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#42: We're still having fun, and you're still the one!

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  1. 1. What should be the next thread title for FCA?

    • Endlessly entertaining, never a dull moment!!
    • Clay you seriously need to go back into the closet....to find another outfit!
    • I luv him, he is the anti-cool. He is his own cool that far exceeds cool.
    • The balls may be lavander, but they're still titanium.
    • He's Clay. He's gay. And whatever. When's the next tour?
    • He's made of awesome!
    • Even more beautiful now, inside and out!
    • God, what a MAN!
    • That is a MAN.

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Bwah! I just looked at the banner and CMSU! Look at the pic of Parker between Jaymes and Clay. He has a mohawk! Like Clay's Christmas mohawk that one year! BWAH! :hysterical: :lmaosmiley-1: :cryingwlaughter:

And YEAY! The plumber's gone and we are now back into post-frontier times at Casa Muski! We have toilets that work without sharing their contents on the floors! :crapsign: We have a washing machine that doesn't 'wash' the floor with the crap coming from the things messed up when the toilets overflowed! We have a dishwasher that doesn't back up into the kitchen sink! We have a shower upstairs that doesn't cause the downstairs toilet to share their contents on the floors again!

Two teenaged girls and I don't have to share a toilet, sink and shower anymore! :nana:

Now I get to go to the office. :chores015::officework: :women23:

Later :peace: ...oh, and Clay's outfit these last two stage door appearances? :thjawdrop: :unsure::blink: Uh..... :whistling-1:

YEAY! We have indoor plumbing again! :toilet15:

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And 2 weeks today I leave for the gala! whhheeeeeeeeee!!!!11!1!!1!

ETA: djs, BWAH! v.v. cute.

Good for you! Wish I was going but can't have everything, will have to be patient till Jan 1st. At least it should be warmer in NC, it's quite cold today here in Quebec.

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nothing as nasty as I've seen at the OFC.

You know I think that's one reason for the thread. If they can spew there, maybe some of them won't spew all over the internet other places. (I know that won't stop all of it. I ain't stupid!)

I just hate that his own fanclub seems to be the shit repository sometimes.

Ooh. Sorry muski! Glad your shit repositories seem to be back where they are supposed to be! :blink:

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eeeeeeee I'm home for the afternoon. I am trying to finally solve a remote control issue with my new media room's stuff. It has only taken so far over 4 months.

Hee now I have time to gush over the latest incarnation of one sartorially challenged Clay Aiken.

Bye the way Gibby thanks for showing those delightful sNOflake pics. I don't know how I can ever repay you. But trust me I will find a way. :tongue09:

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KAndre grabs a bowl of popcorn to watch...and since it's merrieeee, swigs down some TEA too! HA HA!

Oh yeah, we got newbies! There are always minion slots open in my little world domination plan to forcibly spread sweetness and light...

Heh, guess what just came up on my player...

For five long years,

I though you were my man.

But I found out

I'm just a link in your chain.

You got me where you want me

I ain't nothin' but a fool

You treated me mean, yeah

Whoa, you treated me cruel.

Only some aren't singing it as pretty...

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If you've seen the TV trailer for Oliver Stone's movie "W" and see it as a comedy -- think again. This is gonna be sumpin' sumpin'! And with a soundtrack that includes Zeppelin and Cream? Hold me down, Mama! Actually, this blew my mind a little bit when I watched it -- so there IS a God!!!

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Are any of you who are heading to the gala going to stop by NYC on Friday or Sunday? I'd love to see you!

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Here is a poem that Achin4Aiken wrote as to how she thinks that Clay may be feeling. She said it could travel. I thought it was sweet. There is a post script from her on the bottom.

As I sit here and struggle with this inside me

I wonder how things will now be

Will I be accepted for who I really am?

Or will they feel like it was all a scam?

Everyone has something they feel they must hide

Maybe from fear or for a loss of pride.

Who is to say what one must do

When the world has a certain image of you.

I tried to decide when to let the real me

Be who I knew myself to be.

There was no good time to reveal

The way I knew myself to feel.

So I want to rectify it or try

To those who feel they were told a lie

I didn’t mean to do hurt any of my fans

Believe me that was not in my plans.

I hope you will all stand behind me

For it is because of you, you see

Maybe one day you will all understand

This is not what I had planned.

Lately my life is a little darker

Even though I did this for little Parker

I hope each one of you plans to stay

Because no matter what, I am still Clay.

I wonder if Clay might be feeling kind of like this.

It is how I imagine things are for him not knowing how his fans feel. I

hope he knows his real fans are here for him….always!

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Clay you seriously need to go back into the closet....to find another outfit!

He keeps dressing like that and he’s not going to be allowed to be gay. <g>

:cryingwlaughter: That outfit was pretty bad....

But, not all gay guys know how to dress. I could provide some horrid examples from a friend of mine, who not only has bad taste in clothing, but buys really poor quality, and he doesn't have a financial excuse. At least we know Clay goes for the good stuff. Poor quality doesn't matter so much when things are cute, but when they're fugly, its just adds another dimension of wrong.

I love Clay's sense of style. It's entertaining. He's one of a kind.

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Ah you guys know me so well.

Case in point......Well after 4 months my remote problem is fixed. When I bought my plasma tv etc I was told the Bose system had a universal remote. Well it didn't! All I ever wanted was to get what I paid for. Well after being given the runaround, numerous phone calls, visits to the store, lied to, paperwork mysteriously disappearing and generally being given the "pat the little lady on the back and get her out of the store attitude" I finally had had it. I told the store manager on Tuesday that I was done. I would be contacting Bose, the BBB, posting in every one of their forums (hee I'm good at that) and calling their national HQ about the lack of concern and the fact that I had been ignored and lied to numerous times. I also said I would never ever buy anything from them again and I purchase a lot of electronics. Yeah I know I am geeky that way.

The store manager said he had never heard about any of this, gave me a free electronic remote and free set up and sent me on my merrieeee way. I said I didn't think that it was too much to ask to get what the salesman sold me! Apparently he agreed. Oh and the tech today told me it was my salesman's last day!!! Hmmmm!

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I believe it was Couchie who brought up that commercial in CA and due to directv and the west coast feeds, I saw that disgusting ad. Saying they needed to vote for a bill that overturns the right for gay marriages because if they don't gays will have the same rights as everyone else. Heaven forbid.

Gee when Couchie mentioned this add I thought it was done ironically, sarcastically, I never thought for a moment it would be a serious add.

OMG, that lavander flowered shirt has just had me howling with laughter.

The balls may be lavander, but they're still titanium.

Oh thread title! :cryingwlaughter:

I want to go to Spamalot. These kisses, hugs and pictures can't last much longer. I mean, if he would hug nutbars, he might actually hug me. We have a chance, girls. I bet he was dressed up in his Leno shirt to go eat with his friends that were in town. He is totally adorkable. My dreams are still the same. LOL!!!!!

Thread title??

The Leno motorcycle signing outfit looked cool. I think the attack by the eggbeater to his head didn't help the whole look, last night. I luv him, he is the anti-cool. He is his own cool that far exceeds cool. Actually, I think he doesn't even think about all this, muchly.

Another thread title??

"Clay, why are you wearing my pajamas?"

:lmaosmiley-1: Oh welcome georgiesmybaby!

I'm insane for KAndre

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Clay you seriously need to go back into the closet....to find another outfit!

He keeps dressing like that and he’s not going to be allowed to be gay. <g>

merrieee... Heidi... BWAH!!! I laughed out loud at work at these... thanks!

I love Clay's sense of style. It's entertaining. He's one of a kind.

duckvee... Amen, sistah!!! He is one of a kind... no one else would allow himself to go out in public looking like that... Clay, I love ya' man, but if that sweater is yours, bury it, quick!!!

couchie... I actually like that gray sweatshirt with the hood/big pocket. It looks very comfy! Sorry, I hope you can still respect me.

muski... glad your plumbing woes are fixed! Peace reigns in the halls at Casa Muski once again (for 3.5 minutes probably with two teenaged daughters) :cryingwlaughter:

I went to visit my oldest DD for the first time since my vacation and since the news came out. She's the one who has given me the most grief about Clay being gay for the last few years. She didn't say a word about it. Color me shocked. Most of the reactions I have gotten have been positive. One of the men I work with said how much he respected Clay for doing this for his son.

JMHO, but I'm getting to the point where I believe those who cannot let go of their predjudice or their bibles are going to keep having a problem with it. The predjudiced ones hopefully will stretch their tolerance , the bible ones I feel sorry for, as I don't believe Jesus would condemn Clay one iota. He was not about condemnation, but about forgiveness.

The one bible person I know personally truly loves Clay and truly believes she cannot support him or his career any longer, as he's going against God's teachings and that all she can do now for him is pray for his soul. She is honestly torn in two with this, and her and others like her, I really feel for. How sad!

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Just got a voice message from an ex co-worker. She left in early July and I haven't really talked with her since. But she HAD been someone with whom I'd talked about Clay. She was fascinated by my fascination with him and then, after she'd learned some things, got to admire him and find him interesting, too!

Anyway, her message said that she was in the supermarket checkout line and saw the People cover and her 'jaw dropped to the floor' and she 'immediately thought about me' and wondered how I was feeling about everything.

She told me to be SURE to call her back. I can't wait to talk with her...she's a very cool woman. She quit the job here in order to pursue her passion---African dance and documentary film production! She's already produced a film about a black guy who researched his ancestry and then, after finding the white family that had owned his family, went to meet the current descendant of that plantation owner. Very, very amazing film.

But when my executive director was in my office two days ago and I casually mentioned that somebody was concerned about me after learning that Clay was gay, he gasped sort of and said, "Wow! Really? He said that?" I mean....he was totally blindsided!


Well, I did say he is my executive director and you've all heard of the "Peter Principle" in organizational hierarchy, right? :rolleyes:

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So too funny -- I play Clay a lot at work...not every day..but maybe 3 days a week and when I do it's all day. So it just keeps repeating OMWH, the album, over and over for 8 straight hours (something wrong with that?) And when I leave my office and go to the front to use the copier or put something in the mail..I always notice..dang, my ipod is loud. heee. It doesn't seem loud here in my office. Must be the accoustics. So don't know why I'm surprised somebody just walked past my office and said..did you see Clay and the baby and the baby mama on People. I think I looked at her kinda perplexed. heee like why are you asking me that. LOL. So I just smiled and said yep. She said the baby was cute. I said I love this album but now it's really taken on a new meaning to me. She understood what I was saying and said, he's probably happier now. And that was that. Just an ordinary convo about my boyfriend.

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I have to say thanks for all those fans that tried to put a balance in the OFC. Thanks too for keeping those of us that do not have the stomach for it in the loop.

Thanks from me too! I don't have the stomach for seeing things like that about my BF.

OMG, that lavander flowered shirt has just had me howling with laughter.

The balls may be lavander, but they're still titanium.

Definite thread title!!.....and georgie....I love that you have the PJ's! :hysterical:

Ack, I said something else was most frustrating earlier - but you reminded me of something that bugs me even more. That any interactions he's had with women are now suspect?? OMFG. I mean really - oh my fucking god. The guy is a flirt - he's had a whole lot of women friends his whole life - he's a touchy/huggy guy. It boggles my mind that fans would question that. I'm sorry - other people will have to be Ghandi. I just want to slap somebody.

ITA. But is it wrong that I could hear you in my head saying "oh my fucking god" with inflection? ;)

HAH!! :lmaosmiley-1: Me too!!

What, no pictures yet to decorate our new thread?? Hmpphhh.

He's a man of many looks, all of them devilishly handsome!

Gibby, there's only one missing! The snowflake hair!! (Merrieeee you know i'm kidding, right?)

Well, I guess I'd better fix that oversight! Heee heeee heee . . . (get ready to scroll, Merrieeee)






SIGH..... :hubbahubba:

You Canadians are gonna laugh!

But right now it's about 67º.

The high today is forecast at 75º.

That beats the high 80's we've been having! I'm loving being able to have the windows open. Last night it was in the 50's and tonight's low is expected to be 52º.

Very nice!

It's been too danged warm for Oct.-late Sept. the last few days. This feels like October!

Yikes! Pretty close to what it was here today...and I was hoping for warmth too, luckiest!

And 2 weeks today I leave for the gala! whhheeeeeeeeee!!!!11!1!!1!

Make that WE leave for the gala, Lady! What am I, chopped liver??


Me THREE!! :)

Content?? :013085001176249046: and ALL his parts! Even when they're in lavendar flowers :hysterical:

Seriously, Gibby, thanks for bringing those pics over. They are bee-yootiful! He looks very, very happy.

Can I admit to a teensy, tiny (OK a whole hell of a lot) bit of jealousy for those able to go now? By the time we get there in January he'll be sick of the SD again, and there'll be a zillion more fans there too. I've NEVER had a M&G or a picture or ANYthing! :cry4: I'm Soooooooo jealous!!

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