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#1 - Ready for your constant state of celebration

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Ghost post:

Tsathy not send package. Texas dominatrix-wannabe try to sully name. Tsathy will have minion make "interesting" name tag for CH concert party. KAndre will rue day.


PS: Tsathy lurve Texas BBQ.


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Tsathy, I ordered my pins, like a proper minion.

I am hoping that something upbeat happens this week. Maybe the radio interview will difuse some of the angst some are feeling.

Unfortunately, I am taking 3 teenage boys on a trip tomorrow to hear a headbanger band. (I assume that is what the band is). It's my son's treat for his birthday. Let's see where did I put my CD player?

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Tsathy, I ordered my pins, like a proper minion.

I am hoping that something upbeat happens this week.  Maybe the radio interview will difuse some of the angst some are feeling.


I hope so too...at first I was a little puzzled and disturbed by the strength of the reaction. I was very happy with the article itself because I felt like he was being real and truly intersting in the piece, it wasn't fluff for sure.

I think for some fans its like they have been missing him, and have been anticipating seeing him, but then they wonder if he would feel the same about them. I guess some people may be feeling that Clay is not eager to interact with the fans again. Personally I didn't read that from the article. I think he may have had some struggles that he had to overcome the last few months with his career and his trips for UNICEF and he may still be feeling the scars.

I think once the Concert is here he will start his love affair with the audience once again...he and we will be envigorated and re-charged ...can't wait for the 28th!!!

((((Clay and Clay fans))))

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I read a lot of commentary on the TV Guide article, and am I the only one who feels a little sorry for the realtor who has to try to sell a house where every room is either wallpapered in Burberry plaid or stripes, or is painted orange? :P

eta: The teaser for the TV Guide article is up on the website here.

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Thanks for that link bottlecap...it does look like he has two covers....EEEEEEEEEEE!

I like the one with the mike...he looks so dreamy!!!

FOr more gorgeous pix..check out the TV guide photo shoot screencaps here

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I really love the thread title. Kind of a walk down memory lane. I know things haven't moved as fast this year as they did in the past 2, but I still think there is so much to celebrate. Many of the fans seem to look for things to criticize instead of celebrate and I have a hard time understanding that. I heard a voice 2 and a half years ago that touched me, plain and simple. What continues to amaze me is that, here I am 2 and half years later and I'm still as entralled by it as I ever was. People try to compare him to other new artists and the normal time lines in terms of getting his new album out, but how many other new artists were able to tour to the extent Clay did in their first couple of years in the business? How many other new artists can put out a best selling Christmas CD just a year and a half into their careers, and record it in the middle of 2 tours? There are so many accomplishments and characteristics of Clay's to celebrate, but some fans choose to analyze and parse his every word. Where's the fun in that? I'm here for the fun and the celebration, and this looks like a good place to do it.

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I got an email from the ladies that are organizing a ticket donation fundraiser for the Boston Concert...here is her update:

We are working with the Crossroads Family Shelter in

East Boston & have received several tix, but are still in need of quite

a few more. We'd like to give some to a local battered women's home as

well. So I want to encourage anyone who has extra seats for the August

28 show who either can't sell them or can afford it to please consider

mailing them to:


c/o Pamela Like

150 Leyden St.

Boston, MA 02128

Please include your screen name & home board, your actual name & mailing

address & whether or not you'll be at the show. You'll get an immediate

email confirmation of your gift & then after the concert, the recipients

of your ticket(s) will mail you a thank you note, hopefully with a bit

of detail about their experience. I'll also make sure that Clay gets a

card with a list of everyone who contributed to this worthy cause.

Thanks again!


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Well there's no right way or wrong way to be a fan. What I love about Clay Nation is that there is a place for everybody to express themselves in the way they sit fit. The cultures clash sometimes, well a lot, but now that our main goal of making sure he doesn't go away has been accomplished, I'm not suprised.

And Ansa, your annoucement reflects what I love most about Clay's fans.

I want that cover with the microphone.

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Clay was on the radio this morning - someone at Clayboard caught it:

Clay Interviewed on Cleveland Radio This AM


Surprised this hasn't been posted! Here's the situation, I don't listen to the radio since they never seem to play Clay, but my good friend was commuting to work this am and was scanning the radio and came across Q104 interviewing Clay. She was so excited (and no she doesn't have a cell phone) and she just now got a hold of me.(I was gone all morning).

Here's the summary of the interview:

They asked him what he was up to....He told them he had been out the country for UNICEF.

The mentioned him now as a sex symbol/International star. He downplayed the sex symbol thing.

Asked him if he keeps in touch with past Idol...He said he talked to Ruben few weeks ago/still good friends, talks to KLO

and talks frequently to Kelly, there good friends.

They asked him if he has a home base since he no longer lives with KLO and he said he bought a home in LA and lives close to KLO's new home. His mother decorated the home, if it was up to him he'd have clothes on the floor. Was excited when last year agency gave gift certificate to Loew's and he's excited to go there and shop.

Talked about JBT he said he doesn't have a fave song, but that the 80's is probably his fave decade, really likes the 70's now, he said he had no trouble finding songs from that decade and the 90's least favorite. Hope to do songs from his new CD which he said might be out in the next 5 years then he laughed. She said he sounded a little wistful when he said it!

He also talked about being a roll model and he doesn't read negative comments in articles if he can avoid it because some things are said that are not true!

She said he sounded upbeat and happy. She also said he said Ohio crowds are energetic and he enjoys playing in Ohio!

If she remembers anything else she'll let me know.

Also, I think this is a summary of the Pittsburgh interview from 1pm today (from CH via CV):

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee there he is

talking about the emails and phone calls they got - said "oh really"

talking about the jukebox tour - favorite decade. Tough to pick...said he likes the 80's, likes the Motowns...

talking about the looks of 70's and can't believe people looked like that....but said that it was the easiest decade to pick songs from.

Thought 90's would be the easiest...but after listening to it, he said...what were we thinking...mmmbop and Villi Manilli [sic] and that was the one he had the toughest song choices. ed. note -- not sure if he actually said "Villi Manilli", but considering that scorpionlady45 had a "duh" emoticon after the name, I suspect he might have.

Now talking about asking them to bring the cell phones to the concerts...talking about Boomberang and sending messages before and during the shows. And in some places, being able to text messages on screens.

Talking about GMA and TV Guide cover coming up.

He mentioned going to Indonesia and Uganda for Unicef

Okay the interview is over and she didn't ask anything about CD just that he is working on it.

He sounded really good...really upbeat and laughing a lot

They are playing Invisible now.

Another recap of the same from someone at the Clayboard via CH:

End of song. DJ talking. He's on!!!!

He's ok. She seems overwhelmed with emails. Mentioned the Bolt Babes.

Hard to pick his favorite decade. Favorite stuff is from 80s

Won't say his particular song favorite. Loves Motown section too. 60s

Grew up on 90s, looked down on 70s. Now easy to find songs from 70s. Hard to find which one to do. Doesn't like 90s now.

Milli Vanilli -- "Umm bop"

Fads change quickly.

Talked about text messages and cell phones at concert. Trying something out. Might hate himself later for doing this.

Text a number to send messages backstage and during the show. Some venues with screens for messages during the show. Might need an edit. Interactive element. He can text message back!!!!!!!!!

Favorite part is to meet people. Try to have people up on stage. Not sure if there will be someone on stage this show.

GMA now. TV Guide cover. Took a few months off at the beginning of this year. Actually was "quite bored" "Nothing's too busy for me at this point"


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Admin Announcement

I'm putting this here because who reads the announcement page...probably nobody!! Please be aware that when you send a PM you need to check the Save in Sent Mail box for it to save to that folder. We are trying to figure out how to make that the default. In the mean time, please check that box to keep a record of a particular PM.

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Thanks for bringing that over Shelley...I didn;t get my Harry Potter in the mail...but I will take radio Clack to make up for it.

I am really getting so excited about things now...I really love the concept of this tour...love the fact that he enjoyed the 80's decade more...cos that is my decade...but I doubt he would be choosing any tears for Fears or Depeche mode...I'm hoping for some sting and Journeyand EEEEEEE for a lot of motown...love motown.

I agree...the 90's was not so inspiring...too much boyband and britney...

If anyone knows where we can get the audio verions of these interviews let us know so we can put up on FCA...

eta: you can download pittsburgh interview from FCA scroll down to radio interview then right click and save please.

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Tsk, tsk Ansa...it's clear that the 70's were sucking him in...great music and...different...clothes. Yeah, that's the ticket. Clay, anyone wearing that paisley jackage of pukage in public doesn't have a whole lot of room to talk...shoot, if I recall correctly, aren't they wearing bell bottomed hiphuggers now? Lowriders my butt (literally). Clay, you know you want the mini-mullet back! I do believe "The Night Chicago Died" is in my future! BWAH HA HA HA!

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Yup...they surely are going for an older market this time...

that picture does not look innocent and sweet...but quite intense and a bit dangerous...

I like this grown up clay...

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Oh Man, I would love to get my hands on that. No, not that. Just the magazine. ;)

Wow, oh wow that is one intense picture. I think it may just be the most intensely sensual professional picture I have ever seen. He gets that look when he's singing so there have been several fan shots that show that intensity but rarely do the professionals ever catch it.

He sure doesn't look like a goofy kid any more.

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Oh Man, I would love to get my hands on that.  No, not that.  Just the magazine.  ;)

Wow, oh wow that is one intense picture.  I think it may just be the most intensely sensual professional picture I have ever seen.  He gets that look when he's singing so there have been several fan shots that show that intensity but rarely do the professionals ever catch it.

He sure doesn't look like a goofy kid any more.

I would love to get my hands on that...not just the magazine! That IS one intense picture......holy moly.......there. are. no .words.

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I would suggest that if people do find this cover in the stands...that they buy as many as they can get...we can coordinate some match up so you will not be left with copies you don;t really need but the demand for this cover will be very high...so please...just grab those babies...and let us know where we can send paypal...lots of people specailly Canadians are ready to buy....

EEEEEEE will this be like the Rolling stone all over again...people Harassing vendors left and right...heee

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WHoa...Invisible that is ,,,gaahhhahhhah...

that is just too intense for me...the most useless wallpaper cos I wouldn;t be able to do anything if that was on...


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Someone mentioned they called tv guide and that this is by subscription only. That you couldnt even call them and order it.  WAH!!  I think some non clay fans are going to run to Ebay and get some big $$$ out of it!

I read that the cable guide version is available from you local cable companies...but I heard its only one for every customer....

If anyone finds it in a store could you please let others know...this will be ebay gold I think. :o

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Most people from CH probably know me as Samtaycai...I haven't been posting there because the pin gallery was keeping me busy and now the FCA forum so I am constantly pages behind...but I usually would have my own take (usually long and wordy too so the scroll button is your friend) of any issue in Clayland...I like to analyze and theorize on the why's and how of Clay's career. I also like to get insights on the man himself... after all the recent article, interviews and blogs I have made several observations...or theories as to what is going on with our favorite guy....

CD...I bet he has been working on a CD for quite some time..but I think he was having a difficult time finding the songs that would truly define what he would consider the Clay sound. I bet that Clive and him were having some conflicts as to the direction of the CD. I believe all the reports that he has recorded songs as early as last year...I believe he was in the studio before now...but its possible they just ended up not using anything they already have because it just wasn;t right for Clay. When Clive bowed out of the project...the next challenge was finding the right EP that could help Clay find that particular sound that woudl define. him. He needed an EP that could think outside the box, because CLay is not your usual pop star. I do believe he is very happy with his current EP, based on what he has said on interviews and the article. I think they are finally finding songs that Clay is happy with, that is why he is finally talking about his CD. I like the fact that this EP was willing to find songs and composers from different genre...I think this will be a great collaboration, as long as Clay is happy with the choice then we will finally hear the Clay sound. As to the fear that he was going CCM or Country...the TV guide article answers that...he is going to continue with the soft rock sound. My take on this is a less edgy Rob thomas sound.

re-positioning...I think Team Clay is finally ready to target the 20 to 40 market and the male audience. In order to do that they have to make Clay a bit more edgy. But how do they do that without totally changing his image and making him what he isn't. I think edgy does not have to mean you're a bad boy...I think edgy simply means you have to be real...you have to be more than a one dimensional charcter...you have to be willing to show you are human and can make mistakes. I think that is what the TV guide article and the cable guide cover is all about.

The cable cover shows two sides of Clay...the goofy guy that people was first introduced to...and the slightly dangerous, more mature, sexy guy that is not afraid to finally let that side of him out. The TV guide article portrayed Clay as a more introspective, jaded, conflicted person with some substance. That is why they had the emphasis on his search for a place to belong, an emphasis on his agoraphobia...his search for a relationship...it is easier for people to relate to him when they know he is not a "perfect guy".

Let Clay be Clay...I think a lot of fans sometimes worry that if Clay shows the public his less than stellar characteristics that the public will rejects him and we will lose him. I think some fans are still stuck on the AI mentality that people have to like you to survive, to vote for you. But in reality, the only thing that the public has to like is his music. For example I don't have any clue as to what kind of person Rob thomas is...I don't know if he is married or what his faith is but I still buy his records. I don't have to like him as a person to like his music. I think for the genral public that is the way they choose their CDs. So if Clay is pissy in an article...it may just make him real but I doubt it will cost him record sales...will he lose fans over it...its possible but he will also gain others...so no real worries.

Let Clay Fans be Clay Fans...One thing this pin craze has emphasized to me is how varied, how unique each group of Clay fans are. We will get all kinds of reaction to things that Clay will do. There will be people that will get hurt by things he said, and there will be others who will just shrug and think...so what else is new. All our reactions are as real as Clay's reaction to us...our opinions on his opinions are as valid as his. So I have decided not to get upset by people's reactions anymore. They are what they are..We have no control on what other fans feel in the same way we have not control over what Clay feels and do.

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