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#5 (plus #6 & #7) - "Well....the weather outside is frightful...but the man is so delightful..."

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Mmmm, meaty Clay....

Ha! And yeah. That.

Wanted to wish Kimmel goers a wonderful time! I'll be looking for you!

And to all, a Happy Valentine's Day!

I vote for he's chewing gum in the LAX picture. And, geez people *generic sense* -- he's been breathing plane air for hours. Some folks need to chill.

Has anyone posted that maybe he came in contact with another nut touching flight attendant?

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God ladies,

I had to buy a new computer yesterday. Mine finally bit the bullet and I had to go a whole 24 HOURS without my internet or my CLAY fix and I come back to a new picture, cute as always and I just want to say HAPPY freakin VALENTINES day to everyone. Hope they get lucky tonight. I have to live through osmosis I guess. Oh well, my "boyfriend" will be on Kimmel tonight.

Lord, just to think of all that clack that I have to redownload. Can't lose Tyra, definitely not!!!.

Hope everybody stays warm and well.

:F_05BL17blowkiss: :F_05BL17blowkiss: :F_05BL17blowkiss: sending these everybodies way.

p.s. might fine ass if I do say so

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I'm jelous.

Media base - 112 spis yesterda7 - this is up fromthe day before and up 11 from last week, but in reality, there arethe same spins for yesterday as the day before, but that is still fine, snke your way up Clay, keep it up there (Hee, I don't have to be careful with what I say today , Muski is busy!)


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I'm not Scarlett either, but man! Talk about your overpriced LA hotel room! And no pool boys to keep us entertained either! Muski cracked one eye at the Houston psychos (tsk tsk, we've gotten all of 3-4 hours sleep! We're good!), told us to go away and go eat while she sleeps like a normal person. I even LOOKED at the fitness center. Didn't go in, but a looked at it. That's my minimum daily requirement done....

Clay tonight!

Kisses to all who rejected our tickets - we admire your maturity and wisdom, and remind you that the immaturity and silliness will build up and y'all will go REALLY Clay crazy in a little while. It's all good!

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hearts_bubbling.gifSMOOCHIES TO THE HOLLYWOOD POSSE! HAVE FUN IN LINE! hearts_bubbling.gif


It looks like the websites of the Clear Channel radio stations have added the video for "A Thousand Days" to the Video On Demand section. You have to look for it under Clay, rather than Aiken. EEEEEEE! for another place to stream!

georgiaclay, glad you're back with us. playbiller, one spin at a time. Will you be getting the snow storm today? I just got me driveway dug out. ldyjocelyn, lurve the Kimmel pics!

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Smooches and hearts to FCA'ers at Kimmel and everyone who couldn't go! We're all 12 years old today- my boobs are perky and my ass is high! Sounds like "Summertime"- "where the boobs are perrrrrky, I'm still twellllve , and my ass is high....."

Reminds me of that Moms Mabley story where she gave her friend advice as to how to shoot herself if it came to that. She told her to measure an inch below her left breast and fire. Pause....."Do you know that fool shot herself in the knee?" Loved Moms.

So , I see tonite's skit as kickass to the tabs. Yep, I predict Clay and Jimmy will be in bed together, apres-ski, wearing beaters ( that would kill me) , a ciggie dangling from Clay's gorgeous lips and a beer can dangling from one long sinewy hand.

I can't wait to see what those two will do. A Tyra walk on?

:allgood: :F_05BL17blowkiss:

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I'm home today because we have a winter lasagna outside here in the country. We got a layer of snow, a layer of ice, another layer of snow and then another layer of ice and now its snowing again. The roads are treacherous and it seems almost everyone I know took the day off. Even my friend who is the vet closed her practice today.

Woo hoo!! Best Valentine's present I could ask for! No work today!!!

So I slept in. :medium-smiley-070:

Just had a call from Muski! She slept in but now KAndre and Scarlett have returned from breakfast and are getting ready to hit the line. Muski of course doesn't need to stand in line all day but just for shits and giggles it sounds like she may - at least for some of the time.

Hopefully I'll get some more reports as the day goes on.

Can't wait for Kimmel. I am still hoping he may sing a little something just because its Valentine's Day.

And I can't wait to see what THE HAIR looks like!!!

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EEEEEE! for the promise of line reports! Boo for the snow, CG. My driveway has been dug out and the sun is actually shining, so it looks very pretty out today, but we really got clobbered over night. I left my boss a message yesterday that I wasn't coming in today, but I think the corporate offices might have been closed anyway because of the road conditions. I think I may take a nice long nap and check in later and see if there is any Kimmel news.

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So the big storm is coming tonight....we are anticipating a snow day tomorrow...so I won;t be home alone enjoying clack...

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE for the FCA gang on Kimmel...I hope you guys get great seats...

wow that looks cool bottle...but I love that hi res closeup of Airport Clay....people find that fat???I find that GAH!!!

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One of the CV'ers in line at Kimmel is reporting:

Lots and lots of flower and balloon deliveries. She said they are coming in left and right.

Ansa, can't you bundle 'em all up and send them out to shovel? Mama needs to spend quality time alone with her boyfriend. :wub:

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Oh my. From CV:

Just got a call from poshpenny from the line. She said a large truck pulled up, and people wearing Jimmy Kimmel sweatshirts are unloading a large, red heart-shaped bed!

ETA: Red velvet bedspread on it.

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pant,pant,pant Well, half the driveway shovleed. Normally I would let it melt, but is is not snow but 4 inches of ice pellets and slippery. I guess I get excercise every day.

Hmm a giant red bed - maybe all the guests will sit in bed instead f on the couch. That could get quite comfy.

FOr some reason that one white shirt picture is not my favorite - soemthing about the eyes not looking quite right, now lively enough. Hey people are picky all the time, I didn't say I hated it, just that there are other pictures I like more.

As to the LAX picture. I don't get pissy vibes from it, just intent concentrating CLay - like he is figuring his path through the paparazzi or trying to think of all thier names.

Clay, Clay, Clay ---- tonight, tonight, we get to see him tonight,.....valentine71.gif

Ooooh maybe Clay will wear his jammies?

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I bet Sarah Silverman shows up in bed, too...somehow I picture Clay and Kimmel snickering and laughing and planning this show for weeks.

Actually, the scenario I had in my head for a few weeks was Clay coming out and saying to Jimmy -- "hey, you and Sarah, take the night off, it's Valentine's Day, let me take over the show." With this new development...heck, maybe Jimmy and Sarah hang around, in bed, watching the show, while Clay hosts.

And yes, I can imagine Clay and Jimmy talking this over more than a few times with their plans and such.

I was actually a bit nervous about this appearance earlier today -- I think for me part of it was this "we must show Clay we're the best by presenting him with insert gift here." Blargh. Now, though -- I'm intrigued. And thrilled. And thinking that Diva must be a bit clairvoyant.

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Lots of fans give celebrities gifts. I don't have a problem with it unless it is particularly wasteful and not recyclable (i.e. hospitals, etc.). I don't think there is any problem telling someone you are donating to thier charity - this is a day for love and that would be showing Clay love. I am pretty easy. But food is a big no no to me. Pure trash fodder. I think Clay learned a lot about people since he ate that Krispy Kreme thown on the stage during AI tour.

It is nioce to know that Krispy Kreme is getting into the game by donating doughnuts to the show, heh. I wonde r if the people in line will get it? I wonder if the chocolate they are offering people in line were sent from fans (oops, better watch out people!)

Soooo.. the day is getting later and no call from Clay. Maybe he will make it during the show. Well, I really have nothing to say to him, I am sure he knows more than I about the poddies and the OTT fans and the haters. Unlike KAndre, I would not be conversing with Clay about Clive or even my personal life.

Hee, there is a news report about unplowed snow in the area - I never have to worry about that on my street - emergency squad, Fire department and police are all on my street within a block - we are the first plowed, even though it is a dead end. I also do not have a sidewalk, exect for the mailman, I would never have to dig out anything, I could hole up until snow melts.

By the way, I am not sure if this valentine71.gif indicates a heart singing, dancing or having a heart attack (suitable for me after shoveling snow. Guess I better take my blood pressure now.

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When I read about the heart shaped bed I just had to call muski and see what I could find out.

She knew nothing about it - but then again, she went to a movie rather than stand in line since she's on those special house guest tickets! (By the way, she saw "The Departed" and said it was amazing....).

As I was talking to her, they were filming some kind of skit on the sidewalk, but it didn't involve anyone we care about.....

They had not yet given out the wristbands to the people in line.

I asked her if there were a lot of people in line and she said not as many as in September, that the line didn't go back as far - but then again, most of the people behind us in September never even got wristbands, so there are still probably more people than seats.

I pity anyone who got tickets just because and doesn't know how long Clay's fans stand in line!

Anyway, she is now going to see if she can find out any more information about the bed (and see if maybe Tyra is around...)

I'll report back if I hear anything.

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Hee. I love how the East Coast seems to have more up to date information about the Kimmel line than someone who's actually in the area.


From USA Today's Idol Chatter:

Clay sold another 1,400 copies, enough to put him over the 500,000 mark (500,400, rounded off). Congratulations are in order to him and his fan base, considering he did not have any big radio impact this time.

And the rest of the AI'ers

Here's the usual quick weekly update on Idol sales from the Billboard 200 album chart, courtesy of Nielsen SoundScan.

> Chris leads, delivering another steady week -- 76,000, down slightly from 77,000 the previous week, but good enough to stay at No. 3 and bring his total to 1.53 million

> The week's No. 1 album, by the way, was Fall Out Boy, but Katharine was Fall Out Girl for the week, dropping from No. 2 out of the top 10, to No. 11. She sold 48,000, down 58% from her debut week of 116,000; her rounded total is 163,000. She really needs a boost from the single; if not, her current pace would suggest an album that would top out at somewhere in the 300,000 range. That's safely ahead of Diana DeGarmo/Justin Guarini territory, but would fall behind every other top-two finisher.

> Carrie jumps from No. 24 to 19, selling 38,000, an 18% jump that may have stemmed partially from pre-Grammys anticipation. (Next week, after two wins, she could jump a lot higher.) Her total is now 4.86 million.

> Kellie inches up 87-84, selling 11,000, 3% up from the previous week. She's now at 422,000.

> Taylor drops some more, 76 to 87, having sold a rounded-off 11,000, down 8%. Total is now 623,000, which I'm pretty sure is less than (though close to) Bo's total.

> Fantasia takes a big drop, 90-110, selling 9,000 copies, 15% off from the previous week, to bring her underwhelming total to 285,000.

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From CV:

Clayperfect called and said they are filming Charles Barkley tonight to be aired Friday. That's why they will be going in earlier than usual. She also said the superhero/cartoon guys were for some kind of dating game. They asked one of the Clay fans standing in line if she wanted to do it but she wouldn't be able to see Clay if she did so she passed. The gist of it is that the girl picks one of the characters to go out on a date with and they are followed around town with a camera and they are going to air the date on the show. Now whether it will be aired on tonight's show or a later one, I don't know.


60 got wristbands, 80 were denied in and 75 vip already in there, one fan was going to give a bracelett to the one who flew in from baltimore and did not take it. Many fans upset at denial.

Ruh roh.... :ph34r:

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Report from KAndre via couchie:

I just got a call from KAndre. The evil 1iota people came and passed out 70 wristbands. The last person to get one was the person right in front of KAndre. Uh oh.

She was not happy and let that be known. Security eyed her warily. They claimed they wanted to make sure they had enough seats. She tuned them in to the fact that they seated 200 and they were still giving away tickets earlier that day.

Soon, they were placating her, telling her not to worry. Some may assume she was dangerous but of course we know her as the shy and retiring type that she is.

They came out and gave her a wristband and said they could leave until 5. KAndre trusts no one and they are planted in line.

Also talked to Muski - she's out and about because she's a VIP. I told her to get her behind in line because I don't want to hear her crying to me later because the evil blonde one some how messed her over.

KAndre promised to call after the show.

It sure sounds as if 1iota just don't know how to deal with Clay Aiken crowds...

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