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July 28th - Newark NJ

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Yay for Quiana for filling in for Clay tonight...

Clay's label people were there today.... oooh so songs on the radio so when they pay for it....he got a horrified look on his face..and said I shouldn't have said that. Heee... he knew what he was saying.

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Han just said that Clay pitched a tent in front of Scarlett....but she backpedaled, too....said she MEANT to say he 'set up camp' in front of Scarlett....heh. Wish I'd been on the DJ end of that cellcert to smut....


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I love this from the CV post-show report:

A woman was trying to get an upgrade. Ticket lady said, "I dont think youll be able to upgrade, it is Clay Aiken; he's selling a lot of tickets.

Nite, all! :F_05BL17blowkiss:


P.S. CV stream is talking with Jamie, complimenting her, having pix taken together, telling her they like the hair from tonight.

Here is one more report from SmartyPantsSuz, PinkCocoa, and butterflyshine:

Jerome says he's going to find a way to make the bus line happen. They are lining up on the sidewalk.

Clay turned it on the second half of the show.

The payola comment seems to have even caught him off guard. It wasn't until after he made that comment that he mentioned there were record people in the audience.

"Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word" was hauntingly beautiful.

When they came back after the break, they all had time hearing each other on the stage.

The mic stand was having all sorts of problems tonight.

He said "screwed" twice. At one point he pulled away from the mic and said, "I just said screw it."

The mic stand was having all sorts of problems tonight. He said the mic stand was probably the only thing he could beat up.

Dudley said, If tonight was a fight/breakup with the mic stand, the next concert will be make-up sex.

When Clay was trying to get on the stage, Jerome made it clear "not to touch the Clay."

During Bills Angela and Clay are doing this undulating thing that was TOO FUNNY!!!

He has gotten the "Party all night" move down to a science.

"Lover All Alone" was gorgeous. The Cello player was amazing. He seemed to appreciate Clay's talent.

He did not shave – STUBBLE.

Hair is starting to look more "All Is Well". It looked very styled and very nice. He looked gorgeous – especially after the jacket came off.

Very nice tribute before "Because You Loved Me".

Had some screamers in the back. Some guy yelled, "If you come back here, you'll be a lot cooler."

Vocal gymnastics on "I Want to Know What Love Is" and "Everything I Have" were amazing! He said that sometimes he misses a note and does runs to cover it.

Quiana has come out of her shell. She did his TV bit for him and was hilarious. At one point, she told him to mind his business. He gave her a hard time about running a "side business" in SC. At one point she said, "I'm classy. I just don't take no mess."

This was the hottest venue they have been in.

He said it was so hot in there he felt like macaroni and cheese that was getting crusted at the Golden Corral.

He said he binged the night he read the letter that said he was fat, and whenever someone calls him fat, he eats.

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He said it was so hot in there he felt like macaroni and cheese that was getting crusted at the Golden Corral.

He said he binged the night he read the letter that said he was fat, and whenever someone calls him fat, he eats.

Ok...this is all v. funny. But that last thing? Don't you just KNOW he was a smartassed, stubborn kid and drove people absolutely crazy? Kudos to Faye. :clap: LawdJesus! :lmaosmiley-1:

And GAWD! I hope somebody got a shot of that stripey underwear! :Thud:

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Actually afterthe Payola caomment he said something about Now I really screwed up to Quiana off mike. But geez, the accoustics were good enough that I heard him in the second row. May not be captured in cellcert or in audil.

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Originally posted in the Gilford thread a while back this morning! Oops.


This fandom is amazing. There's already full audio Clack up of Newark!! If you don't have vault access somewhere, it is here:


From what I'm hearing on these files, I'm sure hoping for video too!!


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Originally posted in the Gilford thread a while back this morning! Oops.


This fandom is amazing. There's already full audio Clack up of Newark!! If you don't have vault access somewhere, it is here:


From what I'm hearing on these files, I'm sure hoping for video too!!


Indeed, Ms. AAIT! In fact, I'm downloading that audio right now...gonna make a CD and then Couchie, Ansa and I will have some mighty fine audio entertainment for our ride to YSRN's house today! WOOT!

Hmmmm....perhaps I should get some "BEST of" stuff on CD for the trip, too? My ding-danged iPod adapter ain't in working order. :scream:

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for those who have finished Happy Potter and would like something else wonderful and long to read...

...from butterflyshine at the OFC, Her Newark M&G recap.... There are some great questions and answers in here... :F_05BL17blowkiss:

worlds longest recap ever...scroll alert....

Ok, here it is my meet n greet recap.

I asked and was allowed to attend a meet n greet on Saturday, therefore the number of fans at Saturday’s meet n greet was 7.

Jerome came and got us and led us to the green room , how close it was to the proximity of the stage, I have no idea, but Clay came up the stairs right in front of the door. It had a few side chairs and then some stackable wire plastic chairs and surprise it was a green room. Jerome gave us the 3 rules: 1. autograph per person; 2. no hugging Clay too tightly; 3. behave as though we were at a church social and our parents were there.

He told us he used to do a whole litany of don’ts, but one time someone grabbed Clay inappropriately and her defense was “you didn’t say you couldn’t touch him there”

We asked about the bus line and he said that the bus was parked outside, and that there would be buses, as long as it could be done in a safe manner.

We told him how much we all enjoyed the new meet n greet format and he was happy to hear that. Supposedly there have been some that don’t like it, but he positive have far outweighed the negative.

We asked how he liked the Idol: the Musical and he said it was interesting. Did he think it was funny, he said he was still laughing. I asked at Clay or at the play? He said both and that it was very interesting.

He said make sure you have questions for Clay, it makes the meet n greet much more enjoyable, myself and one other pulled out our typed sheets and he was like good, I have no worries, I will be back shortly.

So, the group of 7 talked amongst ourselves; until Jamie came in, and she is such a sweetie and a cutie. She said it had been quite a day. I asked, anything you care to share, and she said: “Do y’all have any striped socks?” We all laughed and asked if this meant a sockless Clay, and lo and behold Clay came up the stairs and into the room. He was wearing a white shirt and khakis cargo shorts, stubble, hair every which way and his brown sandal/flip flops

Clay came in and greeted us. He noticed that we were a large group. I said that’s b/c I was added. He asked why and several said b/c she is special. Clay asked why I was special. I asked if wanted me to answer, he said no, they can. And my friend Dee, said I know b/c she is a and he finished the sentence…You’re a moderator, I said yes, and he thanked me for doing that for them (Yes, royal we was in attendance :wink: (he sat across from us, we were kind of in a line against the wall)

He was yawning. I asked if we were keeping him up. He said that he hadn’t been sleeping well since arriving in NY, and that he hadn’t fallen asleep until 6:00 am that morning that he had a really bad headache. He then stated that he was going to nap between and 8 & 10 that night. I teased him that could work, we could then all say we slept with Clay…giggles from the 5 other women in the meet n greet…not sure Rob enjoyed that remark…yes, a Claydawg was in the house. He pretended to consider that for a moment asking if we thought it would work, I said probably for about 10 minutes, he said nah, if I am going to asleep it is going to be for more than 10 mins.

He then asked us to introduce ourselves, which we did. He said he recognized and remember two of the people. One of them was Marge from the bus at Englewood, NJ last December. Marge related that she had been able to come on the bus after answering the question: what is the 4th most populous country in the world? The answer is Indonesia. Marge knew this b/c her husband is from Indonesia.

Teacher Clay kicks in and asks if we know what the 3rd country is ….there were some guesses, I said India, and was told no. One of the other fans said Asia, upon which Clay quickly pointed out that is a continent and not a country. He then told us: China, India, USA, Indonesia and Brazil. I said you have been to several of the countries; Clay said I have been to all of the countries and then quickly retracted that b/c he realized that he hadn’t been to China.

We then spent several minutes trying to get Marge to answer what part of Indonesia her husband was from, Marge was a bit confused and was telling us how her husband’s family first immigrated to a Dutch City and then later to Washington state and after prodding by all she said her husband was from Jakarta. Clay was very sweet and snarky and said “well, that took thirty minutes. He then opened the floor to questions, I am trying to do these in order, but I think they are bit mixed up, if someone else gives a different order, they are most likely right.

Q: What is in the water bottle on the stage?

A: It is a secret, only Mary knows and it changes each night. They always take the label off the bottle.

The fan that asked the question said well it taste awful. Apparently a friend of hers took a bottle after the concert; Mary who was in the room, laughed and said “security”. Clay said it probably had a lot of spit in it.

Q: who has creative control over his concerts?

A: He does. He comes up the concept and in the case of JBT and JNT 2 and then handed them off to Amy Tinkham who took the ideas and ran with it. Clay is not involved for awhile there then is a lull, and the he snarked he comes in at the end and changes everything.

Asked if it is possible to tour between albums?

He said it is really difficult b/c he is not on TV and the like and is not as visible. He said last year’s xmas concert sold really well b/c he was TV and had the controversy with Kelly Ripa.. Clay then joked that he was going to have create another controversy like putting his foot on someone’s armrest or slapping his hand across someone’s mouth. Lots of laughter. He mentioned that this summer concert series while doing well, wasn’t doing as well as the Xmas tour, and he attributed that to his lack of visibility.

Not sure about the question, but the answer was quite fascinating.

Clay then started talking about if he had his way, and he thought it was too late, but if could, he would re-release AIW with MCWL with added or additional production. He said it probably wouldn’t happen, but that is what he would like to do. He then looked at Mary and said that they should bring it up this evening. (He didn’t say so then, but I got the impression that the label was going to be in attendance)

Q: Since becoming a celebrity who is your favorite interviewer?

A: Print media would be Alison Glock. Alison is very through and spent considerable time with him for his Elle interview. He referenced Kelly’s recent article with Alison and mentioned that he had been contacted by Alison. He said was impressed with Alison and that is why he asked her to contribute to LTS.

His favorite TV interviewer would be Diane Sawyer. Someone mentioned Jimmy and he said Jimmy was hysterical and that he really enjoyed working with Jimmy, but that Jimmy doesn’t really interview. Someone mentioned Kelly Ripa and that got a snort and a look.

Q: Favorite celebrity moment?

A: Clay had to think about that and he said that two things stood out. AI Finale b/c they keep playing it and playing it. (not sure if he was saying his finale or the AI5 finale, but I thought he was referencing the AI5 finale)

He also mentioned the World Series, I got the impression that this might not be his favorite thing, but it was a big deal. I mentioned that he looked so cold that night, he didn’t have an specific recollection. But others mentioned it as well. I also asked/suggested that he might have been nervous; this was met with a resounding NO.

It was now my turn to ask one of my several questions.

I asked if RCA has any control over when he blogs, what he blogs, etc.

A: Why in the world would you ask that question?

A: Because it has come up a couple of times on the board

A: Well, let me put it this way. The world abounds with a lot of conspiracy theories. In actuality, there are very few conspiracies in this world, so no.

I then followed up with: Does RCA have anything to do with the fanclub?

A: He said yes, they do with Clayaiken.com. He said with respect to clayonline.com the better question would be: “Do they even know it exist?”

Q: I said that is what I thought and then pointed out that they do put on his CD, and he said that is b/c I tell them to. I said well some thought that RCA might have control, and he said well, now you have six people to back you up

Q: Would he ever consider doing Broadway?

A: He said he would consider, but that he would have to be much older. He said he couldn’t imagine doing 8 shows a week. That he likes variety and that he likes to mix up his shows. He couldn’t imagine saying and singing the same things, from the same spot on the stage night after night.

Q: What advice would give an aspiring teacher?

A: What grade does NJ stop for elementary?

A: various answers some stop at 8th, some at 5th and some at 6th

A: He would advise against teaching the grades that have mandated state tests. You get stuck teaching the test. He said he wouldn’t have wanted to teach 3rd or 5th grade in Raleigh. He would also advise against teaching the top grade of the elementary, whether it be 5, 6th or 8th b/c by then the kids start copping an attitude.

Q: Would he go back to teaching?

A: Doesn’t think he could at this point, doubts that the kids would listen to him, plus he would have take pictures with all the kid’s mamas

Q: When he is in Raleigh, is he comfortable going out in public?

A: Yes, he doesn’t go to the store to much, but he will. He likes to go out to eat with a group of friends to certain restaurants, which he won’t say b/c he still wants to go there. If does go out, he usually drags someone with him.

Q: You sang Listen so well, and you knew all the words, do you know all the songs ? (this was my question, and I was quite excited to have a bit of a scoop, but alas he announced this at the concert last night )

A. He chooses the songs for the girls. So he picks what he likes and what he wants to hear. Jaymes does say that he has knack for lyrics, and that after one listen of a demo he can usually do a reasonable facsimile of the lyrics. He said that b/c he and Quiana grew up singing live, that has a lot to do with it. He says b/c even now he sings a lot of his stuff live, he has learned to wing it and go with it, to make it work…if he has to sing the 2nd verse twice, that is what he does. He said Quiana really sang the bulk of it and that he just joined her. We assured him it was absolutely beautiful.

Q: What did he think of Idol: the Musical?

A: It was quite flattering and the same time it made him uncomfortable. He gave the actors props and said they were talented.

Q: Will he ever put out 5230 shirts?

A: No, he won’t and if the fans start replicating them, then they would stop wearing them.

Q: He appears to be more comfortable with the fans?

A: Snark…I am heavily medicated….

Then he continued to say, if the fans don’t freak then he is fine. But when the fans freak, that freaks him out. He still doesn’t get the attraction.

Q: In general terms does he know if the sound of the new album will be more like MOAM or more like ATDW or a combo?

A: It is too early to say. He doesn’t have the songs picked, so he couldn’t really say….the sound is developed toward the end of the album process

Not sure if he said at this point in the conversation, but he said hopefully it will be all originals and then he said it will be all originals.

He also mentioned that with regard to song writing, if it happens, it happens.

Ok, I think that is fairly comprehensive. He was adorable and funny and snarky.

A cute thing, I was last to get my picture taken. He said oh, you’re tall. And we got our picture taken. After he said something to the effect: Dear lord please tell me you have heels on. I said yes, and then he asked how tall are you? I said 5’9, he then said you were taller than me in the photo. I said no, I couldn’t be, my heels weren’t that high. He said no, you were a tad taller. I said well, let’s take the photo again, I didn’t want to be taller. Jamie said no, it was nice picture b/c we were so evenly matched. Now, I don’t think I was taller, even with my shoes on I should have been about 5’ll ...i guess the proof will be in the picture…

...and to a few comments to her recap, she responded with this...

I forgot to say, in my attempt to be as accurate as possible, i don't think i conveyed my excitement over meeting Clay. You can ask my concert buddies,and they will tell you that i was a nervous wreck.

Clay oozes charm and charisma and intelligence. He just blew me away with his ability to make one feel at ease. The thoughfullness of his answers, the ability to include all, i am speechless and can't adequately express the beauty of this man.

Did he know i was moderator, I think he knew that one us of would be attending, and he did seem to have some recognition of who i was.

Cap, I think that in the context of my question about comparing and contrasting between MOAM and ATDW, that his answer was that he wouldn't be able to compare until it was done, not that he doesn't have any idea of the sound, but at the present he doesn't have specifics of the sound.

as for my memory, yes some have accused me of having an exceptional memory, i think it helped that I came out and talked some fans, and then called CG, and sat with my concert buddies retelling the story and making some notes.

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