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Star Plaza Theatre, Merrillville, IN


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AWWWWW from funny guy...to sincere and heatfelt guy talking about the UNICEF...

This guy is jsut incredible


he is being smart tongiht...controlling it a bit more


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GREAT! You know, last night I said to couchie that I was surprised that he sang that "Love" before the last glory note...the one Angela and Quiana sang in previous years....He didn't sing it tonight...and then he nailed it...Oh, please, please....I hope he nails the AIW, too...or that he's changed the song around so that he doesn't have to go beyond what is healthy and comfortable for him. I've heard him....I know he CAN do it...I just don't want him to hurt himself, you know?

DAYUM, those low notes are lethal.. :o

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Oh Lord...I love our stubborn, stubborn boyfriend. I'm hearing that his face was unreal when/after he absolutely embraced that AIW glory note....I cannot WAIT for the clack.

now Carrie wants me to watch "School of Rock" with her...

Later, friends. ;)

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OMG...I am no longer worried...

WHY was I worried...I talked Couchie to sleep last night about his voice...and why...why was I worried...

I just love this guy.

Yay...cuz I didn't admit it but you weren't starting to get me worried. LOL. I have just never worried about his voice even when had some off times. I think that is due to my total ignorance about singing.

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He took his earpieces out.

He was teasing Ethel about ebign able to get better seats.

there was a woman that would grab at the woman in front of her and he was snarking at them

then there was a woman he was worried about...

so much audience participation.

he didn;t call himself fat tonight.

a lot loser and more relaxed

vocie was miles better last night

AIW was an out of body experience

he had his fingers croessed behind his back...and he had a look of dear god

No kidney...he was putting extra flourished so you knew it was a good night

Jesse did the conducting tonight at the piano.

orchestra was more reserved

crowd reaction people were jumping up and down

and Clay;s reaction was so happy

He was in the zone...

everyone was getting clack.

no one put their camera down.

incredible and he was very funny all through out the show.

wearing...solid grey extreley well fitted...deeppruple shirt and grey tie.


hair looked like last night

no taking off of the jacket.

he had cordless mic

he seemed so much mroe relaxed and his vocie...

more fun with the audience.

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Seems like CLay is more at peace with teasing the fans. and that they aredoing all these things with each other

this orchestra was much more bigger and louder...he seem so much more thrilled to be there

his teacher was there that is borad of director of BAF

he looked at the camersa and asked you getting good clack?

he would stop in the middle of what he was saying and talk to the audience

he said it a crapshoot after he mentioned clack.

baby thats a fact...he was sweeter...

from CV:

looked beautiful, the eyelashes were long...eyes sparkling....the hands....he hit the note out of the ballpark...

DSIAFCD...his look when hit the note...was like ....oh, yeah baby...no sock sightings ...black boots different...rings...Jesse conducted...not the conductor...conducting from the piano...wow...that's amazing...Jesse stood up at times....made some comments about K.Rippa...not a full house...scattered empty seats...brokers seats...balcony half full....lot of first time fans ...the Dr. that is on the Board of BAF was there and he introduced them...he only put one asleep...her granddaughter

Jaimie came out on stage...she brought the word across the stage...crescendo...very cute, very adorable....she carried out the word de-crescendo...introduced Jamie...teasing Ethel about trading up her seats....asked first timers...and the repeats...told the first timers by the end of the concert they will be driving them to the next concert....

someones sequins was blinding him from the audience...

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Oh. My. Fucking. God.

That was the most amazing experience EVER! The man was on fire this evening.

He was still incredibly chatty, and witty, and funny. One part that I'm sure didn't come over the cellcert was the "Word of the day" thing. He brought Jaimie out with a sign that said "crescendo" and she walked across the stage just like the boxing girls do at a boxing match. It was incredibly funny.

But the highlights of the show was the last three songs. MGUCL...when he went to that high note at the very end, I almost fainted. It was unexpected to me, and he hit it right on. DSIAFCD -- what can I say? He had power, he had strength, and he nailed that glory note. luckiest1 and I were holding on to each other for dear life during the bridge of the song, and I'm pretty positive the entire audience was sending him good vibes. They worked.

And then, AIW. When he came out, he gave Jesse Vargas a look like "help me make it through this." In the meantime, the audience started holding up their hands...with crossed fingers. The power from the audience was palpable. He hit that note -- the audience broke into wild applause. When he finished, he grinned, signed thank you, bowed, flipped his hair back (just for Heidi), and left the stage. More than a few people were in tears by that point. Me included. I've cried twice before seeing Clay -- make it a third time, now.

More later when I'm coherant. Which should be about, oh say, December 2008.

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