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#20: Clay is just so frickin' cute! Cute, cute, cute!

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Hey, that Vermonty Python ice cream actually looks pretty good - especially the chocolate cows.

I've spent the morning doing two of my favorite things: shopping 'n eating. I got a couple of cute Christmas t-shirts.

Watch this segway [tm CHA]:

You know what else is cute around Christmas? This guy ==> GiftClay.jpg

Safe travels to the Las Vegas skatering show-goers. And if you try to pull any of that "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" crap, I will hunt you down and pummel you with rotten honeycrisps. Details and pictures and Clack, please.

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had to stand there looking interested in yams until the song was over!
Well....I've often read how some people love Clay's 'yammy' face....heh. And by the way... :F_05BL17blowkiss: for seeing you here again!

Now, Muskifest! Get back to work! :fca:

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Ok, I rarely mention this to anyone, but Clay Aiken had his hands on my butt. Yeah, see, doesn't that make you gasp? :believeitornot: The reality of it was we were in close quarters for our M&G and he needed to get around in back of me and my big fat ass was invading his space, so he just sort of skooched around me by sort of moving my butt over.

I've never known if I should be all :nanadance2::Thud::yess: because it happened, or all :chair: :blink: because my ass was so big.

I would definitely be all :nanadance2::Thud::yess: . Let's see....if Clay was standing behind me with his hands on my butt, I'm pretty sure I would be tempted to back up and lean into him. But that's just me. Or maybe not. Probably not.

:clap: for Danny Mac!

Great name for his role.

Cool nickname, JaMar! How fun!

Finally a reason not to diet!!! Thank you! See there then would be an excuse for Clay to touch my big butt to move me out of the way if I ever got a meet & greet. Works for me!!!

So.... where's the sign-up button for that type of Meet'NGreet? I've never tried for one but if that's part of the "new 2007 M&G format" I'm in!

Y'all are CMSU! This whole conversation has me laughing out loud.

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About that hat Scarlett It is in my suitcase, in New Jersey, we have not made it to vegas yet and when we do, I won't be having that great a time. Fell down the stairs in the dark to catch the early plane that Fear wanted me to catch. I hte catching early planes, I almost always over sleep and I did this morning, but I knew if I ran, I could still have a chance at catching it. But I should have stopped to turn on the lights on the stairs. I missed a few, stil got up and rant (hobbled) to the plane but didn't make it. FIrst I missed the turn off for the parking lot and then when I got parked after driving around for a long time, the bus nearest me took off and I foolishly tried to chase it down. Then I missed the next bus that came immediately to the thing I missed. Needless to say, I finaly caught a bus while hobbling along and the staffer on the bus called ahead for a wheel chair. Continental decided that they could not let me on a 6 hour flight with an unknown injury, so they booked me for tomorrow. SO I went and spent the next 4 hours in a very rude hospital, which my insurance wont cover. They gave me a castr for my broken foot, but nothing for the sprain, which reall is the part that hurt...a .lot.

Oh well, I hope to catch the flight tomorrow. If I miss it, they will not reschedule.

I will be so spoiled seeing Clay so much!

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play, I'm so sorry about your foot! Take care, okay? We'll have to help you out in Vegas and carry things for you. :F_05BL17blowkiss:

The Broads redesigned Clay's Spamalot costume. I think it's a definite improvement. What does everybody else think?


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Play - really sorry for your injury and to add insult on top you missed the damn plane!!!


It'll be great once you finally get there! Maybe a wheelchair will get you better seating??? :)

I heard some cute guy is going to be singing! :F_05BL17blowkiss:

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Hi from lovely Las Vegas! It's pretty warm here. The Orleans is quite nice. I have a large room with a beautiful view of the mountain range. Obviously I left before playbiller fell. We were going to meet at LV.

I woke up at four and left for the airport at 5:00. I haven't seen anyone I recognize here so had a nice buffet by myself at the Orleans. I decided to take in the Sinbad show here tonight. I always liked his humour.

The room overlooks the arena. It'll be interesting to see the comings and goings when rehearsals start. Playbiller is going to fly here tomorrow so we'll have to think of some low key activities for the next few days.

I'm sure you all will get to see Clay better than we will as our tickets are more center in the arena. But I'm looking forward to just being here and hearing that great voice once again.

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Yeay, I located my removable plastic walking cast - the kind these doctors wouldn't give me. My foot feels better already and I can walk without too much crutches. Of course it could be the pain pills.

I admit that I worked with Fear and decided to take an early flight together, I should never do that because I am not a morning person. I have a friend calling at 5AM tomorrow

Whoo, time for AI rewind!!!

ETA poor Fear is in her room alone. Where is everyone there?

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Yeay, I located my removable plastic walking cast - the kind these doctors wouldn't give me. My foot feels better already and I can walk without too much crutches. Of course it could be the pain pills.

:thbighug-1: Play, hope that does the trick! I have a collection of boots myself. I once had to rent juvenile crutches, but they worked a lot better than regular crutches. I finished teaching a semester with them. It's kind of hard to carry a violin, materials, etc., with crutches. :lol:

All the best in catching your plane tomorrow. Have a blast ... and don't forget the pain pills! :whistling-1:

The Nashville Auditions on "Rewind" were neat because we knew so many of the contestants. I didn't realize five of the Top 10 came through there.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. For those who qualify -- enjoy the extra hour! :F_05BL17blowkiss:

Caro listen.gif

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{{{{{Play}}}}}} I'm v. sorry to hear about the nightmare you had to go through! I hope tomorrow will be a much better day that'll see you arrive safely in Vegas. Maybe you might even run into a bunch of cuteness to cheer you up! Have a safe trip tomorrow -- my best thoughts and wishes will be with you!!!
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I tend to miss the first run of AI Rewind but pick it up on Saturday. I completely forgot about it today due to lots of RL stuff.

I downloaded the skating performance but have not had time to watch it. But I did want to remind people that there may be another opportunity tomorrow. I'm not sure about this but think in my area they often run another hour on Sunday.

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Sorry about your rough start play. (((hugs))) Now that you have all the crap out of the way, you can have fun.

...another Sinbad fan here. I'd love to see his show.

That's it. I got nothing else.

Clay is cute. That blend cute. His tights would be not so cute, but impressive is alright too.

I have no idea what time it is here. I think it's 6 am because we lost DST last night, but all my clocks and my body say otherwise. It's always weird.

Wait! I really do have something...I don't know if I posted this here the first time but this gal suereu from the OFC did a montage of The Lost Rosini Medley/DCAT tour which was laugh out loud funny to me. Now she has altered the ending. By the time I get to the William Tell Overture, I am gone every time.

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