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DETROIT , MI....Max M. Fisher Music Centre


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He was promoting the orchestra cod the DSO is one of the best orchestra...

then he kept saying that he looked a mess when they rehearsing...and the concert master was laughign and said yes and he goes ...she said yes....

he was talking so fast during the soap box part...then he leaned down and asked someone ...so are we passing the plate now???

his two index fingers just kept goign up and down the mic stand during OCOCE

there were signs that cell, camera and audio will be confiscated. and asking people to keep them in the car...no flash and a girl was taking still pictures and her camera lamost confiscated.

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CHeech, I fell asleep before the show and just got up - missed another. Guess I will download the sound.

I would not blame this whole thing on the union - sounds like this is an symphony that Clay got invited as a guest and they had their own plans and this is what a guest has to do. I guess they are used toperformers trying to do the shortest show possible. Well, another show and a day off - them just a few more shows,. I hope Clay has a mety Christmas and is well for the holidays..

Heh, reading the night before Christmas sounds like they have a big symphony thing planned anyway.

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Someone got the whole concert...will be available...so there is clack!!!!


ldyjocelyn!!!! Your dancing worked!!!

Woo hoo!!!!

*pant, pant, pant...*

Whew! I'm in pretty good shape for a gal my age, but I was gettin' tired, y'all! So thank you Jesus, I don't have to dance anymore!

YAY!!!! I have the day off tomorrow (supposedly to finish my Christmas shopping and stuff, heh), but now I guess I'll be downloading and watching clack. Groceries? Who needs 'em!

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yup i just cleared a lto fo space on my HD...

From CV via CH:

Two gentlemen (40's-50"s?) who saw ACAC on Bravo were so impressed they bought tickets to the show; loved it and said they will never miss another Clay Aiken show in Detroit

Word of the Day:

14. Scordatura (skor-dah-TOOR-rah)[it.] The practice of tuning the strings of a stringed instrument differently than the standard tuning. Scordatura is generally used to extend an instrument's range, or to make certain passages easier or more possible to perform; it is also used to achieve certain special effects. Scordatura was popular between 1600 and 1750, and is used rarely now.

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Hi ya'll

Is it to late to do the dance of clack, Lady J and Claygasm. I am trying to do the clack dance, but I tripped over my own two feet. Did ya'll have an earthquake when I hit the ground :) Not really, but I am seriously clumsy, and I don't dance well.


I know a little late but ........

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( CLAY )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Muski, hope that you and mini-Muski are having a good time in New York.

Did the Houston Posse cause to much trouble while they were in NYC??? I did not hear any reports of riots or women throwing themselves at the bus down here, so I guess they must have behaved themselves. Darn!!!!! I hate that. I wanted to Houston Posse to raise a little southern hell up there and show them "yankee's" how to have fun. :blink::lol:

I am kidding again ladies.

I have been busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest, but I miss all of you!!!! Been reading the post. You ladies are one funny bunch of women. I am so glad to be your friend ((((( hugs )))))). :ph34r:

Okay, now that I have pissed all the entire FCA, I am going on to read OFC and Clay's post. I told you I am running far behind. We have a full house at work. So full, they are keeping inhouse patient's in the e.r. until some rooms become clear. Pray for us down here. I don't know if we will make it to Christmas, and I have to work Christmas Day :( BAWAAA Tears puddling down by face, hey but it is double times YEAH. It is worth it and ALL IS WELL.....


BTW, ((((( hugs to bottle, lady J, Claygasm, Muski, Kandre, Couchy, and anyone else that I left out ))))) (((( I forgot Ansa ))))) major head slap. :)

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According to the CV cellcerter, Clay came out to the buses, didn't shake many hands as there was no room, but he strode with confidence and he looked very happy and HEALTHY!!

That's in stark contrast to how he was in Red Bank where Jamie and Jerome had to help him out to and onto the bus.

I'm so glad he's better! :)


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I hope things can get better for you....

oh lots of fun to look forward too...still expecting the continuation of the eHP saga...and Muski's recap.

YAY for a healthier Clay!!!

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According to the CV cellcerter, Clay came out to the buses, didn't shake many hands as there was no room, but he strode with confidence and he looked very happy and HEALTHY!!

That's in stark contrast to how he was in Red Bank where Jamie and Jerome had to help him out to and onto the bus.

well ...there was another report from CV via CH...

From TOTLAK at CV:

Clay came out to shake hands at the bus -- Jerome's kids are with Jerome -- lots of gifts by the bus from the crowd -- he must be feeling good to walk the line again-

I don;t know if there was some misunderstanding or if he came out and shook hands again.

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Here is luckiest detroit recap...I should wait for her to post but its really great so I will jump ahead and do it...

The show tonight was awesome! I had fantastic seats, and when Clay came out for CW, you could hear the hiss of PANTSSSSSSSS!!!! throughout the venue. Hee. And what fine pants they were! I was on the opposite side from the giddyup ladies in the box seats, but I wasn't upset when they kept taking his attention away from our side, because it meant we got a nice view of his ass. I am not sure whether they were the pants of perfection from the JNT04, or the PANTS from the JBT, but they sparkled in the lights. He also had some cool stripey cufflinks on that black shirt, and there appeared to be a bit of a matching stripe on the inside of the cuffs of the shirts. Why yes, I had binoculars on the 4th row, why do you ask?

It was a bit disappointing when he announced that the show had a 60 minute limit attached to it, but he sure made the most of those 60 minutes. He was in great voice, and hit a few glorious, pure notes that just resonated all the way through me. He had wonderful stubble, and his hair appeared maybe to have been trimmed and layered a bit at the back. He was just a sight to behold tonight.

I know that canfly172 got full audio and partial video. I am thrilled to report that I never witnessed one flash the whole night. I had a newbie in front of me, and a mother/daughter team behind me who had seen him before but not on this tour. All were impressed, and I managed to gift an AIW to the very appreciative mom.

I feel priveleged to have attended 3 shows on this amazing Christmas tour. I can't wait to find out what he has in store for us next year!

ETA: Awwww, I had no idea that he'd blogged before the show. How sweet! I saw no effects of the vertigo at all tonight. The one and only time he grabbed onto the stool was during DSIAFCD, when he was going for the glory note, but I didn't get the impression that he was off balance at all, more just concentrating on the note. He came out for AIW with his fingers crossed, and he stayed that way for a minute. Everyone in our section crossed their fingers and held them up to him, but of course he nailed it. He just blew the roof off the joint tonight.

A few random notes from last night......the ladies up in the box seats, closest to the stage were cracking everyone up. A few times we were all laughing, and Clay kept giving us this quizzical looks, as if to say "why are you laughing" and we'd point up at them. He really played to them during Sleigh Ride, which gave us a better view of his behind, so it was all good.

There was a young girl named Nicole at the aisle end of the 2nd or 3rd row in front of us (if you attended the Detroit Cd release party, you know who I mean) and she shouted out that she had a present for him. He asked her name, and who she was with, allowed her to put it on the edge of the stage, but then she tried to launch into a long story, something about her babysitting, and he turned to the orchestra and said "don't hold it against me, it's her fault" and then told her "put it in a letter, honey". BWAH. Later on he took the present back to Jesse and gave her a smile and a wink.

The word of the day banter was hilarious. The audience went nuts when Quiana brought the sign out instead of Jamie. The look on his face when he repeated "I'm scoring on tour" and then, eventually, "but sadly, I'm not" was priceless, and the innuendo was quite clear. The audience ROARED. The audience was very loud and appreciative all night, with partial to full standing ovations after MDYK, MGUCL, OCOCE, DSAIFCD and of course AIW.

When he did the "put your hands up if you've never been to a Clay Aiken show" schtick, there were a few ladies in our section who not only put their hands up, but screamed! He put his hands up in mock fear and backed away quickly. He wasn't expecting that. The audience seemed quite heavily skewed towards those who had been to a show before. Much more so than either of my other two concerts.

As someone upthread mentioned, his facial expressions were priceless tonight. He kept shooting glances over to our section and raising his eyebrows, rolling his eyes, etc. We had Ethel in first row but she was quite quiet and reserved. There were a couple of PYT's in the front row and he gave them mucho eyefucks all night. They were really cute and fangirly, and the EEEEEEEE'd together when they got to their seats before the show.

About the no cameras/no cellphones policy - we were warned when we entered the parking garage by the attendant to leave them in the car. We were warned again before we walked to the exit of the garage. I stuck my phone in my bra. *g* We were warned as we entered the venue that they would be confiscated if seen. Multiple times. I had planned to give a one song cert to a friend but when I reached for the phone two security guards advanced on me immediately (I was on the outer aisle). It was extremely strict. However, if that's what it takes for there to be absolutely no flashes, so be it, I guess. Better he be healthy and not hurting than we have more clack. I know we have some very good stealth gatherers, and I say *muah* to them all.

And from cindilu2:

I'm far too bleary-eyed, and ASS-CLACKED to think coherently yet, but I'd bet a nickle those were the JBT Pants o' Perfection. They were sparkly. And they were fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

The song where he turned around and 'checked' his frontage was WW, right at the start. He had a beautiful little change up in the song and some of us oooohed, and then giggled, and he said 'did I miss something?' right in the middle of the song, then turned and checked. Did anybody mention yet that he had on striped cuff links? Boyfriend loves his stripes! The cuffs also had a small sliver of striped material showing through at the seams. Yes, I used binoculars from the fifth row, why do you ask? *g*

To quote the lovely ficus, he looked good. Real good. Really, really, really good.

That's all I got.

(And now I see my traveling buddy posted right above me. Heh. Go to bed, woman!!!)

eata: It will be really interesting to see if the reporter changes his position tomorrow. He standing O'd Clay several times (okay, once was for a hand-over-mouth reference *g*) and at least one of those times he was the first one on his feet.

eagaintoadd: if there were empty seats in that venue, I sure didn't see them. And the applause was thunderous. He was definitely shown the love in Detroit tonight.

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Thanks for bringing those over, ansa. I can't believe that we still have no clack! But I have it on good authority that some is coming........thank God. It would be a crime if you guys didn't get to see this. It was WONDERFUL! It was AWESOME! I am so glad I got to attend. My daughter and I spent most of the time grabbing onto each other and moaning "omg the PANTS!" He was so close it felt like we could have touched him (I'm exaggerating, of course....I was in 4th row, but still!)

I'm trying to remember more banter. He used the word "jubilant" twice, but he pronounced it "jub-u-lant" both times which just cracked me up. I don't think he realized he was pronouncing it wrong, he said "it's a big word". Hee. He cracked on Ripa not getting her start in the community arts program, along with Brittany Spears. When he did the word of the day banter, and they explained what it really meant, he said that any time he went off key from now on he could say he "scoramundoed" or however you say it. He used it as a verb, it was cute.

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