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  1. I just wanted to see that posted again. Just sayin'. Raise your hand if you're listening to the clips on endless loop. I've had them on for 15 minutes at this point, and I'm not tired of them at all. This EP will be cherished forever. KAndre: Good one! {{{{{{{{{strummer}}}}}}}}}}}}} I'm so glad I was able to get LAA to you EVENTUALLY. It was a struggle...but in the end, I learned a new skill, so that's a good thing. And LAA is certainly excellent, isn't it? The Clay Aiken fandom is, for the most part, a great community. There are days when I want to strangle strange Aunt Gladys (and today would be one of those days... ), but on the days when things go well, I certainly love it.
  2. I think we know who we may have to thank for this particular development, and I don't believe it was Clive - a little too much fan inference I would bet. Oh for f***'s sake. Stupid assed fans and their stupid assed controling asses. I'm more than pissed right now. Where's the wine? How much does Guido charge?
  3. FYI: If you order at least 6 copies (maybe 5 is the magic number), you get FREE shipping. I just ordered 6 more. Am I crazy? Wait, don't answer that... I think the low note in AIW is the best thing I've ever heard from the man.... Yep, Clive tortured him to do that song. Yep.
  4. Woohoo! That's another great number, IMO. 11,345 people can't be wrong! Damn. There goes my virginity again. OMG, that last "all" in AIW, before the clip cuts off...Good God in heaven, that's a beautiful note. CW isn't one of my favorites, but it's a nice, light, peppy number. Emmanuel? *sigh* Dreamy happy thoughts over that one. And MGUCL sounds fantastic. Ordered 4 more copies too. *g*
  5. BWAH number 1 for the day! And hey -- I have taste too! Hee. Yes, the answers he did give were incredibly informative, within reason. ITA with all you've said here. BWAH number 2! KAndre's on a roll! Bolding mine. For me, it's simple -- Clay's name was on it as a writing credit. Think about it -- before we knew about LAA, the most highly anticipated track off ATDW for many people was LNM...because Clay had a hand in writing the song. Then, LAA appears...and he appears to be the sole lyricist. I think that really romanticized the song in many's eyes. Hesitant about his writing? Yep. I got that confirmed, IMO, with the Yahoo interview, where he didn't want to say which song he'd co-written for fear of criticism. But I'm glad he's getting good feedback with LAA, and I too expect him to come up with more in the future. Send out a press release. The fandom is slipping in their investigative skills. BWAH number 3! Although I'm slipping...it took me a few minutes to remember who Erin Cates was.... I think the song is very intimate, and demands an intimate setting with an audience that will STFU when he starts to sing (rather than "I LOVE YOU CLAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!Y" throughout). That right there suggests to me that he won't sing it in concert. Would love to be pleasantly surprised if he does, though. Claygasm, did you make it work? Did someone say Clay was tied up from behind? That was muski wasn't it? She's so bad. But the idea is pretty darn hawt...
  6. {{{{{{{{{{{playbiller}}}}}}}}}}}}} I read that "interview" last night before going to bed, and didn't even place it with you pointing us in the direction of submitting questions. Please don't beat yourself up over it. The "inteview" itself was quite interesting and illuminating. I'm glad to hear a little more about LAA, and, once again, he talks about the collaborating between him, Jaymes, and Clive. The questions he didn't answer would have been interesting for him to discuss. But this is one more thing that I just don't know WHY he didn't answer (time factor? didn't like the "tone" of some of the questions?), nor do I really care. Ah well, it looks like it will be another interesting day in the fandom. And WHY do people who end up not liking Clay continue to follow his every move and his career? I will never understand. MCWL listening party -- it may be postponed for a week. More forthcoming!
  7. JK Invisible (YouSendIt) muski, I think the consensus of the Clay fandom (HA! Like that happens...) was that the View WY was the best one. I included it on a DVD for a coworker, and she was falling all over herself. Ah yes, Gladys Knight. That really was a memorable night in AI lore, and she was a key guest. First of all, she provided Ruben with his nickname for the year by calling him the velvet teddy bear. But what she called Clay? Simply magical. That was truly special. I wonder if she recalls that event as fondly as us fans do? ETA: Heh, see the fandom can't agree. I thought the View WY was better than GMA, by far. Anyone else want to chime in?
  8. Damn. I lost a bet, but I was sooooooo close. I had her announcing the divorce tomorrow. Yeah, this is me too. Almost everyone likes boxes -- it just makes everything easier to categorize, much of the time. And I have to admit I'm like that with so many things in my life. What I love about Clay is that he stands up for his right to NOT be boxed by anyone -- his record label, his fans, anyone. Therefore, his road could be tough (and honestly, it could be why we're seeing what we're seeing regarding promotion...but we'll never know...), but as long as he stands up for what he believes in, and sings for me, and appears on TV, and is HAPPY with his life, I'm a happy camper! I'm dying to hear this EP! New music from Clay! I'd call that an afternoon delight, personally. I'm not a particular Waldo watcher...but sometimes it's just hard (heh) to ignore.
  9. Ansa wrote: But what is that exactly? I think there are some thing that he does with his voice that would fit right in with the country genre. Off the top of my head, the "cries" that he does at the end of WY -- transplant that into a cheatin' and drinkin' song (like Clay would sing that, but work with me, OK?), and I think it would fit just fine. It fits just as well with the pop stylings of Clay Aiken as well. That's where I think he could make it in almost any type of genre. I know "Still the One" was considered a pop hit back in the day, but I think in today's standards, that would be a country song. There's lots of grey area with this. And yes, some people DO consider Bonnie Raitt's version of ICMYLM a country tune. That's how KLo could get by with that on AI2. atinal, I see it the same what you do....he may not go totally country, but he's familiar enough with the concept that he uses what he needs from it to make his music. I didn't watch Carrie or Kellie on AI, so I can't comment. But I wish neither ladies ill will, and it always stunned me to read what I considered nasty comments on the boards. Clay as a singing slug would be fun.nee. Damn you Clive.
  10. I missed KAndre's edit with the Kitty pictures! I wuv kitties. Still makes me sad that Clay is "frightened" of them. Just watched that montage from Chardonnay. Gulp. Anyone for a cigarette? Is it available for download? Because I NEEEEEEEEEEED that for my collection. And yes, the song makes perfect sense now.
  11. ITA with everything you've said here. First of all, you've mentioned my two most favorite demo songs. I think he simply shines in both of those. Secondly, I do think that country music is a "part" of him. Now, I don't believe it's ALL of him, I think he's had more musical influences that many of us care to admit. But there's a great deal of country music that has "pretty melodies," which we know that Clay seems to like. (Now, for me...I'm not fond of the pretty country ballads. But give me Brad Paisley singing "Alcohol" (funniest country song EVER IMO), and I'm doing just fine.) I've also read a lot about the country music scene, and in many ways, they are even more ridgid in their "standards." For example, if a singer doesn't life and work in Nashville, they're already on the outs. I think Clay could sing practically any style...so I basically just have to agree with claygasm that I want him to sing what HE wants to sing. Making girly parts tingly is optional. *g*
  12. Oh I remember hearing about this...what tour was it? NAT? JBT? I was wrong about the videographer -- it was artquest, and here's the clip! (photobucket movie -- if people want it to save, PM me and I'll put up a yousendit...) Lexington NAT. The mic drop happens at the end. It's almost a "blink and you could miss it" kind of thing. Yes, Clay messed that mess up during BSOB. I'm still amazed he made it through that one...between the laughter for the mess up and the tears for singing for his Grandfather. As Ansa said, I think a lot of this is because the fans tend to catalog and obsess about everything Clay Aiken, especially when it comes to clack. It seems to be the way the fandom is programmed. Amen. Lots of talk about AI and voting. I'm actually like claygasm in that I managed to get quite a few votes in for Clay (about 15, which sounds to be pretty good), and quit before the time was up. (claygasm, would you like a Cheez Doodle? Because I think we're going to be sent to the "bad fan" corner pretty soon. *g*) And while I think the media produced some manipulation, I just can't get upset over it, especially in hindsight. Clay really was able to play off that "almost the king" status, and I do think it helped him a great deal.
  13. *Gives claygasm a huge hug for her RL depression and annoyance* *Gives her a big kiss on the cheek for publishing that picture again* Gah, I love that picture.....I'd love to help him loosen that tie just a bit more....
  14. Yeah, I had the same thought. *shudder* Well, see...this is the closest I've ever been to being spoiled and pampered like a major rock star by staying in a lavish, swank suite. So I stayed as long as a possibly could. BTW, the kick marks came out of my stunning black outfit quite well. And didn't I tell you? My new supra sekrit job is as a Johnny Cash impersonator -- Johanna Money. "Because you're mine...I drink some wine." Was this entered in the song parody contest? Because I'd have voted for this.... Yes, me too. I really don't mind speculating, and theorizing, and just plain wondering about Clay. He's fun to think about, y'all. The problem I have is when speculating, and theorizing, and just plain wondering becomes FACT, which its seemingly doing on several boards. And so, I escape to here. To paraphrase the old commercial, "FCA, take me away..." muski glad you made it home safe. I'm thinking that bed sounds like a good idea too, even if it is only 8:15 in the evening. To answer Marsha's question, let me tell you a little bit more about our dinner experience last night. We walked into the restaurant, was seated, and our waitress came up. She quickly discovered my T-shirt, which was the new OFC one. She figured out rather quickly that we were all big time Clay fans. She informed us that she was a big Bon Jovi fan, and we informed her right back about TOA. But then....she started saying "well, wasn't Clay on some show like Primetime? Some talk show?" As soon as she said this, the group knew where this was probably heading. Sure enough, when we mentioned the GMA interview, she said "but isn't he gay? Not that this is a problem..." What got me was the tone of voice...it was almost derision to me. Of course, we informed her that he's said he's not, and that was pretty much the end of the conversation. It just makes me sad that people seem to focus on this aspect of him. But you know what? It's just as Clay said -- people will believe what they want to believe. Unfortunately, IMO, people in our society are curious about sexuality (and I'll have to admit that I've fallen into that trap a few times, honestly). But I've learned that the "cues" that people see are unreliable at best, and there's no changing a person's mind about how they feel about those "cues". OK, I'm sure that made no sense. I need sleep. BTW, have I mentioned that I love the Clay blog? And I LOL'd at him getting locked out of his own fan club? And that I can't wait to hear this EP? And that I'm glad Jesse Vargas is back? And that I LOVE CLAY AIKEN? And while I was composing this, more people come along and write some really profound stuff. *sigh* georgia, missed you. JennaZ, great list about everything wrong with Clay's career. I don't think you missed anything. Also loved your "love them/hate them" list. Can't wait for the Tyra backlash.
  15. Awwww....can you guys keep it down here? My head hurts... Seriously...I think I drank more yesterday than I have in a LONG time, and I feel FINE today. Hmmmm....wonder how that happened? Must have been the combination of the food, drinks and CLACK. Oh, and the chocolate too. I'm checking in from work now, so I really need to get going. But I did want everyone to know that I made it back safe and sound, and as far as I know, muski will be back in California very soon. Will post more later tonight. Promise! (OK, that was a threat...) But y'all are rockin' the house. And Clay's blog made me smile. I may have joined the fan club strictly to support the man, I do love reading his words. I'll come up with more on that later too.
  16. Hey -- hubby time done! Hee. Actually, I'm going to go to bed soon...but had to add the clip with the bad hair. I mean really bad hair. This isn't the clip I really remember seeing way back when, but it'll do. couchie, thanks for the memories on the Charlotte show. Most fun concert ever! Him trying to stop Ethel and the other dancer was simply priceless. The mic drop -- I want to say that was a Nashville or Louisville NAT show. I'm pretty sure HeidiHo was the videographer, so that limits it to the geographic area, if I remember correctly. Can someone find that? I'd love to see that again...it was a short clip, during STO. One other I remember but don't have time to find -- wasn't there a OHN last year that he really screwed up? I want to say a New York show. And I'm not sure if that was the song either. Sorry, I'm not being much help. OK, time for snoozies and then church tomorrow (my bell choir plays) and then on to Chicago!
  17. The WDC I was thinking about was WDC from Worcester, the IT tour, shot by SLC. March 8, 2004. Shut it off before he gets to the thanking the band, though... Hee. Hey, my ISY from the Dayton NAT would be good too.
  18. Heh. I probably won't remember you being drunk....but I MIGHT remember what you look like hungover the next morning. Of course, she can say the same for me. Uh oh... Well y'know it won't be the same if we don't suffer in some way for our support of Clay...it just won't be dramatic enough See, Clay picked WalMart specifically for MEEEEEEEEEEEE, because there's a WalMart 5 minutes from my house. Target? Pshaw. It's over a half hour away. I understand people wanting to boycott WalMart, and I really do sympathize. Unfortunately, the money savings in my household overrides the political things. Sowwy. Hot tea? Chicken noodle soup? Clear soda? Anything to make you feel better playbiller. But what do you mean by "homework"? Probably my last post before the party that IS Chicago. Everyone have fun at the gab tonight, and I'll talk to y'all (with a drink in my hand *g*) tomorrow! And, I leave you with a favorite picture of mine...this will probably be the way I feel come Monday afternoon... Just saw muski's plea. I'd definitely go with the JBT Happy Together on the stairs...such a goof. I'd also go with the last Kimmel appearance, interview and performance. WDC? What was the one shot from the side, where you get to see Clay's back and butt as he grinds against Angela? As much as that doesn't show off his gifts :o , that one got me really hot and bothered. Let me go look....
  19. Probably not a bad idea to think like that. I'll join you in "la la la...." But I can't help it, I just like that idea. I'll join muski's pool, just have to decide which of the theories would cause the most angst.... Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to be there this evening. Since I'm spending tomorrow evening with Clay friends (and a great deal of alcohol), my hubby is first priority tonight. But I've submitted my topic discussion to Ansa, she'll ghost post for me... I'll get the rules and regs up for this by next Tuesday....but just think of what we did with ATDW and you've got the general idea. Nope. Not at all. {{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}} Heh....
  20. I've got a better answer for mine now. Clay Aiken message boards is still a good answer for me though. I'll never answer "Clay Aiken" for something like this (even if I did agree with it three years ago, a la EW), because I refuse to feel guilty over the man. My answer now would be: Iron Chef. God, I love that show, both the Americanized Japanese version, and the new American one (with my hero, Alton Brown, hosting). Fast cook, with weird ingredients, and frequently weird final dishes. Way too much fun. Ooooo, lurve me some Matt Damon, but I have to admit, he lost me after a while and never managed to win me back. So I need to see the Bourne series, eh? Is there any way you can fly to Peoria tonight? Because I can then get you to Chicago tomorrow and we can party!!!! I'll have to go out and get cheeze doodles, though. Yeah, I am too. I really, really hope that this is a sign for good things to come regarding the Grammy's. I personally think this album is worthy of it, and of course, it's all about me. OTOH, the media will be brutal if ATDW does get a Grammy nom -- but then, who cares about the media? Remember, it's all about me! But this isn't the first time I've been given some hope for Grammy consideration. Someone posted this a few weeks ago on a different message board: I'm wondering if RCA knows this album is the type that the voters would appreciate, and is putting all their money into that instead of radio play? *crosses fingers*
  21. Good luck couchie, although it's probably too late for me to wish that and stuff. Hope you done good. Nope, not a hardship at all! Woohoo! PARTY!!!!! I'm so crazy thinking I can be in to work by noon on Monday. Old stuff -- SNL Invisible. That song at its growly best. New stuff -- Martha version of ATD. That song at its growly best. Plus eyefucks.
  22. OMG, that's great! Love the subtitle. But totally agree with my fearless leader, KAndre, that the spelling should be Cheez.
  23. strummer, I had to look up that Adam guy too...meh. He's no Clay Aiken. Besides, I bet he's not all that charming on talk shows, either. As far as your "place in the ACAC world" -- it's wherever you want to be. *g* Thinking about the new thread titles, I've got two, both variations from Clay's MM questionaire. How about either: Still waiting to become adults OR Helping keep Clay's favorite color a secret since 2005! OK, so my snark meter is pretty lousy today. It's Friday, what did you expect? Besides, I think I'm overdosing on Cheez Doodles...
  24. Post-hoing because I can.... 100 Greatest Modern Male Pop Vocalists Clay is number 26 on the list. YAY! BTW, Ruben's on there too, at number 73. It's a very interesting list, to be sure...don't think I agree with their rankings. Heh. Clay -- number 1 baybee!