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# 65: "Clay Aiken's Not Just Any Joe"


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Here is a tweet from Ken Arpino

@KenArpino: @korywithaK_18 & @ThatFunnyGayGuy #cardsagainsthumanity #keep following http://t.co/orM6BRuMJ5

The guy on they left is Zach. In case anyone is interested!

The guys played a game called called Cards Against Humanity.

I hatess the iPad today!

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From Sugrbugr at CC

Good morning from Ogunquit!

We had an incredible day yesterday! Met up with OKClayfan and Lulu in DFW airport for our flight to Boston. Gaymarie was booked on a flight two hours later, but luckily went standby on our flight and made it with 5 minutes to spare. They waived her $75 fee to move flights because her original flight was overbooked, too. The first of many fortunate things to come!

It was a beautiful day in New England. The car rental place gave us an SUV upgrade at no additional charge, so we rode in style all the way to the Meadowmere. Checked in and went in search of lobster! Walked all the way to Perkins Cove for lobster rolls. Such a beautiful town.

After getting back and cleaning up we had just a short walk to the Playhouse. First thing we saw were two pretty young things posing for pictures with the sign, standing underneath technicolor Clay pretending to hold his outstretched hand. We had to pose for a few, too, of course. Bought some Joseph souvenirs and made our way to our amazing seats. I was sitting 4th row center by myself, with the OK gals two rows ahead. I was sitting next to two local ladies on one side and a very spry older bald man on my left...more about him later.

The show is just so so good! I've resisted spoiling myself with any audio or video, which was really hard, but worth it. I won't attempt to describe the show itself, as others have already done such a good job with that. Perhaps describing how much fun the old guy next to me enjoyed the show,will give you an idea of how much fun it is. This guy was dancing in his seat all night. Any encouragement from the actors to clap along or wave your hands was enthusiastically complied with. Then, during the mega mix and ovation he was fist pumping so hard that Clay looked right at him and fist pumped right back to him with a great "hell yeah!" look on his face right at the guy. As soon as the light came up I said, "You got a fist pump from Clay Aiken!" He hugged my shoulders and said "wasn't that GREAT?!"

We are heading out to breakfast so I will have to break my recap into two parts. Later, I will describe our very lucky stage door and VERY exciting encounter at the piano bar!!!

{Feel free to post this recap wherever. If anybody wants a hint about the piano bar, find Gaymarie's Facebook. : ) }

Part 2

Recap part 2:

We made our way to the stage door after the show. Gaymarie was sitting on the left side of the house so she grabbed a great spot right in front of the barricade. If anyone doesn't know Gay, she is a loud and proud Clay fan. Clay jewelry, Clay t-shirt, and even a Clay tattoo! 10 years as a fan and she has never gotten an in person autograph. The skin on her cellphone is a photo of Clay and that is what she asked him to sign. She politely asked him if he would sign with her silver sharpy, and he snakily responded "too many rules!", but of course granted her wish.

For anyone attending future shows who would like autographs of the brothers, be sure and bring extra sharpies! The guys were graciously signing but there weren't enough pens to go around. From my second row spot at the barricades I only got Kory (Benjamin) and Matthew's (pharaoh-remember this) autograph before Clay came out. I was happy and put my playbill in my sack with my souvenir coffee mug. Off we went hiking down route 1to the Front Porch piano bar. We thought about dropping our bags at the hotel but decided against it.

The piano bar was quite crowded. We couldn't get near the piano, but staked out some couches on the opposite side of the room near the bar. The ladies with me had wine and I was enjoying a vodka tonic. All of a sudden I noticed some attractive young men coming over to the bar who looked familiar. "Hey!" I said, "aren't those some of the brothers?" Sure enough, several of them had walked in. Well, the vodka tonic in me took over! I grabbed my playbill and Gay's silver sharpy and headed right over to them and asked for autographs. They were so great, and one said he recognized me, which I'm sure he did because he was down on the stage "groveling" right in front of me during that part of he show. I thanked them and told them how wonderful the show is and turned to walk back over to the gals. I was several yards away when I turned around and saw Matthew the pharaoh looking at me, with a sorta "what am I, chopped liver?" look on his face. I held up my playbill and hollered to him that I had already gotten his autograph at the stage door. He nodded and smiled, and I gave him a "we're good" thumbs up and walked away. I sat back down with the gals and in a minute or two we look up and he had come over to talk to us!! I swear to God, we did not bother this guy or stalk him around the bar!

We had a great conversation about this show and other things he's done. What he's doing next and hopes to do. He and Gay connected, because he'd lived in Louisiana. We warned him that we are on the front row on Sunday! He told us that they didn't find out that Clay was playing Joseph until right before rehearsals started. They were told in an email warning them not to bring nuts to rehearsal. He freaked out once because he forgot and asked for walnuts on a salad.

He was nice enough to take some photos with us. I have no idea how to post a photo on my phone to the message board. If anyone wants to grab the photo from Facebook, be my guest. He told us to eat at Amores, so of course we did today. Our waiter there said he served Clay, and how nice he was and how the kitchen staff were all nervous and asked to keep his ticket. After Amores, we shopped and took an hour long boat ride on a lobster boat. It was cool!

Another show tonight! Not sure how this weekend could get any better, but I'm ready to find out!

{recap can travel if you like}

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I agree jmh., there have been many really good recaps.

I haven't even thought about packing for my trip on Tuesday. I found out my cat is diabetic yesterday and I've been trying to find someone who could give him his shots. My friend , the catsitter, has never given a shot to any of the pets she sits for. I'm to the point of asking the doctor across the street from us to help my husband. She is recently retired and has just come back from a long vacation. Hopefully something will work out.

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A couple of cute tweets from Kory.

@korywithaK_18: Thank you so much for the pre show gift! #humbled #soappreciative http://t.co/mwC5e2N71Y

@korywithaK_18: Since you're sending gifts... who's got the Will & Grace DVD boxed set?!? ;-) Ha ha ha #spendingtoomuchtimearoundClay

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I know, weird. I missed the cellcert, but it's apparently just as well. I haven't the patience for it going on and off all through. But, more recaps:

Another amazing show tonight! We were in the second row center and we were unbelievably close!

The only thing of note that I can remember happened at the end when he sings while looking at Jacob. He really put a lot of emotion into it. So much so that at the end of the song when he is in front next to Keala, he actually teared up and couldn't sing part of a line. I don't think it was acting. Bill is leaving the part of Jacob, and perhaps that is what he was choked up about?

Won't be seeing it again until Friday night and then it will be over soon after! I will be so sad to see it end.

Just got home from another show and wanted to mention a few things. First, the traffic in Ogunquit on a Saturday is INSANE. It's no wonder so many people walk all around town - it's faster to walk than to drive!

The theater was packed tonight and once again the whole cast was having a ball on stage. Close Every Door was stunning and got a great response from the audience. And the final Any Dream Will Do, when he reunites with Jacob was incredibly emotional tonight - much more so than last night. Clay had tears in his eyes as he was singing to his "father", who tenderly touches his face during the song.

I noticed tonight that 3-4 of the older girls in the kids chorus had head mics on. I assume they are the girls with the strongest voices - probably a good idea to mic them and then not have to worry too much about all the other kids (who aren't mic'd). At the very start of the show, the kids are sitting on the stage when Keala comes out. Their backs are mostly to the audience, but since I was up close I could see many of them well and they all have these "fake" smiles plastered on their faces (they were obviously directed to "smile big"). But when Clay comes out and starts singing and looking at them individually, I could see the "fake" smiles turn into real smiles - so sweet!

There were two guys sitting in the row behind me (Row B) who looked VERY familiar - I think they might have been Spamalot cast members. Did anyone else recognize them? I need to pull out my old Spamalot Playbills to see if I can figure out who they are! They sure enjoyed the show - every time I looked back they had big smiles on their faces!

I have more to share about the subscribers sitting around me, but I can't keep my eyes open any more.

Vertigo - it was so nice to meet you and your daughter! And of course wonderful to see cameocat, goodlife, mainenana4clay and others with no screen names!

One other tourist note: if you have time, go see the Nubble Lighthouse in York - it's beautiful and the restaurant right there (Fox's) has awesome lobster rolls!!

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And more.....

Hi everyone, I am just getting around to posting from last night's show, I got home at 1 a.m. this morning. If you haven't had a chance to go see this production, run don't walk to see it, you won't be disappointed. Last night was unbelievable. The traffic on Saturday night in Ogunquit is crazy, so be prepared. We parked at the playhouse and walked, which I recommend for everyone. Nine of us ate at the Front Porch which is about a 15 minute from the playhouse and the food is excellent. They don't take reservations but if you call ahead they will hold a table for you for 1/2 hour. We called the restaurant at 5:00 and we met there at 5:30 and the table was waiting. A great restaurant to go to before the show. If you show your ticket to your waitress you get 15% off of your meal and their menu has so many items to pick from. We walked into a few shops on our way back to the theatre. What a fantastic place Ogunquit is. I have lived in Maine for many years and never been to Ogunquit!

Okay about the show, Clay is the "star" and was phenomenal. There were four of us sitting together about 9 rows back from the stage and right smack in the middle. The stage is fairly small, but they do a great job dancing and moving around and the children at the beginning and siniging during the show were great! On one side of us were Clay fans from Arizona, on the other side Clay Fans from Virginia and in front of us Clay fans from California. As you can imagin we had a great time talking to all of them. Everyone there was so enthusiastic and enjoying the show so much. When Clay sang Close Every Door from laying on the floor to barely kneeling, chained by his wrists in jail, it was mesmorizing and unbelievable. He has so much emotion when he sings and it comes through when he is acting and singing. He stayed in character the entire night and was especially animated and emotional when he sang to his father as some others have already posted.

All of the cast is so good and we all thoroughly enjoyed the show. I enjoyed seeing all the Clay fans too!

Afterwards we were able to get to the stage door and clapped for all of the cast as they came out and some of them stopped to sign autographs. When Clay came out everyone cheered and I was lucky enough to get my program signed, he comes out and goes very quickly down the line, I was standing in the second row, but was able to reach across and get it signed. After I got it signed I stepped out of the way, because Clay came back up through and some others were able to get theirs signed. I just hope that Clay does more of this and Broadway is always a great place for him, I guess I just want to see him singing "live" some more and I do hope that he is able to come back to Ogunquit. I am going to be watching 207 on Monday night at 7 p.m. on Channel 6 when they are interviewing him. I guess that I have rambled on enough......but this is really a great show!!bravo.gif

I am going to attempt a recap of the show last night. Not very good at this so bear with me. Also I do not know how to red, so if someone can do it, It would be appreciated..

First thing I saw as we entered the front lobby was the sign - Standing Room Only) yayyyyyyyyyy

We had great seats for this show - Row bb center. I could literally touch the stage from my seat without stretching. (but I didn't touch anything or anyone - I swear) Wasn't easy because he was directly in front of me a lot. Been a while, but I had hot flashes. Starting at the beginning:

The children were playing on the stage and then when Keala walks out to a lot of applause the music starts and the children sit on the stage, all around her. She has a great and powerful voice. There is a book in the center of the back of the stage, with the title of the show. When Keala finishes her introductory song, all of a sudden the book opens and some smoke (fog) comes out with a backlight. Had to hold my breath as Clay walked out. - He looked amazing - it was like, please forgive me anyone who is offended, Jesus, himself, walked out. Was surprised how thin and fit he looked, as well as drop dead gorgeous. Then that voice - that glorious voice. That was my first hold my breath moment.

The brothers were wonderful and sang wonderfully. Their voices seem to blend together perfectly. They are also great singers, and very good actors, and dancers. I especially love Benjamin, (Kory). He was so darn cute and really talented and he just got to me. He happened to be right in front of me many times and his expressions were spot on and adorable.

I loved the way Clay played joseph. The first half, he was a young boy, a dreamer and totally unaware of the animosity that his brothers had for him. As the play continues, he goes thru a lot and becomes more sure of himself and more aware. The facial expressions he used many times were hysterical. He looked in awe at all the stuff going on around him - loved it.

The second time I held my breath was for CED. My goodness that man can sing and with such feeling. His voice went right thru me. AMAZING The hair didn't bother me that much. It sort of looked like he had been thru the mill and I thought it worked. The applause when he finished was deafening. Many stood up.

Then the amazing go go go Joseph. What a number and once again his voice rose above the others, even though the only line he had was Ahead of My Time. He did a few really cute dance steps also which surprised me. Oops have to go back a bit. When he received the coat from his father and put it on, he proceeded to do a series of twirls, with a big grin on his face. - so adorable

I attended this show with my hubby's cousin. She and her hubby live in Ogunquit. She is sight impaired which is why we got those wonderful seats. They go to every play every summer. When CED ended she was the first one out of her seat. She was clapping and shouting bravo bravo. She is not a fan. She does like Clay and watched Idol and voted every week, but lost touch over the years. I did take her to one Timeless show and she liked it very much. She said on the way out, We have gone to every show for years and this is, by far, the best show ever. She said, I'm beginning to see your passion. She said he was a skinny kid with a great voice then. He is so much more now. It made me feel so good to hear those things from her.

Of course, the pharaoh was wonderful, as usual and very funny and got great applause as well, as did Those Cannan Days with the brothers. Love Clay in the scene with his brothers groveling groveling groveling. He was so forceful and yet adorable at the same time. Loved the end when he revealed himself to his brothers and the hugging started. Loved when he gave the golden cup to Benjamin and they had their big hug. Very touching.

The piece de resistance was when he finally sees his father again, and sings to him. OMG he sang so beautifully and had tears in his eyes - real tears and when he touched his father's face, I nearly lost it. The third time I could not breath.

The ending mix up was astounding and the comradery he had with Keala was wonderful throughout.

Didn't even try for the SD last night. Had to guide cousin out of the playhouse which was a feat because it was so crowded. I am going to the final show so will definitely try then. I couldn't believe that when I finally had her safely out, the people were coming from the SD and it was all over. I thought it would take them a 1/2 hour to come out. They must have become very good at changing their clothes and removing make-up.

Anyone saying that Clay is not a good actor needs to go to hell. He was amazing amazing amazing. Did I say he was amazing.


A few other things from last night. When the Pharaoh tossed his hanky to the woman in the front row, it went over her head and landed on the floor between Row BB and Row A. So when he came back to her and asked her to wipe his forehead, she didn't have the hanky. He made a joke about it, saying "oh, she already put it in her pocketbook" and then "it will be up on Ebay soon, that's Egyptian Bay". Very cute. He was sweating up a storm last night - I was surprised his Egyptian eye makeup stayed on!

When Clay and Keala are singing together (at the end of Act I and at the end of the show), you can tell they are having a great time together. They are both smiling like crazy. It reminds me of when he sings with Quiana - lots of love and appreciation in his eyes. It must be fun to sing with someone who can match your own voice in power.

Last night I was sitting by two couples who are subscribers, so it was fascinating to hear their comments. The one guy has been a theater director before (not at Ogunquit) as he mentioned shows he had directed, and he clearly knew a lot about theater in general. He was explaining to the other couple why the director might have chosen to have the kids on stage before the show started. At intermission they were all "oohing and ahhing" over Clay and someone pulled out the Playbill to read his bio aloud to the others. They seemed to know almost nothing about Clay, except that he had been on AI at one point. One woman thought he had won, the other guy thought he was a country singer. They were impressed that he had written a NY Times best-selling book and that he had been on Broadway in Spamalot. They were all really impressed with his first act performance, and the "theater" guy especially was gushing over his voice. Theater guy also said that he really liked the way the director had "reinterpreted" the show. At the end of the show they all commented on how emotional and touching the reunion between Joseph and Jacob (his father) was - theater guy even said he got a bit choked up watching it. It was fun to hear their conversations!

At the stage door, I noticed another fan giving "Kory with a K" a gift bag - he seemed so touched. (I think the reason people are focusing on him more than the other brothers is not just because he's the "baby" but because he's easier to recognize out of his costume - he's the only brother who doesn't wear a big wig!!)

There was an insert in the program listing their season for next summer - they'll be doing Grease, Mary Poppins, Smokey Joe's Cafe and then two other not-yet-announced shows. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the theater has talked to Clay about coming back again, and maybe even asked him what show he might want to do!

I truly never expected to enjoy this show so much. I'm not an Andrew Lloyd Weber fan (except for Evita), and this isn't the type of show I would normally like. But it is so well done and the whole cast is so talented and having such a blast - I had a smile plastered on my face all night (again). But you can never get enough Clay - I'm so thankful that I'll be able to go back for the final show.

Just thought of something else. We parked at the Playhouse at 5 pm (so we could leave the car and walk to the restaurant - I highly recommend doing that!) and we saw many of the cast members walking to the theater (most of them seem to stay at the two motels right next to/across the street from the theater). We were thinking there might be some kind of dinner or donor event, since 5 pm is way too early for them to get there for an 8:30 pm show. But now seeing that there's a new actor going into the role of Jacob, I'm thinking they probably had a rehearsal with him.

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I'm leaving in less than 24 hours. Still doing laundry and paying bills. I'll look for you there luckiest. Riding in playbiller's car with two other women so I have no control as to when or where I'll be any place. We are staying 3 miles outside Ogunquit along the trolly line.

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