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#25: TONIGHT'S THE KNIGHT! Knock 'em not-quite dead!


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    • "Irreverent, surprisingly fearless, a total delight and a surprise!"
    • He is not perfect, he is just right!
    • But Clay turned it on, as he always does.
    • I?ve got my Clay Aiken boogie board. Bring it.

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I love hearing that he made each of his three characters unique---that it wasn't "Clay Aiken playing 3 characters" but he WAS three characters. He IS a natural. He is so amazing. I'm feeling very, very, very grateful that I was smart enough to latch on to him and all that he brings long ago...

I have absolutely no intention of going anywhere else, either.

Thanks to all of you who round out this CLaymazing experience. :F_05BL17blowkiss:

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Thanks to all of you who round out this CLaymazing experience. :F_05BL17blowkiss:

when Muski starts spouting clayisms you know it's been a schmoopie night heee.

so cute was going to pick up muski daughter adn me trying to get all my eeeeee's out before we picked her and her friend up....after they got in they let out an eeeeeeeeeeee over something..their trip to Spain I think and that just cracked me up.

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I can't go to bed! I'm sitting here plotting a way to get another Spamalot show into my life! I swear that the March trip is just NOT going to do it. How the HELL.....


Oh, joy.

This man has brought such.....fun and excitement and silliness and contemplation and soul searching and giddiness and joy and love into my life these past five years....

What a special, special soul he is.

ETA: Other parts of him are purdy special, too. heh. I gave this pic the title, "You Can't Keep A Good Man Down"


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Thanks so much for the reports! I'm soooo proud of our fantastic boyfriend!!

A few stage door pics from CV:




Recap from PanayRN4Clay at the CB:

Spamalot recap:

January 18, 2008- Clay's debut

Oh what a night! I spent the night grinning and laughing out loud and I was not alone. The sold-out Schubert Theater pulsated with cheers for Clay and company. The cast were all excellent but Clay was undeniably the one with the biggest applause. All the numbers were treated with huge cheers, but Clay generated the most oohs and aahs, and the loudest ovation at the finale. What a star!!!

First thing first, Clay gave his all to the show. He was a sentry, a guard, Brother Maynard and, of course, Sir Robin.

Let me just break in detail his appearances-

Act One-

Scene 3- Clay was the first tower sentry encountered by King Arthur and his servant Patsy. King Arthur was trying to recruit knights for the Round Table to join him in his search for Camelot. Clay's first appearance was greeted with squeals as the audience realized it was him up on the tower. The cutest British accent ever and the most expressive face! How he could remember his lines I don't know. He was bantering with the other sentry as they discussed whether swallows could successfully carry a coconut.

Scene 4- Clay as Sir Robin with Sir Lancelot and the Not Dead Fred. Honestly, I can't remember what he was singing here because I was transfixed by his handsome face and the long, reddish hair. I think this is when he first shook out his leg in a dance; who says he can't dance?

Scene 7 & 8- The King and all the knights singing "All for One". They gathered in Las Vegas-Camelot complete with showgirls and all the glitz. Clay was hilarious as he ogled and ran after the girls.

Scene 10- The knights were taunted by the French soldiers and they ended up running away. I dare say, Clay's trot was the cutest of them all.


Act Two-

Scene 3- Sir Robin with the minstrels- Now, Clay didn't sing here but his facial expressions were priceless as he reacted to the lead minstrel describing all his "brave exploits", and he finally stopped the minstrel's singing about Sir Robin's body parts being injured. I am telling you ladies, you need to sit up front to be able to capture the nuances of his performance. I think this is where he first "soiled" his suit. This is what Mike Nichols had been raving about- Clay has great comedic timing.

Scene 5- Sir Robin and ensemble. King Arthur had been tasked with the job of creating a Broadway musical. I think the reference for Idol was mentioned here. This is Clay's big number as he announced that you need Jews to launch a successful musical. He sang "You Won't Succeed On Broadway". A piano came out , Clay flipped his knight suit to reveal his backside (alas with thights, ), sat down and stretched his arms up then tinkled the ivories for a minute. He then threw a sexy backside glance then proceeded to do the "Fiddler on the Roof" dance, this time with grails. Ooops, he reached out for the wrong grail but no one was the wiser as he dazzled the crowd as he performed the sore-muscle-inducing dance. Imagine him on his knees; he stretched one long leg out, then glided on his other knee. A lot of people gave him a standing ovation for this.

Scene 7- Clay appearing as the 1st guard. Laugh-out-loud turn as he tried to understand the instructions from Prince Herbert's father (another king) to make sure that his son doesn't leave the castle. He's just full of surprises as he carried out a really complicated conversation with the king.

Scene 9- Clay came out as Brother Maynard (in a brown frock with a moptop and cute glasses). A lucky fan (I'm sure she is a Claymate) who was found with the Holy Grail under her seat was brought up the stage and received the first Arthur award. Well, she was stealing glances at our Clay. I hope she got a copy of the groupshot.

Finale- "Find your Grail" medley. Sir Robin sang about finding his Holy Grail in musical theater. Marvelous!!

In the curtain call, Clay was second to the last to come out. He's a superstar. Even his castmates are acknowledging that when they turned and pointed at him as the whole audience erupted in cheers. Standing ovation. I was choked up with so much pride for Clay. His face was lit up as he absorbed the love from the audience and the respect from his peers. A nice salute at the end from Clay. Awww.

Isn't he wonderful?

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Good Morning!

I am beyond thrilled for Clay...I wasn't home last night, so I was a little nervous about reading the fan reviews, but it was better than I had ever hoped! Sounds like an amazing evening and I imagine Faye, Brett and Granny must be bursting with pride! Mike Nochols and Eric Idle must be over the moon at his reception and performance. I so wish I could see this, but I am just thrilled to be able to share it with all of you through recaps, pictures, etc.

And he blogged, what a sweetie!

3 Days until Clay is on The View!


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First of all....a big THANK YOU to merrieeee!!!!

You were the perfect cellcerter!!! You were able to convey the excitement of the night. I bet you were able to move so many people to tears with just two words...SPOT ON.... When you said that, a huge relief came over me and I just started laughing and got teary...thanks for being able to give us your expert opinion and in such genuine, fangirly way!!!! Never apologize for being to fangirly and giving your true reactions. LOVE YA!!!

Thanks so much to all the others that gave their reports by calling....you made our night. Thank you for taking the time to give us your honest opinion.

At this point I don;t care what critics are going to say...nothing can take away the honest excitement and awe people conveyed to Clay in person and over the cellstream. This is goign to open all kinds of doors for him and earn him huge respect!!!

What makes this accomplishment more astonishing is that he made such a great impression on something that he is a complete novice in. This role was not about singing...it was about acting...about creating different characters. He had to dance, sing and act all at the same time. EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! He didnlt just create one character...he created 4. He didn't just hold his own against other more experienced stage actors....he did it with BROADWAY actors that have been doing their roles for a long time!!!!


and he thanks us for bringing the energy and being amazing??? He did that...he brought the energy to the room, he created the excitement. This is why we have been following this mans career for 5 years...he is a true star and and a unique, huuuuuuge talent. (that ones for Muski...hee)

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I think this is how I still look this morning:

:large-smiley-003: For you, Sir Aiken!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to those who certed and/or dropped off their first hand reports! So glad you all had such a good time with our Knight!

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At this point I don;t care what critics are going to say...nothing can take away the honest excitement and awe people conveyed to Clay in person and over the cellstream.


I'm curious about the reviews and will look for them, but what they say doesn't really matter to me. There's no questioning what the audience thought and that's what it's all about.

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I would love to know how Fay felt last night. Any reports on anyone talking to her after the show?

And Brett too, but just imagine being Clay's mother in the audience, watching and listening to the audience and cast applaud her first baby.

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Pictures from clayaikenpix.com. I'll be posting more of them as the day goes on, but here's a sample....




I don't think you can see it in the version I'm posting, but in the high res version, it almost looks as if he's crying here. (If you want the high res version, PM me and I'll make a yousendit):



And in this one, I almost expect him to say, "I'm Clay Aiken, goodnight!"


More later....

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I don't think you can see it in the version I'm posting, but in the high res version, it almost looks as if he's crying here. (If you want the high res version, PM me and I'll make a yousendit):


He definitely looks teary in the hi-res version. Awwwwwwwwwwww, that makes me all schmoopy again! :wub:

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I am on such an Aiken high I can't even imagine coming down. I am so happy for him.

Here are some high res also ldyj...You have to double click to get them open...

You can see the actual mesh where the wig master looped each hair in this one. It's amazing. Talent of a whole other kind right there.


I couldn't help but smile at the two chorus girl's faces. I know that look they are giving Clay. I understand it.


...and this is just because it's such a great picture of his salute....Ah, I see you have that one too ldyj. Nice isn't it?


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I couldn't help but smile at the two chorus girl's faces. I know that look they are giving Clay. I understand it.


I thought the same thing, laughn. That Involuntary Clay Grin.....

And that salulte, well it's his signature now.

Legal Clack :cryingwlaughter:

Almost an oxymoron.

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Was I dreaming when I read that the official reviews wouldn't come for a week or so? Maybe that was someone's opinion, but I did read that somewhere.

The first pics I saw last night of the cast accepting applause was that picture of Clay looking all schmoopie at his fans. He must have been so apprehensive about the reactions -- whether about clack gathering, the usual suspects yelling out at him, fans not being responsive to the other actors, or maybe a negative reaction to saying shit and acting out of character. For whatever reason, that look on his face, the familiar two-finger salute, and then that sweet blog underscore that the bond between Clay and ClayNation has never been stronger.

I'm excited about a new fanclub too. I'm hoping that all the snafus with ticket sales and meet & greets led Team Clay to abandon Clique and go with a professional organization to run the fanclub. He deserves a first-class operation ... and so do we.

I commited last night on the phone with merrieeee for the April 26 eeeeeeeeeeeeeHP invasion. I wish I were there to see KAndre all in love and schmoopie!! I'm so excited, but April seems so far away. I was planning a Spring Break trip about March 21 -- then my sis informs me she's bought Moody Blues tickets for us on the 22nd. FYI: My sister tells me that the MB presale tickets and packages were sold directly through the fan club and not LiveNation or the venue. Could you imagine Clique actually handling direct ticket sales and distribution to fan club members? I think "debacle" wouldn't begin to describe it.

Okay, so when will Clay be on Letterman? That's got to be out there somewhere -- somewhere ..... there's a place for us .... a time and place for us ..... THREE MONTHS? ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!

I wonder how Scarlett and Perusing One made it without cameras? That must have felt strange. I just hope they don't get addicted to watching Clay with the naked eye and abandon their camera work when the pop tour rolls around!!!

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Just focused on Clay's feet/shoes in these pictures and now I'm wondering if maybe Mike Nichols really removed some toes because Clay's feet look smaller to me! In one picture his feet look smaller than King Arthur's feet - and Clay has on silver/white shoes too.


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kf - I noticed the shoes, too - they're cool! I think the color and the style make them look smaller than the king's shoes.

I love reading recaps from people who are soooo excited and thrilled with the whole experience! So, I'm bringing over a few from CV:

He did it ...OMG HE DID IT!!! It's really hard to explain...that rush? The joy?? The utter just EEEEEEEEEEEEEE I felt last night. I couldn't stop smiling...my cheeks had that feeling you get from grinning so long...and my throat hurt from the laughing and the cheering. But the joy...to feel the joy was bliss. It was contagious in the theater...inside and out. There was a nervousness...but when he took the stage...when his head peaked out that window of the guard tower....it all evaporated into....pure laughter and a heady...OMG OMG he is doing it...he really really is doing it. He was the part. He owned what he was doing. He wasn't Clay Aiken pop star up there. He was the guard and the accent was a joy to hear. The whole theater was so full of energy...you could feel it in the air. Love in abundance...and happy...and laughing...it was amazing. And not one I love you Clay was yelled all night!!!!!! Just an amazing amount of cheering for a very well loved man named Clay.

When he played the piano and raised his tunic and you could see his nice chain mail clad tush...oh my...he really really got cheers for that. *g* He played chopsticks for part of it!! And um...at the end...in the white tux? White pants...that was a something that has always been a boon to the smutters...and um...well...they can find their grail when he is wearing it cuz he isn't wearing a dance belt and well...uh...it's hard to miss that he is very happy and he was flirting and playing and smirking with the women.

His dancing?? The bottle dance?? OMG!!!!!! That is one hard dance and I can see why he couldn't get up off the toilet...man oh man...but he nailed that dance...he looked like a dancer...and as those long legs extended and the tush got pulled along...oh my....oh my...oh my.....

And the other dancing...there was a roar when he did the steps...just out of sheer joy that he looked so effortless up there...

He really didn't "sing" Sing like at a concert...the singing was a breeze for him last night...when they added the line about Idol the audience roared...and when he said his line about singing and dancing the audience roared. There was a lot of that going on last night...did I say OMG OMG OMG??

Oh My Gawd.....he did it ...he really really did it!!!

I don't think he messed up one line last night...no random lyric generator...and if he did...you couldn't tell...so if he did it doesn't matter one wit. He found his click. He really really has found his click.

Brother Maynard?? Oh I couldn't stop laughing...totally different demeanor than Sir Robin...and he looked so well....nerdy with that hair and his glasses...and oh my. He was a hoot!!!!!

The curtain call...everyone got applause...and cheers...but Clay?? I think we lifted the rafters of the Shubert theater...it was deafening....truly deafening.

The waiting at the stage door...it's like we all came out of the theater...and waited in Shubert Alley for Clay. There were a lot of people there. Jerome came out...a couple of times...and then talked on his cell...then found Faye I think and Brett and the relatives to bring back stage. You could see the paparazzi there too. When Clay came out there was a roar...a cheer went up. I know he felt the love.....he had to. Then he went back in the stage door. I am pretty sure they left out of another door. We waited a while and then headed to Sardis.

Sardis?? We took over the place. Between the CH and CV we filled that restaurant. And when toni yelled to the whole room...HE BLOGGED and started to recount what that amazing man said....well...the room roared again!!!!!!!!! I love him...

I need to see it again...and it's bad...I live in NYC. I have to exercise restraint!!!! My wish is that everyone could see him reach a new level...reach out to a new audience...and find his grail on the Broadway stage.

Simon used to say...you belong on Broadway like it was some diss to Clay. I used to respond that diss by saying that those that make it to Broadway are only the best of the best. Last night on the stage of the Shubert theater Clay Aiken proved those words to me.

The wonderful thing about Spamalot is that it is so irreverant...so bawdy...so out of the character of what someone who has the old notions of Clay Aiken would think that he would do...that his taking on this role is like a break me out of this box move for Clay. You rocked the stage Sir Robin...you nailed it!!!

LinluvsClay recap at CB:

Ok, if you have to beg, borrow, or steal, get yourselves to this show. There are no words to adequately describe it. First, to hear him say "sh*t" and "shi**y" is worth the $116 ticket price!! The audience roared!! Then, the Russian dance--I think it was in Zorba--OMG. No words. No wonder he couldn't get off the toilet!! It's the dance where the men squat and then kick their leg out, then shift and kick the other out, all while having their arms around each other and doing it in unison, ala the rockettes. Amazing. That man can dance, and I mean really dance. He was sooooo into it and was having the time of his life. Incredibly high falsetto note during one song. Did I say that he was hysterically funny? The facial expressions were priceless and for once I was close enough to see them!! I was all the way at the end of a row near the wall. And he came and sang a song right in front of where I was!! He was about 15 feet away!!!! Talk about thudding. And when he was "killed" and was laying on the floor for a long time--WHOA!! I could see him breathing!! He was truly suberb. And beamed at the end and seemed sooo relieved!!!! You have to see him in this. Opening night was incredibly special and I am so proud to call myself a fan of this amazing man.

Mornin' from NYC!! :coffee:


Wow What a incredible KNIGHT last KNIGHT was!!!! and then what a blast we all had taking over Sardi's afterwards!! Truly a KNIGHT I will never forget.

He was as you all know totally wonderful. His comedic timing and his expressions and of course the accent blew me away. I have no words...to describe just how wonderful he was. I just kept laughing, smiling and even a few tears as I was so proud of him. Afterwards everyone was just walking around going OMG!! OMG!! He so totally ROCKED.

Gawd I love him so much!! :lovesmiley2:

The crowd outside the theatre before the show then back after by the stage door was huge. I heard several people stop as they were walking by saying things like "Look at all those people waiting for Clay Aiken" It truly was such a showing of love!!!

Did I mention he was f****** GORGEOUS when he came out to sign some playbills??? OMG to die for!!

Some NJU people standing by me who had seen the show and were waiting now by the door were like ...wow look Clay is blonde!! That surprised them. They told me they had never seen him in person or a concert but came when they saw he was going to be in Spamalot cause they always had liked him in Idol. They said they couldn't believe how good he was. That his expressions were priceless.

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! OMG!!! OMG!! I must of said those words 100 times last night...wait are they words?? Hell yes when it comes to Clay Aiken they are.

Off for breakfast then going to both shows today......Can't wait to see it again!!



It was so fun to see and spend time with so many CV'ers...........Sardi's ROCKED and we had a total blast!!

Much love to all of you I saw last night....you guys are my family and I love you all...and all of you here......EEEEEEEEEEEE So glad I got to talk to u all on the cellstream......I hope everyone got a feel for the night.

I havent had time to read anything....and I'll never catch up so forgive me for jumping in without reading.


Before I say something about last nights show,I'll tell you guys some of the things before the show.While waiting to get inside you can already tell it's gonna be an exciting night.When I saw these people with the souvenir programs,I asked this lady where she got it and she said there is a guy over there selling them,"he ran out but he's getting some more"(about 7:30 PM and he was in front of the entrance to the theatre).I made myself to the crowd and there he was holding probably about 10,and I hear people behind me saying I'll take 2,someone said I'll take 3, with in 2 minutes he was like....Oooops,I only have 3 left,I got one,someone took the 2 and the guy was like.......Wait,got some more here as he opened a shoulder bag and there's about 10 more inside.I kind'na thought he can take only certain # from the store.Also he was holding a big waddlle of $$ in his hand (you all know they were $20.00 each).Someone in the crowd opened the poster of Clay and all the ladies around her screamed,it is sooo funny.Then we got in our seat (Orchestra Row A (seats 110 and 111) and when we sat my son who is 5'8 and about 250 lbs said,Why did you get these seats? Well,I also got worried when I got them coz I know it is the row right in front of the stage and and someone mentioned this is not the best place as you have to look up at the stage and the cast,the lady next to me said I'm gonna have stiff neck by the time the show is over(it is 2hrs 20 mins including the 15min intermission )Also,there was no leg room,my son's knee were actually touching the wall to the pit where there was actually the orchestra.I kindna said ,well,this is something not a lot of people will see.And as you look underneath ,we can see maybe 15 or more mostly men but I think there were 3 women,and they were all wearing black.The conductor is standing on a platform above them and so his head/neck is up to point where he can see the stage.There was a scene where a character kept telling him to stop the music several times and we were the only ones who can see his reaction/facial expressions.it's funny though what my son said later during the intermission I bet a lot of people want these seats because we were looking up at Clay,he was right above us a lot of times(it seemed he stayed a lot on that left side of the stage).Well, about 10 minutes before the show started I told my son I have to go the restroom,which was downstairs and there was a long line and which kept getting longer.The ladies in front of me and the ones coming up behind me werelike...saying Oh No....this is ridiculous....I said I wonder if we use the men's restroom which is behind us.There was a kid in this ministore behind the men's restroom and I asked him if we could use it he just shrug his shoulder.....and then this lady behind me told her friend"Let's go .....I'm not gonna miss a minute for Clay" so several of us followed her....and there were SEVERAL MEN inside...doing their thing(3-4 were in those men's urinals whatever) and there were3-4 other stalls with doors and there were guys inside pissing...the lady behind me said....you guys don't even close the doors,and I though that was so funny,here we are invading their place and have the nerve to complain.Some of us were holding our bags to cover our eyes.I'm not talk much more about the show except to say....I kind'na saw some of the scenes/song/dance on the You tube but seeing it was an entire different experience.As someone said,I also have never laughed so much,I kept wiping tears in my eyes both from the silliness of the show and just seeing Clay perform so well......it's amazing it was his very first performance.And ladies.....during the FINALE......I saw for myself and I'm sure everyone on those front seats.....it is NOT a fold!OMG :omg: :blush: :whoohoo: :stud: As we were leaving one lady was on the phone making a comment about "it" and another we looked at one another and she said..."He should wear something to hide it" :hysterical: :giggle: :biggrin: Another thing why my son now also thought our seats were good......you can see the detail of all their costumes,from the "dirty" Knight costumes(they were all purposely stained and dirty including Clay's) the embroidery,beadwork ,the very,very red glittery lipstick of The Lady of the Lake ......Clay really really is darn smart to join this show.I did not plan to attend another one but my son already said,my daughter and her boyfriend and my other son(will surelylike it) and I'm gonna call my niece in NY for her to make sure to see it.As soon as we got home ,this is what he told my daughter...."You should see it...it was f------ so funny,you will like it)
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keepingfaith, that's funny! I noticed the shoe size right off, too. You don't think they squished his poor toes into those shoes, did they?

I'm so enjoying the recaps and the pictures this morning. Can anyone tell me what the heck is that thing on Clay's forehead there towards the end?

Did anyone else notice that this first set of pictures from WENN was pretty heavy on the Clay pics, with just a few of the other actors? :cryingwlaughter: They know who the star is!

WOW. What a night this has been. Gorgeous press photos, YAY! So glad that we got some official-type clack. And a blog to boot! What a guy. And I didn't think I could him more today than yesterday, but of course I do.

I can't believe I'm still up at this hour. LOL. I can go to bed with a smile on my face tonight, that's for damned sure. :hubbahubba:

Are we supposed to fill in a blank there? You don't think you could ___ him? Love him? Do him? Lick him? A combination of them all? Yeah, that's where my mind is going after muski posting her "You Can't Keep a Good Man Down" picture. :hubbahubba:

and he thanks us for bringing the energy and being amazing??? He did that...he brought the energy to the room, he created the excitement. This is why we have been following this mans career for 5 years...he is a true star and and a unique, huuuuuuge talent. (that ones for Muski...hee)

This touched me, too. That's Our Clay...always deflecting the attention from himself, sharing the glory, gracious , generous and kind. What a real MAN. :bravo:

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Well, after last night, we can certainly say this to those who think that Clay's 15 minutes are up - HE'S NOT DEAD YET!!!

BW, that's his mic. It's supposed to stay up in his hairline/wig, but must have accidently come down when he was changing costumes/wigs from Brother Maynard.

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keepingfaith, that's funny! I noticed the shoe size right off, too. You don't think they squished his

I can't get over how you guys notice every little detail about Clay!

KAndre mentioned the shirt he was wearing (outside signing autographs) was the one he wore for BOTW, and so I went and checked out the Clack for BOTW and true enough, the stripes on the collar matched.

This is all too much! :lmaosmiley-1: (But I LOVE IT!)

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