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Hi, my name is Sandra. :)

I've been a fan of Clay since sometime last year, because a friend of mine in Michigan kept blithering on and on about how great he was.

Being as I am from Denmark, I had never heard of him and sort of went; "Clay WHO?" and she said she would send me some songs.

I thought she was going to burn a few songs onto a CD or send me a tape or whatever - but NO! SHE went and bought me the album (and has since sent me the Christmas album as well), and I listened to it once and have never recovered.

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HI, I'm Joy, aka rcknrllmom everywhere! I got that name cause I have been on the internet for what seems like forever and needed a name and it fit.

I post mostly on Clayversity and also my first home board Clay AIken Please Click Here.

(My daughter designed that pin with help of much collaboration from all...she also got me into making montages, banners and blends!)

I have been a fan of Clay's since the day they showed the audition.....I loved that voice! I was hooked and never looked back. I am now having the time of my life!!!

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Welcome to Finding Clay Aiken Message board.  Pull up a chair, get comfy, and introduce yourself!

:D hello

i have been a clay fan from day one-----saw him in concert 6 x, shook his hand once,and my daughters picture is in his book!!!

I love this man---he is AMAZING.....he is connecting people all over the world with each other...its a "CLAY FRIENDSHIP CHAIN" and this chain can never be broken, it can open up to let more people in but can NEVER be broken!!!

I am honored to be a clay fan!!



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Hi! I'm HotMomOf5-name made up when I used to use the computer downstairs where it was very HOT, that summer of 2003. I was very pregnant too, so was always hot. I really do have five kids :) My homeboard is CH, I also post at CV and the OFC occasionally.

I had not watched AI 1 -when AI2 started, I was in the first trimester of abovementioned pregnancy, and very very sick, aroudn the clock...my oldest (then 10) yo son suggested we watch. I was too sick to care. So we watched all the episodes, and I was in a fog-until the tall redheaded kid ambled out. Ds said 'simon will cut him apart' but then Clay sang...and that VOICE cut through my fog like you wouldn't believe! I was hooked.

I didn't go on the boards till the day after the Anomaly. It never occured to me to-I hadn't done that before. I never even watched reality tv, still don't! I got tickets to the AI concert, day of.(it was three days before my due date, dh was hesitant about doing a concert so close to it, but she was a week late anyhow, lol) Dh and the three boys and I went-it was the kids' first concert. We really enjoy Clay as a family! Even dh does, kind of. I've taken kids to almost every Clay concert I've been to.

Interests-well, I'm not terribly exciting. I enjoy the kids. I like nonfiction, but don't usually have much time to read. I am a SAHM right now but am attempting to re enter the workforce full time, after having been home for several years. I volunteer with BAF on occasion, which I enjoy doing.

I saw one AI, one IT, four NAT, two JNT, and am planning on 3 JBT-one of which will be a trip for dh and I to celebrate our 10th anniversary. I'm bringing my 4yodd to one show-she loves her 'Clay Aikey' too!

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Hi, I'm atinal. My name, not too imaginative, is just my name spelled backwards and my last initial. I'm a member at Clayversity and just started posting there very recently. I lurk a lot at the CH and recognize many of your names from there and CV.

How I got hooked. I watched season 1 and really enjoyed the show and was for Kelly all along, I loved the show and the concept, so I knew I was going to watch season 2, but I didn't know my life as I knew it was going to change. I don't remember when Clay hooked me, I just remember him being my favorite all along. I was sad at the finale, not devastated, because I liked Ruben too, I just thought he got a pass on a lot of things that they called Clay on. Anyway, I was completley oblivious to what was going on on the internet until after Clay's CD released. I followed what I could on TV, and bought the single. I thought in my heart, if he sings it, I am buying it. I think I logged onto the internet to try to find out how Clays CD was doing in sales, and the rest, as they say is history. I didn't go to any AI concerts, and was really behind on all the info, so many of you had.

When the IT was announced, I thought, wow, I'd really like to go to that. I will say this, I was a Kelly fan but I would not have gone to see her in concert by herself. I have been to 1 each of Clays other concerts, so I have not had the opportunity to go to multiple concerts, but my goal is to try to see at least 1 of each of his tours. There is no other artist, that I've ever even considered going to see more than once

About me - I'm a retired manager from a telecommunications company. I'm married, have 1 son. (Clay's age) I have a few hobbies, but mainly, since I retired I started oil painting, mostly portraits. I haven't painted Clay yet, but I plan to. I'm trying to find just the right picture. Which reminds me buzztechie I've missed seeing you on the boards and wondered what happened to you. I've admired your work as well as that of other Clay photographers. I too, have to say fountaindawg when I see you post a link to one of your creations, as a lurker, I go arggg!

Anyway, looks like a great new sight. I too have to thank you couchtomato and ansa for the pin thread, my bank account however does not.

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Hi, I'm PoohBear99, the Clayboard is my home board, along with IDF and the fan club. On IDF, I'm free4all2522, on CB I'm Pooh99, and on the fan club I'm PoohBear99, if you see those three usernames anywhere on the boards it's me! I'm from Illinois and I've been a Claymate since American Idol season 2!

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Hey I'm FearofH2O. I am a member of the Clackhouse and CV. At CV I'm Lakelady. I don't have a blog at OCAFC and have never posted there. Why? I am a really slow typist with a massive amount of errors. I NEED spellcheck.

My name came from my most recent almost drowning events at the lake property we have. I can hardly put my toes in the water without hyperventilating. I hope to seek help for this. Not to mention the oether things I need help for: pin buying, CA concerts attended, lack of house cleaning.

I watched AI1, sorry, but I liked Guarini and Tamyra for a while. But didn't really care who won. Never followed what happened to them. Decided I had had too much of reality shows and after watching the first episode of AI2, swore I would not watch again. One day flipping channels I saw Clay singing on the wild card show. I could not believe what I was hearing: a voice like none other that I had ever heard. After that I was hooked watching it to the end. My sister insisted I go to the AI2 concert and arranged tickets for me and someone to go with. Loved Clay and hated the rest of the show. But after that I was hooked on the voice and here I am two years later. ;)

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Flings boa around her neck...since y'all can't see my feet, pretend I have my stilletos on...


Remember, we are not allowing signatures in order to 1) allow quicker uploads for our members in dial-up purgatory and 2) keep the board as work-friendly as possible. Sneakily cutting the efficiency of the world's workforce is one of my goals. Thanks!

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Hi, I am Invisible926 everywhere. I post mainly at the Clack House and Clayversity. I discovered Clay when I watched the AI2 auditions but didn't realize I was in love till Solitaire night. I've been an avid fan ever since. This type of fandom is a first for me. I doubt that it will ever happen again. I am a fan of the voice and the man. He is endlessly fascinating to me and HOT as hell!

I live in New Orleans. I work in the field of Special Education as an Educational Diagnostician. I have also gotten interested in photography and graphic arts since becoming a Clay fan. I have made many cough, cough wallpapers. :blink::lol:

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I watched Season One, and rooted for Guarini early on. I swear he wasn't always smarmy!

bottlecap, I just have to commend you (before I even read the rest of the thread) because I'm just so ding-dang excited that you spelled "smarmy" right!

Almost every time I've seen that word posted, it's been spelled "swarmy." So, thank you, that done my heart good! :lol:

ETA: Invisible926, I love your wallpapers! Have a ton of them on my hard drive!

Edited by Mazee
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Hi, I am ncgurrl, the Keeper of the CH Pin List. I became a board fan via TWoP and EZPRoC before landing at The ClackHouse. I am a member of many boards but The ClackHouse is my home. At Clay's board I am nigelsmom but everywhere else I am ncgurrl. I am a native North Carolinian, but now live in Southern California.

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Hi everyone i'm Clayfromday1 and I guess the name says it all, Clay has kept me busy going to concerts playing on the internet and has made me a lot of new friends. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and belong to a few board but I seem to lurk more than post.

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Bonjoure, all!

No....lol, I'm not french...I just like using that as a Hello

Well...to begin...I'm Kahla. It's pronounced Kayla....and I'm 14 years old. I am a huge fan of Clay....wouldn't be here if I weren't :P.

Just a few quick facts;

-Born/and raised in Clearwater, FL

-I'm starting highschool next year

-I have 1 little sister

-I'm always searching for Clay boards to join

-Currently, I'm a member of two boards

-I'm a member of the OFC....my username over there is Claytastic

-I've never been a fan of anyone as much as I am Clay

-Today I ordered my first 2 Clay pins....

-I've pre-ordered/asked for ordering info for 2 more...

-And, I do have AIM. I'm always up for a fun Clay Chat....so just IM me: Symptomsofyou x7

This board seems like fun :) I know I'll enjoy it.

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My name is ... Lucia (OK, not very creative). l live in Sao Paulo Brazil. I got hooked on CLay from AI2 beggining in Brazil. That was about december 2003-january 2004, so I was 7-8 months late, but I got everything pretty fast on the Internet and have been Brazilian #1 Clay Fan since. I am a founder and head of the Latin American Fan Club, along with other fans I met on line. I went to two NAT and two JNT concerts and it was the greatest emotion to see Clay live (it was my first concert ever in the USA). I am an Associate Professor and I teach Virology in Sao Paulo University. I post at Heartful House and Clayaiken.com boards. And now at OFC, where I am lucia4clay (Lucia was taken).

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Hi. My name is Kay. My board name is Katfip, which was assigned to me by AOL in the past.

I am a nurse, and I live in North Carolina. My sister is from Cary and bugged me to watch AI2. She has a church connection to Clay's mom.I procrastinated until his performance of "Someone Else's Star". I was amazed at the boy/man. He was so gentle, beautiful, emotive.I was hooked. I organized the first CD release party here. I had NEVER done anything like that. I made some great friends there.

Since then, I have made some phenomenal friends all over the world!

He is truly a blessing , and I think God is using him to help us "make a difference" and we are just supporting his charities and the man.

I am a member of The Clay Train Connection. We raise lots of $$ to support his charities also.

I am also a member of HH, CB, and RHT.

Kay :P

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I was hooked from the first note out of his pretty mouth. He reminded me of all the theatre guys I had crushes on in college, but was too shy to talk to.

I started out on lbfca and then CH. I don't post much, but lurk every day on many boards.

I am a performance coach for actors, singers, etc. I also produce/direct local theatre productions.

Two plus years later, I'm still here, still lovin' that man of ours.

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Hi, I'm ivy on the boards. I first noticed Clay when he auditioned and loved his voice. But I also liked Josh and Ruben. It wasn't until the end of AI2 that I thought about checking out the message boards. I'm happy it turned out that way because I got to see the push for Ruben on the entertainment showbiz type shows for myself. Before that I thought they were OK. The night they showed Vincent and implied everything Clay did that night was not as good as Ruben was probably the day I turned the corner. My fandom came on me so gradually that I'm not sure when I decided that I wanted Clay to win. Maybe I resisted because I've never been a fan of anyone before.

On finale night, I voted all 3 hours for Clay and did not get through once. I'm one who thought we would not hear from him again and by that time I was hooked. It was devastating when he lost and I have not watched the last part of the tape from that night.

Most if not all songs Clay sings turn out to be better than the originals. Today I heard the R&B song he sang with Angela and they did so great on that song in comparison. The quality of the songs from fan clips is amazing. Imagine what the songs would sound like if they were real recordings. The sentiment today that singers have to write their own songs to be artists drives me crazy. I think good singers should hook up with good writers.

Clack House has been my home board but I'm not sure it suits my mood these days and I'm looking for something different perhaps less introspective. Before becoming a member of CH, I posted on other boards but never considered them home base.

I used to be an avid reader and enjoyed watching TV. But don't do much of either anymore. I have a software background and am a project manager. And I love the Harry Potter series.

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Hi...I'm Donna from Massachusetts. I belong to many boards but go to the Clayboard, Hub and Clackhouse everyday.

I have to say that I loved both Clay and Ruben throughout the season and voted for both of them. Obviously I had to pick one on the last night and it was Clay. My life has never been the same. Being a fan of a singer has never been part of my life before although I do enjoy music. I have learned so much and met so many wonderful people.

I am on the Executive board of The New England Clay Fans...we meet every few months and plan some of the preparties/CD parties up in the New England area. We also do lots of fundraising for BAF.

My daughter and I go to concerts together although I don't take her to everyone. She has already gone to more concerts at 10 than I did my whole adult life. :lol:

Addictions...must talk about this...addicted to clack...just love watching all the new stuff for each tour. Pins...got caught up in this craziness....so afraid to total paypal.. :( .

Two years later and still loving every minute of being a Clay fan!

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Hi All!

I'm Attic244 on all my boards. Have been a Clay fan from the beginning. Am currently pretty unintense--of course I can't promise that once the concerts start--yay, I'm going to the first one!

I'm mostly on ezPROC, but sometimes I need a little more fangirlying than what's going on over there.

*waves to everyone* *impersonates purple stapler*

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Hey all! Nice place you have here! Congratulations to couchtomato and ansa for setting this up! And it's nice to see KAndre, of whom I am a minion-in-training, Heidi Ho, ShelleyC and Skatejoy modding! Hope I didn't leave anybody out.

Many of you know me from the CH. A few minutes after the AI2 Atlanta auditions aired back in January 2003, I logged onto TWoP. I couldn't get over all the snarky "cool kids" who liked to bespectacled dork! And the rest, as they say is history.

I've said it before. I am a thin-skinned Clay fan. I HATE to see him criticized, especially by his own fans. However, I do really enjoy analytical discussions, especially when there's a lot of snark thrown in. That is why the CH is my home and I love it there. I do have a hard time trying to understand why people who are fans would endlessly criticize him. If people are fans of the singer, but not fans of the man, do the rest of need to be reminded of it all the time? If I ever get to that point where I no longer like Clay -- which I doubt will ever happen -- I will walk away and not waste my time or yours. I'm feeling especially protective of him with recent events.

So this looks like it will be a lovely board to hang out on, kind of like a home away from home!

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Hi! I'm Melanie...Pianist to those of you on the Clayboard...and GApianist to those on the Official site.

I haven't been to this site in quite a while, but back during the Independent Tour and then later the Solo Tour I wrote some concert and M&G recaps that were posted here. Thanks Angela for letting my voice be heard!

I'm a Georgia Claymate and saw this link on our site. I clicked and I'm thrilled I did! Just like Clay, this site is bigger and better than ever. I plan to make frequent stops to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

BTW, I'm a church pianist and I live just outside Atlanta.

Nice to meet you all! And Angela...keep up the excellent work!

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Hi everyone,

I am claylily from Baltimore, MD. It is pretty obvious why my screen name is what it is. My real name is Lillian but my friends and family all call me Lily and we all know where the Clay part comes from.

I loved Clay from the first time I saw him on AI2 and there was no turning back; it just kept getting better and better. I love him bunches.

I belong to a wonderful group of Baltimore Claymates and we meet once a month to share stories about our Clay happenings and watch Clack. We just had a countdown to concert cookout yesterday and had so much fun and watched Clay all day.

If anyone is interested in joining our meet up group in Baltimore, we meet at the White Marsh Library in Baltimore once a month and our next meeting is set for August 16 (my birthday). Judy is our coordinator and does a great job trying to control us!!!!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Edited by claylily
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Hi Everyone,

I just joined here today. I've loved the Finding Clay Aiken site for a long time now and just clicked on the Fan Forum today and here I am.

I've been of fan of Clay's from the very beginning. My daughter was watching AI2, which I had no intention of doing, and while I was cleaning up the kitchen I heard the most wonderful voice, of course it was Clay! Nothing has been quite the same in my life since.

I'm a newbie at CH, have just joined another board called ClayDream Believers, and write stories on EAYOR over on RHT. I started off my Clay adventure on Bolt, now that was an experience for sure.

I live in Sugar Land, Texas and teach special education at a middle school there. I've lived in Texas most of my, which up until this last concert tour of Clay's, seemed like a great place to live.

Now, I wish that I lived someplace on the East Coast! Can you tell that there will not be a concert in my near future? I'm trying to act maturely about this and not be jealous and resentful of my friends who get to travel to see him, but sometimes I find myself feeling a little sorry for myself.

School starts here for teachers in two weeks and that should take my mind off not being able to see him.....yeah right! Oh well, there's always the next tour.

I did not intend to write this much and I'm sure I've rambled. Anyway, I look forward to getting to know many of you.


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Hi, All -

I just joined today, too. I never had been to FCA until I came to view the pins and saw that there a was message board. I started out at Bolt and never could figure that out, lol -- then found Claymates and from there migrated to ABB, where I stayed for a long time. I was Metis over there. Then I discovered EAYOR at Red Hot Topic, and that's been my home ever since. I'm Morgain everywhere now, although a few from the ABB board and at Texas Clay Fans still call me Metis.

Anyhoo - since I never venture much outside of EAYOR (and the Reading Room at Clayversity), I've kind of been looking around lately for another board where I could get to know more people. I read your philosophy and guidelines for posting and loved them, and then I saw Claudia here, so here I am. Hi, Claudia! :wave:

I have loved Clay since I saw him the very first time on AI2. I didn't really intend to watch the whole series, I just wanted to see what it was all about. Ha! He stole my heart from the first moment, and I've been his willing captive ever since.

I love to read and study - ancient history, philosophy, mythology, religion and Tolkien. My favorite kind of music is classic rock, blues, American roots music, world music and CLAY! I agree with Ivy that everything he sings sounds better than the original. I can't wait for the Jukebox Tour. I'm going to Lake Darien and Indianapolis. Claudia, if you want to come to Dallas and drive to Indy with me, I have an extra ticket - 9th row dead center on the track. And a hotel room. ;)

That's about it. I'm looking forward to getting to know folks here.


Edited by Morgain
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I'm skybar22 and was never on a message board before April 2003 when I happened upon The Clayboard. After joining several Clay boards and getting dizzy, I finally settled at The Clackhouse. I'm so glad FCA started a board. I just discovered it in the middle of the night while updating my favorites folder. Nice to "see" so many familiar names here.

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