildly entertaining. Blinkie hearts being ripped off heads, rainbow pins being stomped on, angel wings being torn to shreds, "Where's Waldo?" books being burned...hee. And in the corner would be couchie and her buddy kandre, watching the entire proceedings. (Although I would watch out for kandre, she likes to stomp in her stillettos...) As long as he doesn't put lotion on it, he'll do wonderfully. *g* BWAH!!!!!!
  16. Ansa -- thanks. There is NO WAY Clay is going to have things perfectly in his career, and I really do think that so many people want "Prince Clay" to have things just so. It's something the fans are going to have to learn. I forgot in my earlier post...back to something from Friday/Saturday. If Flavor Flav can have "Flavor of Love," I definitely think that Clay could have "Aiken for Love." One representative from each Clay Aiken fan board would be selected to live in the mansion with Clay (and yes, I'd include the ClayDawgs. *g*). One person a week would go through several tests -- the Faye test, the JFL test, the Nick test, the John D test, the "can you handle the media pressure test" and so on. By the end of 26 weeks (hey, there's a LOT of Clay boards out there, it'd take a WHILE), Clay's new best friend/partner/lover would be picked. I'd bet my money on the FCA board, whose representative, Couchie, would make Clay so ding-danged happy.
  17. Ah, but...IMO...the training started with AI2. The fans had to vote, VOTE, VOTE to keep him in the show. Then, when he didn't get the title, we had to buy, BUY, BUY to prove that people wanted him around. I have a theory that these fighting skills never truly went away, they just lay dormant for a while. But then, the tabloid thing happened...but there was nothing to really do about it. At the same time though, the hurt/anger was there, festering inside several. When the "info" about the CD came out -- a ha! Something to rally against! The evil Clive Davis. *shrug* I don't feel it either. I'm not his mother. He's a man. If a mistake is made, either on Clay's end or because RCA messes it up, he'll deal. Honestly, he will. He'll pick himself up, dust himself off, and start all over again. He won't leave.
  18. I suppose that suggesting that Clay appear on "What Not to Wear," with guest stylist John Dahlstrom, is a bit too easy?
  19. I've got it! He needs to be a guest judge on "Iron Chef America!" The secret ingredient will be chocolate...no wait...um...mushrooms...um no....um....Cinnamon Toast Crunch! Yeah! That's it. I'd love to see what Bobby Flay can make with that! Oh, and Clay would have to sing a song from his new album every time a new dish was served him. Singing for his supper, as it were.
  20. Hey gang! RL has been getting in the way for me lately -- I'd procrastinated on a work project long enough, and it had to be finished THIS WEEK. It's mostly done, now...so I have time to EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I am NOT worried about this album. At all. My opinion of Clay and covers is this: I tend to think of Clay as a bit of a perfectionist. If he has new songs presented to him that are not up to his standards, he'll look at covers. Many artists use covers, and many have made them "their own" and had hits from them. (Right off the top of my head, I've been hearing Alanis Morrisette's cover of Seal's "Crazy" a lot lately). Also, I think some people don't realize that several songs a person grew up with were covers. I know I was surprised to hear "Some Kind of Wonderful" by Grand Funk Railroad in the 70's, only to discover that it was originally recorded in the 50's. I look forward to this new album, and want to celebrate it. Someone -- anyone -- please join me in the "It's all good" car!
  21. I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that he blogged twice in one night...but I still love it. The second blog made me much more excited than the first one. "Open your mind" -- so many possibilities with this one challenge (I see it as such). He's prepping the fans for whatever may come...rock, ballads, opera, jazz, country, CCM, rap, and yes, even Mongolian polka. I'm ready. Bring it dude.
  22. I'm one of those people who has a real hard time watching Clay's early stuff...overwrought is a great term for his singing during many of the performances. Sure, I can see the Clay we know today in those performances, but the heavy duty melissma just makes me turn off right quick. (I'm very glad he's learned somewhat to tone that down...although he still does it a bit much for my taste every once in a while.) So, therefore, I watched the Charlotte audition once, and never again. Don't shoot me, but I also thought he looked TERRIBLE in that audition too. I NEVER saw the cute there. Ansa, I think you are probably right in the fact that he only did Charlotte because of Diane. Do we really know, though, if he went to Atlanta totally because of his own desires? I was thinking Diane had something to do with that too.
  23. Are we discussing ALL the audition episodes? Because I only have the episode with Clay, Kim, Ruben, Vanessa, and Corey. Let's see, I watched this episode about a week and a half ago...what can I come up with? 1) First of all, I didn't see "Take" the first time either. So don't feel bad Ansa. Having said that...I watched Clayton in this episode, and could see the Clay we know today there. Kinda buried, I suppose, but he's there. Actually, now that I think about it...maybe Clayton is buried in the Clay we see today. The lip bite, things like that, those are still there to this day. I like that. 2) I know Randy today talks out of both sides of his mouth. However, I can never forget that he's the one that said "yes." 3) There's a guy who sings "Always and Forever" not 10 minutes later in the episode. I bet he felt terrible after watching Clay's performance. (And the guy even made it to Hollywood!) 4) I loved Vanessa. Quirky is good, in my book. 5) Ruben's voice was smooth. Watching again, though, with the history of the show behind it now...he really didn't change all that much, did he? 6) Corey Clark was smarmy. Even then. Icky. 7) KLo knocked it out of the park. That's all I can come up with now. Maybe more later.
  24. I too would LOVE to contribute to a review of the AI2 season. I truly enjoyed at least one performance by almost every person on that show...and the medleys were so much fun. I also loved those cheesy Ford commercials -- I mean, c'mon. The "Ride Wit Me" commercial was classic. Count me in...just let me know where and when. I love Clay Aiken -- so very much.
  25. Title thread suggestion: Where We Belong couchie, I like the idea of the AI2 review, but not exactly sure what you are wanting. Are you just talking summaries of the episodes? Reviews and commentaries from members of FCA? Since I'm going through the episodes and marking chapter points on them to burn my DVD's, I'm willing to at least be a part of it. Watched Clay's portion of the Motown episode last night. "Girl you start the flame..." Gah. I remember watching that episode, and saying to myself, "What was THAT?"