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ATDW Listening party Thread


Favorite ATDW song  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite ATDW song

    • Right Here Waiting
    • Lonely No More
    • Every Time You Go Away
    • Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word
    • When I See You Smile
    • A Thousand Days
    • Lover All Alone (bonus track 1)

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Amy and I are here! How do you put itunes on repeat..heee...

Go to controls and then click on repeat one.

I am being a good player and actually listening to RHW. :glare:

awww good for you ...mwah...

yeah his voice does sound a bit different here. as I said earlier it sounds like good boy band voice. slightly nasal.

I do like that that little very soft ugh you can detect at the end of some phrases.

But man I love those stacato strings at the background.

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Stacatto strings! That's it! That's what I really really like about this song!

Boyband? What are you guys smokin'? *g*

One more thing before we head on...I think this one will be really rockin' in concert! Totally will change the mood, I'll guarantee that!

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I like this song, particularly the phrasing but it's not my favorite. I think the strings really enhance the sound in combination with the guitars. The best part to me is when Clay sings "I'll take the chance."

I'm another who is not familiar with this song. I probably listened to whatever my sons were listening to then.

Great idea- the listening party.

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couchie and i both like the 'da duhhhh da, da duuuuuh da' of that violin or somethign...and i like his breathy 'Babyyyy' and the grunt he does at the end of whatever you dooooooo uh. But 'right here waiting" sounds really really nasally.

Maybe he had a cold when he recorded it!

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hee I love all our different opinions...

I think I know what part you find dated in the instrumentation play...when you mentioned that I do see it...

hee...he dos have a funny way saying day after day....

time for next song...

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AWWWWWW my favorite after LAA...

how cool that its the two song he co wrote...no it has nothing ot do with that...honestly...

his voice is fuller here than RHW...the instrumentation became more contemporary with the acoustic guitar.

and more low notes...love this song...sigh

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the ending of this song blows me away every time. this is the song i was rockin' to on the bus when i opened my eyes and people wre smiling at me cuz i was so into it...

the way he sings with himself (but it won't make him go blind)..at the end ---the wailing voice...the pure tones...gah...

and then earlier...when he softly says...'tonight'

muski faints at his feet...

then ties his shoelaces

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Talk about a bad Clay fan. It took me a long time to warm up to this song - despite Clay having a quarter of the writing credit on it.

I found it a bit boring and monotonous (Ok, we REALLY need spel check here!).

The second verse was better than the first and the baby growl was nice.

I like the bridge quite a bit. And I love it when he starts singing with himself!

It took me awhile, but I rather like this song now. Nowhere near my fav, but I do like it.

I'm listening with headphones now. I love Clay being right in my head! :D

PS - His voce sounds so much better on this than on RHW. Soooooooooooooo much better - richer.

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