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Engelwood, NJ: Bergen Performing Arts Center


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Hey Muski! Tomorrow's show is at the Lyric Opera House in Baltimore - a.k.a. The Pussy Cat Club! :lol:

Oh yeah, baby.... :lol:

Oh dear Lord, he absolutely nailed DSIAFCD....he's in control. Dominant and dominating and oh lordy, lordy.....lordy.

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I didn't hear AIW except near the beginning. Guess I got my wish, huh? :glare: :lol: But it sounds from the post concert chatter that he was unreal, so I hope there IS at least audio of tonight's concert. I'm impressed just from the cellcert.

Night all...hugs all around.... :wub:

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That was a looooooooong glory note on DSIAFCD!

I hope he saved something for AIW!

Oh mu goodness...he definitely had so much inhim with AIW...the first well was just too much it was super long...and the last one...was right on

brown suit, brown boots...pants had one of the santa belt and he used it as fat joke

he chose a CH lurker and her husband...

he pointed and eye debacled the cellcerter...

security was cracking down on cell phones...

very little room in front of the orchestra.

word of the day???

OCOCE was out of this world

he found a 7 year old ,,,and did the schtick with ehr and even if you are just 7 year old they will ask you to drive.

how did the orchstra react..at first they were stoned face...and so he chose one orchestra member that he was snarking with

he said that you all know this lady keep calling me cos she has a secret...and when he went to her she told him his fly was open and as embarrassing as that is whats more embarrassing is that his fly won;t come together cos he is too fat.

brown velvetten suit tone on tone with brown and brown tie. and brown suit...

he mentioned being old and fat but in passing

a guy fell asleep and he was ragging on her

the lady violinst was talkign so much he gave her the mic and asked to change places

he woke up at 2 pm with eye boogers...and the the audience got crazy and he said there is nothing sexy about him and his pajamas.

excellent voice made a lot of eye contact with the front.

didn;t do a big thing with binoculars...said it must be cheap binoculars...

glorious and natural facial expression...mentioned ripa about him being a king of controversy

yup he hit the note beautifully

someone threw a box of mac and cheese after that she threw flowers at him...this is the couple he sang too.

oh he said I usually don't take gifts but I will take the box of mac and cheese...he was 10 feet drop from the audience

no Jerome ...but Clay pointed out a lady on the cell phone and security busted her.

word of the day Forzando...the violinist he was snarking with...

was talking so much that he sat down in front of her.

he said you woudl;nt need binocualrs cos my my fly is close...

The couple he talked to was marriedn 47 years.

CV is describing the hair as "snowflake hair". They think it was cut and styled. Also said that he was not straining or screaming the notes at all.

There WILL be audio clack. Not sure about video.

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oops ...the word of the day is sforzando...

that is to play a certian note with extra emphasis.

From CH....

One of the ushers mentioned over 1100 people tonight which was a big crowd for them. The orchestra packed the stage....Clay had about 3 feet to move around on.
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OK - first, I suggested a number of us get together at Panera before the show - now I have met some of these people 8 to 10 times - do they recognize me - no one! Am I Invisible, like CLay? Must have been my bucket hat. Sheesh - but I had a nice conversation with people from the Clayboard.

SO, I go to the venue - very small, not all that ornate and there is already a line around the ladies room almost an hour be fore the show is to begin. - I don't think that line ever ended, it was there through the symphony (I had to take a break - too much garlic in the food, needed water) it was there when I left.

I climb up to my balcony seat - find that a lot of people are standing in my way because the ushers are very slowly showing people to thier seats - so I go up and tell her I know where my seat is - not that hard to figure out, first row center of balcony. Duh. The venu kept filling through the symphony part. The orchestra was interesting - the stage was soooo small, tahat a good deal of the orchestra was off stage. Clay could only walk in one narrow area frm back stage to center stage, the other side had guys pushed to the edge. This orchestra was the Edison Symphony, with an interesting age range, nmostly older men and younger women. They were OK, but really blew a lot of notes. This will be the same orchestra for Red Bank. These venues must have been arranged and Clay had to order the symphony. This group would not be my first choice. The Maestro (we learned with Clay that the title is gender neutral) was fairly inexperienced and tried to make some bonus points by referringto Clay frequently, which would bring cheers and she looked so thrilled. Must be hard to have a job where your back was to him the whole time he was singing, though. There was a fairly young girl who kept her eyes on Clay at all times, others, not so much.

The audience - on the floor, it was mostly women, in the balcony, it was mostly mixed, including young guys and singles, likethe guy who sat next to me - didn't talk, but left hisseat until Clay was on and greatly applauded him after every song. When Clay asked people who were at their first Clay Aiken concert to raise thier hand, it was most of the balcony. There was quite a bit of milling about during the symphony portion.

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As to the ticket sales, the staff said the show was considered sold out and they were really impressed and would like Clay back again. There were only 4 other sell outs in this venue.

The last 3 rows in the balcony were not occupied, but considering I was using binoculars because I felt far back, I can imagine Clay would have looked like a dot from the back.

Show begins and Clay strolls out - his walk was kind of the 60 British rouge strut, actually. Contained and confident. How small was the stage? It was so small that Jaimie had to pop up from under the stage to hold up the word - I swear the word was Sforzandocreshendo - it was pretty long. Back to Clay.

When I first saw Clay in his all brown outfit - Brown courderoy suit, brown shirt and lighter brown tie, I truthfully thought "Data". His pale, pale face was just a white out blob if I did not use binoculars to look at him. He did not have yellow eyes. But his slick hair reminded me of an Artist Data. No one mentioned his socks.

He sang and sang beautifully. From time to time I would think he might be struggling with a note, but he would bring it to center and end in a nuanced clear bell tone. I am sure you know all the schtik by now. When he startedto tel the fly story, the guys in the audience got a big kick out of it, more than the women. Did anyone report that he said he threw out the broken zipper pants - he was wearing clothes that fit now.

There was Sandra, the violinist who sat on the end that he had to walk past and he was afraid that she would knock him off the stage with her bow and it was a 10 foot drop! She seemed to enjoy being part of the act - If you work for Clay Aiken, he gets you to do a lot of different jobs! The orchestra reacted to Clay differently - One old guy seemed to be snoozing through most of the show , and this was not the guy Clay picked on, although he should have. One girl was deffinetly interested in Clay and not musically. A couple of the violinists were appreaciative. I did not see the orchestra in the end, too many standees, like the guy next to me, who rushed in front of me to applaud.

While Clay was singing DSIAFCD, people started leaving., I started grabbing them and telling them there was an encore, most stayed, others looked at me as an alien creature. Two people thanked me for grabbing them. Newbies.

The Bus. Went to the bus and saw a lot of people standing right in front of the bus several people deep. Jerome did not like it. He madethem line up along the block and promised Clay would shake hands with all of them, must have been over 50 people there. I stayed accross the street to watch. The PA Posse was at the end of the line. So Clay comes out and goesto the end of the line and shakes everyones hand, well, after he headed towards me and another woman standing across the street and asking us why we were standing there - But Jerome dragged him toward the line and away from us. He shook every single hand, by going hand over hand and using both hands. The end.

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Play you scared me girl. I didn't know what you were going to say. Thanks for the interesting stuff about the balcony and the makeup of the audience. Did you attend a pre party..I'm confused. I'm sorry if that didn't work out.

I don't get concerned too much about Clay but he is the one that should be thinking about germs...why is he shaking everybody's hand...just do the wave. heee. Any Ripa Jokes? The cellcert was not good tonight and I left halfway through it...supposedly just to take brownies to my neice and nephew that my mom made... ten minutes I said..so I could be back for the best part of the concert... 1 hour later..I made it home.

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Yes, I was at the preparty and it was fine, had a good time. I just get tired of introducing myself to the same people each event. It is like I am not worth remembering - one person I talked to for 20 minutes at the first release party, but I guess the conversation was not worth remembering to her.

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Yes, I was at the preparty and it was fine, had a good time. I just get tired of introducing myself to the same people each event. It is like I am not worth remembering - one person I talked to for 20 minutes at the first release party, but I guess the conversation was not worth remembering to her.

Ahhh...hugs to you. You know, I've done that a couple of times and haven't meant anything by it. I had a simply lovely time chatting with someone at Greenville preparty and 3 months later I looked at them with blank face. Thankfully, she forgave me. Remembering screen names and real names and matching them with faces can be a challenge but I'm not going to downplay how you felt. If you met them multiple times then hey. Well I have had the pleasure of representing the black Clay fan because people come up to me and call me Berkeley and Ethel, Podsoda and Kandre (as if, I couldn't even beging to know how to handle the bling). One of these days I'm going to laugh and say..yes that's me heee and then whip out my sequins.

It is understandable that I get mistaken for certain folks... dont' know what Muski's excuse is though...heee but that's her story to tell.

Anyway, thanks for your recap. I love the detail. I'd love to use it for the concert page.

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YAY great recap Play...lots of details I didn't hear from the cellcerter...

I would think the venues or the local promoter, if there is one that they are using, are the ones contacting the orchestra's.

so were you around for the game that Clay played???

saw this account elsewhere...it was too cute!!!

From scrpkym's recap

Well, right around 12:10, Clay and Jerome walk out to the front of the bus. We hopped out of the car and crossed the street. There were about 20 people there. Clay is standing by the drivers seat, and Jerome comes out of the bus. Jerome says "Listen up! Clay wants to play!" And he goes on to say that Clay wanted to play a game, and whoever could answer correctly, would be allowed to go on the bus.


Here's the test -- the first person to sing the first verse of ......... CRAP! I forget the name of the song! Darnit! Anyway....no one knew it.

Jerome and Clay left for a minute. Then they came back -- new test....

First person to name the president of the US that had the most children.....

NOPE! No one knew that one either. We're all screaming out president's names -- random guesses.

Clay said " nope -- wrong -- It's Tyler"

Next question......Name the capital of the COUNTRY of Georgia. Huh? Who the frick knew that Georgia was a country somewhere? (actually, I'd heard of it, but what the......???)

Nope -- no one got that one either.

Final question -- name the fourth largestest populated country. The top three are....China, India, US. What's number 4?

People are screaming out countries names. Clay is standing there pointing his finger, searching....he heard it. But who said it? He's searching......FOUND HER! No -- not me. But, it was someone I knew. (oh -- and the answer was Indonesia)

OMG! I was so happy for her! And playing with Clay was just sooooo FUN!! He was so animated standing up there in the bus watching us and playing teacher Clay. VERY VERY CUTE!!!!!! It was TOTALLY worth waiting around for THAT!!!

She got to go on the bus for about 5 minutes. She got her pic taken with Clay and got his autograph too. She was on cloud nine when she got off that bus!!!

So...after playing with Clay, there was NO WAY we were leaving until that bus did. We went back to the car and waited and watched. Like I said, he left around 1:45. We got out of our car and waved. He waved, did the sign language "thank you" and then he said to my friends and I "Will I see you tomorrow?" OMG -- I think Clay just asked us out on a date!!!! LOL! "YES CLAY!! We'll see you in Baltimore!!!!" He gave us the thumbs up and waved goodbye....and there he went.

I knew the answer too...heh!!

that guy is sure having a lot of fun with the fans...I'm Jelly... :D:D

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{{{{play}}}} - C'mon, maybe Clay'll let you borrow his old bronzer and you can do the "Couchie-Berkeley-Ethel-Podsoda" - (tho oddly enough I don't seem to be confused with anyone). I really am bad at remember names - and frankly would appreciate it if you would thump my head to remind me like certain of my cousins (they reallllly get pissed at me for forgeting them, their spouses or their children, tho I explain it's not my fault - they all look alike.)
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Don't feel bad play, I'm not the greatest with names either. But I can understand feeling down too if you spent quite a bit of time with at least a few of these people....

It sounds like you had a blast, and it also sounds like it was an awesome show!

Oh, Clay looked like Data? Be still my Star Trek "lust for the android" heart. :D

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No, I must have left before Clay wants to play - Live and learn, there was nothing going on and I don't really like to stand in crowds and I wouldhave just known the name of the capital of georgia because I know someone fron there.

I just knew you would know one answer...I knew the indonesia one.

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Play....loved this detail

The audience - on the floor, it was mostly women, in the balcony, it was mostly mixed, including young guys and singles, likethe guy who sat next to me - didn't talk, but left his seat until Clay was on and greatly applauded him after every song. When Clay asked people who were at their first Clay Aiken concert to raise thier hand, it was most of the balcony.

And also about the people who were leaving during DSIAFCD. I remember at the NAT when I'd see people leaving after Invisible. I couldn't believe it...they would miss Solitaire! :blink:

And re: remembering names? Pshaw! Honey, I've always told people that I'm the very best person to tell secrets to 'coss I'll most likely forget everything anyway! :P

And another thing, couchie! You certainly can't accuse me of thinking you were representing the black fandom, now can you? Since I thought the blonde woman next to me during the Anaheim NAT was YOU! :lol: Yep, that IS a story to tell, ain't it? ;)

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I am sorry, I was in a bit of a snit again last night, it is just my personal baggage.

It isn't that I expect people to remember my name, just that I might actually look familiar and not have to answer CHers when they ask if I am from the Clayboard. I sat next to and had dinner with one person twice already, not to mention innumerable times at parties in multiple states, PM with this person, and they looked at me rather harshly when I had the nerve to talk to them. I am worse than most at recognizing people, but really, some of these people, I have known since early in the fandom and after I introduce myself, it is as if they are meeting me for the first time. And people wonder why I like to sit back and not say much at some of these get togethers - why bother, no one will remember anyway?

The fact that most people don't know who Playbiller is does not surprise me, 4000 posts is not chopped liver, but that is not really important, I don't really contribute to this fandom, so big deal. But when same people that you meet over and over and over... and still they look at you as if you just emerged from the earth, it is rather annoying. I really do feel like an outsider in this fandom [/last of rant]

I can add that I was the only person in the balcony using Binoculars that I saw. Seeing how long it took for these seats to sell, I can see where I would be the only on-line fan up there with the "real people". There were a few scattered people who stood for a song here or there, mostly people sat. However there was great applause and standing for DSITFCD, and when all is well was finished (with the audience I managed to stop, heh,hehe, The roof blew off the place.

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However there was great applause and standing for DSITFCD, and when all is well was finished (with the audience I managed to stop, heh,hehe, The roof blew off the place.[/quote]

Ah...this warms the cockles of my heart...heh. B)

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