ATDW Listening Party, Take 2!

Favorite ATDW song from the last half of the album  

15 members have voted

  1. 1. What is your favorite ATDW song from these selections?

    • Everything I Do (I Do It for You)
    • Because You Loved Me
    • I Want to Know What Love Is
    • These Open Arms
    • Here You Come Again
    • Everything I Have
    • Broken Wings
    • If You Don't Know Me By Now

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*Waves at Procjoiner and linda6084*

Thank you all for making the party a success! Looking forward to MCWL (and I guess AIW *g*) soon...very soon....

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'Night every one!

This was fun.

When the next party???

Now I have to see if I can stay awake for Kimmel. I never saw it on TV.

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This song could have been boring if Clay had not tried The"if you don't know me by now" a thousand different ways. I guess he found out the Clay Nation loves its growls and sighs and breathing. He puts it all in here.

I can see why this song didn't fit on the cd. I'm just glad there was a way to get it. Love it.

Have a good night. I am beat from our trip to the lake in the pouring rain.

Yeah...he stuck pretty close to the classic interpretation...but wow ...what an interpretation. I does not really go with the flow of the CD the same way with LAA.. thats why I am glad we got them as bonus tracks.


I don;t care how this CD came about...I'm just so very glad it did. I don;t know if after 20 years this would be in my top 5 Clay albums...but right now, i am very grateful that we have this. This CD gave me so much joy because I am finally very confident that Clay will inded leave his mark in this industry. This is a great start in his musical growth I think....

Thanks to our hostess ldyjocelyn for putting this together....

Thank You All for coming...watch out for the next listening party...its Christmas time...MCWL....

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I missed the party. *pouts* Real life got in the way.

But now that it's quiet, I'm going to read this thread and pretend it's happening now. Looking forward to reading what was said.

And thank you, ldyjocelyn. Again, this was a fantastic idea.

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