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#41: Clay Aiken Makes His Triumphant Return!

Couch Tomato

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  1. 1. What say ye - what's our new thread title?

    • Life is short! Enjoy the Aiken!
    • We're still having fun, and you're still the one!
    • I hope he's just out there sinning right and left.
    • Yes, I will eat fish with blueberries or anything else he's touched.
    • Anarcho-syndicalist commune of cyclically in sync omnivores for Clay Aiken
    • I am not going anywhere except to Spamalot.

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Now that the deadline has passed, would those who entered the Spam bio contest like to post their entries? :lilredani:

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Bookwhore, to answer your question near the end of the last thread....

We have Spam tickets for January 4. You ordered them, remember? Check the rooster lamp. While I didn't tell you and JaMar yet, I snagged some very reasonable rooms for that night in case we wanted to play late. I can always cancel them if we decide we won't need them.


I hope we can meet up with some FCA folks there!

Yes, I remember buying them...I just didn't remember when they were for. Yay! for the reasonable rooms! Couchie, what's Carmines? I'll go if the rest of my travelling buddies want to go.

**Contented sigh** It's so good to see my b/f again. He looks fantastic and happy. And you just gotta love a man that farts in your general direction. What a romantic! :wub:

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:nana: :nana: :nana:

OMG bottle!!! That is FAN-frickin-tastic!!! I love it!! Although it looks like Clay's has retro-fitted his granddaddy's pants again!!

I'm at my friend's house in CT, we got here about 3 am and just got movin' today!

What a great knight it was last knight!! Clay was ON!!! I just read his blog, and that explains why he was downplaying the role a bit last night. Tired and Sore!! :hysterical:

His eye-crossing during the bottle dance was CMSU! It's the first time I have seen it from the middle of the theatre, last time I had seats in the middle was in April and he didn't do that!! I can't imagine doing all that and keeping my eyes crossed for so long!! And he wagged his tongue from side to side with each corresponding leg! :hysterical:

I got a short video in which you can barely see Clay, but you can actually see him!!! Mostly when he turns to go back to the stage door. Then he ducked down and disappeared and I didn't know where he'd gone!! I'll prob get that up late late Sunday night or Monday, but by then there'll be probably a bunch more better vids out there! (prob are now, but I am 2-3 pages behind!)

After the stage door, we went over to the Equus stage door and they have a completely different setup over there! There were mobs of people waiting to see Dan Radcliffe, but he is so short, we couldn't see him. Their stage door opens right out to the street, so there were barricades making an aisle across the sidewalk and then they parked his SUV right across the opening. He came out, signed some auotgraphs, (we could only see flashes and cameras held up) and then got in the SUV and left!

It's a beautiful day here so we are getting ready to go outside and enjoy. More later!!

:hello: to playbiller and Scarlett!

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Checking in really quick at RDU. I'm on my way to see lilyshine, and next week we're going to SPAMALOT!!!

I also have a job (hence the Spam trip) for a few months, starting October 1--good pay, interesting work, right in my bailiwick.

Bottlecap, you are making me laugh so much lately.

Love ya all. Gotta go!!

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BC/EFA Auction The auction is over.

There were many items it would have been wonderful to have, tickets to the opening night of Billy Elliot, for instance. I love that movie.

It must be a sign that I am so used to the adoration shown to Clay that while I was so pleased to see that the Spamalot item went for, $8,200.00, the highest bid, I was not at all surprised.

I wonder who MsBullfrog, the winning bidder, is.

I'm in my happy place again.

ETA: Ooops...Spamalot tied with Wicked. ...........still :00000442:

ETA2: The winning bid could be even higher! This item goes to live auction!

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Man, that Broadway blog is almost as gushing about Clay as we are! I LOVE it! I'm so freakin' happy for him. You know it's love when someone else's happiness is so rewarding, you know? :wub:

And WOW! Looks like Jerome's been wolfing down some Hot Pockets of his own, huh? What's with the paisley pocket, dude? :cryingwlaughter:

So far I have only one ticket--Jan. 4. That MUST change! I have my airplane ticket---got an award WOO HOO! (Those business trips come in handy, fo' sho'!)...so I really don't see why I shouldn't plan on the whole danged weekend, do you? :lilredani:

Huh? Property taxes? Mortgage payments? New furnace? A floor for the downstairs? New bathroom upstairs? New refrigerator, oven and washer and dryer? Completely new electrical wiring?

Ladies, ladies, PLEASE! You must learn the difference between NEED and WANT. :whistling-1:


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He looks like an adorable 12 year old at the stage door!!! :hysterical:

Just like the good old days during the NAT at the bus lines!


Just like the good old days. The good old days are back!

Loved that Broadway blog. Yup, Clay's a natural on Braodway, that's for sure!

Two weeks from today my lurker friend and I will be going to see him. For the first time I am beginning to get a teeny bit excited.

Does this mean I will end up spending more money I don't have on more tickets???????

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I kept reading reports that Clay had new less revealing pants.


I read this as 'new, less revealing parts'. NOOOOOO!!!!! I was ready to don my black mourning clothes . Less revealing pants is bad enough, but don't go messin' with Clay's parts.

I love that man and all his parts. :flirtysmile3:

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All I can say is, you should have been there, What a great time. So much happiness on stage and off. Meeting old freinds again - I can tell you there are enough people who you know will be there every time, right ChaCha?

So now I have to read the list of people going to the gala again because obviously, I can't read so good. and thought different people were going, well I am not going maybe that will make up for people who want to go to NYC and can't.

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It is his spirit, the joy makes him beautiful. It comes put through his skin

Too bad I san next to a bunch of bitch-faced fans who only cared about HD and BFM and spent their evening talking about them instead of the joy on Clay's face and the happiness in the entire cast and what a fun event we were at. I usually talk to strangers when I sit alone, not last night though, see, I would have wanted to talk about Clay or the play, although the couple on the other side of the aisle were really sweet. Way to waste your evening people - lets see - gossiping or enjoying, gossiping or enjoying.....Staring at Clay or staring at HD. I made my choice and so did most of the audience, I bet most of the cast have not received applause like that for a long time. The house rocked. I don't know how many seats were still available, but I bet not many. I guess I should have stuck around at the stage door for the other cast members to leave, when Clay leaves, the stage door gets pretty deserted.

I do have to say this was a smaller crowd than 1/18 or 5/4 (about 1/2), but still enough to impress a lot of non-fans. And Clay did so great - what was he doing? trying to lower expectations before the show? Could he have been nervous? hee.

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Oh, Play!

Wish I'd been there sitting next to you!!!

Really, I don't know why some prefer the negative.

Life is short!

Enjoy The Aiken!

Amen!!! Life is way too short to waste time on people who simply do not matter. And man, that's way too expensive a trip to waste like that!

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I love that Clay is out and about and that there's almost this 'toast of the town' feel to it. I think he's hot in the city. The red carpet for TOTC was extremely excellent. I hear that song in my head by Glenn Frey ...

You can feel it, you can taste it

You can see it, you can face it

You can hear it, hey, you're getting near it, hey

You wanna make it, cause you can take it

You belong to the city, you belong to the night

You belong to the city, you belong to the night

You belong, You belong



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I feel for you Play. Seems some people have turned their fandom into a crusade rather than something fun. I don't give a shit about some delusional fans; Clay has Jerome to keep those nut cases at a distance. And frankly I'm starting to wonder which is worse.

Yay more pictures.

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BC, got you a playbill... I will send it to you Monday, then I can tell you how much it cost. Probably very little, since I expect to have a few extra, s I won'[t super pack it, if it gets damaged, you will just get another.

It really was surprising how many fans were there. vs the usual number of NJU, guess there weren't too many tickets an the 1/2 price place.

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I think the first time around there may have been an attitude of "American Idol stunt casting" by the Broadway crowd, and now it's "Thank God Clay's back!" YAY!!!


I didn't realize I missed him so much until he came back, either.

Thanks playbiller! :da_best:

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