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July 17th Philadelphia

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fan was taking her seat and Clay said your late...

he said I am talking to you you should look at me. She knew people in the front row and he asked her what their name is but she got it wrong...since she only knows them by board name...she said the name is jean but its wrong and he said you should know be known as Jean

he was using Krispy Creme and mac and cheese as part of the song so its like a love song to that

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Clay forgot to bring his tshirt to philly

so he had to borrow his shirt...he calls sean over to stand beside him and he is so small and Clay said the t shirt is so tight he can;t breathe

the venue is about half.

A is full...and B almost...venue holds 4000 so half is just like usual

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he played two tv tracks...he asked Fern to play it...and most people were wrong they thought it was green acre.

lights are going down

Clay moved the person who is late that he talked to to center orchestra and seat that are nearer...

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the meet'ngreet badges have a picture of Clay's grandpa's tractor on them! He cracks me up!
And I bet the meet n greeters think that tractor's sexy, too! :DoClay:

So with reports that he's wearing the Frisco outfit, should we assume we'll get this outfit in the outdoor places and the jacket in indoor venues?

WithoutYou....voice sounds rich, full....love the low notes....

heh...he's showing off tonight with the wailing on WY :cryingwlaughter:

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mentioned the plane incident

"About every week, really...I do something to hurt somebody else....I put my hand on people's mouth, my foot on somebody's armrest.....My butt's gonna show up somewhere!"

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they better be giving him a standing o for that.

Introduced Jessie

talkign to Q about something she is wearing.

Oh talking about panties??? tat were sold in the concession stand

asking the girls if they are wearing it or brought it

ok talking about plane incident

its like every week he does soemthign to hurt other people...

he puts his hand on people mouth

his toe on peopeles armrest

his but will get on soemthing next...

the audience cheered......he says...not now...

its almost 5 years...I;m old and fat...

singign a song from first album


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I think I'd really like to see Clay modeling Sean's shirt....

I bet it would provide an optimal RIVET viewing experience. :Thud:

Um, yep. :Thud:

The days of rest must have done him a LOT of good. muski, I could hear some strain in his voice in Tulsa too. Nothing like that tonight at all.

I'm grinning like an idiot here.

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