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    • I really look forward to hearing Clay bring a sexy Moon River back
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    • It makes your girl parts vibrate
    • The board of easy women
    • It's just that Clay's world is so much more than us. So much more than fans and concert dates and venue choices and juvenile exchanges on his fan site. He's just so much more.
    • He's just so much more.
    • He's a man of a 1000 faces and all of them are great to look at.
    • They have not fallen down on their knees and kissed his lily white ass!

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play, your avie makes me exhausted! :lol: (and guilty for not exercising... :unsure::P )

I just emailed Gayle at the Houston venue to tell her how many stories I've heard of the graciousness of her staff and how patient and helpful they were during their first Clay Aiken Ticket Frenzy! I'm a firm believer in writing to people to give kudos---so often, consumers only write to bitch and moan about bad service or products.

of course, I believe in doing that, too. B)

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I got a futon with your name on it!

EEP yay

Somehow...I think we will still have clack...I certainly don;t want the clack gatherers to feel pressured to risk their own enjoyment of the show. But even just the cellcert will be good enough clack for the first night.

Heee...couchie...I have a feeling you will be in Texas...or maybe Florida if it is the end of the tour???

I never worry about clack. We will have enough. Sometimes when there is 8 videos of every performance the clack and the clack dealers are taken for granted.

Florida is out because I've already made family vacation plans. I'll be in VIva Las Vegas that week.

I'm getting more than a bit freaked by fans emailing and emailing and calling and emailing some more, just to get details and information on these shows.

Claygasm, this is no way reflects on you bringing stuff over. But we really have gotten into the habit of annoying the hell out of people who are trying to do their jobs because I imagine it's more than one person doing this. It's not a big deal but damn if every bit of the flavor will be squeezed out before opening night.

And yeah, whoever thought Clay wouldn't sing Invisible is smokin' something. If I had to guess one song I knew he would sing, that would be it.

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Well, if he sings Invisible without doing a shirt tug, I'm gonna be pissed. :angry22: He's changed so much. I swear, I don't even know why I'm still going to see his concerts---a freakin' symphony? and no shirt tugs?

What the HELL is up with THAT? <_<

(This post brought to you by SnarkRUs B) )

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Clay really is an addiction. A very serious addiction over which I have no control.

Well I can get through the day without reading the boards... that must mean something right LOL. But yeah, I know what you mean.

And I appreciate all who bring news here. I don't think I've missed out on anything important and for that I'm grateful!!

Bottle, hoping for a great venue near you to be announced any day now.

EEK I owe Gerogia pictures. I'll copy them tonight.

Muski, how is my hoodie doing? :goaround:

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Dogs wearing clothes? That's just freakish! tm Kelly Clarkson. :getaroom:

Keep thinking good thoughts for those of us in flyover country. I know rcknrllmom and atinal are hoping for some middle of the country venues, too.

Yeah,bottle, I'm holding out hope that he decides to hit somewhere around here. I've got my fingers and toes crossed and my lucky Clay Aiken key chain is nearby to rub for good luck. I don't want to miss a tour.

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It's so much easier once you accept that being a Clay fan will never be "cool," and why would anyone expect that it would be??

Absolutely! And to quote Lester Bangs from Almost Famous in one of my favorite movie lines of all time:

“The only real currency in this bankrupt world is what we share with each other when we're being uncool.”

Love that!

My friend is arriving tomorrow to visit for a few days before the gala, so I won't be on line as much. I'll be calling to give FCA the scoop -- wish you all could be there. I can't wait to meet those of you who will be. I can't believe I'm actually going to see Clay in a few days. I'm still relatively calm about that, but that's probably because my house is a wreck and that's keeping me occupied. I promise to eeee and squeeee and thoroughly enjoy myself.

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I love Clay Aiken.

Good morning, all! :F_05BL17blowkiss: Gonna try to be a good girl today and stay away from the boards so that I can get some work done (yeah, we've heard that one before)....but needed to swoop by and give my favorite waggle of women a hello!




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Hi everyone. a beautous spring morning it is. Started Pilates to get in shape for the "Great Race" this summer. Well, I"m only going to three I think.

I just wanted to hug everyone. YSRN , how's that poison oak coming along today? The apple cidar vinegar dries it up every time. Gentle hugs to you my love.

I hope Clay will sing a great deal of his album. I MUST see "HEre You Come Again" and "Broken Wings". I wonder if he'll do LAL.

Back to AMC. :allgood:

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Wow the baords have been pretty quiet lately...

YSRN has Poison Oak??? Never had that before..hope it goes away soon

so is there no ticket sales today? It seems all is quiet around here.

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I've actually been trying to get some work done today. What a concept! Work at work!

I have a rant, so scroll at will. This Six Degrees thing..... I know the BAF is a great cause. As are all the others who have badges. But when reading around some of the boards, I feel as if I am being hit over the head with it. I feel as if they are trying to force fans to contribute and shame you into it if you are not planning on doing so. I look at the badges and the two that I most want to contribute are animal rescue groups. So many dogs and cats need our help, but they never get the kind of money human charities do. So, am I a bad Clay fan if I end up contributing to them instead of the BAF badge? I don't think so because I have limited funds to contribute to charities and while I recognize the BAF does good work, it is frankly not where my heart is. My heart is with the dogs and cats and other animals. Do I have to embrace Clay's foundation and all it stands for just because I like Clay? And why should anyone have to right to try and shame me into giving money to his foundation if I choose not to?

My feeling is everyone should feel free to help whatever groups they feel they want to without shame. Just because Clay endorses something, do we all have to follow him like lemmings? I am NOT saying those contributing to the BAF badge are lemmings - at least not all of them. If that is a cause they embrace, then go for it and I applaud you. But if your charitable heart lies elsewhere, you should be applauded for helping those who matter to you. The key to me is to follow YOUR heart, not Clay's. If they lead in the same direction, that's fine. If they don't, that's fine too. And no one has the right to try and shame you into doing anything else.

The other thing that bugs me is the NEED for the BAF to come in at #1. I thought all the top 6 badges get the matching funds. Is that not true? So if the BAF gets matching funds if they come in at #6, or #5 or #4 or #3 or #2, why is it so important they end up at #1? Is it so the fans can once again pat themselves on the back and say how much Clay needs them? If they truly care about the BAF, shouldn't the most important thing be getting the matching funds, no matter where in the top 6 they end up?

IMO,I don't think the BAF is any more or less worthy of that money than any of the other charities with badges. They all do good work (or so it appers) in their repsective areas. It seems to me, they are all benefiting from this as they all are raising some money. Shouldn't that be what matters most?

I am still undecided if I am going to contribute to any of them but if I do it will be to either Saving Shelter Pets or 11th Hour Rescue and I don't want anyone to try and brow beat me into donating to the BAF. The BAF is doing quite well. They'll be fine - even if by some chance they slip out of the top 6.

I just wish some fans would stop trying to push people into giving when maybe they don't want to or can't. Where everyone puts their charitable dollars is a personal decision and no one should have the right to tell you where your money should go. And no one should try and make you feel like a bad Clay fan if you don't put your money toward the BAF badge.

I just wish the harrassment would stop! I guess it will soon enough, after the March 31st deadline.

Rant over. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.....

ETA: And as penance for my rant, I bring you this:

Houstonpress.com - Aching for Aiken

Edited by Claygasm
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Oh I Totally understand what you are saying Claygasm...and no...I think this should really be up to every individual. I don;t know what is being done on other boards but I think in CH someone just posts updates and ask for people who can and willing to please consider donating and to spread the word.

If other boards are doing more than that...then that is just wrong.

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Claygasm, my only comment is that if I was inclined to give to an animal welfare organization, I guess I'd look for something local to me. Otherwise, charitable giving is between you and the tax man, as far as I'm concerned. I've had enough arm-twisting through work in the past understand feeling resentful about being pressured into supporting a certain cause or another. ("No, thank you Boss, I don't want to contribute to the company's industry PAC..." :P )
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