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Celebrity Apprentice SPOILERS!!!


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Bless you to all those who venture into the angst to bring us the goods. Really love those two pics with Clay and just the guys cuz you can see those thighs in the pics. Looking good in them tight jeans.

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What I discovered last night after studying the pictures:

I could identify almost all the men in the picture, except for one (and that is probably Michael Andretti, who speculation now thinks replaced his son on the show).

I could identify NONE of the women. And to be honest, I could only remember the names of three of the women who were going to be on the show. LOL.

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I only recognize Clay, Arsenio, Lou Ferrigno, Penn & Teller guy and Debbie Gibson and that's it. I've heard Michael Andretti's son's name before but don't know what he looks like. I do know what Michael Andretti looks like and he ain't there, lol.

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First sighting this morning..crazyaboutclay (apparently CV's resident stalker, LOL) saw Clay going into the studio..wearing a gray hoodie and carrying his laptop..it was raining so he ran in. Later he was seen leaving on the bus with the others. Apparently this campaign has something to do with Buick.


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Bless you to all those who venture into the angst to bring us the goods. Really love those two pics with Clay and just the guys cuz you can see those thighs in the pics. Looking good in them tight jeans.

I have not come across any "angst," just fans having fun. There are those who criticize the fans who are bringing information to CV because they do not want to know anything until TCA airs, and post that they do not want to see any videos, then they are the ones who take the videos to other MB. Go figure?

Most of the fans are just having lots of fun with all the stuff that our "sleuths" are finding for us.

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I don't know about justclay, but I've seen some worry already -- mostly about how long he'll be on the show. It's just that this time, "we" have no power like "we" did during AI. I understand people wanting him to be on the show all the way to the end -- because I want that too. But, I just can't concern myself with "will he? won't he?" I don't have time for that at this time in my life.

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Via Openly Clay:

From Clayphan at CV:

I'm not sure what has already been posted in regard to the CA sightings today, so I'll just go from the beginning until the end. Both teams arrived at around 8:35. It literally started pouring as soon as they all pulled up. The girls vans pulled up the next block and just sat there. The men were the first ones to get out and go into the studio. Lou was the first one out. He went inside and came back out with 2 umbrellas....one for himself, and the other he opened up and held there for Dee. I'm assuming Lou was the PM for today. He was in a suit and tie, the only one really dressed up. They hopped out of the vans and ran into the studio. After about 45 minutes, they came back out, walked down the street, and got on a bus....there were 2 buses there, one for each team. They looked like they were decorated as offices. Lou was carrying a long black "Buick" sign and had the name of a car after the word "Buick". Clay was carrying a box and others were carrying bags and folders. After the men got on the bus, the women got out of their vans and then went into the studio. They came back out after about a half hour and then got on their bus. They did some filming inside the buses. The women went back into the studio first to give their presentation. If I had to guess, I'd say either Lisa or Teresa were the PM for their team....I feel more like it was Lisa though. After they came back out, the men went in to do theirs. As each team finished their presentations, they got back on the buses, took off their mic equipment, packed up their things, and headed back to the vans. The women's team left right after the guys went into the studio for their presentation. The paparazzi were CRAZY out there today!!! Anyway, I am in the process of uploading my videos. I took 3 good ones. I know when CrazyAboutClay gets home, she's going to upload the pics she took. As soon as the videos are done uploading, I'll post them.

...and from CrazyAboutClay:

Here are my pictures from today. Warning: they are not the greatest. Most of these were taken amongst raindrops and while running. :biggrin: But you get the idea...


The outside of the studio...they filmed on the top floor!


Clay and the mysterious box! :P


This picture and the next were taken while he was sitting on the bus, after the task was completed. They were de-briefing and taking their mikes off.



There's that box again!!!!!! :)


Leaving for the van...

I'm glad you guys had fun today! I had a blast, as well....all 7 hours of it!!!! :grin

Clayphan-great videos! I'm glad I got to spend the day with you.

On to the next task...

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canfly, there are messages for you on the main thread. I was so sorry to hear about your dad.

Thanks to everyone who brought over the spoilers, pictures & videos! I am now caught up....but sounds like maybe something big might happen again today? In any case, good to know that he is still in the game!

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Adding this to this thread, although I think it's OK in the main thread too!

Apparently Quiana tweeted this tonight (CA spoiler):

If any1 is in NYC 2mor and might be around 225 Fifth Ave. betwn 11-12:30. there will be a party! Wear beachy, summer attire! NO CLAY shirts!

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The tweet is now supposedly gone. However, Cotton at CV is a RL friend of Quiana.

From Cotton at CV:

Okay - here's the deal.

Per Quiana:

Clay wants the word about tomorrow spread privately on the message boards not twitter.

"This is going to be his big test"!


So - If anyone is in NYC tomorrow and might be around 225 Fifth Avenue between 11-12:30... I happen to know that there is going to be a special party! Wear beachy, summer type attire! NO FAN shirts!

So - as many of you who are in the city, or have friends in the city that you can get to show up "in costume", please spread the word.

IMO, if you know someone who's a fan of one of the other guys, encourage THEM to show up!!

It's the NUMBER of PEOPLE, he needs!!

I guess the Crystal Light thing was the right info. So I'm guessing they need a crowd of beach folks to be part of it!??


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From today's Twitter feed from Quiana:

NYC!!! "Launch Party" at 225 fifth ave between 11-12:30 TODAY in your fav BEACH WEAR!!! Retweet retweet retweet


Top of the morning guys! I pray everyone has a blessed day! Im also praying that God shows up & shows out for OMC today in a mighty way!

Interesting. Last night -- no Twitter please. Today -- Twitter everything! Hee.

Almost forgot this, from Reed on Twitter last night:

[thereedkelly] is looking for his good-looking friends in NYC who aren't too hung over to join me tomorrow for promotional launch party, hit me back!

If it is for Clay (and I'm thinking it is), that's very sweet.

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From DancerMom at CV:


I froze walking there in my capris and slippers and tank top with jacket on. I finally feel warm now that I am at home.

It was a studio space. Not too big...about the size of a small storefront? They had it set up like a Beach party. They had some sand sprinkled on the floor and beach chairs and balls. There were two cabanas set up where they served the Peach Bellini Crystal Light. Lou and Michael were the bartenders. It was served in a champagne/wine glass with a little paper umbrulla. It got very crowded. So no worries. There were bodies enough!!!

I got a huge hug at the end, a hand shake and a picture with Clay.......EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I am still floating. It was something wonderful. He just talked to everyone!!!! Squeeeeeeeeeee It was like you were a cocktail party with the guys team. It was all kinds of wonderful just watching him for an hour and a half.

Hoda and Kathie Lee came by and they had a round of the song with Dee, Arsenio (I think) and Clay.

He was clearly the one in charge and he said a number of times this was very important to him. He was telling people what to do and at times the guys all consulted and then they would do something. I loved Dee and Arsenio. They kept looking for the "suits", the corporate peeps from Crystal Light. Boy did they stick out when they finally came in. The guy looked as DH said...so plastic politician. Clay schmooozed them and we had another round of the song and limbo again.

They also did a soul train line. Clay did not go down the line either.

DH had his camera...and took some shots until someone noticed and told him to stop. Heh...they asked him again if he was with the press. Iphones and small cameras were okay but DH's baby is a lot bigger. The guy with the Canon in the Box was there...I think he is a pap so look for pics.

The guys team is named Unanimous. They were all wearing matching Aloha shirts.

Clay sang!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A couple of times...I lost count. On the boardwalk...down by the seeeeaaaaaa. It was fun! Ben was there and he played the keyboards for Clay. Dee and Clay sang a duet at times...and at times Arsenio joined in and everyone would sing the chorus and then there would be a toast and cheer to the drink of the day. The camera guys were there...boom and roaving.

They did the limbo with a big bamboo pole...Reed is good. How he got so low when he is so tall I do not know. They declared a tie because I swear it was almost just a 2 feet off the ground? Maybe 3 at the most at that point. Young ones showed up in bikinis! (The one in the green bikini almost had a wardrobe malfunction of her top that was definitely not keeping those peaches in well). The guys on the team sort of surrounded her and she adjusted herself lol! Clay would always go behind whoever was doing the limbo to act as the spotter. When people shouted to Clay to do it he said...no way he can't even squat that low! They also did a soul train.

The guys were all working hard. And smiling but you would catch them...and Clay who I was watching especially between "takes" in a pause thinking hard and looking very serious.

At the end when we were getting ready to leave...I got the warmest thank you hug. Can you see my silly Clay grin??!!!! OMG. He does smell like...well...fresh clean laundry that had been hung outside to air dry. He has the most wonderful arms!

At the end when we were all getting ready to leave...smetterlink said...I have sand everywhere...and we all looked at each other...Only for Clay. Reed was right there...and he said that was what I was going to say...only for Clay.

I also have a silly Clay grin on my face that I had on the whole time I was walking to the subway afterwards freezing again with ncwannabbe.

When he thanked us for coming he said he might need us again...Please please please need us again!!!!!! Because that means he got through this challenge.

He may need the money tomorrow...but it is unclear. Obviously he has a lot on his mind now. Boardroom....

There are pics over at cv if anyone can bring them over. BTW Reed was there.

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Just in case someone brings the picture of the flyer over here I am bringing over what DM posted at CV.

QUOTE (dancermom2 @ Nov 1 2011, 03:46 PM) post_snapback.gifSorry guys...someone else who was there just pm'd me to say one of the suits from the show told her that the flyer should not be shared. Can you make sure it gets taken down if you took it elsewhere? Of course they didn't tell this to everyone as they were leaving..

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I just posted this over at NNHB. Nobody bring me down. Even if they aren't back together, I don't want to know about it. I'd like to keep my illusion as long as possible.

Anyone know if Reed is still dating that Nick guy, cuz Lindylo just pointed out Reed's hashtag in this tweet.

QUOTE thereedkellyReed Kelly

just tied for first place with my friend Mike in a limbo contest. Pretty amazing considering he's 5'6"! #thingswedoforthosewelove

I'm getting schmoopier by the minute. Any more stuff like that and I'll have Clay and Reed getting married in a double wedding with Ben and Sean.

By the way, someone posted after my post that Nick and Reed are no longer together.

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