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#66: "I'm Clay Aiken, and I Approved This Message!"


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I'll miss hearing Clay on my radio. Finally I'm going in for hip replacement surgery on Tuesday morning. Looking forward to getting it over with. My son from Oregon will be coming to NC t help us. I'll also cheer me up see him. Mr. Fear and I both sent in our absentee ballots. I'm going to try and make some calls for my friend running for NC legislature during my recuperation. Maybe even Clay.

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The Amazing Laurie ‏@LaurieTMiller 11m11 minutes ago

Very nice to meet @clayaiken today. Thanks for running for congress @ClayForNC


Fear, please take care of yourself -- and keep us posted! If you can, have your son check in with us so we know you're doing OK!

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Ashley Donovan

8 mins · Cary, NC ·

So this just happened ... Clay Aiken took a selfie with my phone.


Stephanie Benner ‏@stephaniebenner 5m5 minutes ago

#obligatorybabypic! Great to meet @clayaiken tonight and hear how he'll help TEACHERS!

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@charlesjmalone: Hard working Fab Four Wake county commissioner candidates joined by congressional candidate Clay Aiken tonight at... http://t.co/PPj2xUKwJl

@FortnightStuart: Starstruck w/ @clayaiken @FortnightBeer today.Great event.I learnt that #Education was a hot issue here in #NC http://t.co/hrj0EGmBFY

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From yesterday:


@ForwardAmerican: Yesterday in #nc02,new friend Brandy shared this pic of emerging leader @clayaiken @ClayForNC w/ Apex Kiwanis friends http://t.co/Z4g0vhiKD0

Video from the event last night:



Jen Geurin Ferrell

We just heard from our outstanding "More With Four" Wake County Commissioner candidates, Matt Calabria, John Burns for Wake County Commissioner, Jessica for Wake, Sig Hutchinson For Wake & Clay for North Carolina!

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Raffle winner announced early!

Good afternoon, CA4NC Gold Members!

It is time to reveal last week's raffle winner. Everyone, please join me in congratulating SHERRY HESSION of Atlanta, GA. Sherry, you are the recipient of a personalized CA4NC campaign t-shirt (L, XL, or 2XL size available). Please let me know what size you want!

CA4NC Gold Circle Weekly Raffle #16

This week’s raffle prize is:

  • A personalized CA4NC campaign magnet!

The next raffle winner will be announced on Monday, October 20th.

Thank you and good luck!

Nick Leisey

Clay Aiken For North Carolina

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Anyone interested in donating? Let me know -- if you do, I'll share the latest challenge. (Apologies to the Canadians -- but I have a feeling if this goal is reached, the sharing will cross borders!)



I'm on the Gold Team, so I'd appreciate the help...but the money all goes to the same place!

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Speaking of that, here's the latest email, entitled "This is Pretty Shady":

Hello ldyj,

Sometimes it's frustrating working in politics. Last week, local Sheriffs caught a man breaking the law by taking down Clay Aiken signs. It turns out the man was recently Director of the Lee County Young Republicans.

We can replace signs. That's not the issue. The issue is that some folks think that in order to win, they need to tear the other side down. They think they need to play dirty, even if it means breaking the law.

Washington feels the same way. Folks on one side don't want to give the other side a "win" of any kind, even if ends up hurting the country.

We need to change things and we can start one sign at a time. Can I count on you to donate $25 to help get those signs back up?

Thank you for your help.

Jimmy Dahman

Field Director

Clay Aiken for North Carolina

P.S. - Click here to read the article in today's Fayetteville Observer.

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