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American Idol 6


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He did sound good - but he is apparent what I think of when people say Clay doesn't dedicate himself to being a singer - he dedicated himself 50 million more times then this dude did at first. I just don't see him going on and on about it...

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HA! Where's the tiara?

She's nothing but a wannabe.

A badly singing, strange wannabe.

She's just an amateur!

And very, very, very, very, very, very odd.

(She was definitely drinking some of Paula's Kool-aid!)

Oh goodie! Our local Fox news is going to have piece on Justin Guarini - and it seems to be about his curls!

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yikes...this girls sings through her nose...she really shouldn't get through.

looking for another pickler I guess...

Chris....This guy is funny....I like his voice...very real ...

Paula is sooooo drunk...

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I guess the new, later hour means no one is here?

Just as well. Its very weird in Hollyweird.......

I'm here...yup Hollywood is starting really weird and bad...I don;t know why they let that one girl through she was bad.

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