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# 65: "Clay Aiken's Not Just Any Joe"


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Time for a new thread!!!!!

It was my first time, and it was quite fun. I kept getting an error message so I went and looked, and there were three new threads there--oops. Then I thought it would be cool to move the last post from the previous thread with the scans of another great review. I did it! Except that it is now on top. Hey, no biggie.

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You go girl with your bad self.

I so wish I could see the show. I know he's just fantastic. I have a lot of faith in his acting ability. He's darn good.

Anyway, I can't feel regret because the reason I'm not there is my weight management program. I started week 14 tonight. I've lost 34.5 lbs. And in 3 weeks I start transitioning back to food. Not even scared about it like some in the class. I think I'm ready to eat sensibly!

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Congrats couchie! What a great review to start our new thread. Have fun merrieeee! One week until I leave for Maine!

Today I am finally going to buy a new car. I've been test driving for a couple of weeks now. I am waiting to hear back from the dealership.....I am debating between a Mazda 2 sport model, and a Mazda 3 base model. The 2 is little and cute and bright green! But there aren't any in Ontario so they'd have to find one elsewhere in Canada and ship it (with added freight charges). The 3 is on the lot, at a discounted price as it's a 2013 and they want to sell it. It's kind of a green/blue/metallic colour. Argh I hate big decisions!

ETA: Got the little green one!

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Very cool luckiest! And congratulations couchie on the weightloss! Would love to see a current picture of you.

merrieeee, have fun, and try to think through the Aiken fog afterwards so we can get a recap!

Have a break right now, but this week is crazy. Faculty come back to school this week, and the students next week. Where did the summer go?

I'm still a bit bummed that I'm missing Clay in this show, but I have no doubt that he's doing well. I :::heart::: him...

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More recaps:

QUOTE (hippoga @ Aug 11 2013, 10:46 AM) post_snapback.gif

Here is a story I posted at the CB. Can someone please make it red and put in the cellcert thread too?

lilred wrote:

Brief Stage Door from last night.. he asked someone "Did you have fun?"

Clay Aiken, Stage Door "Joseph," Evening Show, Aug. 10th, 2013 by Anonymous.



Let me share a quick story about the "did you have fun"? question. There were two sawhorses making the barrier at the stage door. However on Friday night they were also there and Clay went past them a little bit. So last night my friends and I were past the sawhorses. Our plan was to take pictures as he came down towards us. As we were waiting, a family came up near us. The mother told the two little girls to stand by the bushes out of the way. The fan beside me told the to come up front with us (to her credit this fan apologized for putting them in front of me without asking me). I asked the girls if they had anything to sign but they did not. The mother said they they did not plan to go to the stage door but decided to do it when they saw the crowd. So I gave them a program and the fan beside me have them a poster. Then right before Clay came out, the guard/usher came out and as you can hear on the video she said if you wanted an autograph you had to be behind the barrier. Now the girls and I were past the barrier! So I herded them with me and we kind of made a "corner" next to the guard. It worked out great! Clay came quickly down the line and signed for the girls (me too!) and asked them "did you have fun?" Could he be any sweeter!?! You can hear their voices on the YouTube, too. The girls dad was video taping the whole thing and they have a really special memory of their vacation!

Thanks to hippoga and lilred for the above report, you have jogged my memory and made me want to write more! It is really hard to write anything after a Clay event, I have not recovered but am getting better at it now. SmileyHearts.gifloveclayssmiley.gif

I was 'the fan' mentioned above, so can add my piece of the puzzle to the story above (is lilred the fan that was next to me? SmileyHearts.gif I will assume so for my report below)

Clay asked DID YOU HAVE FUN twice, and if my visual memory serves me correctly, he looked at each girl individually and asked them each the same question. And similar to lilred above, it made me think 'how sweet was that of him', he made sure to ask each girl! Awww..... loveclayssmiley.gif

Rewinding a little bit to the beginning of stage door. My friend was the one who took the video with her iPad. THANK YOU HOPE! We brought her luminara candles and placed it on the barriers, they were battery operated candles with fake flames that looked real. My friend said similar candles (without the flame) were carried by the children in the play, so we were quite pleased to have brought her candles along. The candles caught the castmates' attention as they came out of the stage door. The first castmate (I am sorry I don't know their names!) said - 'Oh Clay would like that! As the castmates walked out of the stage door one by one, we cheered and clapped for them. It was really nice. The candles caught their eyes as they walked pass and it was fun to watch their reactions.

I was standing at the last spot behind the sawhorse barrier (to the right of lilred) and overheard the mom of the two girls saying they don't have anything for Clay to sign. A girl received a program from lilred and seeing the other girl didn't have anything, I offered her a poster. Then I thought of Clay (of course) and how he would put children first, so I asked them to come stand in front of us, so that Clay can get to them. They were quite far away from where the barrier was, on the left. The girls were very appreciative, they said thank you to both of us, for giving them things for Clay to sign. I realised then that they ended up standing in front of lilred to the left of me, and it was I that had asked them to come over! So I turned to her and apologised for not consulting her first! I am really glad lilred got something signed and it all worked out! Again, I am sorry for not thinking of you in my haste!

Clay came out and signed for everyone in the first row including the 2 girls of course. I have another small part to share which will shed some light on what happened towards the end of the back stage video. It's just a small part but would be fun to share with everyone and complement the video. Stay tuned! SmileyHearts.gif

And follow-up:

Here is more to Saturday's show as my brain unfreezes from close encounter with angelic Clay. Below is a continuation of the first report -->

Truth be told, it was hard to watch Clay on stage knowing he was hurt. sniff.gifpray.gif Especially when he walked slowly and attempted to do as much as possible within his limits. The word 'trooper' hardly justifies it, but I don't know what other word to use to describe his resilience and commitment to the show and fans. I believe the brothers lifted him twice and put him down, both times as gently as they can, it was obvious to those who knew because the bros were supposed to be filled with jealousy and rage and here they are trying to be gentle as possible. I do think they covered it very well, the gentlemen behind me didn't notice anything amiss, which made me think it could go unnoticed by the crowd which seemed largely 'not us'. After intermission, I thought he was a little more animated as he became the Pharaoh's advisor etc. and maybe because he did not have to be hauled away and manhandled so much, it was easier to watch. SmileyHearts.gif

With apologies to the other castmates, I was there to stare ... er... watch Clay perform, so naturally paid minimal attention to the narrator and all the other wonderful actors on stage. Apparently one needs to listen to the lyrics when the narrator and actors sing to be able to follow the story! With my skewed perception, I cannot give you a bias free report of the entire show but I must say, even with my mind and eyes on Clay, I was able to break free occasionally and thoroughly enjoyed all the other actors, the brothers, Jacob, Elvis Pharaoh, the narrator... It was a fun to watch, hillarious yet touching show, I loved them all, they all sang and danced wonderfully, and Elvis was VERY Elvis and funny. Kudos to him. I blame Clay for standing on the right side of the stage when Elvis danced and sang a second time. Clay made me miss most of it because my eyes refuse to go left as I drowned in a pool of drool, melted and went to heaven. Sparkly eyes, eye lashes, toes. My friend and I squashed our fingers and held on for dear life. Can you blame an earthling for staring at a luminous, heavenly being dressed in white three feet away from your existence?

I do not know if Clay was more often on the right or left side of the stage but I don't remember wishing he would come more often to our side. On the contrary, we were more than content for the amount of times he was there. Quoting my friend, 'we got some and more'. BTW she got the winky doinky eye thing from Elvis towards the end of the show. Our crowd was more subdued on Saturday, maybe because there were not as many Clay fans but do give Elvis some cheer when he asks if we want to hear him a second time. He asks that after Clay says "I understand the part about the corns but not about the cows...". He totally deserves a big reception there. Our crowd was a little slow in reacting. Also, whoever sits in the front row centre, please play along with Elvis when he throws his hanky towards you after wiping the sweat off his face and later asks you to wipe the sweat for him. I know Clay fans are the best in playing along, he trained us well. bananajive.gif Crowd interactions makes the play so much more fun! dancing2-1.gif

In terms of voice, the casts were all great singers along with Clay. I have my fill of lower register from Clay and am truly blessed. He also sings really high in other songs, I think he really is both a tenor and alto as I had to strain to reach those high notes myself! CED was sung well, it starts with his face down, lying on his right side. When he sings it that way it pulls on the heartstrings, he gradually lifts his head and shoulders. But I thought if he had been able to get up and sing on his knees, kneeling in chains just like in the picture, OH MY wouldn't that evoke all kinds of emotions! It would have been quite a powerful scene and one to remember for sure as he belts it out at the end! I don't know if that is in the original script and have no idea if he was singing CED the way he did because of the injury. Like corabeth I think he did amazing singing the way he did propping his upper body up with his arms while he laid on his right side.

My favourite part was when Clay became Pharaoh's advisor. One funny scene was when he was trying to hint to Pharaoh, to appoint him as advisor, by singing a line 3 times and each with a different expression, each hinting until Pharoah finally got it and appointed him. In my opinion, his acting was spot on as Pharaoh's advisor and the scene where he turned stern on his brothers. His wide eyed stern face is to die for, and all the changes in facial expressions, he was totally into it. There was a scene where he threw Benjamin onto the floor in rage or false rage since he only did that I think to make sure the brothers had indeed repented. BTW he looked great in the golden headmast thingy and adorably with Egyptian style eye make up.

I have run out of words, and will leave still in awe that I made it to the one show and forever grateful for that. The 14 hours drive to get there and another 14 to get home was a breeze. Seeing Clay come out of the Book at the beginning, in the center of the stage in a cloud of haze alone was worth it. We no doubt saw a heavenly being emerge from there. There are no words to described. Must be the layers of white clothing he wore. polishing_nails.gif


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I just checked the sales for tonight and it is sold out except for 2 handicapped seats! Yey!

I will be thinking of you tonight merrieeee and waiting for your recap!

Thanks everyone for the great videos and recaps. I wonder what he meant when he said "Oh that's clever" on the last sd video.

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The funniest thing of the night! When we parked the car the attendant asked us if we were call girls! Twice he said it. Well we must have looked dumbfounded because he said well your plate says Texas you must be call girls. Then the light went on........he was saying cow girls in his Maine accent!

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Ha! And I wasn't there - so it really is just y'all.

Sorry to have been so out of it - but believe it or not, my 4-week remodel from the end of May is still NOT DONE. Seriously, NOT DONE....I hate contractors because I might have be able to go to someplace called Maine...

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That promo video is THE BOMB!!!!! OMG I may not get any work done today for watching it on repeat.


I love that line. I love the video. So feeling down because I can not go. My work schedule was already out and I could not figure out enough time to get there and back. I so hope by the end we do have some clack. I want to see this so bad.

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There is a pic of me getting an autograph from Clay out there in Clayland! #hateit


Clay Aiken @clayaiken

Hey "Claymates"! Join the "Ken Dolls"! Follow @KenArpino (and then delete him on August 25th!) ;-) ha ha

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Ok chexxys place sent clay multi coloured popcorn no chocolate or nuts. One of his cast mates wanted chocolate popcorn so it appears that Clay said join twitter and you will get some. So he joined twitter and seems to be asking for chocolate popcorn......wanna bet someone is buying some right now?

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Two previous tweets before the ones merrieeee posted:

Hey @KenArpino and @korywithaK_18 ... I bet they'll send you chocolate popcorn if you ask nicely.

Both Ken and Kory are new to Twitter. (Ironic that CLAY is getting them on it...)

Hey @KenArpino and @korywithaK_18 Think you'll get that chocolate popcorn tonight?

And one BRAND NEW tweet:

I will follow everyone who follows @KenArpino by 10pmEST RT “@Lau2u: @clayaiken @KenArpino If I follow him Clay, will you follow me??
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