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Star Plaza Theatre, Merrillville, IN


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From CV via CB:


Asking if there is anyone here for their first Clay Aiken contest before. WOW - there are actually some.

Now asking who has been there before. I wish I could get this fast enough. He's teasing the new people and warning them how the diehard concert goers are going to have their names and license plate numbers and will be dragging them to every concert now.

Talking to the rarity - a gentleman in the first row!

He's married. First concert for both of them.

OMG! He is giving them so much grief - talking to the man and telling him how people would do just about anything beg, borrow, I don't know but it sounded like creep and claw to get him to switch seats.

He's talking to Ethel about how she meets people and about how she moves up her seat etc, etc.

Talking to the guy who survived to stay in the front row. I think this song is for them.

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

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Oh my god this banter has been goign on for such a long time...I think he is having so much fun he forgot he is supposed to be singing...

people are just loving this...almost non-stop laughing.


from CH

Too funny.. Clay started snorting and making his nostrils bigger
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Crowd laughing and cheering.

Banter time again.

He pointed to someone. Talking to security it sounds like. I think security has to sit on the floor What they don't give you chairs? You should talk to Ethel. She'll something that got huge laughs that drowned it out.

Talking about those Italian orchestral terms. Looking for his college professor - she brought her family - at least one is asleep.

They'res going to do a word of the day

today's word is crescendo

Rosebud says there's a girl carrying a sign across the stage.

Having the crowd repeat after him - crescendo - now Ricardo is demonstrating.

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yes...he's not straining his voice so much...he's letting his head voice take over the way he does so expertly---I swear, usually you can't even hear the difference as he goes beween chest and head voice....

he did it...

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NYMom4clay at the CB

He's so into talking to this crowd -

talking about what someone in the 4th row - Tina

I think she has binoculars

He's looking down his nose and wrinkling it at her.

That's FAR worse than what I did to Ripa

You must feel like you want to put your hand over her mouth.

Talking about all the people crawling up into other rows to get closer.

Asking Tina where Ann is from - she doesn't know.

They're laughing so hard I can't hear.

He tells her at this rate she's stolen the show so what does she want to hear.

Mary, Did You Know.

Okay - he'll sing it. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/hysterical.gif)

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CG ! It's MGUCL!

I know - and I am sittin here with tears rolling down my cheeks.

This song as sung by Clay just gets me every time.....

And of course the cellstream picks this song to cut out on! What a mood breaker! :glare:

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MGUCL....I will always prefer his veriosn to Quiana/s just so much feeling and more nuanced...

wow...his voice...is so great...he is in the ZONE!!!!!!

he went high on the last note...such a sweet note.

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I see we are swimming again. It must be these fancy dancy places that cell phones don't transmit well from.

How odd, I just sat down with the dog at 6 PM and woke to the news. I thought it was 7. Guess I was wrong - so much for washing floors tonight.

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From CH:

lylekira at CV is reporting that the musial term "crescendo" means "to grow." I knew it sounded smutty.

WOW this emmanuel is so much better than last nights...incredible

awwww sweeet

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