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  1. Clay article on MTV.com Very cool article. Very cool. I know others are stressing about marketing, projected sale, and such. Me? I'm enjoying the clackapalooza from this week. He looked hawt on GMA, even if the editing sucked. He looked REALLY hawt on The View this morning, and I love how Rosie gushed all over him. (I'd throw something dirty in there about me gushing, but I won't. ) Larry King Live? Bring it on. Baby will do fine, and nobody puts baby in a corner. But holy hell, the second best piece of clack (ATDW being the first) from this week is People magzazine. Good guh, my angel is a centerfold [tm J Geils Band]. That picture is one of the hawtest things I've ever seen. I'm going to have to pick up another copy this weekend and laminate that puppy for my office. The article is damn fine too. But at this point, I'm bowing at Matthew Rolston's feet again. Those pictures he took of Clay are bee-you-ti-ful. I'm perfectly happy in the FCC car with all yous guys. You're all the best.
  2. I'm going to address playbiller's query first, because I think it is a very good one. I guess my question, for those who want him to bolt from Clive and RCA, is this: what makes you think that anything BETTER will come along at a different record label? I'm thinking of that old chestnut "the grass is always greener on the other side." I know very little about the music business, but it IS a business, and I tend to believe that the stuff RCA does happens at other places as well. KAndre, my blood pressure has been rising for the past 12 hours; I know exactly what you mean... ..and then Clay shows up on GMA. My heart hurts for him, that he has to deal with this crap. At the same time, though -- he's a shrewd, shrewd man and so incredibly smart with his answers. I love him so very much.
  3. Just some? I love ALL of Clay. I've never been more proud to be a fan of his. Ever. He makes my heart sing.
  4. I knew there was a reason why I was a minion...now I know... Bows before thee, oh great one... I'm at home, wearing my nightshirt listening to the iTunes downloaded album. My thoughts? What thoughts -- I'm all a jumble of emotions over this album. I freakin' love it. I'm hard pressed to find my favorite at this point, but I think EIH has the edge at the moment...one of the most gorgeous love songs ever. I'm sure I'll come out with more opinions later...when my brain starts working again. GMA this morning was awesome. He looked fantastic...I love the hipster look on him, although it took me a few minutes to realize he didn't have the facial hair. I actually kinda missed it. ATD made me cry -- and I don't cry. Wow. Again, I'm sure I'll come up with more later. Ansa, here's a thought about LAA not being on the actual album: maybe Clay wanted it to be a special gift for his fans. Clive might have been pushing for it to be on the album, and (sometimes) humble Clay said "nope, let's give that to the fans instead." I could be talking out of my ass on that, but it IS a thought. Thank you all for the birthday wishes yesterday. It was a great day, and you all helped make it special. Clay helped too. *g*
  5. This is how I'm feeling at the moment: :nana: With all the news coming out today, the fact that Clay's gonna be on my TV again this evening (as well as in my hot little hands), the fact that bottlecap has decided that Clive isn't so bad afterall, and that KAndre has honored me with her supreme dancing skills... Man, to quote another great song: Gonna Be a Perfect Day!
  6. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Clay loves ME! He's written a song for me and released on iTunes exclusively for MEEEEEEEEEEEE! I'm going to wait though until tomorrow morning, after GMA, to try and download it. I've never done iTunes before (just set up the account yesterday), and I'll be sleep deprived as it is. *sigh* Just when I thought this day couldn't get ANY better... KAndre, "bloodbath" was my first words thought of as well when I read that about the tour. HOWEVER...I see this album as being PERFECT for smaller settings. I cannot wait. I'm hoping that my copy ordered from Sony will be waiting for me so that I can listen to the CD (as a virgin, no less ) as I'm driving to the release party. I've decided I'm going to open this one and the one I'm planning on getting from KMart (one for my car, one for my house). My Amazon copy will stay unopened for me to keep (archival copy). The two I buy at WalMart this evening will be given away/sold (and both are spoken for). The iTunes copy will be burned for my car. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Happy dance of joy -- the day is finally here! Work sucks when you want to be partying!
  7. Just checking in for a bit... ...to SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE over boyfriend last night. Gah! I loved that he left himself scruffy -- the combination of hair, face and suit makes he look like a new wave hipster to me, and I think it is a great look. Also, I almost NEVER notice when he sings "sick" -- I thought he sounded really pretty darn good, and so did my husband. bottlecap -- I like Letterman a lot, but I thought Jay was really funny last night. I also liked Howie -- even during the interview with Clay. If nothing else, it was fun watching the two hyperactive overgrown 12 year olds duking it out for talking rights! Clay's a charming guest, and yet knows his way to stand up and say "it's my turn!" Heh. The only section I tuned out was the intern guy. Didn't need, or want, to see that. I'm hoping my copy of ATDW comes in today. Then I can listen freely without worry of "spoilage" anymore. *g*
  8. couchie, thanks for the board usage lesson. I did not know that [tm Johnny Carson]. That's very cool. Overnight...advertisement for the new album. This is where the video of WY came in the GMA promo. Cheesy voice over announcer...but GAH Clay looks fantastic! The band is back too! This is going to be so, so cool. And this promotion is working almost exactly as I thought it would -- hit 'em with everything right before or right after the drop date. People will remember this, and pick up the album. No worries, man. Pictures on the OFC are still giving me funny feelings in certain parts of the anatomy.
  9. Promo clip for GMA up at clackunlimited.com OMG, I'm going to be dying next week. He looks gorgeous, and...what's that? I think I saw a video! YAY!!!!! Plus he's going to talk. I can't wait. playbiller, I think I noticed when I was renewing that there was a blank for "promo coupon." Could that be what you are looking for?
  10. Well, shoot. I have Tuesday off, so seeing Clay on GMA will be no problem. However, I MUST be at work at 8:00 a.m. Wednesday morning; I can't even BE sick, let alone pretend. Darn it! But those OFC pictures have me thinking very very nasty thoughts. The one at the top of the screen for "My Profile" is lethal. BTW, I had no problems renewing! BTW #2: I just got word that my Sony ATDW order is shipped! EEEEEEEEE! Maybe I'll have it early! Then I'll be justified in listening over the weekend!
  11. couchie, come to Merrillville. You know you want to, you know it... It's on a Saturday....so no time off work.... It's the first concert of the tour (so far)....so you'd be unspoiled... C'mon, you know you want to. luckiest1 and I are going. That's an added bonus. Those pictures of Durham are adorable. Such a cute fuzzball. Wonder how he and Raleigh get along?
  12. There are no CC stations in my area. None whatsoever. However, when the Chicago station puts the link on their page, I'll be all over it...with the sound turned down. Anyway, I want Chicago to get Clay this time, so I'll do my best. Besides, if the CC stations pick up on it, I think maybe my local AC station (in this podunk town) will maybe play it. I hope. *crosses fingers* The EW thing is a rehash of what the magazine has in it. My copy came over the weekend, and I must say it was nice to turn to Library Guy Page. *g* And it is REALLY nice to see him on the front page of the online version as well. I think RCA paid a little for that, don't you?
  13. Claygasm, I'm waiting with you -- I did it for the last two albums, I can surely do wait for this one as well. And even if a truck hits me during this next week, I'll survive, demmit! Sheesh...what a WONDERFUL weekend to go camping with friends. I missed out on all the fun, although I'm now catching up with the clack. I'll get most of the clack from last night as soon as I get home from work, although I am sneaking a small copy of WY...except that it's taking for-freaking-ever to download. Cannot wait to see this performance. I did also download the audio music from last night, so I guess I can say I've heard RHW... Anyway, it sounds like an incredibly good weekend for Clay, and a good time was had by all! Oh, and while I'm not listening to the album, I don't care if you discuss it out "loud." I had a hoot of a time reading everyone's comments on the CH. As far as his look goes from last night...guh. Loosened tie, hair swept away, freshly debacled look. All he needed was a cigarette and a martini in his hands. Too bad he neither drinks nor smokes. [/big joke]
  14. bottlecap, about the WalMart posters -- from the CH: So, that makes one CD ordered from Amazon; one from Sony to get the magnet; two from the WalMart for the CD Release party (maybe they'll have the posters?!?!?!); possibly one from KMart to get the possible digital download; and one from Best Buy to pick up the fanclub pack. Wonder when Target and Circuit City will get their acts in gear? bottle, your TO DO list is right on! I'm grateful I'm off on Sept. 19, albeit sleep deprived (the CD party for me is an hour and a half away from home). I've also got a doctor's appointment that day. Should be interesting. muski, I can sorta see the fey in that picture...but I think that's why I like it so much. In a way, it's him thumbing his nose at the critics for his looks. I think he looks lethal in it. But then I'm easy (not cheap) regarding Clay Aiken, and like almost every single look he's ever had. He makes me swoon.
  15. I am one of those who doesn't like it. I mean, first he's wearing his grandfather's sweaters again but worse than that is he looks totally and completely wasted!! :o But I would still do him.... Wasted? Or just debacled? You decide.
  16. I know I'm postwhorring... From the OFC renewal email... I personally like this picture, a LOT. I'm already reading others who don't...a lot of them because of the vest. *shrug*
  17. I'm guessing that my husband wouldn't be thrilled if I signed him up for the Fan Club at Best Buy, right? And watch, he'd be the one to win the M&G.
  18. Fan Club Year 2 Gulp. Swoon. Thud. Dead. But now I've got to figure out how to get all this stuff. If anyone figures it out, tell me please?!?!?!
  19. I am extremely proud of Mr. Clayton Aiken, Presidential Appointee. "Whatta man" is right, bottlecap. Love him. I'm verklempt.
  20. muski, I was going to try and snip something out of this...but I just couldn't . I think every word of this is true, so very true. He's getting to the point where he KNOWS of what he does to women, and he's getting a great, big......... ...kick out of it. (Did you think I'd say something dirty there? ) And, just to prove the point...this was just posted by Jazzy at the CH, taken in July at a Krispy Kreme: Clickable...and note the jewelry. That's my dichotomy man. He's whiplash inducing some days, to be sure...but I love him so very much. He can be brooding, he can be smirky, he can be smiling, and he can be goofy...and I just love him all the more.
  21. Ahem... Wow. Just wow. These pictures call for....dancing bananas!!!! Specially this one, because I'm in lurrrrrrrrve... He looks so joyful, and happy, and playful. Brooding Clay is fun, smirking Clay is even better....
  22. The single picture: Love, love, love the pose. The body language there is very striking to me. Love as well the jewelry...gah. Nice bracelet, dude. But yet...I'm not as crazy about this picture as the album cover. I think what it is for me is the darkness of the entire look. Dark suit, dark hair, shadows almost covering the face...it just makes him look OFF for me. I think I would have liked this picture more if he had also been in the lighter colored jacket. But that's just me. What I'm really looking forward to, though, is hearing the man in a few days. Hearing him giggle with that haircut (and that look in general) is going to be a mindblowing experience. Can.not.wait.
  23. Can I bring a pillow to the padded room? *g* So, the OFC is offering Without You as a ringtone for cellular phones. Demmit...now I've got to upgrade my cell phone as well as buy copies of the album. This hobby is expensive!
  24. I'll have a side of fava beans and a nice Chianti with that please, bottlecap... Hey, guess what? It's September!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEE! I'm extremely happy for the Insider thing -- I'm glad he worked on that "in" with them last year, and it is paying off now. And the hair will sing...*sigh*
  25. Copies of the radio single are showing up on ebay at the moment... And this is the CHEAPER one at the moment... And, thanks to GBB at the CH....here's a bigger copy of that picture...yum. Um yeah...he's hawt.