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How the Heck are We All Gonna Get Along? With Clay, Naturally!

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Ah yes.. after I posted that I remembered that he was never on that Idols give back, why? he was all about the giving right from the start. 🤔

I also remember laughing how they kept portraying the young girl liking Clay when it was so obvious it was mommy that was smitten 😂

Of course it was 2005~ My fave Xmas song “Have yourself a merry little Xmas” sung by the man with the golden voice! 

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Honestly?  I think YKW (or as I like to say, he who must not be named) will go to one of his resorts right around Christmastime and never return to the White House.  He's petulant like that.

And in the meantime, there's this virus....that won't stop....

Clay's podcast during the week of the inauguration should be a blast!


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I ❤️‘d Q and A.. He was lucky to have those two for so long!

One of the responses says that they think Clay is the mushroom on the masked singer, there is no way - not good enough. If Clay ever does that show, which I don’t think he will, the Claynation will know right off!

I do think the crocodile is Justin Guirrini (sp)

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My daughter desperately misses going to concerts with her friend.  So tonight one of the groups she likes (The Decemberists) are having a virtual concert. She bought a ticket, bought posters and has projector set up in the backyard to stream the concert.  Her friend is over and they are now sitting in the backyard with popcorn acting as normal as possible!   I told them to not get too high on the smoke around!  30 or so years ago I took her to a Rolling Stones concert, she was about 12! The air in the Astrodome was so thick she got a contact high and was so sick.  She asked me what the funny smell was!  We often joke about that.


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5 minutes ago, merrieeee said:

Word of the Day: SCURRYFUNGE - to panic clean just before a guest arrive


This is my favourite Christmas decoration.  It’s 50 years old. I put it away very carefully but underneath there’s lots of ho glue!



I read yesterday that there's going to be some scurryfunging at the White House January 20...serious, deep cleaning scurryfunging...

I love that decoration -- that is so cool!

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