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#56: Clay's going to sing. Life is good.


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    • A burgeoning roar of eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!
    • Behold the Allure of Aiken!
    • Guys, it was just so, so, so good.
    • The man is a star and we saw him go super-nova.
    • Oh yeah, he really is just. that. good.
    • Shoot, I'm still suffering from post-concert giddiness, and I wasn't even freakin' there!
    • I really think it is now his time and yes it is about damn time!
    • And we love every minute of his many talents.

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A CD with a live performance DVD included (a la PBS) appears to be an m.o. for Decca. I see multiple purchases in my future again. Because, don't you just know the PBS pledge-version DVD will have extra stuff.

The most recent Paul McCartney offering is a triple - two audio CDs and a DVD of the complete, live Citifield concert - all for the ridiculously reasonable price of $13.99. Something like that makes it compelling to buy the physical product instead of downloading a few tunes online. Not that long ago the CD would have sold for $17.99 and the separate DVD would be $19.99.

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Anyway, I love hearing Clay sing Moon River NOW. It has a fresh meaning for me -- the story of Clay and Reed, two drifters off to experience the whole wide world in pursuit of the same rainbow's end, together. Sigh.

keeping.... niiiiice sentiment! I expect there to be many nuances in his singing love songs now that he is experiencing the love he doth sing about.

There is someone on the CB that has youtubes of all the songs. It's in the GFI thread... I think the one they do with only the red typing in it. I got there by double-clicking, then got thrown out before I could figure out where I was. Normal for me... LOL

This generation hasn't had a Johnny Mathis or Perry Como or Andy Williams that sings beautiful love songs to slow dance to or make out to like we had in my youth. Tho I adore Clay singing fast/fun songs, I'm sure he will in live concert, so I'm ok with him being the romantic song guy to bring in the fans who then find out he is side-splittingly funny and can sing Michael Jackson as well as he does Perry Como.

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There will probably be about 14 songs on the new album. We know: MTK, Moon River, WKOFAI, CTMEOOY, and probably It's Impossible. So there are circa 9-10 we don't have a clue about. I'll bet he rocks out on MTK, and we have no idea what those other tunes may be, but it's clear that the songs he picked for the GFI are the ones that work best in an intimate "piano bar" setting.

Just keeping the mind open.

I have to add that I've read around today and have seen several comments of the 'I don't like these kinds of songs because I liked The Beatles' variety. That does not compute for me. Who knew that types of music were mutually exclusive? That's a new one for me! Seriously, I'd never allow myself to be in such a box. There are a lot of old standards I don't like. There are some Beatles songs I can do without. There's some Hendrix I avoid, but I still have some old Chad Mitchell Trio that I enjoy (Four Strong Winds, to be exact). And I like some of the Black Eyed Peas, and some of Jennifer Nettles. I pretty much like some of everything and all of nothing. I like what I like, and I get to judge what that is, and I especially don't give a damn if no one else likes it. I've never needed friends to like the music I love. FYI: Paul McCartney, the living legend Cute Moptop himself, recently said that his favorite singer is .... wait for it ........ Nat King Cole. I hope everyone can adjust.

And, one more thing, since individual anecdotes are indicative of nothing more than a personal story, I have one for the mix. ahem ..................

Anthony Newley's "What Kind of Fool Am I", from Stop the World ... I Want to Get Off, was my FAVORITE song when I was 13. My mother hated it. And this can be thrown in the hamper with all other bullshit anecdotal memorabilia.

All that said, the 50's classics aren't the type of music I've followed for many years (although I did download the Platters a few years ago because I had a music-junkie need for Smoke Gets In Your Eyes after hearing a tape in somebody's car), but I love that change itself is the stuff of life, and the only constant we have in this world. I dig it.

Sly Stone said, 'If it was good once, it's still good.' Hey music lover! (But just like at Woodstock, some people need to have "approval" before they throw up the peace sign!!)

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OMG Clay honey, you're going to come back 1000% better at EVERYTHING!! I'm thudded all over againnnnnnnnn :wub: :nana:

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Yay my temp job ended. I can get some sleep and catch up with my boyfriend. Although they just called to tell me she may have another one for me. Fine with me. I need be ready in case of tour. I totally missed hanging out and playing last night but I got home from work and had to work the other job - and the assignment was the academy award nominations. Got up at 5:30 to plug everyone in. When did they start having 10 movies nominated for best film - too me that's just too many. It takes away from the specialness. Might as well be a golden globe.

I can't wait to hear the songs. Thanks for bringing over reports and also posting links. The one I'm looking forward to most is They Can't Take that Away From Me and Can't Take My Eye Off You. I was glad to see Reed there. It's the way it should be..normal. Oh and it was nice to read that article the other day. He's hilarious. He could never be my real boyfriend since he's not into sports heee. But if he were talking about baseball season being too long I'd certainly agree. heee

Hope everyone is well. Everyone have safe travels home.

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Love the blog! And I totally agree about the Academy Award nominations, Couchie. Nominating 10 dilutes the power of the nomination. And are there always going to be 10 great movies every year? I've got my doubts about this group.

I can't wait to hear Clay's new music with the full arrangements. He said this was just a tease and a great tease it was. Not to mention he looks amazingly happy.

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Posting stuff during commericals of Lost:

Exclusive! ‘American Idol’ Makeup Artist Mezhgan Hussainy Reveals Her Top 5 Favorite Idol Makeovers!

Clay Aiken

He didn’t like his freckles

“Clay didn’t have any bad habits – he just didn’t have any habits! He didn’t do anything. I love him to death. He didn’t like his freckles. We balanced them out by warming up his skin tone. We shaped up his eyebrows a little bit, I didn’t want to over pluck. With men, you want to make sure that its done in such a way that it doesn’t look like anything was done. His were just really thick.

We tinted his lashes and eyebrows because they’re super, super light. He just looked amazing and handsome. Sometimes he would sleep in his makeup. I would tell him he cant do that and he would say “but I love the way I look.” He went from geek to chic!” she says.


New tweet from earlier this evening:

WesternGiants: so nice to have @clayaiken in the studio again. We're doing final vocal touch-ups. Then we dive into mixing this weekend. So it begins...


Clay just posted at the OFC that the sighting isn't true, and he still thinks Twitter is the devil! LOL!


Love the golf blog!

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Cool blog linked from Twitter:

No three putts

That's an awesome blog guaranteed to put a lump in your throat. I left the blogger a comment, which he has on approval. Great find! :snoopy:

Thank you for your visits to the Carolina. Wouldn't doubt the Sendspace links have been around the world, definitely to many corners of the globe! :)

Have a great week, all! :BlowKiss:

Caro :listen:

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Yes, 10 movies nominated for Best Picture for the Oscars is new this year. From what I've read, it's designed to increase the size of the TV audience, which had been declining over the years. The theory is that a wider field of nominees would allow some films that the viewing audience has actually seen to be included, rather than just the ones the critics like, so the ratings are supposed to be better.

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Good Morning Everyone, I will be ghost posting the calendar for Aikim until her computer problems are fixed......so don't expect anything as fancy! Hee!

5 Days until The Big Clay Aiken News is Revealed!

24 Days until Clay speaks at the HRC Convention!

37 Days until The Magical Mystery Date!

46 Days until The First Day of Spring!

4 months until June and The New CD/PBS Special!

Clay addresses the Key Club Convention in July!

Happy Birthday to all celebrating!

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