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#1 - Ready for your constant state of celebration

Couch Tomato

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Just bopping in to wish everyone here at Merry Christmas! I'm at "work" for a half day today, and then tons of things to do before my husband and I leave for Minnesota to visit his family tomorrow. I'm a weather worrier...so if you could pray for good traveling weather, it would be much appreciated.

buzzie, thank you for the lovely pictures. Beautiful, beautiful stuff.

The "home" discussion is fascinating for me too...my husband and I have been talking about this a lot lately. Both my husband and I are last children, in my case WAY last (my brother is 11 years older than me, and he's the NEAREST one to me in age). In many ways, we both feel like only children. We both still visit our Mom's, but it just isn't the same anymore. We love our families, and like to see them...but would rather spend time with our friends who live near us. It's our sense of place at this point.

Merry Christmas Clay -- and I hope your celebration home is wonderful this evening, and throughout the weekend.

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I am soooo looking forward to listening into the Raleigh concert cellcert, and hope that the Guardian Angel in the White suit gets the fabulous reception that he deserves and seems to crave. Clay appears to loves you with a fiery passion, so show your hometown boy the appreciation, Raleigh!

And then, personally, a little break from the tour wouldn't be a bad thing for me. Yeah, I know I'm not required to be hunched over my laptop every night that he's singing, but it's CLLLLLAAAYYY!, and I have no willpower... (As also demonstrated by the numbers on the scale slowly creeping up this month. Fewer Christmas cookies and more sit-ups are on the agenda for me. Yikes!)

Hugs, prayers, and good wishes to all of you who are travelling this holiday season. I am fortunate that my immediate family all lives within a couple of miles of each other, so no winter travel required for me. Of course, that also means I will still be hanging around the boards sometimes during the long week-end, cruising around for Clay news and stumbling across penguin anecdotes. :P

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The "Where I Belong" discussion is facinating.

I have only once lived in one place more than 5 years. We moved around a lot when I was young and in my current job I will be moving every 3-5 years. Living the semi-gypsy lifestyle has become a habit.

I always struggle with the question, "where are you from?". Does that mean where you were born? (S. Carolina), where you grew up? (Missouri & Ohio), where your folks live? (Georgia), where you last lived? (Seattle), or where you currently live (NYC). See the dilema? Where am I from? Where do I belong?

My default answer is "all over the place". I guess home for me is not necessarily a specific location, but home is family & friends. I dont necessariliy belong in one location, but whereever my family and friends are. Does that make sense?

Have a great holiday everyone!!

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EEEE! You can see the stage being set for tonight's performance on the RBC Center webcam. As of 1:24 PM (EST), the Christmas trees are in place, the stage curtains are up, and the house set is in place.

And now, at 2:15, the seats on the floor are going in. This is strangely compelling.

Why, yes, I am at work, pissing away the last three hours before I leave for the long holiday week-end, tankyewberrymuss. ;)


Where I belong? I don't think I can add very much interesting to that discussion. I still live on my hometown, and always have, since I didn't even go away for college. I've gone to the same church since I was born, and my house is less than three miles away from my mom's. I would be very reluctant to move away for a job (I've always said I'd flip burgers or check groceries if necessary to stay local). I don't know, maybe I'd move for a guy, but he'd really have to be worth it... Anyway, I guess I've always lived in my own little local cocoon. You have to be away from something to miss it, and since I haven't really experienced that, I have a hard time wrapping my mind around Clay's tangible pining for Raleigh...

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Clay is scheduled to be on Entertainment Tonight today, December 23rd. There is an article on the website here, and his is included on the promo video on the home page. I tlooks like something that was taped when Clay was in NYC earlier in December. EEEEEEE! for new Christmas Clack.

I have Clack of Clay's performance of Beautiful Star of Bethlehem from last night's Raleigh concert downloading now. Please be ready before I have to leave the house this morning! I neeeeeeeed to see this incredible performance of a bluegrass song that Clay sang for his grandpa in the audience..... I haven't had time to click around and read recaps yet, but if this song killed us dead, can you imagine what it must have done to Faye to see her son sing to her father? Sniff.

ETA: Okay, I just watched jojoct's Clack of BSOB. Is that grandpa we can hear saying "Beautiful"? (He was sitting right near her.) That made my heart ache, in a very good way.

Umm, nobody talked about Clay's hair in last night's cellcert. It looks, shall we say. interesting?

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A hometown interview with Clay is posted on wral.com. Scroll down, and look under featured video.

The house in Raleigh is not yet finished, but he hopes it will be done by February. Album out by May (hopefully). He wants to make another trip to Uganda. After the album is released - ?- "I want to leave that open." Televison? Tour? Did he imply they would maybe do a show in one place, like Las Vegas? (That's me speculating based on what I thought I heard.) Interesting. Personally, I'm positive he'll do a supporting tour of some kind. Hummm, off to see how everyones' interpeting this interview.

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HI, just wanted to say what fun last nights 'cert was. Nothing is quite so good as laughing with friends.

WORD on that...and I am kinda sad there is no cellcert tonight...I was Imagining that Clay was probably just relaxing today.

I will certainly miss the tour once it ends...

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Hee. Maybe by Monday we'll have to agree on a set of MP3s to listen to simultaneously so we have Clack to chat about.

The ET piece was great, if a little too late to help ticket sales for the JNT and CD sales for MCWL. The sock shots were priceless. Team Clay really seems to be laying the groundwork for some good, positive coverage for his upcoming projects. Yeah!

And if you're really bored / stressed / irked by your family / whatever over the long holiday week-end, check out my new favorite non-Clay website: Cute Overload. It may make you squeal out loud. :D

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Awww Bottlecap that is just too precious...got me verklempt

I find myself in a strange mood this christmas...the girls have crossed over to no santa Christmas...but they still have one sister who is five and will still have Santa this year. But now the two elder girls are part of Santa duties I don't need to hide huge gifts anymore...I miss buying toys and big fancy gifts and making sugar cookies for santa.

This year my girls mostly wanted clothes...and make up, sniff...and they took over the kitchen, they are the ones making cookies to give out. Oh well...my hubby is happy though, no more staying up late and setting up the toys and gifts...

so back to that Clay guy...cute ET segment. I love how he was conducting angela during rehearsals. I think this will be good for the final 4 concerts. I worry about those cos they are all in Florida.

So I will be back tomorrow to give my greetings but for those travelling to see family, safe travels.

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hey everyone. I know this is not clay-related, but.... HAPPY HOLIDAYS/MERRY CHRISTMAS/HAPPY HANUKKAH(sp, sorry)!!!!! May your holidays be safe and merry.

You too, Clay.... Enjoy this break/holiday with your family. Please get some rest!

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Peace, Love and Joy to one and all this Holiday Season and beyond....

(((to all those struggling with loss or pain)))

Thank you to the wonderful clack gatherers, the great cellcerters and all that bring the joy of Clay to the rest of the fandom.

Thank you to Clay and Co. for a wonderful show that truly reflects the spirit of the season....

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I am copying this because it is just too darn cute. Hope they don't mind my borrowing it: :) I changed a line or two, again I hope they don't mind.

'Twas The Week Before "Christmas"

'Twas the week before "Christmas," when all through this house

All the creatures were stirring, working the mouse

The CD's due next week and we're in despair

'Cause we're anxious for songs so lovely to hear

The Claymates are trying to sleep in their beds

But visions of Clay just dance in their heads

And me in my T-shirt and dad in his cap

Are settling in for a long winter's nap

When out on the Clayboard there arose such a clatter

I sprang to my computer to see was what the matter

Away to the monitor I flew like a flash

Opened the Clayboard, as did sashntash

Someone heard the CD, we're green as can be

Next week can't come fast enough for you or me

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,

That hot pic of Clay, have mercy my dear

More rapid than eagles his coursers they came,

And Clay whistled, and shouted, and called us by name

"Now, Bottle! now, Skate! now, Georgia Clay and Ansa!

On, OLMass! on Skeeter! You know you're all crazy!

To the top of the charts! For one and all!

Now buy away! buy away! buy till you fall!

Book's due the same day and that's no lie

We will meet any obstacle to go out and buy

So out to the stores the coursers we flew,

To Wal-Mart and Target and Waldenbooks too

And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the roof

The prancing and pawing of Raleigh's left hoof

As I drew in my head, and was turning around

Down the chimney Clay came with a bound

He was dressed all in suede, from his head to his foot

And his clothes were stylish right down to his boot

A bundle of CD's he had flung on his back

And he looked mighty fine as he opened his pack

His eyes - how they twinkled! his sideburns how merry!

His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!

His sexy pink mouth was drawn up like a bow

And the stubble on his chin made my heart beat so

A wink of his eye and a twist of his head

If he does it again, I know I'll be dead

He sang me a song as part of his work

And filled all our stockings, then winked....what a flirt :P

And laying his finger aside of his nose

And giving a nod, up the chimney he rose

He sprang to his sleigh, to Jerome gave a whistle

And away they all flew like the down of a thistle

But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight

"Merry Christmas With Love, and to all a good night"

Merry Christmas again!!!!

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I hope everyone at Finding Clay Aiken has a terrific holiday, be it Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza or any other.

I would like to thank all of you for being positive people, a refuge from the storm on occasions. It has been a pleasure being a member of this board this year and I am looking forward to the next year being a CA fan.

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Heee...when I was in Nashville, i was just chatting with Heidi about Kwanzaa. I still don't know what it is and what it's supposed to mean. I've never celebrated it.

I want to drop by and wish everyone a happy holidays and thank you for supporting FCA. Ansa and I have lots of ideas for the website, now only if we can find the time we'll get them implemented next year.

I've updated my blog...yes i just skipped ahead to my last trip. For the curious, because who knows if I"ll ever go back...the beer. What happened was after Vermont, we took off for Atlantic City. When MsT05 and I got to the Sheraton (which by the way must have been the official hotel of Miss America which seemed so fitting LOL) we were in the lobby checking in. In front of us checking in was an airline pilot and some other airline personnel. I was like WTF..they're drunk. i can smell the alcohol on them. They got their keys and left and I picked up my duffle and I noticed the wet floor underneath. Yep, I had somehow punctured a hole in my beer and it had seeped all through my duffle bag. Talk about embarassing. Of course the first thing I did was check to make sure my autographed LTS didn't get ruined. It didn't. Whew. Now here's the worst part..I just couldn't slink up to my room with the trail of beer following me. Because the first room we got to had one big bed although we had requested 2. So I march back to the lobby with my trail of beer. That got us free parking for the duration. Then they give us keys to another room...we get there and although it appears clean, there's trash on the table - like the remnants of somebody's lunch. So we call down...and they run us up another key to a different room..so that's now two hotel rooms I've left with the sweet fragrance of beer. (But we got free passes to the club level and free breakfast). So after we eat, we go in search of soap powder so I can clean my duffle...and did ya'll know once you get a block pass the casinos it gets mighty seemy. MsT kept me on the straight and narrow and we made it back safe and sound to our hotel. No where near as fun as what ya'll were starting to come up with.

Blog - Nashville recap

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I am looking forward to going to church later this morning, and then spending the day with family. The morning has gotten off to a fabulous start, as I just watched a stubbly-jawed, sleepy-eyed, spiky-haired guy sing "My Grown-up Christmas List" on GMA. It was truly lovely.

Hugs to you all! I have really enjoyed posting here these last six months (what, you couldn't tell?), and am so thankful I have a place to "Use my Voice"!, even if it does smell like beer in here. What's up with that?

p.s. georgiaclay, did Santa bring you that "item" you requested? If so, I hope you remember our little timeshare agreement, and send that "item" on in good shape! ;)

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Things seems to be pretty quiet today, as the Clay Nation tries to snap itself out of an eggnog-induced haze long enough to storm the stores for the post -Christmas bargains. Or was that just me?

Anyway, links to a couple of Clay-related articles.

MSNBC.com is running an article each week on the past seasons of American Idol leading up to AI5. This week is Season 2. Nothing new; the author of the article knows about the fan fervour surrounding Clay, but has never quite been able to understand it.

The St. Petersburg Times has a phone interview. Frankly, I think the writer comes across as a snide jerk - not overtly nasty - just one of those 2 kewl 4 skool hipster doofuses.

Since this is another night off for the tour, is seems like a good opportunity to catch up on watching Clack. I watched the Charlotte DSIAFCD the other night, and am now enamoured with jumping bean Clay. After the long "LLLLLOOOOOVVVVEEEE", Clay actually jumps up and down a couple of times. Too much fun, although he doesn't get much height and has a pathetic hang time. I think those huge flippers he has act as a drag. B)

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Evening everyone and Bottlecap,

Had a great Christmas (although SANTA was very stingy with what I really wanted). I sat around for the man in the red suit and his reindeer, hoping for a chance encounter with his red headed elf (to no avail). The man and his "skinny white elf" did not visit my house, BHAAAA, so that means that I cannot share Bottlecap, and if you believe that, I have some swamp land in Arizona.

Seriously, I got an IPOD (which I have as of yet to figure out) and perfume. At least I will smell good if I every get a chance to meet that particular elf.

I hope everybody got everything they wanted and have a Happy New Year. Back to more clack tomorrow night.

Talk to everybody later.


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No Cory Clark, No Cory Clark screamed the Georgia peanut. I really am having problems the IPOD. Got the songs in the right place, I think, but I have no clue on how to download into the player.

An I went back to look at the Charlotte clip, and Bottlecap, there were some big flippers flying that night. He can put those flippers under my bed anytime (hee hee hee).

p.s.s Have not found any penguin slippers, but I did get a penguin from the Georgia Bear Store. He is heading for Hawaii in his white shorts and flowered shirt.

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Have been busy being mommy most of today and yesterday...gotta play every game and mess up the house or its just not Christmas!!!!

I kinda liked that article Bottlecap. I think the guy actually has a similar sense of humor as Clay. He did go a tad overboard putting the bwah haha's after the paragraphs...but it was an interesting treatment.

I do see some old anxiety's coming out both from Clay and the fans...I just don;t take what Clay says too seriously anymore...I think these are all just his automatic answers now.

I have been thinking of getting out the old AI2 videos...I always get nostalgic during this time. Just think its close to 3 years when we first saw Clay on TV...

Still so in love with MGUCL...still can't stop listening...stopped for an hour, but now I am missing it again...its a sickness I tell you!!!!!

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EEEEEEE! Four days of cellcerts in a row! Have you guys got your typing fingers ready for concert chat? Awhoo Hooo!

I am ignoring the fact that the Florida concerts are the last four things on the calender right now. Clack has a way of showing up from unexpected places: who knows when Clay will do another gig on The Insider, or make an appearance in People? It's all good..... The promotion for the new album will start before we know it.

Besides, my hard drive needs some serious cleaning, and I have my DVD burner to keep me warm on these long winter nights.

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