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  1. Heh...I just recently splurged on archival boxes for all my Clay magazines and newspapers. They are all now beautifully organized and sorted, and bought extras for room to grow later. They also sit much better in my closet. Topic: am I supposed to have a topic? OK, here's this -- Clay's cute. I like him. A lot. The end.
  2. Where the heck is everyone? Isn't everyone EEEEEEEEEEEEing over the Clay sighting? (OK, it was from a few weeks ago, but still...it was new to us!) I don't have time to bring it over now...maybe later.... ...but I thought he looked pretty good. Longish hair -- eh? But the glasses? Swoon. Love that man in glasses. I'm also very glad he was able to do this for us cousin without the glare of fans. That's way cool in my book.
  3. KAndre -- GASP! I :::heart::: you. That was a beautiful set of replies to the angsters of the OFC. The thing I keep coming back to is that Clay really will define his own popstar. If that means selling TONS of albums without a radio hit (but lots of TV and print media appearances), so be it. It can be done. All in all, I believe in Clay's talent. I also do not find it hard to be a Clay fan...because it's not rocket science. It's fun. When it becomes not fun, I take a break...and then I come back, refreshed and alert and ready to be a Clay fan again.
  4. I loved the blog, and I'm happy with the information he gave us. I have no doubts in the man's talent, and am sure that he will get new fans out of this album. I really don't "covers" as a death knell. As he said, it will be new stuff to people his age and younger, and, if he does them well (which, again, I have no doubt), he can easily make the older fans forget the original version. I love him. I love him. I love him.
  5. I've never seen Buble in concert, but I've seen his show that he did for PBS, and loved it. Could the context of the "incidents" cause some of the problems? I mean, I think I could understand the MJ put-downs, and if he was talking about MJ...well, that's what MJ was doing. (I seem to remember that from the PBS show, as a matter of fact...and thought it was hilarious.) His comment about Clay, if I remember correctly, was "yeah, I see you ladies screaming for me now. Tomorrow you'll be here screaming for Clay Aiken." I don't see a put down in that at all. As far as the "comparison" with Clay...again, some people had the dickens of a time with WDC and their children. And crotch grabbing? Wasn't that at the Valdosta JBT? To me, it's apples and oranges. But then, I'm not a parent either. However, I have to say that I'm rambling, and that everyone is going to react differently to different things.
  6. Hey gang! It's been a rough week in the ldyjocelyn household...my Mom, who lives 3 hours away from me, feel and broke a bone near her hip over a week ago. My brother and his wife, who live in the same town as her, had tickets to visit their daughter in Florida last week, so I ended up spending the entire week with Mom. (My Easter dinner -- grilled chicken salad and fried ravioli's from Appleby's. It was about the only place open that wasn't packed to the gills. *g*) Mom is still in the hospital at this point, and she will be moving to a nursing home as soon as she is strong enough. I'm finally back at work today, and am in the midst of trying to catch up on all my emails *coughreadingtheboardscough*. My emotional state isn't particularly good though, especially with hearing of the death of laughingoutloud. *sob* News like this makes the tabloid crap and whining about no news from Clay pale in comparison. I do have to EEEEEEEEEE at the GMA thing though. Clay always looks so wonderful when he appears on that show. Clique? I'll renew. I don't care. It's Clay. Not just us story: I had my husband bring me a Clay shirt to wear over the weekend. (I was out of clothes!) So, I walk into the hospital, and one of the nurses practically lunged at me. "You've got a great singer there!" The next day, she cornered me again and wanted to know where my Clay shirt was! If I hadn't been so busy, I would have brought this nurse something! Back to work. Heh.
  7. Yep, it was me who almost made it into a jury. It was my first time in 5 years for being called. Personally, I think it would be cool to be on a coroner's jury -- one day a month for a year, or something like that. It might be a sad jury to be on, but I think it could also be fascinating. playbiller, is your library THAT strict on computer usage? At my old public library, it was an hour limit, and if no one was waiting, you could continue on. I'm still loving that Clay recommended a book to us -- did my librarian heart good. I'm not sure if he'll recommend a movie or TV show to us, though...unless it's a rerun of Scrubs. *g* I miss Clay, I really do...and yet I want him to be happily working on whatever projects he has in the pipeline. If it doesn't involve me, so be it. I'm patient. I think. Maybe. Kinda. Sorta. Mommie...
  8. After reading this travelog so far... ...I believe that KAndre and Clay would have made a great "Amazing Race" team. Can't wait for more, and I've been studying for the minion test as well.
  9. I have it on request, and should be getting it soon. I can't wait to start in with this book. I'm afraid I'll cry though...or get really upset...or something.
  10. muski, I'm three hours away from you...but unfortunately, I don't have the ability to take the time off. (Gotta save that vacation time for my Ireland trip this summer.) I'd simply LOVE to meet up with you, but alas, it is not meant to be. Keep me in mind though if you every manage to make it to Illinois again. I thought the Ink Spot was pretty funny too, but was glad when it changed back. I do know how couchie felt after that experience though... And, just because I can...bring on the guitarist banana!
  11. I think this is great as well -- love that he's found a way to show his quirky personality without being so forward about it... OTOH...when you break it down this way, as only muskifest can do... ...I just have to say that I so do too...and I'm not even a Waldo watcher. KAndre, I hope you are having a wonderfully blingy time in England and Rome and all those European places. I can see it now...the latest addition to her arsenal will be this. couchie -- I can be bought out as a minion. Just sayin'. I so hope the press release comes out today for the new album. But you know...the more I have to wait, the more Zen I've become. Carly Simon said it so well...anticipation.
  12. I so adore this place...where we talk about the IMPORTANT things...such as hair and changing clothes. Hair: I agree that it's probably at the "I'm in the studios tidying up my album but need to practice for the photo shoots" stage. I like the way it goes over the collar, and I'm one of the few out there (I think) who likes the dark hair. It will be interesting to see what the next transformation of Clay Aiken will be. Changing clothes: Lord & Taylor, he's probably been changing clothes in front of friends for almost his entire life. What was the story about him and KLo during the AI2 tour? Was it his shirt he stripped off in front of her (someone could see this happening back stage)? I don't remember how that one went. JBT Tour -- Mary's seen him quite a few times. He "hit her in the eye when she was helping him change clothes" at one stop -- Toronto maybe? Oh yeah, and then during the NAT -- didn't someone report that right before YWT, people could see his outline behind a curtain during the Appleton show when he was changing into the white suit? *swoon* *dies* I get to go to jury duty tomorrow. Wish me luck -- I'll be taking my PDA with clack on it to keep me occupied.
  13. bottlecap, bottlecap, bottlecap...I'll join you in the shallow car. Sorry to hear about your Mom. And at the same time -- I'll shout his name from the rooftops. CLAY AIKEN! CLAY AIKEN! CLAY AIKEN IS MY BOYFRIEND!!! I'm still in the "I don't care about the hair" crowd -- for I still love it that he has hair. June 20th -- 5 days after I return from Ireland. Sheesh. There go my plans for helping with a CD release party, for I will have no vacation time. But....EEEEEEEEEEE! for a date. And couchie and Ansa get a wonderful birthday present. YAY! Yes, I say it's time for these guys as well muski... :nana:
  14. From a totally biased point of view (because it was the one and only AI show I attended), get some stuff from the St. Louis show. I don't have the clips in front of me, but there's an Invisible out there from the show where he looked right into the camera after a shirt tug, with the most incredible smirk on his face. He soooooo knew... Also, get MnM's Air drums clip from that show -- it's a great clip, because the focus wasn't technically on him (it's shot during the section where they are introducing the band), but he's so adorable just being Clay during it. You are me. I know some Clay fans have been upset at particular instances where it MAY have gone too far *coughWolfTrapcough*, but I love it when Clay is having a good time. That joy, no matter what he is doing, is infectious, and I love catching his bug. It floors me every time I see pictures of him during the AI period and compare them to what we've got today. The perfect example was last week when the outtakes of the TV Guide shoot came out, followed immediately by the HQ page 50 rejects. I had whiplash for two days afterward. playbiller, the GMA Double Platinum ceremony is one of my most favorite clips as well. I think this was one of the few documented times when Clay was speechless! I also distinctly remember him looking heavenward at some point in the presentation. At the time, the speculation was he was thinking about his Dad. Now...who knows? He may have just been thanking God in his own way. ETA: ooooooh, playbiller suggested some GOOOOOOD clips too! Now I'm going to have to dig these out and watch again...
  15. Yes, but I was 7 at the time. My hormones are perfectly FINE now, thanks to my husband and Clay Aiken.
  16. OK Ansa, I had to explain who one of my choices was...so could you please explain who your two choices are? And they ARE pretty. KAndrea, I sooooooo remember looking at my first Rolling Stone magazine back in the early 1970's -- the one with David Cassidy on the cover. I think seeing that picture kickstarted my hormones that year... ETA because I can't type...and to say that Clay needs another RS cover. Soon. Like tomorrow. Without his shirt.
  17. I was always conflicted about the Hardy Boys...loved Shaun, but Parker's eyes did me in. Of course, back when I was a kid...I loved this guy. Yep, first class Bay City Roller dork who loved the lead singer, Les McKeown. Just did a google search for images of him...talk about a guy who did NOT age well. What...this isn't the teen age crush thread? OK, here are a few more men I think are very pretty...from the music area... Don Henley Sting Bono (just discovered this picture...Good GAH!) BTW, I have to say, with these last three, I love their PASSION as much as I love their looks. I seriously hope that Clay can follow in their footsteps...the next generation, as it were. muskifest -- I'm with cindilu2 in the fact that I over your story.
  18. muskifest...I don't have time to bring them over, but Invisible926 did a couple of mock album covers with that title. Hee. Maybe it's a sign that her choices will be used. Could someone bring them over? They are in the CH album, under special projects. Titles are arranged by name, so they are under I.
  19. Oh Ansa...I was never a fan of Andrew McCarthy, but that picture you posted is definitely swoony. He has matured NICELY. Great, great smile. KAndre, I am so with you on the blond dudes -- but Legolas made me weak in the knees. Then, when Orlando showed up in Pirates of the Caribbean...gah. cindilu, I'm finding myself liking George C. more and more lately -- I'm really appreciating his self depracating sense of humor. Kevin C. -- used to really like a lot, but I've been having a hard time separating the pretty from the actual man more and more lately. Feel the same way about Mel Gibson. I guess I'm not as shallow as KAndre. Can you tell I'm at home today, trying to clean my house *coughlookingatpicturesofbeautifulmencough*?
  20. Maybe you know him better as this (although, knowing you couchie, this probably won't help you at all...) Naveen...swoon...yep, I need to add him. Slurp. OTOH...Buscemi?!?!?! Ooooooooooookay... But I love his acting...he makes me smile every time I see him. ETA one more time: ebird, I LOVE YOUR AVATAR!
  21. Mine's in the crock pot, ready for this evening. Yum. Happy St. Pat's Day! This day is making me excited for June, actually...because hubby and I are actually going to Ireland! EEEEEEE! Posted a few pictures in the "beautiful people" thread. That's also a yum, BTW. Those new pictures last night gave me whiplash. I love it when we get 3 year old pictures and fairly current pictures in the same batch -- the change in the man is simply striking. Those bathroom pictures are still some of my most favorite ever...and yet, I love the new pictures. He's so debonaire in them...and so adult. Swoon.
  22. Duh..Clay is first on my list. Do I need to post a picture? Pierce Brosnan Brent Spiner (this one is an old picture, and he hasn't aged as gracefully as I would have hoped, but I still pine for him...) And roseviolet has already posted a sterling picture of Orlando Bloom, so I won't repeat that one. Let me think some more on the rest...heh.
  23. The Ken Jennings clip? OMG, what a fantastic piece of clack...and Clay's barely seen in it. I think Clay must have made a HUGE impression on these folks...and that makes me smile. Gossip mongers? Tabloid writers? Asshole DJs? Nope, don't care. People who have worked with Clay and have seen first hand how Clay operates? Yes -- that's who I believe. I'll be streaming that clip more than a few times in the next week. Save the Bananas! *g*
  24. Just popping in for two things (going to visit my Mom today)... 1) Happy birthday diamondjake2001! May you have a great day! 2) bottlecap, you are so right on the money with your posts. I know I love you...and all of you here at FCA!
  25. The Budapest pictures are FINALLY up at the OFC. I love his conversational style with the blogs...and yes, I feel the need to reply to his blog, even though he'll never read my responses in a million years. muskifest, the mods will take care of you. They're good people. [/sucking up]