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Hello, All! Just finished teaching two violin lessons with my mind on the taping. :D

Does the audience really have to take an oath of silience? :rolleyes: "Fifth Grader" must not realize that the entire Clay Nation will be watching in November no matter what. :lol:


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I think I read somewhere else that Kellie went first.

Probably didn't take much time. Hope Clay didn't get to gawky with Kellie's chest and have a brain fart. That boy does love him some boobies and she's got big ones!

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It's been an hour since the connection was lost--surely it wouldn't take that long even if he went all the way to the million??

ETA: I did not just post at the top of the page--did not. I'm thinking maybe Pickler is second, or somehow they've got the audience captive for something.

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Who's couchie calling? I left my cell phone at home today! :scream:

She's calling me -- and I hope she calls soon, because she's supposed to call me at work *cough* and I'm only here for another hour!

I found my source -- EmeraldEyes at the CH says Kellie was first.

BTW, I think Kellie may be smarter than she lets on. We'll just have to see. Besides, she's playing for a charity too (don't know which one)...we want them ALL to get good money, right? Right?


And I'm sorry, but I'm laughing here at all the nerves. Were ya'll like this during AI?

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