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#52: "He doesn't need the spotlight. He just glows."


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    • I am so grateful for a board that is celebrating The Clay!
    • We have no idea in hell what Clay is up to. We hope he's happy.
    • God, I love that man. He rocks my socks.
    • He's made a changed woman out of me!
    • Clay Aiken - Better than burnt weinies!

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Love the pictures kf, looks like a great holiday with family!

My dad was born and raised in Houston and my brother lived in San Antonio for 20 years. I've spent many a scorching hot summer in Texas when I was younger where even just getting to the pool was a mad dash to minimize the pain of the burning heat on the feet. Just thinking about it makes me crave one of these :cocktail:

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Hey, at least while I was gone Clay blogged. Was hoping for other news but I am still here and not going anywhere. I am one of those who can not go to the Gala, so will be hanging on for any news that night.

We rode 245 miles on our bike. Some big hill, ate to much food, and had a great time with friends. Now back to work tomorrow. I don't want to go.

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I have no clue if Clay will marry, but I like to think of him and Reed growing old and saggy-balled together.

(I'm such a romantic.)

I never really wanted to marry straight, but I think if I were gay, I'd marry just to support the rights of gays to marry.

Nuts, I know.

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Well, nearly bedtime.....:hysterical:

I'm off to Labrador tomorrow AM, and the shuttle is picking me up at 4 AM. :huh:

Although this is the first time I'm making this trip (and I usually enjoy 'splorin') I'm not really looking forward to it. I'm headed for a little mining town and I understand the accomodations are......"basic"...... :blink: Thank goodness, it's just for 2 days and 1 night.

Someone please text me if all Clay breaks loose!!


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FromClaygary, I don't know how you do it. Do you ever stay home? :cryingwlaughter:

Marriage? Been there, done that, never doing it again, with either sex. ;) However, I'd love to see Clay in love and married....since he's said a few times that he'd like to be. I don't know if Reed is "the one", but they sure are a cute couple! :) :) :)

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However, I'd love to see Clay in love and married....since he's said a few times that he'd like to be. I don't know if Reed is "the one", but they sure are a cute couple! :) :) :)

Ditto to that. Although, I had Clay married off to Hannah so they could have creamy-pale blonde babies with big lungs together, so what do I know about picking out "the one" for Clay? :cryingwlaughter:

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As I often tell ducky...dreams are like free entertainment ... :cryingwlaughter:

.....yep, and it's a good thing they're free because I surely wouldn't pay for some of mine....

Others, like Clay in hair extensions, wearing scuba gear in a department store, and showing off his chandelier - priceless!

Cory Feldman, JaMar? :unsure:

Clay better resurface soon.

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jamar, Corey Feldman attended the Michael Jackson memorial service -- dressed in "tribute" to MJ. I saw that in the news last week. I think that must be where it came from, right?

I personally love being married, and I've never once wanted kids (neither did my husband). I just like hanging out with my best friend, you know? And he's a friend with benefits, if you know what I mean.

I truly do want for Clay the ability to marry if he so desires. And if that's with Reed, that's cool. If it's with someone else, that's cool too.

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I'm caught up.... Yay!!! What a weekend. Who the heck volunteered to watch 3 grandkids for 2.5 days, anyway???? Oh, yeah... that was the idjit formerly known as me! :cryingwlaughter::cryingwlaughter:

It actually didn't go too badly until I slammed my fingers in the garage door. @$%$&*(^@#!!! On my right hand... did I mention I am right handed? O.M.G. :abuser: (wrong kind of door, but you get my drift)

Anyone know how to keep from losing a fingernail???

ETA this post about a new montage, from CV, which I have not had the chance to watch, but it's getting rave reviews!

Good morning, CV!

I wonder why I have such a hard time focusing at work, and yet I can spend one solid weekend doing nothing but working on a Clay Aiken montage. It's a mystery.

Anyway, here it is, hours in the making, my epic mashup (YouTube link):

(warning - it's 10 minutes long)

luckiest... thanks for bringing this over... it was fantastic and I saw footage I'd never seen before. Kewl!

Anyone think Clay will ever marry?

I really hope so....one day! I think he would need to find someone with similar interests and one who would be happy living a simpler and somewhat quiet life with him in NC during down time first. I hope for his sake and Parker's, one day he has a chance to experience that kind of relationship with his soul mate. :wub:

treenuts... Yeah that ^^^^^

keepingfaith... neat pictures! My ex has a place outside of Austin. My oldest grandson loves going to stay wtih grampa. Even with the work it takes to run even a small ranch like he has.

Caregiving... exhausting. Those who do... I salute you!!! I cared for my dad the last 5 weeks of his life and since my mom died at 57 of cancer and he died of cancer at 64, I don't have the care of elder parents to cope with, but sure hope I raised my kids to take good care of me when I get there... after Clay is old and gray himself, I hope!!! :cryingwlaughter: I want adjoining rocking chairs! :hahaha:

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