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Hi everyone, my name is Deb and Clay had me at "Take". My homeboard is TTC, and I post occasionally over at the CB. I'm also a member at a few other boards. Some I've posted on, others I prefer to lurk. I'm an avid lurker at The ClackHouse and have been since the summer of 2003.

I'm married and have 3 daughters. (24, 20 and 19). My husband is a Senior Master Sgt in the Air Force, and will begin his 25th year in the service next month. We've been stationed in North Dakota for 11 years now, and he is currently tdy at Fairchild AFB, Wash. (they are resurfacing the runways at our base).

Myself and two of my daughters (the 20 yr and 19 yr old) are absolutely and totally in love with a man that goes by the name of Clay Aiken. We've tried to Clayvert their sister, but have come to the conclusion that she's a hopeless case. Ah well..can't win em all!

A year or so ago, my youngest daughter discovered that we had a program on our computer called MovieMaker, and began to make some short movies of her and her friends. She told me to try it, and I said.."Nah..I can't do that". She kept after me till I gave in. Now I'm addicted to making Clay montages and have made 15 so far. Watching (sometimes dozens and dozens of) clips of Clay's beautiful face is a pleasure beyond compare.

It's no wonder there have been hundreds of montages made by fans of all different messageboards. The beauty of the man makes it impossible to resist.

Invisible926- I bow down to you and your wallpapers. At one time or another I have had all of them on my desktop, and now I'm so glad to be able to personally thank you. Thank You!

Thank you for a most wonderful website (FindingClayAiken) and it's forum. I look forward to getting to know everyone.

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I am a retired grandmother with 1 son and 1 grandson. I use a wheel chair

outside and am a bit of a shut-in. I will be going to my 2nd concert next month

JNT2005. My first was JNT last year. Clay is responsible for getting me out of

the house

I am also ClayObsessed on Claymaniacs and ClayObssessed on the CB. I can't

point to one instance when I became a "Clay fan". I was intrigued by Clay from

Atlanta on, but by the time he lost to Ruben ( who I also liked ), I was in a

complete and utter state of shock. I was convinced I wouldn't see or hear much

of Clay until his CD came out and did not follow him on the AI tour. One day

when I was looking online for news articles about a contestant from Survivor 3

who had been my sons best friend in high school, I saw Clay's name. That was

the begining of my fandom. Eventually I found Claymaniacs and found a home.

There I discovered there were so many others, who like me, were amazed at how

much they were loving Clay. I realized I wasn't alone and there began the real

obsession. It was as tho they gave permission to feel the way I do. My son is

still amazed and cannot understand why a grandmother would have such feelings

for this beautiful and talented young man.

When the pins craze began, I also started slowly, thus missing some early pins.

But here I am with you and the CB reading everything I can about the pins so I

won't miss too much. I am so grateful this exists and finally felt I should join. It

has taken me a while to make my first post and probably won't do it a lot, but

for sure this place will be my 2nd stop right after looking at the email to see if

any pins are being offered to me. Thanks for being here and for letting me be

here.....shirl :)

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Hi, I'm a high school special ed teacher from upstate NY. I just joined here today because I no longer felt welcome at the board I used to frequent. It seems there is all sorts of room for people who call Clay names, vulgar names, but there is no room, according to the "organizers" for people who dislike that and are willing to speak out about it. It's a shame, it used to be a nice place.

I am looking forward to being a part of this community - a community where respect seems to be encouraged. I'm happy to be here. You ahve a beautiful site.

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Hi! I call myself Jaycee because those are my initials(J.C.). With my memory, I needed something I had some hope of remembering. As long as I haven't forgotten my name, I am alright. :D

I didn't start watching AI until about half way into the second season. I really didn't want to watch the show, I was pretty sure that I wouldn't like it. I did it just so I could tell the lady that I worked with, that I had in fact watched and then hopefully she would leave me alone. As they say, the rest is history. I watched, I saw and heard Clay and I had to continue watching.

I didn't go looking for websites or message boards until the show ended and I was hoping that just maybe there was somewhere to get some information about him. I went to Yahoo and found over 200 lists. I joined a few and from there found many websites.

I am a member of several boards but don't really post on any of them. Most move so fast I am always playing catch up. For the last year I have been reading at The Clack House but have just about given up on ever becoming a member. It is OK though, I find that most anything I have to say or ask will be said by someone else almost as soon as I think of it.

I live in So. CA and work for the County of Orange.

Golly, what else! I can't think of much.

Bye for now

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well for starts i go by claypappy 'cause while watching Ai 2 i told my wife i am old enough to be clayspappy..so the name stuck..i am a board member of a lot of MB ...this is one nice board that you have here very large...i am also a member of theLBFCA ..yep a brude a member of the clack house and just started a new male MB called the BOC..

http://brotherhoodofclay.com/...i ma proud of this endevor..because it takes what we all want no barrier's towards men& women ...well i have 3 dalmations & 9 cats no kids....thats about it



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Welcome Clayspappy!

Hello, claymates! My name is Jen. I am 15 years old. I have been a Clay fan since 2003. I fell in love with Clay's voice, personality, and inner and outer beauty. He is a role model/mentor in my life, and I am so blessed by God to know who he is.

If you wanna know more about me, check out my profile or simply PM me!

Edited by Jen
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I didn't even know FCA had a forum. I have the directory part bookmarked and use it to link around all the time. So how could I not know this? How slow am I? (Don't answer that...)

Anyway, I love FCA - love! If anyone ever asks me about Clay, I just tell them to type 'Finding Clay' in Google. And then just hit that first result and go from there.

So. Hi guys. Happy New Year!

(And yes, I'm still goopifying over last night's concert.)

Oops. Forgot to throw in my board affiliations. The CH and WMS. Back in '03 I started at TTC (which is how I ended up going over to WMS) and the Clayboard, because I found them first when I did an internet search. Then I became more of a lurker on TWoP and that's how I found The ClackHouse.

That pretty much sums it. As to what makes me, me - how about I get back to you on that one? (A mind going blank is a terrible thing...)

Oh, I know! I got one -- I like parentheticals! Hee. :)

Edited by strummer6
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Hello, all! I'm muskifest and post most on EAYOR of RHT (Just a note to say I only post on EAYOR, not on RHT main! I know some of you from EAYOR or CV Reading Room or other boards, having met at concerts, etc. (or through PMs re: my...er...creative expressions in fiction.. B)

I am in love with Couch Tomato so I thought I'd hang out where she does :laugh2:

Also, I'd love to hop in on this AI2 Season retrospective...is that possible? I'm itchin' to watch it all again and comment like you guys are doing....do you have to be a mod or administrator or something to do that?

Anyway...Clay Aiken and the network of friends and fun and newfound faith in good things in this world that he's brought to my life has made this ole' gal raring to tackle just about everything again...

So glad to be on this earth with the man.

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Greetings Clay Fans! I'm Gwen from Austin, Texas. You might have seen me floating around as "Gwennie" or "Gwennie123" on RHT, Clayboard and the OFC.

I got whiplash at "Take". Every week I just got more and more invested in the show. Then he sang "Mack the Knife" ... I was a goner! So ultra cool, suave and a voice like no one I've ever heard.

Found the boards that summer, headed up the Austin CD Release Party and have seen 1 AI tour, 1 Independent, 2 NAT and 2 JBT's. And I have an amazing group of ladies here in town that I can credit Clay with introducing me to. When 9 Clay fans attend your mother's visitation and graveside funeral, you know you have real friends.

The pin craze brought me here; I have a decent collection but certainly nothing like others have. I am "invisibly" disabled, dealing with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and bipolar II disorder. We've got some interesting support threads stickied on the OFC under the Stuff section if you would like to check them out.

All of my romantic relationships have been with either redheads or strawberry blones. So, gee, no surprise when I think Clay is a cutie?! And I was a band nerd for many, many years. My newest passion is digital photography. When I get as good as Buzztechie, Invisible or Tasapio, I'll be a happy girl.

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I've just spent a bit of time reviewing this thread, and oh my goodness!......I've been here, posting mosting in the pin threads since mid-July of 2005 (almost a year ago), and I haven't introduced myself.

My name is Diane, I'm going to be 46 in April, single. I have a really old cat, which I'll probably have to put down this year (arthritis I think is really starting to affect her). I live in Vancouver BC, Canada.....a gorgeous place....and yes, I did go to the first JNT2 concert here. Are you kidding.....Clay come to town and I not go !! Not an option.

I've now got quite a list of pins to trade, but don't bother posting it - because I'd rather reply to people who have pins I'm interested in and possibly working out a trade.

Great job on the gallery everyone!


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Hi! I'm a 45 year old Clay fan. Season 2 was my first year watching AI and my husband heard Clay audition and had to have me hear him and every since we have been a AI watcher and a Clay lover. Clay AIken just has the voice that you can just never forget. I was totally disappointed when America did not vote him as the AI winner that season and vowed to not watch AI ever again. Then came season 3 and I loved Dianna and she did not win. And I really did almost throw in the towel.Then came season 4 and I loved Anthony and he didn't make it.Then my husband kept rooting for Carrie and that just turned it around for me and she won and I had faith again. But through the seasons of AI I always couldn't get enough of Clay. He is from my home state of NC and the AI tour was booked tight and Clay never came close enough in his tour for me to see him. Still haven't and I would just love to get a chance to see him in person. I probably would be worse than the guy that he surprised on season 5 finale last week. I think Clay is a great person and I really admire him. I know I am an older fan but I think Clay AIken really is truly a wonderdul human being and deserves our respect and support. I have not seen one male contestant thus far on AI that even comes close to him. I think he is a humanitarian that has done nothing but demonstate unselfishness and compassion. It is going to be great being a part of the Clay AIken forum. I love music and I enjoy cooking. I have a teenager myself and I love to travel. I have arthritis but Walt Disney World is still my favorite place in the whole wide world!! Thanks for having me!

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Hello Everyone. My name is Rose , board name imaiken4aiken (Ima) My home

board is Head Over Heels 4 Clay Aiken. I joined this board because I have lurked

for such a long time. and used the board listings. Angela has been so nice and

such a big help, and I just love this board.

I am retired, Mother of 4, I have 2 Granddaughter's Jenny and Abby, who are

the loves of my life. Then there is Clay, he is my Son, my Dream, my Boyfriend

The one that has breathed new life into me with his voice, his example, his love

of his Mother, and all Children. I have been to see him six times, and that is not

nearly enough. Like everyone else I am waiting for the new CD, and tour. After

AI5, I'm not sure I can survive seeing him again. I already loved him, but I fell

all over again.

I'm not sure how often I will be able to post, but I hope to get to know all of you.

and share in your Clay love.

Have a great night.

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