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#56: Clay's going to sing. Life is good.


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  1. 1. What should be the next thread title at FCA?

    • A burgeoning roar of eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!
    • Behold the Allure of Aiken!
    • Guys, it was just so, so, so good.
    • The man is a star and we saw him go super-nova.
    • Oh yeah, he really is just. that. good.
    • Shoot, I'm still suffering from post-concert giddiness, and I wasn't even freakin' there!
    • I really think it is now his time and yes it is about damn time!
    • And we love every minute of his many talents.

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My favorite comment was when Caper said that Reed sat mesmerized with his eyes on Clay while Clay sang.

Isn't that sweet??

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It's Impossible brings tears to my eyes, it is so beautiful. Sniff!

Can't Take That Away From Me is my second fave, partially cause his funny comes thru on that one.

His voice is absolutely gorgeous when he sings quietly.

Sigh!!!!!! I cannot wait for video!

I sure hope Scarlett got there in time for the songs, camera or no camera.

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