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Learning to sing (again!)

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jamar, I know some places they do a Chapter by chapter. Or we could do phases of his life, like childhood/middle school/high school/college/AI/After AI. Course some of that stuff is scattered throughout the book. However, we are all reading it for the second/more time, so that might work. Whatever the majority thinks will work the best for the most readers.

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I think it's easier to do it chapter by chapter, unless someone wants to post which parts of the book pertain to AI and different stages of his life.

We could have a certain period of time to read and comment on each chapter, as a way of organizing the discussion. It would probably be easiest to take a chapter a week.

Of course, I'm open to other suggestions!

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Chapter by chapter sounds good to me. This will be interesting to see other people's perspectives. Emotions were running pretty high when I first read it, so am looking forward to reading it in a different light.

Yes. After I accelerated this I kinda got scared. LTS coming out was the beginning of the end of my innocent fandom experience. It was the first time I escaped from the boards. I got so excited about reading it again I forgot that. heee. I have faith LOL.

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I want so much to do this. Not sure I can keep up though. Too many concerts and severe lack of time.

Might be more of a comment reader than poster. But am really anxious to look at the book again. Time and experience is great for changing perspectives. Might have been too emotional last time. Or maybe not. Will be interesting.

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I like the idea of doing it chapter by chapter, a week at a time. Mainly because it gives time to really discuss and absorb. However there are 20 chapters....hee. But I also want people to feel free to go at their own pace and to feel free to bring stuff up later that we discussed earlier. I have a feeling that may lead us into some sidetrack discussions but I think that's good. I suppose we'll figure out a pace that works once we get up and running.

That said I think we can start as soon as you want. If you have any general comments about the book (quotes, chapter titles...pictures :wub: ) feel free to add them at any time. I think they are an important part of the story.

Monday's are good for startin' stuff. Just sayin'

I'll check back in after work and if everyone is ready and sort of agrees on the structured yet free flowing format we can get started!

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I read the first two chapters last night. Anybody else done yet?

I think I must have read these first couple of chapters a few times, thinking I'd re-read the book, and then never gotten any farther. Because, especially the first one, I could almost quote it word for word. I could also hear Clay's voice reading it in my head (so I must have listened a few times as well!)

One thing that struck me is that he sure like using the phrase "rise to the occasion". I am not a smutter, but it even had me giggling by the second time. :cryingwlaughter:

Let's see, what else? In these chapters, it really seems that he idolizes his mother to a certain extent. I wonder if he still feels nervous when she sits in the audience at his shows, here in 2007? I know some people believe that he tames things down a bit when she is present, but I have never witnessed it, and I've been at a lot of shows along with his mother, in NC. If anything, he seems to ramp it up, perhaps to push her buttons. I found it interesting that he says he can't remember a single telephone conversation in which they didn't argue or that he didn't upset her in some way. I get the impression he is always pushing the boundaries, to her. I wonder if he's expanded her views of what is acceptable and not acceptable. Hee, and then I remember that I just watched a banter clip from Canandaigua where he talks about his mom calling him and asking if he was doing "vulgar entertainment" because he used the word "puberty". Maybe not, eh?

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OK,I will have read the chapters in a few hours, but about taming donw his act for his mother - No. I have heard several reports already starting with the IT and the WDC dance that he asked his mother and she told him not to tone down his behavior but to "give the fans what they want". He has never toned down for her, but he might have because of his grandparents.

I need to make some calls before I read. Off to get some work done.

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Ok, I dragged out my very heavy Clack box and dug to the bottom (which required me to straighten things up and made me find things I forgot I had - I have some very unique things!!) and pulled out the Learning to sing - hard cover.

It starts with the spiral notebooks - oh how some fans thought that was cruel. I guess I was in a scholl where teachers were always cruel because that is how they punished us. No biggie.

Chapter one Listen - he listened to many people,mostly his mother who was the center of his life, as mother's often are. The facts that he starts so many chapters with her quotes just demontrates how strong an influence she is - duh, I knew that.

I laughed when I read the fantasy of quitting that put Claynation into a panic, it is really a reflection of simpler things,not a real threat to action. it just makes me laugh to think some people believed he was going to pack it in. It was so absurd.

Chapter 2 Decide what song you want to sing.

It starts off with Faye's sweet story about Clay singing as a child. He always knew how to use his voice.

The thing is, this chapter rambles and I keep thinking it is the end and there is more disconnected stuff. I don't know why it is a chapter except it met some length criteria. it is hard to see what is there when it just goes from one topic to another.

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Heeeee......here is what I think is the Theme - Young Clay. Young Clay's environment and beginnings - carefully edited to give a glimpse of his life, but not really in exacting detail. Young Clay is Just Like YOU!

Then - ta da! - some carefully chosen and carefully shared vignettes ( vinaigrettes? ;-)) to illustrate that some things that happen in life are not pleasant, some things may have, indeed, been instigated by one's very own self or inflicted by family - but life goes on! you, dear reader, can rise above that stuff and then proceed to have a happy meaningful life yourself! But hopefully without stalkers and such!

IMO, some of the stories are quite apocryful, they have been chosen to illustrate a point and perhaps embroidered a bit. Clay loves a good story.

I just think it is misleading to discuss this book as if it was a Kitty Kelly tell-all; I don't think it was written for the kind of audience that would dissect it as if it was a complete History of Clay.

Playbiller, I have so much focus right now I need a big box'o'wine. Maybe 2.

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You know... I've never discussed my thoughts on LTS with anyone... never did. I'm not that way. I read it, liked it, was done. BUT, I might do so this time.

However, I have to say that djs pretty much just summed it up for me. Except, I thought she was talking about the Christmas stories and concerts -- haha... I had to go back and read the thread title to be sure.

The point is... For me, ALL of Clay's stories, concerts, viniagrettes, quotes (okay, just one), attitude about ATDW, etc.... all have the same theme. Life can be shitty sometimes, but... pick up and find the good... it's there if you look. And really, why not look?

-- Gilda Radner, sorta.

This is the guts of Clay Aiken, IMO.

Yep, that pretty much covers it. LOL!

I'll try to be back with something more deep and thoughtful later. Promise.

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I think that something to keep in mind is that this book was not written as a detailed autobiography; it was written for young people, and is more a series of "snapshots" intended to help those going through some hard patches.

I just think it is misleading to discuss this book as if it was a Kitty Kelly tell-all; I don't think it was written for the kind of audience that would dissect it as if it was a complete History of Clay.

The point is... For me, ALL of Clay's stories, concerts, viniagrettes, quotes (okay, just one), attitude about ATDW, etc.... all have the same theme. Life can be shitty sometimes, but... pick up and find the good... it's there if you look. And really, why not look?

This is the guts of Clay Aiken, IMO.

I also think that for the purposes of this book, Clay did not see fit (or need) to share all his good experiences, he was aiming for empathy with young people who might be going through some difficult times.

I couldn't agree more with both of you.

I read these chapters and I can see that Clay is very self-aware. I think he knows exactly who he is and why. He's aware of his faults and embraces them along with his talents.

The second (or third) time I read the book I highlighted some stuff (not like I don't own mulitple copies right?) ....

What I have highlighted in the First Chapter...

Once I decided I was okay, other people agreed.

I like to think that what you see is basically who I am.

Pain happens to everyone.

Life is a collaboration.

I believe God has a plan.

But I had always sung. Suddenly, people cared.

I find it difficult to believe that my getting more famous helps anyone else.

I want to use my voice to inspire good in others.

I think read together they say a lot about what the theme's of this book are and what Clay is about.

What I have highlighted in the first part of Chapter 2 is a bit different. Hee.

I loathed T-ball.

I hated the piano.

I hated having to practice.

That was a little too labor intensive for me.

I hated it at the time.

I had complained all year...

I used to be so embarrased....

I dunno about anyone else but I sense a theme here. Hee. I think he knows himself pretty well. Warts and all. Like during the JNT 04 when he did the thing about Grandma wanting him to learn to play piano and he said....but I'm lazy and slow and it didn't happen.

The second part of Chapter 2

We have high expectations of each, and that can lead to disputes.

She expects nothing but the best from me.

We were all the other person had for a long time.

I will forever be trying to be the man my mother expects me to be.

I knew she would look down on me and that was deterrant enough.

Instead of being a singer, she became the sole guardian of my innocence.

Now I'm the one singing to her. I hope she likes what she hears.

I know this relationship. My X walked out unexpectedly when my kids were 13, 15 & 17. Six months later my oldest went off to college and my other 2 kids and I formed this special bond as we soldiered on through our new reality together. We only had each other and there were days when I was the one that depended on them for support.

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