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    • My life has been so enriched by knowing this Clay Aiken guy!
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    • Let's do it again, girls!
    • Clay is hilarious and lickable at the same time
    • I l.o.v.e. my hawt humanatarianactivistsingersongwriterambassador boyfriend
    • Brad Pitt, Johnny Dep move over, way over, here comes Clay.
    • It's always like the first date all over again with Clay, and I always end up falling in love.
    • Whoever shrunk those jeans... thank you!
    • He branded me for life.
    • Clay Aiken: I am me.

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Review of the Windsor Show

Ex-Idols entertain with smart, tasteful show


While neither could be called an American idol, Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken showed Thursday at Caesars Windsor's Colosseum how they won the hearts and votes of millions who watched them compete in 2003.

They were rivals back in the second season of American Idol, when Studdard took top spot and Aiken was right behind. Now they're singing side-by-side on a 17-city North American tour called Timeless.

Taking a cue from 1960s TV variety shows, the two teased and joked with each other in a well-rehearsed revue that covered four decades of popular music.

Pretending to still hold grudges from the American Idol contest, they opened with hit singles they have each had since the show -- Studdard's Flying Without Wings and Aiken's This is the Night.

There were winks about Aiken's coming-out about his homosexuality in a People Magazine interview two years ago. The audience lapped it up. It was close to capacity, about 5,000, and surprisingly an older-than-you'd-expect audience.

But that made some of their musical choices smart and tasteful, particularly in the first half of the show.

Aiken was first out of the blocks with a cover of Elvis Presley's Suspicious Minds, backed by terrific vocalists, Qiana Parler and Casey Thompson. Parler and Aiken go back to the earliest days of American Idol -- they were performing together before signing up for the show in 2002.

Studdard was up next with Bring It On Home to Me, then they went into a 15-song medley of the 1960s, each taking leads. Studdard's In the Midnight Hour was followed by Aiken's Up On The Roof.

There were snippets of Motown, too, with the backup singers and Aiken slapping tambourines on their sides.

Clay's Still The One, the Orleans song, was a little out of place during this segment, but he did a bang-up job of it.

The highlight was Studdard's moving performances of two Marvin Gaye songs -- Mercy Mercy Me and What's Goin' On. Three medleys from succeeding decades followed, each less interesting than the last. The '90s medley near the show's end was, unfortunately, a real downer.

Studdard and Aiken work seamlessly together -- both have musical stage acting in their backgrounds, and it pays off during the banter between songs.

This is a concept that could easily be translated to the small screen -- maybe it's time to revive weekly variety television.

Read more:http://www.windsorst...l#ixzz0vpQlX3DH

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^^As you can see from luckiest1's picture, the spikes have been trimmed down a bit and I approve muchly, which I'm sure was Clay's aim when getting a trim.


Our group had a very brief venue-arranged photo op with the Cluben. And by very brief, I mean our group of 4 (along with 22 others) were shuffled backstage by the casino peeps before the show. Everybody was lined up along a back wall, given instructions (No other cameras, no autographs), Ruben and Clay emerged from behind a curtain and then each group was trotted up to have their picture taken by the venue photographer. I think I shook Clay's hand before I moved over to stand on the other side of Ruben for the picture, but I don't remember exactly. Everyone arranged themselves quickly for our group picture - Ruben put his arm around me and I put my hand on his shoulder - and SMILESNAPTHANKYOUBYE and we were done. We were backstage probably less than 10 minutes including the time it took all 26 of us to get assembled and sorted out, so it was quick, but fun!

Clay was wearing a blue polo with white stripes over a long-sleeve tee and jeans and tan-colored Chucks. Ruben had on jeans,a ball-cap, and an orangey-pink t-shirt and tennies that had a stripe that matched the t-shirt.

The thing that struck me most about the concert experience last night was how joyful the experience seemed to be for both men. There were many instances when they would share a comment off-mike or just look at each other and grin. They truly make a great combination.

LOVE THEM SO MUCH! :flirtysmile3:

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I got home late last night so I went right to bed. I am not great recapper but I will try.

We(Annie52, a friend and I) left my house around 1pm. Going great when all of a sudden we are in standstill traffic aroung 30 miles from my house. Luckily the friend that came with us use to work in downtown Detroit for 17 years and was able to get us off at an exit and take some back roads around the area then back on the highway. Once we were back on we had smoothe sailing all the way to Windsor. We got their around 3pm and walked around and played a few machines.

Went to the dinner and met many fans that I did not know. Starfishy was there and very excited about her M & G. When we were in line to get into the dinner I met a fan who lives a short distance from me. She had an extra ticket, because her friend could not come, and asked if we(all three of us were standing there)would like to have it. Annie and my friend said that I could take it so I did. It put me from row 17 to row 3 center.

We went to the concert area and Starfishy had just got out of her M & G and I have to say she was glowing. I will let her do her recap.

What can I say about the concert except that it was wonderful. Clay is gorgeous up close. He is so pale and becoming very thin again. He wears a suit perfectly. When he was talking he diffently was hoarse but it did not affect his signing.

I laughed so hard at their banter together. The preacher part with the microphone was hilarious. Clay could not stop laughing. Also, Casey and Clay did some nose rubbing during DGBMH. They are really cute together. The mosh pit at the end was unexpected but it was great seeing all those people enjoying themselves up there. I stayed in my seat but everyone looked like they were having fun. Ruben was touching hands and signed a few admission tickets. Clay did not, I thought he looked a little uncomfortable, but that could of just been me. Security was really tough tonight on camera. I tried and got about 2 minutes of SM and got shut down. I decided it was not worth getting kicked out so I did not try again. I did hear that other people did get the concert. Annie was going to take still pictures but because of security being everywhere decided not to. If I could go to this again I would, it was so good. The fans from Michigan kept saying they hope the rumor that he was coming to Ann Arbor was true. That is an hour from me and in the winter time alot closer than trying to drive far in bad weather.

I finally got to meet Luckiet1. Thanks for everything and when I saw you I said to myself, someone as short as me!!! Even though I try to hide it with my highheels.

Again. I will say how gorgeous this man is. Those cheek bones are so evident now and that smile is so contagious. I love him!!!

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What an awesome cellstream we had last night! Guess CV's Okie does not go for the west coast mountains. Scarlett and I "chatted" via FB early this morning, and she has clack of the "mic-in-the-drawers." :whistling-1:

The new Carolina On My Mind blog features the most recent concerts and leads with AmazingCA's graphic of "the photo," which looks like it may be by Vincent Soyez. I wish there were a photo ID on it. There is a clickable at the bottom.

There's a lot more, including Scarlett's Reno revival video, the kiss sequence other photos from Milwaukee, etc., etc. Thank you for your comments and visits.

According to cagney1950 at CV, the the Lancaster Intellegencer Journal/Lancaster New Era this morning has a pull out Entertainment of Lancaster section and on the cover is the picture from GAH and a nice pic of Ruben!!! And the inside article has another full page article featuring a huge pic of Clay and and slightly smaller one of Ruben. This was the online article brought over here last night.

What I like about the Windsor review is that the writer put into words what fans have been saying all along -- how well the Clay and Ruben chemistry would translate into a variety show on TV.

Thnx for the recaps and photos that are coming in. I look forward to checking them all out. :flirtysmile3:

Have a great day, all! I have got to try to take a nap. :clay:

Caro :listen:

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So glad ya'll had a good show last night. Seems like a pretty good crowd. Where has this man been that the audience is older than expected LOL.

I wanted to ask a question about the DVD chart. Are the albums we're buying from PBS counting? Or it just from Amazon etc.

Loving the pictures. Clay is in season shape, that is for sure!

TGIF! I've been tired all week long. I think tomorrow I will nap a lot.

I like how many reviewers can see they would be good in a variety show. There are 2 million channels. Somebody make it happen!

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Reading that article I have a few questions:

Did Clay and Quiana really perform together before auditioning for Idol in 2002? That's news to me.

Did anyone else think that Ruben's Marvin Gaye Tribute was the highlight? I preferred his Superstar and EID and the Sam Cooke Bringing It On Home to the Marvin Gaye. Not that it wasn't good, it just wasn't a highlight of Ruben's performance for me. I expected not to like Superstar from the fan buzz, but I thought it was outstanding in Reno. It also gives Clay a nice long break. But Ruben's voice was exemplary when I heard him sing it.

How was Still The One "out of place" -- don't get that since it began the 70's segment.

If the 90's medley was a "real downer" then this reviewer saw a different show than I saw in Reno when the 90's segment absolutely ripped it up.

All in all, a fine review, and the conclusion was right on, but no critic is ever perfectly aligned with my inner review.

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So glad ya'll had a good show last night. Seems like a pretty good crowd. Where has this man been that the audience is older than expected LOL.

The 90s was a downer??? Ha ha ha ha ha. The 90s was my favourite part of last night's concert. To each his own for sure! :P

We are en route to Chautauqua and so far, I have never had so much trouble getting to the freaking border! LOL Here's hoping the border crossing goes more smoothly.

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Just loved the Windsor clack, thanks Scarlett!!! 4 more sleeps till claytrip to Hampton Beach!!! It's getting closer!!!!

Enjoy the Meet & Greet tonight claymatron and is it for Cindylu too? Can't wait for the recap!!! :loveclaysbutt:

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I wanted to ask a question about the DVD chart. Are the albums we're buying from PBS counting? Or it just from Amazon etc.

I'm not the source, but I read somewhere from somebody who seemed to be in the know, that PBS sales do not count. But my one from Walmart and three from Amazon should cover a few people. I may go buy another from Walmart this weekend for a giveaway, because it's cheaper there, and because he looks so outstanding up on that top row.

My PBS pledge is going to be all tickets, baybee!

ETA: I'll echo this sentiment from CV: If you don't watch one other piece of clack from the entire tour, watch Scarlett's "Revival" from last night. It's beyond hysterical and it may be smart to slip on a nice pair of Depends before watching Clay lose his microphone.

Which reminds me of the old George Carlin question: Why do women wear a PAIR of panties, but only ONE bra?

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Ruben's Everything I Do may have been the highlight of the night for me vocally. And every time I hear Bring It on Home to Me, I love it more - the call and response parts just slay me dead.

And that other guy was no slouch either, but you guys probably know that already. :DoClay:

I've been to the Windsor casino several times for different things, and I'd say the average customer is of retirement age or older, so I don't think it would be surprising that the audience would skew somewhat older than a venue elsewhere. And I've seen the crowd thing at the foot of the stage before when we were there for Seal. (I wouldn't call it a mosh pit, exactly, because it's, you know, us and not some hyped-up teenagers. LOL!) We were in the second row, and I saw one of the venue security guys actually encourage the women in the front row to go up by the foot of the stage, so I think it's kind of a venue thing. Also, I can understand Ruben being willing to go to the edge of the stage and touch hands when Clay wouldn't. For one, I didn't see Jerome around (although I had a limited view so he certainly could have been there). And two, I could understand Clay worrying a bit abut being pulled down into the crowd, while I don't think anyone would particularly want to try to crowd surf Ruben. :cryingwlaughter:

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You know, you hope your friends would be looking out for your best interests, but it turns out that sometimes they just seem to forget all about you.

:cry4::cry4: :cry4:

Why did no one bother to tell me that the Milwaukee kiss footage includes tongue?



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Do not miss Scarlett's Windsor clack "The Revival"...funniest thing ever!


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And what a cute picture that is Bottle.

I've got to do something about my computer situation. No sound card? I'll have to make note of the clack I need to go back to.

The Marvin Gaye medley was the only one I didn't like. But to each their own. I love that the show is getting good reviews!

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O.M.G... that Rivival clack has me laughing so hard! I may have to watch it a few more times tonight. Dang, it's f.u.n.n.y!!! I wonder if they will try to add it to the bit now? I guess we'll hear soon.

Clay is on my PBS station Sunday at 9pm. I think I can make that. I can't record it, tho, since I switched to digital phone thru my cable and so my TiVo can't connect without a regular phone line. Geesh! They didn't tell me that when I signed up for it. It saves me $35/month with unlimited long distance, but I haven't decided if I need to get the cable company's DVR cause that costs $20/month, thus reducing my savings to only $15/month. Almost hardly worth it. I'm thinking about it.

Hope luckiest is having a blast tonight!

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Enjoy claylove. You know in NC we won't get to see it until 9/11. Over a month and only once as far as I can tell. :rolleyes: At least Clay will be there in person. :nanalove:

Thanks Fear! I am so excited. There hasn't been anything Clay in Sacramento since the I-Tour and they are doing a great job of promoting him. One of the Sacramento PBS hosts went to NYC to interview Clay and they are weaving that interview footage throughout the show and pledge breaks and so far it has been so supportive and complementary. I was not expecting anything but the Chicago pretapes. I am so very happy and impressed.

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:flirtysmile3: I was watching Tried and True on KVIE also, claylove. They really did do a great job with the interviews and the pledge breaks! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

It's kinda lonely in here y'all :cry4:

Maybe I can heat things up for ya t-nuts (with the emphasis on nuts):


Did you notice this in Reno, babe?




Funny thing is kf, that I was not quite close enough to see that when it "arose" :lipstick:

I was in a constant state of Aiken Fog from the second he stepped onto the stage. No monkey! I remember very little (thank god for clack!) other than hitting, squeezing and drooling on ldyj. I hope she's healed. LOL

I wonder though if that showed up on the jumbotron? On second thought, it's probably a good thing for Amy that I didn't see it :whistling-1:

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