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Wilkes Barre, PA...FM Kirby Center


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Some kind of bird watching joke because of the binoculars. Some loudmouth in the audience won't shut up.

I think Clay took someone's binoculars: "I can see right up Jesse's nose." The cellcert reception isn't the greatest, so it's hard to make out.

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From CH:

He yelled at a flasher.

I'm taking off my jacket, don't read anything into it.

Text after AMA about weight.

Audience just screamed!

Tips on how to attend a Clay Aiken concert.

<Asked screamer if they want the mic>

Advised to implement the Clay Aiken handovermouth. In fact, why don't you practice it right now.

Another screamer.

I'll be happy to stop singing to let you talk.

<Good, I hope he talks directly to the screamers like that to shut them up.>

MCWL-plugged the album.

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ponticello - it's the bridge of a stringed instrument.

doing the phone schtick

lots of ahing..but can't make out what's going on.

he's talking to the person on the other end of the cellcert..says she's stealing the show..will have to say something besides oh my god because this conversation is getting dull

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From CS

He is asking people what the word means, someone guesses and wants to dance with him...he says NO....People just guessing to get attention, he is just shutting them down, saying NO....some getting very close....Oh my gosh they are laughing so hard, must be so funny.......


talking to someone else. .if you can tell my in the next 5 seconds what it means....she said you want to trade..?? dont know.. with me.. he said owwwwwwwwe.. NO someone made a very good guess but wrong..someone yelled from way back.. he said I always forget you don't I.. and he yelled something. now he is talking to her..ohhhhhhhhh very close..crowd going nuts.. he did something.. she was close enough she won the prize.. dont know what the prize is.. he is asking how did you know what it meant.. lots of laughter..lots... lots.... didnt hear the answer but they are still laughing and yelling...said some lady is gonna have a dictionary and look up the words


I don't have a clue what they're talking about right now but they're screaming and giggling up a storm!

She got the better seat than you!

You win the prize. YAY!

A woman is talking to Clay right now something about her daughter. They're roaring with laghter....

and I said jokingly....someone is going to have a dictionary...

instead it is.....

I'm sorry...I'm going to get a dictionary

demonstrate...oh the word of the day!

----achello? one more time....one more time he keeps asking them to play it one more time! Laughter....


demonstrating what the word means.. sounds like a base..and one more time.. and one more time.. and one more time.. all night long..I am not typing what I thought he just said..:laugh but due to the laughter I think I heard right..:lol talking to someone else now..some lady bought a dictionary and brought it to the show.. now talking to someone who is on the phone.. and you are on the phone too...lots of aweeing.. no idea what he did...applause.. really cutting out bad..think he siad Izzy or Lizzy this is Clay aiken how are you..having a concert program here .. so escentially you are stealing this show.. she wants to hear MDYK. lots of applause..

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from CB

he's going to bring her back up in a minute

talking about Quiana home in SC with her baby Chamberlain

song every year that become a tradition

did it so beautifully I stole it from her her I'm going to sing it myself

listen to the words pay special attention to the words

so many people in the world and here at home....in africa

there's always something going on in the world every day

wants them to really listen and hear the song....

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Sorry had to concentrate on being mama tonight...will collect as much report as I can...

From Ch:

They said he swallowed a lot like he had some post nasal drip going on . He took a cough drop from the audience.

(I woke up with bad post nasal drip, must be allergies.)

Gray pinstripe suit. Pinstripes were pale gray and robin's egg blue. White shirt. Blue tie, a little bit darker blue than the pinstripe.

Hair was layered to perfection. No stubble. Glasses.

Nice bit with the little girl singing with Clay.

Some Crazy music --- don't know what that was about!

Now Clay's solo on DSIAFDC.

Lawd Jesus, he sounds fantastic. To me, this sound like his strongest night, vocally and interpretatively.

And now the ending, "All Is Well."

It's not just glory notes. Listen to how he goes from low to high on "darkness fell into the dawn of love's light" --- his voice sounds like the sunrise.

Wonderful performance, thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable evening.

He said Jesse is a huge Kelly Ripa fan. Boos in the audience. (but then Jesse made a yuck face so he msut be just teasing)

talking about how everyone in the industry started in community groups -

"Well, maybe not Britney Spears".

Also said something about Kelly Ripa, but couldn't make it out. (he said not britney and Kelly...then he said that Jesse was a Ripa fan)

"How many people have been to shows before?"

"How many are at theire first show?"

Snarking on somebody who raised their hand both times!

Someone said they've been to 75 shows.

"I haven't even had that many --- you're just making things up! Next you're gonna say, '103!'"

Clay's talking to a little girl named Ashley. Just asked if she could sing with him! Very cute.

Now singing MGUCL --- voice is really rich and supple tonight..

yesterday's word meant "Play with the wood of the bow" and that is very important that you finish the end of that sentence

Talking to the screamer:

Oh is that what you said? You wanted to dance with me........No.

ponticello - audience member guess - "A cello made by Ponti". BWAH!

Dictionary says it's the bridge of a stringed instrument.

"What exactly do you think you're gonna see with those? She's so close, she can smell my breath!"

Lady with binoculars says she wants to see what Clay looks like.

He took her binoculars!

"I want to see what you look like!"

Looking around, snarking...

OK, now he's giving the guys a hard time.

This man's been here before. Guess he liked the show: Clay sounds surprised, "Oh, thank you very much!"

On to TCS. He handles this one beautifully: somehow I think Nat King Cole would say, "Nice job, kid."

I love the arrangement of HYAMLC. Quiet interlude leading into high energy of SR!


Word of the night.

"We want you to feel that you're leaving here educated."

PONTICELLO --- the bridge of a stringed instrument?

Screamer again.

"In my classroom, I don't call on people who scream out."

e's recounting the MDYK incident from Norfolk. "I sang the first verse third, the second verse sixth, and it's only got three verses. Some lady shouted out... We don't do that. In the South, we're very reserved."

Telling people to practice the hand-over-mouth gesture if they feel like saying something.

"It's very effective in shutting people up who talk too much."


Really changing up MCWL --- it sounds great.

Into WW now, free and easy sound. Intro'd Jesse, nice reaction. Very nice piano solo.

"Es-KEE-mo" always makes me giggle.

He's spotted binoculars. "The ladies in the third row are either having a good time... or they're birdwatching."


"What exactly do you think you're gonna see with those? She's so close, she can smell my breath!"

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Me three. I was there for the famous Wilkes-Barre MOAM and a lot of my friends were at the AI Wilkes-Barre show as well. If I still lived up there I'd have been there tonight as well and to a bunch of other concerts nearby. I sold tickets to Williamsport and Easton that I bought thinking I might fly back, but decided not to. So expensive, but.......sigh.

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Me four. I too was there for the amazing WB MOAM. What an amazing experience. Because of that I seriously thought about going to tonight's concert, but alas, I didn't feel like I could drive back after the concert and still make it to work with some kind of coherency!

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