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#3 - Here He Comes Again


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Okay Bottle,

I will help you, help you spend money that is LOL

Just went to the message board thingy over there at OFC. It is wild. I like this one much better. Not a spastic as that one is. LOL

Plus that freaking doorbell sound. I have never been so glad for a mute button. :blink:



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From a promo that was on during tonight's Primetime Live:

Tuesday, Clay Aiken returns in a must-see GMA concert. Then Wednesday, the personal interview that will have everyone talking. The rumors about his private life. What you haven't heard. The boy with the golden voice takes it on. A Diane Sawyer exclusive. Wednesday on Good Morning America.

Holey Moley!!!!!! Two days!!!

I already have Tuesday off, and somehow, I think I might be feeling a bit feverish on Wednesday.

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Well, shoot. I have Tuesday off, so seeing Clay on GMA will be no problem. However, I MUST be at work at 8:00 a.m. Wednesday morning; I can't even BE sick, let alone pretend. Darn it!

But those OFC pictures have me thinking very very nasty thoughts. The one at the top of the screen for "My Profile" is lethal.

BTW, I had no problems renewing!

BTW #2: I just got word that my Sony ATDW order is shipped! EEEEEEEEE! Maybe I'll have it early! Then I'll be justified in listening over the weekend!

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Well, can't find a way of renewing with the fan pack, so I guess I will have to wait. I am so cheap, if I can't renew with this pack, I want my money back. I can't imagine that it would be worth it to buy this just to have it, but that is just me.

Well, all the packs I bought today are spoken for and my store is sold out. Apparently others have bought them there as well.

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Promo clip for GMA up at clackunlimited.com

OMG, I'm going to be dying next week. He looks gorgeous, and...what's that? I think I saw a video! YAY!!!!! Plus he's going to talk. I can't wait.

playbiller, I think I noticed when I was renewing that there was a blank for "promo coupon." Could that be what you are looking for?

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I tried renewing and did not see any blank. But, that would be what I was looking for.

OK, I found it, but it was after you add your card. I am not going to pay for 2 memberships, sorry, I am cheap.

So did you get in? Its possible it won;t be useful till the 19th...but I hear that we can renew until the 22nd.

Cos its just the fan pack for me too...I just hope it does not run out.

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Ya know, There was a thread to ask for a fan pack - I am sending an extra I found out tomorrow. You could have asked me.

Of course, I bought the last few in the local store and I am pretty busy for the next few days, so won't get a chance to try the other 3 stores near me.

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I need a jaw dropping emoticon.

the new OFC pics.

I DARE somebody to tell me that man ain't getting some from somebody somewhere.

I don't know the name of the lucky beyotch. And she might have forgotten it too by now. But Clay's spreading the love, chickies.... ;)

That is all.

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heeeeeeeeeeeeee did you know you could read page after page here...click quote on any post you're interested in responding to and then when you get the end click add reply and you get all the nice quotes in your response box... lol.... of course i knew i could do that but haven't since the first week we opened... yay for our third main thread and yay for muski coming up with the title.

so tonight i went to virgin megastore where our cd release party will be held next tuesday. i walked out of there so depressed because the only thing in the store to show me clay had a cd coming out was our lone little poster. g unit has clothes all over the place. furtado or whatever her name is has huge ass posters all over the store as did every other person with a cd coming out in hte next few weeks. all i could think of was...what about clay..where the hell is clay. rca couldn't even spring for a poster or two...

so was thrilled to come home to all this news.... multiples of gma ....i bet muski likes that... heh... fan club renewals..yeah i took so long to get home they had already extended renewal date and i can let them work out all the kinks... pretty pretty pictures... possible appearances on martha and tyra which just cracks me the hell up... store circulars hitting, commercials for ATDW showing up on television, commercials for his gma appearances..wow. now all we need is a pretty new people cover.

i'm in my happy place again.

Bottle, thank you, thank you, thank you. You are the BEST.

isn't she though

Woo! New thread with my title suggestion! Now I really feel like an FCAer! :D

and i'm so happy you come out and play with us... and i can so imagine the look on your face while you were in the throes of listening to clay...

(insert whistling emoticon here....dang it, couchie! Where's that danged whistler?!?!? :angry: )

i promise i promise..after i get through cd release parties and kimmels i will bring any emoticons over that ya'll want

Huh? Where are you finding a link to renew, KAndre? And why am I so anxious to throw my money at the bumbling idiots at Clique????

Hee. Did you see playbiller being all fangirly at the CH? I thought she never did that kinda stuff. Busted!

me me me...i saw fangirly play and it made my day. so very cute.

there would be lots of exclamation points here if i could make them but my keyboard has finally bit the bust and won't let me make them...

I'm in f*cking LOVE and LUST with ATDW. Pure and simple.

although there's really not much 'pure' about my feelings for it....

God. Lonely No More, BW, ETYGA...are faves...

but every time I listen to others, I like them more. Surprised at how I'm bopping along with BYLM, for crying out loud! :blink:

He sounds....


heeeeeeeeeee and weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

As to writing a review - I don't know nothing about music, besides yes I like it, no I don't.

you are me.

BTW #2: I just got word that my Sony ATDW order is shipped! EEEEEEEEE! Maybe I'll have it early! Then I'll be justified in listening over the weekend!

mine too.......eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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couchie, thanks for the board usage lesson. I did not know that [tm Johnny Carson]. That's very cool.

Overnight...advertisement for the new album. This is where the video of WY came in the GMA promo. Cheesy voice over announcer...but GAH Clay looks fantastic! The band is back too!

This is going to be so, so cool. And this promotion is working almost exactly as I thought it would -- hit 'em with everything right before or right after the drop date. People will remember this, and pick up the album.

No worries, man.

Pictures on the OFC are still giving me funny feelings in certain parts of the anatomy. :P

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I thought couchie would never get home last night...I had that IM window open waiting to tell her about the pretties....BUT she was not a happy camper when she first got in...I can feel the heat coming through the monitor...HEH. But of course I knew Clay would be able to get her in the mood again...YAY!!!!!!

Play...thanks for thinking of me...but Couchie is my Clack dealer for the fan pack.I guess we can renew at that same time. I am really so happy we have two options. THis is expensive for us Canadians Ya know...and I just can't get to myself to wear a Clay shirt... Now if they offered a calendar...MAYBE!!!!

I was really shaking my head most of last nights with all the renewal anxiety...its as if people will turn into pumpkins if they don't renew right away!!! Of course there will be tons of bugs in the system...its clique!!! No surprise there. So as long as I could still see the pretty anytime I wanted...I was mellow.

SO where is our welcoming blog!!!!!

AWWW the commercials last night were great. I do hope they won't just put ads on lifetime. I actually found Clay looked the cutest singing ETYGA...I think that is one of my favoritest of the covers. He was also moving really well on RHW.

I am so excited about the GMA interviews. from the email someone got from Roger it looks like he may have a two part interview with Diane cos he said he will be on GMA for three days. I wonder if they will still have the primetime live interview. If they will they should have that a little later...Maybe in october or during sweeps.

If we can only have a confirmation of the People Cover then all is right in the world...hee

Muski I'm with you on those pictures... YUM!!!!

SO I wonder which hair we will get tonight???



I hope you guys can join us to chat away about the show....I want to EEEEEEEEEEEEEE and I'm glad the kids will be asleep by then.

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Gawd. I am soooo Clay's b*tch. I have changed my radio at work to the AC station which will hopefully play Without You at some point in the very near future (Pleeze BaybeeJesus), so I keep hearing the original versions of ATDW's songs. Celine is belting away right now on Because You Love Me. All I can think is "Eh, you're no Clay Aiken..." :blink:

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Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Kick, grapevine, kick!

I think....I say, I say, I THINK...

Clay shall do alright for his first week sales.

See, this promotion is clearly for those with brain farts (stop it, you know it's all of us!), short attention spans, a love of the cheese, a love of the pretty, a love of the pretty cheese....

Man, (and I gotta go into a little James Brown here)

I feel good!

I knew that I would!

I feeeeeeel good!

I knew that I would!

So good!

So good!

I got me some Clay!

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Yes, you can. See if you can borrow something from the Liberace museum though (James was always a little too conversative for my tastes)

So, are we loving the Velveeta that is Clay's CD commercial! I wanna fry that puppy up in some Wonder Bread and butter. M'mmm good!

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I guess we should be glad that the boy doesn't have to lipsync too often, 'cause he kinda sucks at it and goes a wee bit nuts in the emoting department. IMO and YMMV and whatnot. Hee!

Sequins, rhinestones, ermine - should I look for something that actually blinks and requires an entourage to do train management? Are Couchie, muski and Claygasm up for that task at Kimmel, or are you calling in reinforcements?

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I seriously doubt he was lipsynching to a track while filming. I think they just dubbed the sound in and it wasn;t synchronized. I do think WY went a bit nuts but I liked him in the other songs...very fun and hot.

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OMG! I swear this Clay thing is killing my brain cells. I am innocently eating my lunch and scanning my newspaper. :nanas: As I am wont to do, I take a quick glance the late night shows' guest line-up, and then almost shoot a grape out my nose when I see the name "Clay Aiken". Like I haven't known this for a couple of weeks already. For some reason, I temporarily forgot and the sight of his name gave me quite a jolt. Yes, I am quite insane, tankyewberrymuss. :blink:

ETA: And if I wasn't already completely gone, the picture on this link (from on of the theaters with a Christmas show) would have sent me right 'round the bend. How does he keep doing that?

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I woke up with Clay this morning! :D

Ok, it was only a commercial but still....

I am sooooooooooooooo not a morning person so my alarm goes off and a half hour later my TV comes on. I always have it set to my ABC station for GMA. And this morning it comes on, my eyes are still tightly shut, and I hear "CAN'T LIIIVE IF LIVING IS WITHOUT YOU!"

My eyes have never opened so fast! It was Clay!! The commercial was kind of goofy, but it was Clay!!

Clay woke me up this morning and I kind of liked it! B)


And I got a email saying my copy of ATDW has shipped from the Sony place, not to mention the pretty magnet. Maybe, if I am lucky, I will even get it early!

Unlikely considering where I live its not likely. I mean, we don't even have real mail trucks! But maybe.

I think I'll have to start checking my mail daily.

Cause I am very anxious to hear it since I have yet to listen to the stream.

Tonight its Leno! :bounce:

Next week twice on GMA (and what's the thing on the weekend?) and isn't he supposed to be on the View?

And commercials for the CD and who knows what else. Its all so exciting!

And one week from today I will be winging my way to California for a visit with the great Muski and then Kimmel!!

Sometimes life is good. :D

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