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#51: You go on with your bad self, Mr. Aiken

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OMG look at him! :wub: He's a little chub ball. What a beautiful baby.

preden, belated birthday wishes. Sorry, I was offline most of yesterday as we were painting the kitchen and had to move the modem. Then I was off to Stars On Ice and dinner. Hope you had a great one!

cha cha, hee!

Thank you! I'll be painting my kitchen soon but no renovations like yours.

Wishing you a verra verra



Thank you, hope we get to go to the Gala!

that would be a great BD pressie!!!



Thank you so much!

BWAH, Bottle! It was great fun to see Clay's card at the end. Thanks for battling with your scanner to share the cards!

Happy Birthday, Preden!


Thank you so much!

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Not that i did it ::coughcough:: but Parker's pretty pic makes a great desktop!! Just sayin'

Beat you to it!!!

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When I think of how Britney's children are hounded by paparazzi, flashes going off in their faces, it makes me happy to see that Parker and Jaymes and Clay are relatively unscathed. And now there is no "exclusive" needed.

Parker looks like a happy little guy, and who would have thought he would look so much like a mini-Clay? Adorable!

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No link to them post-292-1241461018_thumb.jpgIt didn't take TMZ long.

From CV


Meet the Aikens

Posted May 4th 2009 10:00AM by TMZ Staff

Clay Aiken, his nine-month-old son Parker, and artificially inseminated Clabymama/best friend Jaymes Foster visited some of Aiken's family in L.A. this weekend.

I wonder why we are now getting all these sightings at once?

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Parker is soooo cute! Love that he has striped socks. Bare toes are even cuter. And, that lip bite... O.M.G.! :cryingwlaughter: Clay and Jaymes' hearts must get sooo full, sometimes... cause that baby is a miracle, that's fo' sure! I'm all schmoopie!

What a fun time in the fandom!

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This one is still melting my heart:


He looks like he's very pleased with himself -- as if maybe Jaymes said his name to him, and his ears perked up, grinned, and thought to himself "that's me!"

And then he burped. Or pooped. Could be either.

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Is there speculation going on? Well, let me be the first. Regarding the "Clay visiting Aiken relatives in LA" and pulling luggage .... MAYBE the relatives are keeping Parker at their house while both Clay and Jaymes go to Vegas. Or maybe it's Faye's luggage and she flew in this weekend -- her birthday was yesterday -- and she's going to be the Grandma-in-Charge this week. Just a thought.

I would bet good money that Jaymes is going to Vegas with Clay since it's her brother's show -- and her best friend and father of her child is performing. Gee, I'd love to be there.

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How come I never see hawt dads like that in the parking of my local grocery store? :tasty:


Nice pictures... geeze he can have a relatively peaceful life in NC... Glad to see a new picture of Parker though. Nine whole months. They done good.

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