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How the Heck are We All Gonna Get Along? With Clay, Naturally!

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I just started the podcast.  Interesting tidbit so far:  Clay is still on a text message chain with all the AI2 finalists, and they still keep in touch through that.  

merrieeee, keep those words coming!

Tomorrow -- my husband and I get my new 27-inch Mac set up!  EEEEEE!

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Gee, I'm sensing a theme in these words merrieeee....

I didn't check in yesterday...DH and I got our second round of Shingrix shots Friday evening, and the side effects hit us both hard.  The first round just made my arm sore, but it made Tony have flu like symptoms; this time, both of us had those symptoms.  We ended up spending almost the entire day in bed.  Thankfully, we are both much better today.  Besides, as I keep telling myself...going through that yesterday is WAY better than having Shingles in the future!

I did manage to get my new computer set up, though, toward the end of the day and this morning.  It's so freakin' fast -- and big!  A 27 inch screen is amazing.

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I’m glad you’re  feeling better! I was going to call my insurance tomorrow to see if it covers the shingles vax.. my health ins sucks so it probably won’t 🙄 my Dr. Wants me to get it and has it ordered up.. prolly won’t do it if I have to pay. my ER bill for that case of Bell’s I had was 2 grand! I really hope this new admin can get something done with healthcare, tired of paying sky high premiums for nothing 😕

Merrieeee~ I’m watching your Browns FB team for you.. hate to have to tell ya, but I’m good luck.  The minute I sat down Cleveland intercepted for a TD! (Lol)

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That last word is hard to pronounce!  I bet 45 would really butcher it!

As I suspected — the National Inclusion Project “Send a Kid to Camp” end of the year push. AND, if they reach $35,000 by the end of the year, a song from Clay will be released to all donors!



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2020...the year that keeps on giving.

Got in my beloved 2010 Toyota Prius (just over 100,000 miles on it) to go to my hair appointment.  When I hit the power button...all the warning lights started flashing, the power button light started flashing, even the park light button started flashing, plus it started a high pitched beep.  Hollered at my husband -- take a look at that while I'm gone, I'm borrowing your car.  Called him at the end of the hair appointment.  Had he done anything?  Nope.  Sigh.  Anyway, he checked it out, and then called my insurance to start the process to have the car towed.  By the time I got home, I was able to call the service place and tell them it was coming.  The tow truck just left.  Wish me luck that I'll have a car back soon.  

Plus...I just got a new computer.  Last night, my husband's started acting all strange too.  Not really in the financial ability to buy TWO new computers....

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When it rains it just pours, that’s a fact 😞 Good luck girl

I can’t live w/o my grand babies.. but my daughter just now had to start working with covid patients b/c they are cutting back on surgeries, so now all nurses get them, not just ICU. We have to make that big decision now, do you still see the kids and hope the PPE is doing it’s job or not see them at all until the vaccine is out- at least my hubby and daughter would be first in line to get one

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