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  1. I'm stealing that really high "IFFFFFF" at the end of the song, and marrying it later tonight.....
  2. OMG, that's bad. Really bad. S'von!!!! My Man!!!! I love Clay's wailing on this at the end...the way he repeats...never, never, never, never, never...gah. In concert? This will be a standout. He'll just start singing, and we'll all fall out of our chairs.
  3. He's such an enigma with this song, IMO -- his voice is so sweet in some parts, and then he wails, and then he growls, and I'm simply a goner. Sex? Oh yeah, this song is pure sex.
  4. The first time I heard this song? Not impressed. I didn't get it....I think it was simply because I was dead tired, and had finally gotten the song to download. But about 2 weeks ago, I listened to this one again...and then again, and again...and I love this one now. His soul shows. And his wailing on the end is outstanding!
  5. Concert Clay for this one will be interesting. I think it will be a pretaped backing with the poetry...and maybe it will even feature a visual of the the poetress (what is her name again?) reciting the poetry. That would be way cool. Sorry couchie, but rules are rules. If You Don’t Know Me By Now
  6. couchie wrote: No, the tempo doesn't change, IMO -- but the instrumentation, and the percussion, really fills out in the second half of the song. It makes for an interesting contrast, no?
  7. I think what I appreciate about this one is that Clay took the idea for this one and ran with it. I was pleased to hear that this one had his stamp on it...experimenting. Good for Clay! Five minutes to next song!
  8. DOOL -- Days of Our Lives. I used to watch the show back in the day, and know the characters...but haven't seen it in ages.... Another thing I like about this song...the instrumentation again. Lots of layers with this one, and it serves Clay's voice well. Elmer Gantry suit? BWAH!!!
  9. I'm the oddball on this one...I like this song, but am not crazy about it. What I like: Clay's vocals. He does a wonderful job on it. I also like the poetry, think it adds a nice counterpoint to the entire thing. What I don't like: the high harmony vocals. Way too breathy for me.
  10. Broken Wings Or, couchie's favorite...
  11. Exactly! And that's why I don't mind the highness of his voice...because it's so PURE. Not many singers have that, and I find that so beautiful in his voice. Don't get me wrong, I love the growls and stuff too, and that low "goooo" in HYCA...but the song matches the voice in this instance. JMO.
  12. Now see, muski, I think his vocals are perfect for this...and I honestly think this will be the "kill the front row, and half the house, dead" song. He'll give us LOOKS while singing this...and we'll all turn into puddles on the floor. The combination of manly looks (GROWL) with this tenderness of vocals, and I'm a goner. Five minutes to next song!
  13. ah yes..the virgin...can't believe you held out like that. Yep...that was a great car ride home, losing my virginity at the same time. By the way, can we have some applause for William Joseph here?!?!? He has such a nice delicate touch with the piano. Clay's touch? No comment. YAY!! muski's here! No more work for her tonight!! Pour her some wine!
  14. you're joking right..screams..... i love you clays... no way. I'm bringing duct tape to my concerts. It could come in handy. I love this song. Love the simple tambourine hits during this section...it gives a nice percussion to this one, without being over powering. This song made me swoon on first listen. That was dangerous, since it was 2:00 a.m. and I was driving.
  15. Everything I Have AKA...the DOOL song.
  16. Wow...this discussion has turned...profound. But aren't we talking about HYCA?!?!?!
  17. ITA!!! The string arrangements on this album floor me. Add a wonderful flavor to the entire proceedings...and match his voice so perfectly. He'd fit in with us then...all us lushes! And WHERE IS BOTTLECAP?!?!?!?
  18. Oh man, couchie, he REALLY changed this one up. Dolly's version is very much uptempo pop. His description of it from the KTLA thing is apt! His version is so laid back...it's a totally different song. note to self, send couchie mp3 of Dolly's version I love the simplicity of this song too...the instrumentation is so sparse at the beginning, and it just keeps building. FLOVE this one. And yes, he is definitely looking better than a body has a right too....
  19. When I played the album for my husband (he was trapped in my car, hee), THIS was the song that caught his ear. He said "wow, that's a great arrangement." Now, he LOVES classic country, so this is considered a huge compliment. What do I think? FLOVE it. And we're coming up the reason why -- the low "here I goooooooooooooooooooo!"
  20. Thanks Ansa for pointing out those bridge lyrics -- I can see now where the spiritual thing came in. claygasm, you're right -- this probably will RAWK the house in concert. Aspie, we really don't know the answer to your question...and that will be the source of constant debate for many years to come on most Clay fanboards. (Not this one -- we don't care particularly, we just like hearing Clay sing these songs...because we just don't know anything as fans.)
  21. claygasm -- cool story! Didn't realize that was you! Yeah, where IS bottle?!?!? I'm going to compile play's definitions for a book later. Five minutes to next song!
  22. I guess that's it for me...the melody doesn't make me enthused. (I'd rather have the "sing-song" of ATD than this...) And the lyrics? What lyrics? Remember -- I'm the "I don't care about lyrics" person. couchie -- YES! His hard RRRRRRRR's are in full force on this song. Consider they are all through this song...it really drives me a bit nuts sometimes. I'm learning to like the song more....
  23. I feel like I should let my cat Spot tell you how he likes the album. He doesn't talk much, can you tell? TOA: my second weakest track on the album. It's a power ballad; a generic power ballad, IMO. That's what Jon Bon Jovi tends to do (I do like some of his stuff, though). This song just doesn't grab me.