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July 6, 2007 Houston

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EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Just heard from Muski... she said the eHA threw an incredible party. Many FCAers are dead center row 6! Also, Play is in ROW 1. She won the raffle. That was my ticket LOL. Scarlett and KAndre tried very hard to bribe me with that front row seat but I'm so happy Play got it! She will really be fangirly now. Muski said she will call me after the show! Kudos to KAndre, Merrieee, Scarlett and all the eHP for not running out of food or money. heh.'

I can't hear a thing..is CV cert clear?

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Can't hear much on CH cert - CV is clear for now

Rumoured 10:00pm limit on the orchestra. BOO!@!@!

That means 11, Cindy!


Ah that makes sense. Who is the CH certer? Is that merrieeeeee???

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I'm here!!!

Jesse and Sean just came out...

lots of cheering now...


I can actually hear a real orchestra...

WOW...Clay's singing is much better...

but of course the screaming totally over powered him...

aww he is singing totally in a different way tonight ...not as much over singing..aaaahhhhhhh

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