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Crap....hope they bring it back soon.

From CV:

oh how great

StageMgrBares ‏@StageMgrBares 2m Got my 1st auction item for @BCEFA #bwaybares2014 @clayaiken @OgunquitPH signed poster. @ClayNewsNetwork will ❤it! pic.twitter.com/Bf93nxeWVA


In the meantime...

I went to YouTube to find Ogunquit's channel. Did you know they did "The Drowsy Chaperone" 3 years ago? And Carson Kressley played Man in Chair! Hee. (Biased opinion...Clay was better. Double hee.)

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Nice long recap from today at CV, and thanks CV!

QUOTE (vjm @ Aug 9 2013, 03:36 PM)

Reactions from Friday, 8.3 and Saturday, 8.4

I don't know how relevant reactions are when they are a week after the event, but these thoughts have been rolling around in my brain, so I might as well post them

I LOVED the show and everything about the experience in Ogunquit. What a great weekend! My only regret is that I can't go back. I'd love to be there closing weekend. The theater is charming, the show is fun and energizing, the town is full of things to do, and with the exception of 2 curmudgeons at the gas station on Main Street, the people were friendly and helpful.

Highlights of the show, for me:

Close Every Door - Clay's delivery of this song is stunning, not just through his singing voice which defies my descriptive skills, but also through his inflections and body language. I have many favorite performances of songs by Clay over the years, and this one is among those at the top of my list. He connects so well with this song and you feel Joseph's anguish.

Go, Go, Go, Joseph - This is the song that keeps playing in my head. When the children gather around him with their luminaries (am I remembering that correctly?) and encourage him through this song, it just made me smile. What a thrill for them! Beyond that, though, they were very effective. They made me want to join in their cheers and pull for Joseph. My favorite line is "We read the book and you come out on top." Wouldn't it be great if we all knew that things would turn out well when we are in the midst of a situation that we can't imagine getting better? The children's voices were very sweet and sincere. I loved that scene!

Joseph in Egypt with his groveling brothers - I don't remember exactly why this was a highlight, just that it was. I loved the emotion in Clay's voice when he called out Benjamin, later when the told the brothers who he was, and especially when he was re-united with Jacob. I love the way he sings the word 'patricide.' I loved it all.

Stage Door Friday night - There was a young girl (11 or 12 years old, I'd guess) who was standing on the low wall on the side of the theater very close to the Stage Door and she was calling to her uncles, telling them where to stand so that they were most likely to get Clay's autograph. She was promising them that she'd get Clay to see them, and indeed, he did. The two uncles were the men with Down's Syndrome that others have written about. Clay was going through the line very quickly, signing as he went, but when he got to the end and saw these men, he put his arms around them for pictures and one of them kissed Clay on the cheek. I loved that Clay gave them special attention and that they were so obviously thrilled, as was the girl I assume was their niece.

Another tidbit - While Clay was moving down the line (I think it was Friday, could have been Saturday), a tall man in the back of the crowd yelled something like "Great job in Apprentice," to which Clay replied something like "Yeah, something else to lose." He was laughing a bit when he said it. I love that people recognize Clay for his role in TCA

Stage Door Saturday night - Some of the children from the cast came around to the Stage Door, were waiting excitedly for Clay him to come out, and strategizing how to get his autograph. One mother came over to ask her daughter why she didn't just get his autograph back stage, but the child was insistent that she wanted to get it in the crowd. A boy and girl were searching for a pen, obviously unaware of the stashed Sharpie. They found a pencil, but the girl said it wouldn't work on her iPad. The boy asked why she was getting her iPad signed and she said because she took it with her everywhere and it was 'current.' He just nodded. I moved out of their way to help the get closer, and apologize to the fans behind me who weren't happy with me for that. At least I stepped out of everyone's way. Sorry...... the kids were short and there was no way they'd get in otherwise.

The Brothers - They were great! Very funny, expressive and great performers!

Some miscellany:

Some thoughts on character of Joseph - Joseph, as a character, didn't hold together in my experience. Joseph at the opening didn't seem to be the same person as Joseph in Potipher's household who didn't seem to be the same person as Joseph in prison who didn't seem to be the same person as the Joseph who triumphed in the end. It could be the way the character was written, the way Clay performed the role, the way the director wanted the character to be portrayed.... I don't know. I'm not judging, just saying how the character hit me. I liked all of the Josephs, they just felt disjointed. If I over-analyze (as if I already didn't laugh.gif ), I might think that it makes sense for Joseph to change given what he experienced, but that explanation just doesn't seem to fit, at least not to me. In the beginning, Joseph hit me as somewhat awkward, more of a bumbler than a dreamer, and I can see how some people saw bits of Sir Robin in him. In Potipher's household he seemed more of a match to the campiness of the show. In prison he was intense and serious, appropriately so, of course. In the end he seemed the most natural.

Promo pic - I wasn't going to share this tidbit, as that particular turd has been throughly stirred, but I decided to go ahead as the experience was genuine. Let me just say that I don't like the promo picture, but don't have any emotional reaction to it. It doesn't bother me, I just think it was a less-than-optimal choice for promotion. cagney and I were on the deck of a restaurant in town very late on Friday night and had a very friendly waitress who practically joined us for dinner as she wasn't busy. We talked about a variety of things, and eventually the fact that we came from Jospeh came up. There was a large poster for the show on the deck and she looked at it and made some comment about finding the picture to be ...... I don't remember the word she used, but it meant something like 'strange.' There was nothing mean-spirited about her comments, just her honest reaction. We told her that he didn't look like that in the show, and that the wig, in particular, was not like that. One of us (I think it was cagney showed her the chains picture and she was surprised and said it was much better. I had my playbill and showed her the picture of Clay in the cast bio section so she'd see what he looks like out of costume. She was, again, surprised. The bartender came over at some point and joined the conversation and made similar comments. She said that "even the gay guys" thought the picture was "over the top." Again, there was nothing mean spirited about her comments. Anyone who has been to Ogunquit knows that it is a very gay friendly town, and she was no exception. Obviously, this picture is not keeping people from the show. The great attendance has been commented on many times. It still has an effect on people's perceptions of Clay, though.

Hopes for Next Summer - I hope Clay goes back to Ogunquit. It's not easy for me to get there, but I'd go annually if he were appearing Hey, Sally Struthers is a regular there, maybe Clay will go back! cagney and I are already planning our next trip!

I hope everyone has as great an experience at the show as I did. It's among my best Clay trip memories. hideTMCHA.gif

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And a cute tidbit:

It may look like there are two different golden head-dresses, but really it is the same one. As his chariot comes out it moves into the light and the shot where he faces left and then faces right are really only seconds apart. I think as he tilts his head down the top just looks larger when he is in the light.

The other crown, as explained in earlier answer to your question, is from the scenes before, he has the headband with the blue jewels once he is chosen by Pharaoh. Some handmaidens come out and give him the neck piece and cuff pieces and the narrator puts on the headband/crown. But, after that they go to a song the brothers sing (sing, dancing, sing) and then when they come to Egypt, Clay comes out and his hair has been very neatened, he looks all pressed and neat. I don't know if he really changes his shirt or they just straighten him up, but his hair/wig looks great at this point. That is the scene the headband/crown pics are from.

BTW, in the scene with Pharaoh in the hard hat, the ladies keep grabbing Joseph(Clay) and telling how much they love him. They are really getting into it -- I think more embellished last night. One went down at his feet and grabbed his leg. They stare at him like adoring fans. LOL is he giving them hints? Or have they fallen too? SmileyHearts.gif

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Cellcert at CV tonight..Faye and Parker are at the show; 3rd row center. How fun that Parker gets to see Daddy on stage. Hope the fans respect their privacy..this is huge for Clay.


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Uh oh. Clay's latest tweet:

Getting old SUCKS! Thank God for a patient and accommodating @OgunquitPH and an incredibly helpful and supportive (literally) cast.

Wonder what happened?

I didn't listen to the cellcert this evening, as I'm going out of town for a family reunion tomorrow and had lots of food to prepare. Glad Parker was able to see Daddy tonight, and I hope that Clay's privacy in this regard is respected!

Although I'm dying to see Parker...

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Someone lifted Parker up on the stage!

To clarify...from CV:

Sorry for confusion on Parker being lifted on stage. Instead of exiting back up the aisle, Faye and Parker walked towards the stage. Faye lifted him up and a man came out from backstage and took him from her and carried him off. Faye went up the steps on the side of the stage. I bet that is how they came in since they were already in their seats when we arrived. It was so surreal to glance over and recognize Faye and then realize there was a child with her!

Thought it was probably too good to be true.

Off for a family reunion. Have a great weekend everyone!

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The cellcert last night was extremely clear, almost like being there with your eyes shut. LOL. I really enjoyed it, and how lucky are the fans who just happened to pick last night to attend? So happy that Clay feels comfortable enough to let Parker sit in the audience. You know, I think live theatre really is good for him. He seems to be so comfortable there. And I never expected to enjoy it as much as I do!

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More recaps:

Quick note before I crash! I knew "something" was going on with Clay because the brothers just carried him offstage after they took off his coat of many colors and did not throw him in the hole as previously reported. He appeared to limp going offstage at the end of the first half. Shortly thereafter he tweeted his old age sucks comment. But those were the only hints that he might not be 100%. His voice was as good as I have ever heard it! There was explosive applause after CED. It was so full of emotion...words can't discribe completely this broken man prone on the ground and singing to his God. Lastly it did not look like he did the low "company bow" type at the end. That being said he was fine at the stage door and told us to get out of the rain. We said it wasn't raining anymore but he said his pen was wet so he thought it was!

Just don't anything else to add about Parker. I could not believe he was there and I felt such happiness knowing he would see his daddy on stage. Long wavy blond hair with soft childish features. Thin but not particularly tall I don't think.

I think Clay's back was bothering him. I saw him limping a couple of times in the first half, and when they changed the pit scene, I knew something was up. At first, I thought his knee was bothering him, but there were a few changes in the second half that makes me think it was his back. I saw him only land on one knee at one point when he was tossed to the ground, keeping his right knee up off the floor, When the Pharaoh makes him his no. 2 and he gets surrounded by the groupies, he didn't get down and crawl out from the circle of groupies like he did in prior shows. Later when the brothers are begging for mercy for Benjamin, Clay went down on one knee to place the golden cup upside down on the stage instead of bending over to do it. He did not pick it back up like he usually does to give it to Benjamin when he hugs him.

Parker and Faye were sitting in the row behind me in the center - I was sitting a few seats over to the right, so I could take quick sneak peaks every now and then, He looks very much like he did in those baseball dugout pictures we saw. He's slim and has longish curly/wavy blond hair. He was wearing a navy t-shirt, but I couldn't tell what the picture was on it. At the beginning of the show, he was waving to the kids on stage and smiling/laughing. H e had a box of Tic Tacs in his hand and was eating those from time to time. I never saw him react much to Clay at all, except that he seemed to really enjoy the coat of many colors song at the beginning. Every now and then he would say something to Faye and point to someone on stage - I could tell he was not pointing at his daddy, though. At one point, and I can't remember where, he let out a fairly loud squeal of laughter when it was relatively quiet during the show. He spend much of the second half in Faye's lap. I got the distinct impression that he is a busy boy who is not used to sitting still for long. He's adorable!

I got some pictures at stage door - Clay was wearing blue or dark gray V-neck sweater over a white tee with khaki shorts. I'll post them tomorrow.

During that last number when Clay locked eyes on Parker, Clay winked. Adorable! Parker laughed. When Clay throws his brother Jacob or is it Benjamin, there are so many brothers! Anyway, Parker yelled out, ha that was good! LOL

This is our first time watching Clay in Joseph, so can't make any comparisons btw shows. Our seats were front centre section right aisle. We were surrounded by season ticket holders that did not know much about Clay. We told them about Clay and his passion for his charity National Inclusion Project and how it all started and they were very impressed. The gentleman said he would make a donation to "National Inclusion Project".

We found out that the group of children are locals, one of the ladies we spoke to had a granddaughter who was going to be in the play on Sunday.

It was a great show and I think Clay's limitations may not be obvious to those who didn't know about it. We thought the cast were gentle and careful as they picked up and put him down. He lied on his back as he was dragged across the stage. I suppose that was a modified version.

He was lying on his right side and face down on the floor as he sang CED. He gradually lifted his head and shoulders as the song progressed. After the song, he relied on the baker and butler to stand up.

Overall a very entertaining and enjoyable show. Being on the front right was fun because we get to see the brothers dancing up close multiple times. They were so close I got spit on! And not to mention continuously being dangerously close to Clay! If you prefer watching the entire cast perform, further back in the centre would be great.

When he became pharaoh's advisor he switched gears and turned into a more confident Joseph. He was also very stern w the brothers. There was some really good acting there!

Stage door from what I can see, he signed for everyone in the first row.

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Sounds like the matinee today was fantastic, and Clay might be a bit better. Just odds and ends. And this tweet:

Andre Jordan @cinnabonzjordan

That Sunday matinee audience was the BEEZNEEZ! The @OgunquitPH was on fire:)

Says here he plays Gad--is that one of the brothers?

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I'm back! It was a great weekend for a reunion -- beautiful weather, and good family time.

Gotta catch up with posting. I was able to keep up a bit via my phone and iPad, but couldn't really post!

Yes, jmh, Gad is one of the brothers!

From the CH:

Cute tweets:
Paul Merrill ‏@PaulMerrillWMTW 25m

Family trip to a @clayaiken play. Don't tell @pennjillette.

the reply:

Penn Jillette ‏@pennjillette 2m

@PaulMerrillWMTW @clayaiken He'll be great. Say hi for me.

ETA: Follow up:

Paul Merrill ‏@PaulMerrillWMTW 1m

@cpft @clayaiken @pennjillette Great!

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From CV:

I’m Home! A breeze going up to Ogunquit but a torturous ride home! I think for 1 hour on the highway I went 20 miles an hour! But that is all behind me!

I LOVE this musical! What great material! I liked it better than Spamalot too! Clay was magical with his singing. I am fascinated with how he pushes out that tone from his guts when he sings. He was a certain sound like no one else I have ever heard. What a gift. I loved every number especially Close Every Door, Cannon Days (lol) and Pharaoh (lol). I have to admit the brothers are wonderful with the harmonizing and Pharaoh is nice to look at and does a great Elvis. Put them all together with Clay and this production is not to be missed. Well worth the drive up. I did not realize he sang CED prone on the ground, almost flat! How does he do that??!!

Clay may need to prepare his body before he embarks on theater. He seems to have sore muscles or something and his wonky leg was prominent. He usually can hide it but when he is hurting it becomes visible. He did not move much at all during Go, Go, Go, Joseph. Maybe a trainer for a couple of months before his next show can work up his stamina. I feel bad for him when he is hurting’.

My seats were magnificent. After the musical I exited stage left ( side exit) and the stage door was right there! I squeezed in and Clay signed my program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took pictures of him too….I had the Aiken fog though when he first came out and started to shake! He is so pretty up close….I adore him. He is slightly golden…not pale. Adore.

I have photos of the stage door. I will post in a few min. after I up load them






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Now this is a review!

First and foremost, I will have to say that I have never watched American Idol. I've never been a big fan of the show's concept, nor am I really a fan of "pop" music. That said, I was BLOWN AWAY by Clay Aiken in the title role. His voice sounds limitless in the role to the point that it almost sounds TOO EASY for his versatile voice. I found myself wondering how many keys had been raised, or how many times he was singing an octave above what was written. His vocal display is truly astounding, and more than that it is always clear as bell and you never struggle to understand what he is singing. It was also refreshing to see a different take on JOSEPH; often times actors choose to make him boastful and almost full of himself. You can see from the very start that Mr. Aiken is a shy, humble JOSEPH who longs to be accepted by his brothers and it's his naïveté that brings upon his misfortune, not ill will. I was more than surprised by his turn in the second act as the Pharaoh's right hand man who attempts to trick his brothers. And his rendition of "Close Every Door" will bring you to your feet.

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