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#39: "The little man is healthy, happy, and as loud as his daddy"


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    • New car...See Clay in Spamalot...New car...See Clay in Spamalot..
    • Clay makes spending money on him so enjoyably easy ... and irresistible.
    • I am still here and I still adore this man and have no idea why.
    • Clickables and lickables!!!!!!!!! Life is good again.
    • He's this wonderful mystery. With a great package.
    • With Clay Aiken we've already won the Lotto!
    • Never boring. Always expensive. And worth every cent!
    • He simply makes me smile when I see him.
    • Its not that I don't have a life, its just that these Clay things are so much damn fun!

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Cute puppy, Couchie, don't let it ever go on TV. I am still in mywrath at Greatest American dog andthe abuse of the show allows and the "activist" judges seem to close a blind eye to!

So, if you are bored, Luckiest, you can go over the the CBS boards and read the outrage of the viewers. It is not about Clay, but it had some people calling for PETA involvement and then some of the more intelligent board members explained that PETA has almost 100% euthenasia record on animals turned over to them and they are not pet friendly. Very interesting threads, too bad the most interesting thread is called "what if" instead of something like "you stupid people that support PETA".

I am back on my you ignorant stars that support PETA because you think they like animals horse again, so just scroll past me if I go off on it again, I understand.

Hmmm Clay stuff? Clay likes holding babies, all kinds of babies, I would guess he gets to do that a lot now and thus I believe he is happy, I think that is all that should matter to him right now. How I feel about Babies, is not the issue. ( I prefer older than toddlers to teens myself, but I don't have a a baby right now, hence, not my issue. Hey, I prefer humans that can talk to me - How much? Well my dog before actually started talking back to me in english because I talked to her so much and this one is starting to gently woof back, I think English is out of her reach though).

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Yes she is a very fluffly cute puppy with personality already. And I'm about to butcher the spelling but she's a mix of Schitzu, pomaranian and yorkshire (ok I'm pretty sure I spelled that last one right).

"shih tzu" (sh?' dz?') pronunciation

Not Shit Sue as most people say it!! :lmaosmiley-1:

We've had 4 shih tzus and they are the sweetest lovable

I-Want-To-Sit-In-Your-Lap-All-The-Time doggies!!!

From this morning's Real Simple email . . .

August 29, 2008

Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same.

— Flavia Weedn

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Hmmm....CITH recommendations....I think certain members of FCA *coughatinal/ansa/liney23/ ialreadyam/jmh123/PuddinsJoy/couchie/kandrecough* need to remember this...


Nice long weekend ahead of you...perfect time to listen to some Christmas music, donchathink?

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Thanks KIM!!!!

:Morning: all!! Yep - it's another gray day here and I just woke up!!

(as you can see from my last post I was up pretty late)

I always have to read a little bit before turning off the light.

I think I am on West Coast time!! :F_05BL17blowkiss:

Waiting for more on the Hong Kong Saga!! :D

ldyj -- love the bloody handprints! I'm glad I got mine done last weekend! :)


21 more days til SPAMALOT!!!

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Wow, 3 weeks from today we will be celebrating! :dancingpickle:

So I took the kitty back to the vet for x-rays because he is still limping around like an old man, and it's been a week. After doing a comparison x-ray with his good paw, they discovered that somehow, he has broken a tiny little bone in his 3rd toe. Ouch! He will need to be in a splint for 4 weeks. We had to leave him there so they can fashion the splint, so I don't know the $$ damage yet. Poor little guy! But he is so good natured, no matter how much touching and prodding the vet did, he only licked her in response. My other cat wouldn't have been so forgiving. :P

ldyj, you are scaring me. ;)

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Couchie Thie big question about your "niece" is NOT whether she's sweet, cute, innocent and cuddly, but rather did her bitch of a mother seduce the father, take advantage of him just to get puppy sperm, or are they really just dog pals?
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